Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Yablokova to Rick (Mexico)
Letter 1

Hello!!! I think now you are surprised to this letter!!! I have found your electronic address on lovecompass and have decided to write to you!!! Certainly I do not know, whether there is at you a desire to communicate with me, there can be you have met the special person!!! If you have desire to have serious relations and you are free, I shall look forward to hearing from you!!! Even if you have already found the woman of the life, write to me back, that I would know it!!! Anyhow. I shall give you more information in the following letter!!! Polina!!!
Letter 2

Hello Rick!!! It is very pleasant to receive your answer! I believed, that I have not enough chances, to see your answer, but as appeared, I was mistaken!!! It is very glad, that I was mistaken:) At once I want to tell to you, that it is new to me. To correspond with the person, besides still if this person is in other country! But I think with your help I shall study in this!!! Well, I shall start the description of my life, to my curriculum vitae (I shall keep this letter, there can be in the future I I shall release the book:) a joke)!!! I shall begin that I was born in 1979 on March, 8!!! So to say I was a gift to my mum on the International Women's day:) Was born in small Russian city, about Vladivostok, the name him the Big Stone! It is small port small town with very small quantity the population and I became + 1 person for the population of this city:) my father, a name his Valery, in the past was the military seaman, on this that and the reason we lived in the Big Stone!!! My mother, Nina, all my conscious life works as the economist:) They were born in 1956 and 1958, accordingly my father is more senior than mother for 2 years! There I have lived about my 11 years and after my father has left on pension army, we have moved to the city of Krasnodar! Now I the daddy has hit in business:) And my mother at him on intercepting:)!!! They are engaged in food stuffs!!! They have some small shops!!! Except for my father and my mother in this business him the good friend to the daddy helps!!! It is short about my parents, now I start actually my life!!! As I the only child in family, I was not much spoilt in the childhood and now I am ashamed for some acts of the childhood! For example once I have inserted a needle into a chair of my teacher:) she has not passed check on yoga:) I as well as the majority of normal children have left school and acted in institute!!! 2 years ago I him have stopped with the diploma of the translator of foreign languages, English and German!!! Though I also have finished institute, but with foreign languages still I have complexities, as for example I now sit, I write this letter and on 100 times I check mistakes:) So now I shall tell about the trade!!! Now I work in firm of parents, I sit at office and it is possible to tell " I spit in a ceiling " from inaction:) I of jotas the liner!!! I accept orders of firm!!! Before I tried myself in modelling business but as has found out this business has run away from there not looking back closer:) I enough myself I respect what to have such dirty life what has the majority of models!!! If you Rick, will have desire I can send you some pictures, my modelling career:) So now I shall start to tell about the occupations. outside of working hours:) I the active person, like to travel, I any time was abroad!! In France, in Turkey (a nightmare, instead of the country:)), in Germany (there it was pleasant to me)!! I like to go to campaigns on the nature, strangely enough, I like to fish (the truth from me the fisherman, same as from mother Terezy. The dancer of a striptease:)) I love animals (in soup:) a joke certainly)!!! I have dog, Marquis, I her very much like!!! I like her to take with myself in my trips!!! You love animals? In soup:) a joke!! So still to you interesting to tell about itself?! I like to read books, Russian writers, I like to watch on TV "soap" serials together with mum, and after the next series to discuss characters, as own familiar:) It is not a lot of about itself, I shall leave not many words on the following letters, and that not that will tell:) a joke So I check once again mistakes and I send the letter:) I wait for your letter!!! Polina
Letter 3

Hello Rick!!! I want you to thank for so fast reply!! That now I shall wait for your letters as Assol waited " Scarlet sails ":) it is very pleasant for me that you have answered!!! Thanks for your pictures!!! They were very pleasant to me!!! You attractive the man having wonderful family!!! I think today's my letter to you there will be not much more and little bit more seriously, than the first!!! Now I that that have become puzzled and at all I do not know, with what to start!!! I shall start with how I have found your electronic address!!! I in city have familiar guy! He type the Internet the genius, "hacker" of a local format:) I have gone to him with this request, to help to find the man for acquaintance on the Internet, as I in it the person backward:) I Was possible tell can to accept and send the letter, well and certainly to write, and so by and large I "lame" in affairs of the Internet:) He that that also