Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Polezhaeva to Gary (England)

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Letter 1

Hi handsome
I believe in God.I'm a Christian and I attend Church at least twice a month.
I'm looking for a guy who loves to show his great smile! ... who is energetic, confident, honest, can laugh at (almost) anything, including me and my very bad jokes, fix almost anything, and someone who follows God's direction in his life.
Anything else you want to know? Ask. I'll tell. Promise. xxx


Letter 2

Hi Gary, it Amy. Good surprise to receive yours message. ;)

I make my apologize for the mistakes I can make in the letters.
I never had experience in correspondence with men through the Internet.
Therefore, I do not know what I can say to take your attention and you will know that the person
Writing to you is not like others or that special someone that you are looking for.
I will speak to you from my heart and know that I'm at first foremost genuine
And sincere in my effort to find my second half and soul mate.
Okey..I'm 28 years old. I live one in an apartment belonging to my mom.
I`m working as the dentist. I`ll have not been ever married and I have no children.
"Amy" - my NICKNAME. Only friends name me so. My real name- Anastasia. Nice to meet you ;)))))
But name "Amy", is more pleasant to me. Therefore name me "Amy".
I hope to you, this name is pleasant for you?! Gary, this your real name?
If it so. That you has very beautiful name. Probably it is a compliment :`)))))))

I'like to travel to new and different places. I have many friends and we spend time together.
Usually we go the cafe,to the movies and to concerts. We have many other entertainments.
I like to cook and experiment on new meals. I participate in various sports: swimming, tennis, aerobics, running.
I think that every person should keep fit and be in a good shape.
I visit the gym 2 times a week. (Tuesday and thursday).
By the way. Today I should go on gym :-)I hold my body in the healthy form.

Write me Gary. You have any sports in your life now?
Tell me about what interesting things you like to do, such as your hobbies?
Tell me about your character? When and where you were born? Tell me much more about you.
I gave you a major part of my history, I'm really anxious to hear more from you real soon.

I have sent you my picture. I hope that you like them.
I ask you to send more photos! Well, I' will close this letter
And I do hope to get your reply.
Warmest regards

Sincerely yours Amy.

Letter 3

Hi Gary.

You do not write to me, what happens? Probably you do not receive my letters?
Therefore I have again decided to write to you. Do not forget to check your folder SPAM.
Probably my letters there. Anyway I'am serious about you, I don't want to fool around with you.
In advance I ask to forgive me if I cannot answer your questions.
I understand English language badly. But I`m studying.:-)))

Thank you for yours some answers to my questions it helps me to learn more about you and to understand you.
It's always pleasant when someone takes interest in you and especially when it is through such an unusual way as Internet is.
But I`ll use this chance to know more about a person writing to me.
I really like your letter and want to continue our conversation with you.
I search for the adult person. I do not search for the young man. young wish to find only sex and entertainments.
I to want to connect destiny with the man of such age as you. I yearn for the day that
I meet someone that has the same desire to build a happy life together.

I have acquaintance through the Internet at first. I don't know...but nevertheless
I believe that it is possible to make the acquaintance with someone using Internet.
And what about you? Do you believe that it is possible to find your second half in internet?
I have some more questions for you. Do you have dreams? Are you a happy person?
What is happiness for you? My idea of happiness is sharing my life with my beloved,
to walk down the path of life arm to arm with him, to enjoy many things that life offers with him.
To bring a smile to his face, to make him laugh and to see him happy everyday for the rest of the life.
To walk along the beach with him and later watch the sunset over the ocean. To have a nice dinner,
to dance, or to go to movies together.How do you imagine your perfect date?
My perfect date is just going out with my beloved, it really doesn't matter what we do,
just as long as we are having fun. What ever the mood strikes in doing,
from a simple quite romantic dinner or going to an amusement park.
I think the key ingredient to a perfect date is just being with the one you love.
How do you imagine your ideal woman?

My ideal man is one who is not afraid to speak his mind,
to share his inner most thoughts, wanting to be with me and just me and no one else.
For him to enjoy my passions in life and as well, I would enjoy his desires.
I believe a relationship only works if there is a giving and taking, to share responsibilities in everything. Do you agree with me?

I would like to inform at once you, I write you house letters, but I will send letters, from my girlfriend Anna. Because I have no exit in internet.
I have no facebook or skype. And in general, I'm a little familiar with internet.
Could only, write letters to you. I think it enough :-))
In this letter. I have decided to send you a photo.
Photos are made by my girlfriend Anna. I hope that you will like it :))))Excuse me Gary, that I ask you to discuss such frank thing with me, person whom you know a couple of days.
But it is interesting to me to know it about you and please send me more photos.
Have a happy day! I'll be waiting for your reply!

