Scam letter(s) from Irina to Robert (USA)

Letter 1
Hello My joy Robert!!! Robert, how are you? How was your day ? Sweet, gentle , affectionate , kind , my love , I want to thank you for your beautiful letter . My darling Robert, I want to tell you today what I had an awesome day. I woke up at 7:00 in the morning. Then I took a shower , drank a cup of coffee with milk and went to work. I came to work the very first , because I wanted to see your letter. )) I can not live without your letters . My dear, your letters make me very happy in this world. You can not imagine how nice to know that I am loved !) When you write that you love me, then I stop breathing and appear in tears , and tears of joy there ! I have so much joy in my heart that I want to donate half of his joy to you! But I know that the day will come and I will make you the happiest ! For me the most important thing is that you're with me the happiest ! I really want us to be met as soon as possible ! And when we 're together , I 'll give you the attention , affection , care and love ! My dear, I do all that we meet . Robert, in the last letter I wrote to you that I would go to a travel agency to draw up a contract and pay for the documents . Dear Robert, I read your letters. And I want to say that early to fiancee visa. I can confidently tell you that for me is possible to get a tourist visa, and I'll come to you. My dear, at lunchtime , I went to a travel agency and paid 270 dollars for the documents . I brought all the documents that are needed in order to have started to prepare a passport and visa. From that day will prepare the documents and they will be ready in about 10 days. But the most interesting thing happened at a travel agency . )) When I got there , everything is looked at me, that I even blushed. )) Then I asked my travel agent : " Why does everyone look at me ? " She told me that has long been seen such a happy person , like you. My love , even strangers to me people see that I am the happiest ! And it's true! My joy Robert, that's all you've done ! Thanks to you, I was very happy ! Robert, there are a lot of different situations in our lives , someone finds someone loses , but I met you and I do not want to lose ! I will do everything that we had together. You're my only love and I can not live without you ! My dear, if I'm somewhere doing something wrong, I apologize ! But I try to do everything to keep us well in the future, we've been together ! And every step in our meeting - the key to our happiness! I am very serious about our meeting and I hope very much that you're too serious about ! I love you, I wanna be with you ! My dear, now I can not write to you because buyers have come and I have to go to work . I shall try to write more tomorrow . I love you ! I really miss you ! You're the best man on earth, and I need you ! Have a wonderful day .... Forever yours Irina
Letter 2
Hello my dear Robert! Many thanks for the photos! I like it! Particularly liked the photo with the inscription "muah"! Very nice! Thanks for the answer! Thank you for the nice and kind words ! Honey, you're my best man in the world! Every day I thank fate for having given me the love and happiness! I have never experienced such feelings, as it is now . I want to fly from happiness and come to you !) See you, gentle kiss , hug and say " I love you Robert!!!" Honey, we 're very lucky , we met and found love . We should cherish this feeling, because not everyone in life is given to love and be loved. Love is given once in a lifetime , and we must do everything to our sense of getting stronger and stronger ! We should respect each other, respect the views and actions, you and I need to compromise in some situations , family life - it's not easy and it is necessary to think and decide all together and work together , only then our love and family will be eternal , firm ! Darling, do you agree with me ? Another very important in a relationship of trust! ! This is almost the most important thing in a relationship, because without trust, we do not get honest and good relationship. Yes, it 's hard for us to do because we do not see each other. But we must try to do it. Honey, let's trust each other and do everything that we were good . For my part I am ready to do everything to make you the happiest man in the world I want and I will give you my love and care every day ! Now for our meeting, I am doing paperwork to able to come to you. Tomorrow again will go to the travel agency , I need to include some reference from work and want to know the progress of the preparation of my documents . It is also necessary to know the cost of tickets. I also want them to find me tickets cheaper. Honey please write me your full address and the nearest airports , tomorrow I go and say to find the cheapest flight for you. How to go there, as soon as you write everything that I was told . I really want to get my documents were ready quickly and we finally were able to be together ! Tomorrow all know and will let you know . Favorite Robert, so beautiful that every day we step by step move forward together , for the sake of our happiness . Now in my mind only you and our meeting , nothing else I can think of. ) ) At work, I can not even get together and work just glad that I have you all! )) Even forgot to take one today and report received a reprimand from the director . But I did not feel sad , but I know it was my fault . Dear Robert, you drove me crazy ! !) ) What have you done to me? I fell in love with you so much that I except you do not need anyone ! All I want now to be close to you ... ! We should not wait for a lot, soon my documents will be ready and I'll come to you , waiting for this day forward! Dear please do not forget me write the address , the name of the airport , so that tomorrow I started looking for a flight . And tomorrow , when I'll go write you all . I will wait for your answer ! I wish you a good day and a pleasant mood! I love you , Robert!!!!!! Forever yours Irina
