Scam Letter(s) from Olga Ulitina to Vince (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello! I live in Russia in a beautiful city Saint Petersburg, my age is 28 years and my height and weight are 5'7" and 124lb. I want to get acquainted with a single man for serious relations. If you are not married Id continue our communication with pleasure.
I am sending you my photos in this mail with hope that youll like my appearance. I am expecting to receive your reply soon with your photos attached. I am very interested in acquaintance with you.
Have a nice day!
P.S. I need a man from 32 years old. Sorry but if you are younger dont waist our time I will not reply. How old are you? Where do you live?

Letter 2

I am single and I've made a decision to get acquainted with a good man abroad for serious relationship.
I went to a well-known Dating agency at my town.
There I described them a kind of man who I wanted to meet and paid for their services.
They showed me many different men's profiles according to my request.
I was given your e-mail and they suggested me to write you direct at the e-mail.
Actually I don't know where they've got your e-mail from.
I can only guess that they have some special agreements or contacts with Dating Sites.
In fact it is not very important for me where they've got your e-mail from!
It is wonderful that we can start our acquaintance right now without any agent.
If you are interesting in acquaintance with me, please write me back at my e-mail!
Have a nice day


Letter 3

I really was very glad to receive your answer it is very nice!
You know, my name is Olga but my friends have given me a pleasant nickname "Solnce", it is translated as "Sun" into English. If you like you can call me "Solnce" too.
I want to continue the story about my life in Russia.
I live alone in a rented apartment and as a rent is very high I can afford only small room with a tiny kitchen.
But nevertheless I usually try to make comfort in my surroundings. I don't have phone at the apartment.
I have a cell phone and its number is +7-917-408-3471 unfortunately I can't call abroad but if you want you can send me small text messages.
I left my parents' home when I was 19. I went to live to different city.
Of course it is not easy for a 19-year-old girl but my relations with parents are not good for pity.
We don't see each other very often. I usually come to visit and help to my parents when I am asked.
And at the time when I have reached 28 years I understand that I need more stability.
I want to have my own family and to love my only husband. It is normal desire every average person wants the same.
I don't want to be alone anymore.
But I can't believe to men in my country and to be disappointed with them.
I believe you are a good and nice man and I don't understand why don't you have a couple yet?! Why don't you have love in your life?
You are very attractive man.
I've told you in previous letter that I'll open student visa to your country and it's a good opportunity for us to meet one another if we'd like it.
I don't want to continue living in Russia, life is not fair here. The president Putin says about democracy but it doesn't work in reality.
Everything has stayed like in previous Soviet Union times.
Other countries in the world are developing very quickly and efficiently and I want to have the chance to develop myself in a foreign country.
My country is in the constant crisis and problems and I don't see any way out. When I lived in Australia I saw another life - stable and prosperous!
I spent 1,2 years in Australia before my visa finished in 2003 and had to go back to Russia. I liked my work there as a children's nurse.
I worked in a very pleasant family who tried to help me with my problems.
As it was my first experience of living abroad and English communication with foreigners they always were very patient and helpful to me.
In Australia I have improved my English both oral and written and I have no problems now with communicating to you.
I've told you that I have a sad love story in Australia and actually I don't want to think about it anymore as it's already in the past.
You could be interested in my hobbies I think. I am going to tell you about it in my next letter as I have no time now.
My time limit is finishing now as I am writing to you from internet-cafe.
I have to use internet-cafe to write to you because I don't have my own PC at home as many people in Russia.
Have a nice day!

I will write to you three times a week.
Tell me more about yourself I am very interested.
I'll send you my photos in every letter I hope you'll like it )))

here is my previous letter


I've recently written you an e-mail, do you remember?
You can send me your answers to this mail-address.
Of course you have a lot of questions to me and I know this.
I want to start my letter from describing myself.
I am Olga. I am 28 years old. I am single and have never been married.
I don't have children. You can see my figure and appearance at my picture; my sizes are 5.5(170cm) height and 110(51kg) weight.
I am very sensitive and tender. I am sure that moral and spiritual things are more important than material ones in people's life.
I want to find a man with the same attitude to life.
I want to fall in love with a man and to spend free time together. I like to spend free time both indoors and outdoors. I like picnics, swimming and playing outside.
I want to meet a man for serious relations, a man who I'll love and he'll love me and who will be my soul-mate.
Of course I have a job. I am a shop-assistant in a women's clothes boutique and I like to work with my clients.
Oh, yes! I live in Saints-Petersburg. They say it's a second capital of Russia (my country).
My country is good but not good for me. I don't feel stability and protectability here.
That is why I have decided to open a student-visa toyour country and leave Russia.
I have been thinking about it for a long time it is well weighted decision.
I understand that it will not be easy to start new life abroad. But I am notafraid of any work and responsibility.
I feel the power inside me that I'll make everything with success. The most important thing for me that in your country I'll be protected and I'll have opportunity to develop.
Once I tried to live abroad in Australia some years ago. So I already have experience in finding work abroad and this time it will be even easier for me.
I know that I need someone who could support me and who I can rely on.
Unfortunately people are too busy now with their work and they are starting to forget about most important things such as family and love.
When I lived in Australia I had relations there with a man but everything finished at once when my visa was not valid any more.
It was hard for me for sure but I am okay now and ready for new relationship.
As I've said I am very emotional girl and I want to find a man and to love him with all my heart and soul.
Actually when I tried to correspond with foreigners they usually had strange reaction when they found out that I'm Russian.
It is very unpleasant that they think Russian girls could be cheaters.
I hope that my country of living will not scare you. I want to assure you that I am a usual girl who is looking for her love and not money.
It would be very pleasant for me to get your answer. I hope that soon we could meet one another. Now I am writing to you from internet-cafe.
I am going to come here three times a week and write letters to you.
I hope you've got enough information about me for now and I am expecting for you kind reply!
Best regards!




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