Yours Amy.

Letter 4

Good morningg Gary.
I had a very quiet weekend. I went to visit my grandmother on Sunday. It was a good happy visit. How was your weekend?

I really enjoyed your answer.
Every day we shall learn more about each other and it's an interesting. ;-)
I share your thoughts and I hope that I have qualities you are searching for in a woman.
I believe that friendship-(love, marriage) and family are very important.

If everything will be according to plan I`ll arrive to you approximately in 13-15 days.
Where that in beginning of october. As soon as I`ll arrive I`ll work a dentist.
I`ll ask for a advance payment in a company where I`ll work (300-700 euro) for renting a flat.
And do you know how much is to rent a room in your city? And regarding the address of my future work:
I talked with my agent and he forbade me to give any information about my work.
This is a condition of the contract. I must follow all the rules.
I don`t want to have aany problems and I know you understand this.
And I think I`ll not have any problems with my work and place I`ll live in. I informed the agent that I`ll fly.
I think that it would be wonderful if we`ll spend some time together. And 2-3 weeks will be excellent what do you think?
It`ll make our relations stronger and will help us to learn better each other.
Certainly all expenses are on my route. I`ll pay myself for everything.

You will be my first client! Have you prepared your teeth? I will check you. :))) Only don`t be afraid ;-))))
I have picture to send you I hope you like. Photo is made my assistant, at my work.
with this I finish this letter and will write the other letter to you later.
Waiting for your reply.
Sweet kiss from me! ;-))

Yours Amy.

Letter 5

Hi again, my Gary.

Dear I still have some questions! I hope, that you not against.
Gary, tell me more about your family? Do you have many relatives?
How often do you visit each other how often do you gather?
I have very good family. In my family very much close relations.
As I already wrote I live in an apartment belonging to my mom. I love mum and loved daddy,
I one child in family I always wanted to have younger brother or sister that them to look after ;-)
My parents very good, careful and kind people, they always understood me, and never brought me.
They very much love me, and I even more... My daddy's name is Aleksey. He is strict, but fair man.
It is not far from ours and we meet frequently. He works as manager.
The firm in which he works is engaged in manufacturing of ceramics.
In our region a lot of natural raw material for this manufacture.
My mum's name is Lidiya, she is very sensual and kind woman.
Earlier she worked as children's doctor but now she does not work.
My grandfather,who was a war veteran, taught me to be honorable and truthful.
But he died not so long ago. Now about my grandmother. My favourite grandmother!
I love her so! She lives nearby in suburb. I often visit her!
My grandmother very kind and fair! I love my family very much we frequently spend time together.
Do you like evenings with your family?

I love to spend holidays with my parents very much when we gather together at the table.
It would be interesting to know what is main values in your life: family, work, money or something another?
What do you appreciate in relationship? What do you have plans for the future?
I in relations appreciate honesty, understanding and absolute trust each other!
I do not accept lie! And I again want to ask you how you spend your holiday.
Where do you usually go on holiday? Where are you going on vacation?
And what are you doing in next month october? Tell me please about it, I'mm very curious!!
In this letter, I'll send a few photos. With my parents.
I wait for your photos! Can you send me some photos?
I still need to be informed to the father's friend about my visa.
And then i need to have a rest. I will be wait for your reply.

Yours Amy.

Letter 6

Good morningg my dearest Gary. How was yiur weekend?I have received your letter.

Therefore i have remarkable mood. I hope that your mood is good too ;))
Maybe one day we can share a romantic meal with candles. What do you think? lol ;))))
I'm glad Gary, that in our relations there is a promotion and we became more close people.
I tell often about you to my parents and friends. They hope, that will get acquainted with you someday.
Gary they insist, that I would acquaint you with them, my dad are especially. I have told him, that i seriously treat you Gary, also that you the good person. You know Gary,
that parents always wish children only good and are pleased, when their children are happy in all.
Yes my daddy. By the way my dad loves fishing and right now he goes pleased here and speaks, that now he has person, which can be invited for fishing. I laughed for a long time and I have told to him, that I do not know, would you like it and that he early is pleased. And know, what he did answer? he has told, that in the following summer he will make for you good fishing tackle also he will learn you to cook good fish soup.

