Scam letter(s) from Terry Butler to Dan (USA)

Letter 1
Thanks so much for the interest! you sound really like a nice man with a good and loving heart of kind, care and honesty..I am so sorry for the late reply... open attachment for my pictures...Distance is not a problem for me..... because i am ready to relocate with my right man.......I tried the online dating hoping to meet a nice man with a good and loving heart of trust and honesty that could help in showing me around the city.. I am very open minded and thoughtful, happy of being alive and enjoying what life brings my way. Honesty is a MUST no matter how else it can be looked at….I am passionate and I have a curious mind and respectful. I am looking for a man who is caring and honest. I know we both have past relationships.......I want start with friendship before a relationship because i want my man as my best and loving friend. Friendship never ends ...... what happen to your last relationship? i have much interest in you ...... I lost my parent some years ago... I'm new to meeting people online..... I was born in Ohio, i grow up in Phoenix, Arizona, i move to New York in 2002 and i relocate to Topanga, CA 11 months ago..... i have a graduate degree in accounting..I later got into importing and exporting of textiles and fabrics along with jewelries..which makes me travel alot and I have been to many countries in the world...I like swimming and taking coffee during my leisure.. I like eating Mexican foods and fast foods..i lost my ex man 3 years ago. it's really painful and I feel so hurt and sad abt it......I don't have any family and relatives because I am not use to them while my parents were alive..I am alone and lonely in this world ...... I am on a business trip now to China. I just got over here in China to buy some textiles and fabrics and i will be heading back home sooner... I am in China for 2 reasons...... I guess I will stop here and go upstairs and get some things done so i will come back here and check if I have your mail.. I am looking for a caring and honest man...
I cant wait to hear back from you

Letter 2
I am so glad to hear from you..I think my perfect match is another dedicated man or someone with a flexible schedule, laid back like me, loves to fish or at least be outside.Someone who can have fun camping or shopping, getting a pedicure or watching a movie, or even playing a board game, sitting around solving the worlds problems. I can be passionate about the things I love. Humor is all so important!Anyways, I am happy cooking dinner, watching a movie, shopping for vintage things or whatever..I know it might be hard to believe but I am actually a little shy, and a lot humble.

Everyone has baggage- its called emotional maturity. It comes with age. Its what you DO with your baggage that makes the difference!I love to watch football, love the JAGS and also like the Steelers! Not an athlete, but like to hike and walk. Trying to get more exercise! I will even play tennis if you don't laugh too hard at me. Well you can laugh. Its probably pretty funny to watch.As far as dating goes... Its been a long time! But its time for me to move ahead with my life now after a breakup couple of years ago, and I am ready to meet you! I believe that the universe provides what you need! I would love to meet you or just email and talk for a while, whether you are wanting a friend, or a date, a companion or someone to just listen. i am easy to please, love to have fun, and find myself being a caretaker at times. I sure have a big heart and love to give.looking for someone who will treat me like a lady. I like that! But thats what I am used to- so maybe i won't put labels on things and just see what happens! It would be nice to just have a nice man to talk to and go out with....
I will like to know more about you by asking questions..
What was your first car?
The first car I was supposed to get was a fathers 73 Camaro. The first car I actually got was when I was in grad school which was 78 Trans Am
What kind of car do you drive now?
A Mazda Tribute SUV. I will probably trade it in this fall. I want a Toyota
Land Cruiser but my ecological heart says get something with better gas mileage.
What was your first job?
I remember shoveling snow for my neighbors since I was about 7 years old, but first with a pay check was a day camp counselor at the YMCA.
What CDs are in your car right now?
A mixture of country, jazz and blues. In the player right now Uncle Kracker and
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Frank Sinatra, Nora Jones.
What radio stations do you have programmed in? If you have satellite radio,
what stations are your favorites?
Mostly Kix 106. I like country music when I drive. I travel West Tennessee so I have some local stations plug in. On the AM dial the Tigers home station
Do you like onions & mushrooms?

If they are cooked into the food only

What do you like on your pizza? Hamburgers?

Mostly any type of Pizza especially BBQ or smoked chicken. On Hamburgers. Ketchup, cheese and lettuce.
Action, horror, drama, comedy or romance movies?

Do you make your bed in the morning?

No – I like it made when I go to bed though..
The Beatles of the Rolling Stones?

The Beatle but love the stones also

Shania Twain or Faith Hill?

Both are great
Favorite animal and why?


Do you like to cook?

I love to cook when I have someone to cook for. My foods then to spicy.

Do you like to dance?

Absolutely, I have taken ballroom dancing and love it. I am far from perfect and probably a half beet off but I would dance all night. Ballroom, freestyle, country and would love to find some one to learn the Latin dances with
Letter 3
Thanks for your respond......Well i have bad trip in China right now.. .....This is my first time i will be visit China....I have a check of $86,000 here with me.. i try to get it cash..... but the bank here told me that, they don't accept that,...But when i ask them why they did not accept that...They said This happened as a result of laws that wont accept the cashing of travelers check or money orders in this country nor would they take Tc or money Orders as form of payment because the economic is very low and the banking systems are runing locally...the landlord keep shouting on me right now and i keep begging her to give me some time, that i will pay her and get out of here.... I thought to have been back home,but am having some difficulties here and i will like to lean on you for this help.... hope am not been stressing you ... ? I just came here for the first time to buy some business goods, I am sick and tired of here and i believe in faith and destiny, I want to get back home and start another business, i will never travel again... I am lodging in a house here and i am standing there with my travel documents, because i don't have any left cash to pay the house bill, i have return flight ticket ... I am just sad and confuse here because i don't have any cash left with me here... I just need you to help me with some cash here so i can pay the house bill and i promise to pay you back your money after we meet,and we can go from there... i will send you my flight details, so you will know when to pick me up at the airport, all this things will happen as soon as i pay the house bill ... I just need you to help me with $900 , that's all i need to get out of here.... CAN YOU HELP ME WITH THAT ???? I SWEAR I WILL PAY YOU BACK WITH INTEREST AS SOON AS I ARRIVE THERE WITH YOU... I PROMISE AS SOON AS I ARRIVE IN THE STATE, I WILL GET MY CHECK CASH AND PAY YOU BACK RIGHT AWAY... WILL YOU BE ABLE TO PICK ME AT THE AIRPORT?
Letter 4

I really feel so bad now.. i dont even know what to do.. can you pls help me out.. Teri
Letter 5
Email.. or help me to send the money to my account.. i bank with first national bank
Letter 6
I lost my ticket.. so once i get to the airport.. they will print it out for me again.. that is why i said i will send it to you as soon as i get to the airport
Letter 7
I am flying on KLM airways... did you send the money yet? so that i can start packing my bags..
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