Letter 3
Hello my dear Robert! How are you dear? How are you feeling? I hope you are fine !!! ) Thank you for your beautiful and kind letter. Mutual love is a rare feeling, and we found it. Fate gave us such joy and our task is to do everything that our love only move forward to the happiness and joy !!! You agree with me? We will do our best for this, in our hands, and our future depends only on us as we will be happy. Thank you my favorite Robert for each of your letter. I especially important now to receive a letter from you every day, we make great strides to be together. Thanks for sending complete information! As soon as I got it all written out on paper and went to a travel agency to your agent to find out about the cost of tickets and whether flights are and how the preparation of my documents. I really like talking to her, she is very kind and good man, all I explain. Very worried about our meeting. Helps me in everything! I am very grateful to her, now nowadays rarely seen people who are genuinely willing to help. And today, she was very helpful, I gave all the information to find a more convenient and economical way to arrive to you. It has long been looking for, and found the most optimal and cheapest option. Since I have a tourist visa do I need to buy a return ticket. The total cost is 51800 Russian rubles, which is about 1260 dollars. Dear Robert, I never thought to fly to you will not be cheap. This is a very large sum for me. Right now I have 450 dollars. We need to find another 710 dollars. And then I can pay for the tickets. By the way dear, the agent told me that the tickets must be paid now, it is a prerequisite of obtaining a visa. required to pay in the next few days, and then when the documents are ready, we just called the date and they will give the exact flight. The faster will pay the tickets, the faster will be ready documents. And this will we be together with you. Tomorrow I will try to talk with a friend, maybe she can help me. Now I'm starting to worry a little, but I hope I can solve this problem. I'll believe it. I'm ready to go tomorrow to see you on the bike)) just to be with you all. But unfortunately this is not realistic and I would long to go to you)) My favorite, so I want to make this day come soon !!! I can no longer control his emotions, ready to scream I love you Robert !!! Crying with happiness, as soon as I think about you and me! Thank you for all !!!!! Again, I will wait for your answer, I hope it will be quick. Cute please write to me more, I was interested to read your every letter, I read your letter many times and each time your words pass through my heart and soul, and fill them with happiness and joy !!! I look forward to a response. I want to say that tonight I will call you! I want to hear your voice. I wish you a good day !!!!! I love you ... gently hugs and kisses I give you 1000000 !!!!!!!!!)) Forever yours
Letter 4

Hello my dear Robert! I am very glad that yesterday was able to call you and talk to you on the phone. But my mood changed. Thank you for your answer, for your warm and kind words. Now they are very necessary to me. Dear please read my letter carefully, I hope you understand all that I want to tell you. I write and I have tears in my eyes from the fact that our meeting is at stake! Now I went to a friend, I really hoped that she could help, but now she says that she had financial problems. I'm hoping for it, but she can not give me all the money. Yet she gave me 200 dollars. But this amount is still not enough, so I was able to come to you. I do not know what to do. I was upset today. I had one wish, to cry and hug you. But you were not around, and it's hard to carry it all. Honey, why is this happening? Why can not we meet with no problems and be together and enjoy every minute of the next. I'm sorry that it happened. Darling, I'm going crazy at the thought that we can not meet. I dread to think about it, because I can not live without you. We have been together for so many of our meetings, so much I have already made for you and me the documents are ready. Now you only pay for the tickets to be together and the documents will be ready and we can be together, but at the last step we have a problem. Unfortunately I can not solve it yourself, I thought I would help my friend. And more but me, you and my friend, I have no one to ask for such assistance. Yes, I understand that it's too **** and indecent to ask you, can you or not help me out of this situation, so that we could be together. Darling, please do not misunderstand me, I want you