Gary You have any plans concerning our relations?
I think, that for us will be very much it is good, if we can spent some time together.
For the first acquaintance, to us there will be enough two three weeks. How you consider?
It will be to strengthen our relations and will help us to learn better each other.
I would like as it is possible to find out is better you. That to construct with you serious relations.
If we'll succeed.. Then I will prolong the visa. On longer. Or to do the visa of the bride ;-)
What do you think of it? And did you tell to close people about me? I think, for all there will be it the big surprise.
As soon as I will arrive. Let it will be for everything, the big surprise ;-)))

I have some news. I need to wait only. To wait when the daddy's friend will transfer money to my daddy.
Gary I think it is necessary to wait about a week :( Probably it is less.
And now i do not know exact date when i will travel. But as soon as i will book air tickets in agency
I will inform at once you the date of my flight. In this letter i send you some the photos again. I hope that you will like it.
I think, that i have told you all my news. And on these lines i will finish my letter.
With thoughts of you, Gary, yours Amy.

Letter 7

Good afternoon my man Gary. How you my honey?
I did not receive your letter. Dear why you write to me? With you that that happens?

Dear Gary, I received the detailed information on moving money.
To make it, you need to go in bank in which is office "contact" or "money gramm".
In bank to me have told, that such offices are available in each city, therefore for you the problem will not find it.
When you will send money, you will need to specify my full name and the address.
Before I can receive money I should specify your full name and the address.
Also, I should inform in bank confidential number (MTCN).
This number to you inform in bank at sending money, and you will need to inform this number to me in the messages.
All moving will borrow some hours, but it will be necessary to pay for it some money to bank.
I think Gary, that it is a reliable way of moving money.
Dear, be ready to make it in some days. When the agent will ask payment, I shall inform at once to you.

Lovely, today my girlfriend Anna have her birthday also has invited me on celebration.
I haven't much time, it is necessary for me to make hairdress and to buy for her a gift.
But I have time to send to you some photos. I hope to you will be pleasant.
Now it is time to me to run. My kisses.

Yours Amy.

Letter 8

Gary, I read again your letter, and I understand you very much,
This is done on basis and as other people suffer from it. I see, you understand that in a world a lot of evil,
Not of the truth and fraud. Yes, anywhere from it will not get to. It very much and very bad.
Many people think only about the material things or about another same things but they do not think of feelings
And experiences of other person. They do not reflect, how it hard, it is the very mean and malicious people.
On my opinion they have not anything sacred in the heart. It is a lot of such people in a world and in russia certainly too.
I was very good to understand you and to respect for that you be not afraid to tell me about it.
I asked my agent to make a x-copy of my documents. Though my agent has forbidden me to make to you x-copies of documents.
Having told, that it with a view of safety. But i nevertheless asked: to make a x-copy of documents.
At own risk. Because I completely trust you. Therefore today I have made to you a x-copy of documents.
Yes certainly people should trust each other, even if they be far apart. The all this truth is very unusual.
Even itself when I wrote you, first time, I too very strongly doubted to find good man.
But I have chosen you, because you has seemed that man which I search. I searched very long time.
I look not at age, I hope we can be good friends or more than friends ( I hope!!!).
I wanted to find my really good man I think we can have chemistry, at least I hope for it.
Please trust me and I shall trust you and all at us will be good.

Yours Amy.

Letter 9

Gary, Certainly I will not deceive you. I the fair girl!!!!
Moreover, I will try to return all your money in the nearest terms.
Gary please do not worry about money. I have not changed about you of the opinion.
You as my love, you in my heart. Now very much many have with money of difficulty.
Likely I am very silly, that has asked You about the help.
Or it is simple you have no aspiration to see me. I do not know what to think.
Probably you inform me about it in more detail. Still I think, that you have no trust to me.
But I shall prove to you the love. And simply know, I'm not engaged in a deceit!
Especially I will not deceive probably my future husband ;-)))))
I wait your answer.

Your bride Amy.

Letter 10

Hello again my dearest Gary!

I am thinking about you a lot and I just can’t get you out of my head.
But I think that this is a good thing, actually deep in my heart I feel that the emotional connection we are developing is becoming bigger day by day.
I feel that my feelings to you are getting stronger and stronger. Every day I am thinking about you more and more.

You know, Gary, every day I think how great this is that we’ve met in internet, from so many men and women that are there we’ve chosen each other, not anybody else. I am so thankful to fate that it gave me you, Gary.

All the time I am dreaming about you and me, us together. These are very wonderful dreams,
I am thinking about our future together, what if we meet and like each other a lot and then how everything would be changed for both of us.
I like dreaming about us, hoping for the great future together.
I do hope to hear from you soon. Sweet kiss from me! ;))

Yours Amy.

Letter 11

Hi my lovely! How you dear?

Gary, I have some news! I reached in agency.
They have told, that within two days, All my documents will be ready for travel.
The embassy and immigration service, approved my questionnaire and now I can soon arrive to you Gary.
Also they asked to pay within the next few days other money of payment of them.
Your support and help is very necessary to me,
I very much worry! Write to me, dear,
Give me many forces and energy.

Yours Amy.



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