I there "conjured" has decided to choose you, I think successfully!!! This guy has given me your electronic address and I with the pleased person have gone to write to you the letter:) All over again I thought, that you live in Europe, to be exact in Germany but as there was I not much was mistaken with your place of "disposition":) To what I to you tell all this!!! There is that that you should know!!! I already spoke you, that my parents have general firm with friends!!! These people are rich enough also my parents with trembling concern to these people, they do not want to lose with them contact!!! These rich "friends" have son, my coeval!!! If I shall tell that he the spoilt idiot, then I that has not told:) this person enrages me, he considers that all world turns around him, that he king!!! He does not know, that such respect for people, that such fidelity and many others on the present human qualities!!! And here some weeks back my parents have prepared me for "surprise":) they have decided to marry me to this idiot what to strengthen firm!! Rick, you can present yourself, me it is possible to tell, have costed as with a thing!!! Have wanted have given in marriage, have wanted is not present:) I am very angry on the parents from for it situations, but as a matter of fact to make that I can not!!! My father to me at once has told, that I shall leave in marriage for this person, I want it whether or not!!! If that will be necessary he will plant me on "circuit"!!! I was in a shock from such words!!! Therefore I have decided to try now itself to construct the destiny!!! If destiny to me is outlined in advance to leave in marriage for "goat" so it and will be if is not present then I only shall be happy!!! Certainly my parents do not know, that I with you communicate, and that from me " will take off a skin ":) It is possible to tell, that you my secret!!! To me to you it now is ridiculous to speak, but the situation develops and we with you as confidential agents we have the secret correspondence:) At once I want to tell to you, that you would not think, that I want to find through you exit from my country and from this person!! If you so will think of me it is better to stop to you to me to write!!! Now I do not joke and really I want to construct a life!!! I have chosen you Rick!!! I think my heart of me will not deceive!!! I not the mercenary person, if at us with you that will fail then I shall not try more do that that similar!!! I shall give myself to destiny!!! Especially at me not so it is a lot of time!!! Date of wedding on August, 27 or on September, 3 is already known!!! It does not please me!!! That to me still to tell!!! I know, that there are such women who are engaged scammer or the scanner, do not know, how it precisely refers to!!! At us last time the TV "is broken off" from such reportings:) Our president Putin, has very seriously undertaken this problem and wants these swindlers "to destroy"!! I think that this of efficient him has put one on the post!!! I concern very badly these people, from for them not only men suffer but also the woman which on the present search for love on the Internet and in other countries!!! I looked television show where the Russian woman told about how she has got acquainted with the person abroad!!! On mine if to me will not change memory this the man lived in England!!! She with him corresponded and once has decided to arrive to him!!! She asked him to help her, on what he has sent her the letter where it is very rough her has called and has told, that any more does not want to see from her letters!!! She told it and cried, to me too for same it became insulting!!! Why people jump to conclusions at all not knowing, that actually, all the truth!!! Well and at this woman all has ended well!!! She has addressed in one of television programs and this television studio could arrange her appointment to that the man from England!!! When this the man she has seen he has rushed to her on knees and started to be sorry!!! He even has burst into tears, understanding, that very much was not right in the conclusions!!! I wanted you to tell it, that you would not have such ideas on me!!! Otherwise if we shall not start to trust each other, sense of ours relations?! I correctly think? Now you know more about me and you now decide, whether you want to continue to write to me!!! You are capable to construct with me relations!!! I yet do not know, that for us waits in the future, but it is necessary for us to solve it!!! If you to me did not like also to me I was not pleasant to communicate with you to you have stopped to write!!! While I do not want it do!!! So, I check again the mistakes:) also I send to you the letter!!! There can be I shall receive the answer on it!!! I shall hope for it!!! Polina!!! P.S I Send you promised modelling pictures:)
Letter 4

