Letter(s) from Tamara Kaleska to Elzo (Netherlands)

Letter 1

My dear Elzo. I hoped that you will answer me. But you yet have not written. You received my letter yesterday? I hope that you will write to me soon. I will wait.
I have returned from travel agency. I have made the medical insurance. It does not demand time. I have paid my insurance - 125?.
I have concluded the contract with travel agency. I have made a copy of my Russian passport for you. You can see it. You can be convinced of that I am seriously adjusted on our meeting.
For other documents it is necessary for me 290?. I should make the visa and the passport. But I need your help. I hope that you agree to help me.
You my unique hope. I can hope only for you. Our meeting depends on this money. And send later money for my ticket you can send my only by Western Union 700 ?
I will wait your answer.
Kisses for you.