to ask for the missing amount for tickets 510 dollars. Please excuse me for this and I hope you'll understand correctly, it is only so that we could be together with you! If I was able to do everything itself, it never would have asked for your help, I can not pay for itself all now, but the documents are prepared and now it is necessary to pay in any case, this is one of the conditions for obtaining a visa. Favorite let's do everything together for our meeting. I really hope you will understand me and will not leave alone with this problem. You're a real man, and never let me feel sad, I thank you for all this, for what made me happy and gave me love and taught to enjoy life. Robert dear, I'm sure in my heart that you will help me, because our senses can not stop this problem, but it is difficult, but we have the power to solve it. Unfortunately I do not have all of the required amount, but if you can help me, I'll pay all at once for the tickets. Darling, darling please do everything in your power !!! Love you ask. I do not want to lose the opportunity of our meeting, so much has been done, only one step, and then we'll be together, will be able to hug and kiss each other. Be able to fall asleep and wake up together ... We're going to be the happiest together, for the sake of such feelings and our love, we must do everything. Yes I understand that you probably difficult to do such a thing, and to take this step, send the money to me. But if it affects our destiny and love, if our feelings are real and serious, we must do everything in spite of difficulties. This action will show once again how much we are honest to each other and how seriously we are committed to our meeting. Robert favorite, please read the letter carefully and think well. Able or not you take this step, I will understand you if you do not, but I sincerely hope that you will be able to solve this problem as a real man for your favorite! Please do not leave me. I'll wait for your answer with impatience !!! Dear you can not imagine how I feel bad now, I have one desire now to be close to you, in your strong arms ... kiss you !!!!! It is waiting for your answer! Forever yours Irina
Letter 5
Hello dear Shadow! How was your day? How was your weekend? Hope all is well! I stopped to get a letter from you. I hope that you're okay! I would be very happy if tomorrow I see your answer! I'll be waiting! Write me a must! I wish you a good day and mood! Sincerely,
Letter 6
Hello my dear Shadow! I am very upset with your response. You lay all the responsibility on me. You hope that when that time comes, and you see me, and that I should wait and save money to come to you ???? You understand that there is no time to wait. You have to pay now. Now if I do not pay for the tickets, cancel my trip. That is not to prepare my documents, and will not give a visa. You all should understand. No time to wait. I was very upset when you told me I should wait and be patient. Shadow what to do now? I appeal to you as your girlfriend, I need your help. You always said that you have serious intentions to me, and then you want a real relationship. And I think you're initially prepared myself to find a woman for themselves. So you're ready to create a stable relationship. And how do you like you're a man and you have to keep your woman. If you are looking for the girl, then you prepare for the future life. And how so now it turns out that you do not have the financial ability? Shadow I do not understand you. Or you're not able to help me? Dear, I do not want to believe that the time has been wasted, you told me such beautiful words, you told me about his feelings. Tell me how to take all this now? How do you want to continue our relations were with you? I do not want to write to each other, because it makes no sense. If we meet, we will meet now. Good? I can not wait, because we have no time. Under a contract with a travel agency to pay for the tickets now. And only then I can come to you. Please be kind to me, I'll believe you invited me, and when needed your help, are you telling me that you do not have opportunities. This is all wrong. Do you agree with me? Will not you be able to find 580 dollars? It separates us from the meeting. I thought you were a man to do everything possible so that I was with you. I am very upset after reading your letter. Favourite Shadow, let's do everything to make our dreams fulfilled, and that my efforts were not wasted. I trusted you, and did everything I could. But not everything is so simple. I am now not easy, and I need your support. If together we take it, to arrange my trip to you, then we will succeed. In life, not everything is so simple, is not easy. I understand all that, and I hope that you will understand me and do everything that we were together. I love you and I want to be with you. And so I want to show you all my serious relationship with you. I love you Shadow! I tried to borrow money from my friends, but now I'm no one able to help me. And I think that is our problem, and we must solve it together. Do you agree with me? I hope you understand me as a woman !!! I wish you a good day and good mood! I love you Shadow! I need you! Sweetly and tenderly kiss you. Your love, Irina
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