Hello Rick!!! Is glad to see your letter again!!! Now probably we more are more serious should know each other!!! In this letter I shall try to characterize myself, the life, the character, I hope you will not be frightened:) well I start, sit more conveniently on a chair:) As to you I have told I went to school!!! I shall tell fairly was not much lazy person for study, though at me when there were no problems with subjects which I studied!!! My favourite sciences at school were more natural a history, geometry, psychology!!! At school I was the active schoolgirl, I am constant acted in school actions, went from my school on various competitions and competitions!!! To me one of such competitions, in 1989-1990, just before moving our family to Krasnodar was remembered!!! Competition of a vocal:) And at me such vocal, that " monkeys can accept me for the ", that is not a voice and " noise of a wild baboon ":) On compettition me have sent only from for my appearance:) At competition during mine performance, present people started to search for tampons for ears so on them has worked my "sweet" voice:) At that time I thought, the shout more loudly, the better:) well I at last have understood that my "vocal" data have not estimated:) Also has ceased to be the active pupil!!! Just I with parents move to Krasnodar, from smalll cities in big!!! The whole year it was necessary for me what would "enter" a new school class!!! First I did not find common language with other pupils, at me looked, how on the provincial girl!! It very strongly offended me:) I was angry with everything, my awkward age here has just approached and I began to show the " youthful maximalism ":) Put on as the clown:) Thought than my jacket or my trousers will be brighter, the my hairdress will be more mad, the more I shall find " admirers among crowd ":) I do not know, how, but at me has appeared, when to me 16 years first "guy" were executed:) As soon as he my appearance did not frighten?:) in 2 weeks we with him have left:) me did not arrange always in the man's population of a planet:) huge " feeling of a paranoia ":) I do not know, whence there is such opinion, if the girl beautiful, she necessarily "incorrect"!! I with it completely disagree!!! I badly concern to "polygamy", as at heart very "monogamous" person!!! One suffices me of man, for all mine requirements and even by way of sex:) So I "have departed" a theme:) I apologize:) In 1996 I leave school with positive estimations, very strongly to be fond of the English language!!! For that moment it seemed to me, that the English language can help "to turn" to me that Russia which was at that time and to make it not much better:) Naive, children's ideas:) And so after leaving school in the summer I the first time go abroad about a matter!!! To France:) I was in a shock, I at all did not know, how the world " behind a gate " my country looks!!! At me new impressions have appeared so much!!! I at all did not want to come back back home, but it was necessary for me to act in academy of foreign language and I had to return:) So, with my bent for to knowledge of foreign languages:) I with the big work act in accademy!!! Was a lot of wishing and I thought that at me will fail act!! But the destiny was to me favourable:) Autumn 1996-summer of 2001 I study in institute where with tremendous success I learn English and German language!!! In the spring 2001 at me there passes practice before ending academies and protection of the diploma and my practice passes in Germany!!! This country too has very strongly liked me, especially city in which I lived Stuttgart!!! All sights which are in this city I seen one million times:) Fernsehturm a television tower, I liked Koenigsbau (it is royal a court yard in Stuttgart), many historical buildings, as for example Grabkapelle, Stiftskirche, Haus der Wirtschaft, well and certainly Stiftskirche!!! I was possible to tell has fallen in love at that time in this city!!! Just there I have got acquainted with the person who to me has suggested to engage in modelling business, and I as a silly woman " have hanged out ears " and have decided to try:) After practice I have arrived home, have finished institute and became "model":) Horror, what it " rotten and stupid " busiuness!!! Which all models I have found out, there were on so much without emotional, silly girls:) For them is not present what material assets!!! For the sake of participation in display on a podium of dear show, they I can " give anyone the body ":) Rick, you cannot present yourself how many times of me tried to force " to lie in bed "!!! But in one fine day I have given well-known Rusian to the fashion designer " in an eye a fist ":) also has given up this work!!! Though I did not hesitate to be engaged Body art!!! One picture I even to you apply in this letter:) I do not know, I am correct it do whether or not, but I that I do not see in it bad:) So my "career" modeil has ended:) to that I about one today am happy:) After that in 2002 I start to work in firm of the father!!! I hope here Rick you you will find the interesting information on my life!!! I believe, that I have told many details about the life!!! Be not frightened, but now I shall start the description of the character:) I think, it is necessary to begin with mine relation to religion!!! I was possible to tell believe and I do not believe in the God!!! I think, that the God is in everyone, and all acts, all our vital affairs we do "listening" him:) Some events, as for example on September, 11 in your country, September in Beslan, do not give me strong belief in the God!!! As the God can suppose huge quantity death of