Scam letter(s) from Alena Borisova to Filippos (Greece)

Letter 1
I am so happy that you answered to my email. And it is mean you was interested in me.
I wait your answer so much. And now we can countinue our dating. And i want to tell you more about myself in this email. As you see, my english is not perfect, but i hope you understand me well. My native language is Russian. And can talk with you in english. I sometimes would use the translator what to write to you the letter. I not when was not married and I have no children. But I search for serious relations. As to me 33 years, my birthday on July, 31st.
I do not know from what to me to start to tell to you. Simply I write such letter to the first. Well I think that I should To tell it is not a lot of about itself. As I have already told my name Alena. I work in a bar as the manager. My problem Consists, that all would perform the work. That is I should watch that there was an order on work and clients Were happy with service. And where you work??? And in what your work consists??? As i told you in my previous email, i live in Russia in town Ruzaevka. It is a small town in Penza Oblast '.
I was born there and live here all my life. I never was in another or country. As my parents live beside with me. Now I at all do not know about what to me still to tell to you. At me is much about what to tell to you, but I think that I shall be To wait when you to me will answer. And then at us to proceed conversation. And I shall tell too to you about myself. And as I shall be glad if you will send me the photos. And as I shall send you my photos.
I wish tell that I not every day can write to you. As I need to work and I still help my parents everywhere. And you do not experience if I cannot write. I shall necessarily write as at me there will be time. And now I wish to set to you some questions so I could learn more about you. I would like to know where do you live??? Where work??? What do at leisure from work??? Where now there are your parents and native???
And I think that will be remarkable if we can speak when not be with you by phone??? What do you think??? Here my phone number +79379355200. But it will be better if you will call to me from a cellular telephone. As I want What would you write to me the phone number??? I can probably call to you. I hope that you will answer all my questions
And as will send me your photo. Also will tell more about itself. I shall look forward to hearing from you.
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