innocent people, yes thus also children!!! I very quiveringly concern to children though probably now I am not yet ready to have itself children because there is no that person. Which I desire to give birth "would install" in me the child!!! In the future I know on 100 % I shall become excellent mum, I realize it!!! As a whole I very responsible the person, I like when in all there is an order!!! I do not like the disorder, I very much like to be engaged in domestic affairs!! Still I "queen" kitchen:) I have big ability to prepare for surprisingly tasty food dishes:) I am kind, brought up, in a measure is intelligent:) Certainly, all this is difficult for showing in the letter and words, but it is valid so!!! I like, when me beautifully look after, I love romanticism though to not tell that I very romantic person!!! I like to listen to singing of birds in the spring when the nature "has just woken up" after winter!!! I like to look at stars at night and to guess how many still is manned planets in the universe:) I Like to dream!!! Once one man has told to me such words " you the Angel!! " And now I wait such the man which can convince me of it!!! I dream about kind relations with the man, about beautiful relations!!! I know, that in the world about all it is necessary to think really and that the world around of us very malicious and severe, but not dreaming, it is possible to go mad simply:) I like to joke and I like to be "soul" of the company!!! I think you it could notice and estimate:) Still I very "flexible" person, can find general themes for conversation with different people, than is very pleased:) My main rule and achievement in a life " to not have enemies! " I try to keep this motto and at me it turns out:) Though there is one enemy, " my future husband ":) I am not angry at all on the father and mother though they and speak, to me if I shall not make, as they want, I him shall cease to be the daughter!!! Once father in the next scandal, concerning my "wedding" has told, that him it will be better to expel me from a parental house and that my father even can refuse me!!! Sometimes I hear such insulting words in the address and it only because I do not want to spoil the life!!! Excuse, I now shall pay.......................... I shall go I shall wash the person, I shall come back and I shall continue the letter............
Letter 5

What now to you to tell what you even more have found out me?! Yes, by the way, I want to give at once to you all data, my Russian passport, the pension certificate!!! If you will doubt of my reality, you can check up all these data!!! The Russian passport: A series: 2200 Number: 453627 It is given: UVD Krasnodar When it is given: on May, 20, 2001 The birthplace: City the Big Stone, Primorski Krai Date of a birth: on March, 8, 1979 Name: Polina Surname: Krinitskaya Patronymic: Valerevna The pension certificate: INN: 7701253743
The birthplace: City the Big Stone, Primorski Krai
Date of a birth: on March, 8, 1979
Name: Polina
Surname: Krinitskaya
Patronymic: Valerevna
Place of work: OOO "KrasProd", the secretary My address: 350016, Russia, the city of Krasnodar, Street Plodovaya 12, apartment 2 I want to give you my domestic and a cellular telephone, but at once I want you Rick to warn, if you will want to me to call home to me it can bring many problems with parewnts when they find out about you!!! I do not know, on how many you understand my position, but it is really serious situation and your call on a home telephone number, can is very strong to me damage!!! Try to call to me on a cellular telephone, probably you can phone to me, but I am not confident it because I do not have service of roaming!!! I offer such variant!!! If us will arrange our acquaintance we can will agree for the certain day and certain time, that I would try to cause you (under condition of if you certainly will give me the telephone number:))!!! I can secretly go from parents on the international public telephone booth and interpellate for you!!! I have stated all requests, and it already to you to decide as to act, I hope for your sensible reason!! Home telephone number: 2204621, only I do not know a code of my country, but I can tell to you a code of my city 861 Cellular telephone: +79283992315 Now I ask you to help!!! You can help to understand to me you!!! I have spent 6 hours for this letter and I do not regret about it, now you began a part of my life I there is time which I with pleasure spend on you:) I want to ask you on following your letter to spend too not not enough time and to tell, what you the person? I want to know about you all!!! Look at my letter and try to write same:) it is Good? One more question which very strongly excites me and I hope for your honesty!!! With how many quantity women you now have the correspondence? I am confident, that I not one woman with whom you correspond!!! You can give to me such information? I hope for your good breeding and intelligence and you can listen to all my requests in this letter!!! I promise, that I shall execute all your requests!!! I wait for your answer!!! If you were not frightened:) Excuse for my mistakes, I do not have time of them to correct!!! Your friend Polina!!!
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