Scam letter(s) from Julia to Geir (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hi sweetie!!!
Hello from Julia!!! How are you today???I want to tell you that i hope that you remember me))My name is Julia!!!i want to tell you that i like you and i want to tell you that many men asked me to give them my e-mail address.But dear i liked you and i hope that i not made mistake)))I hope that you like me too and you will write me soon.I want to tell you that i had not good experience before buy i am positive lady and i believe that in Internet many good peoples and i hope that you are right man for me.But about this i will know only if we will continue our communications!!!I hope that soon i will have letter from you and you will retell me more about yourself and what you looking in Internet.I looking for right man who i will love and who will love me.I think that any normal lady want to have a good and strong family. I think this is very important for honey what are you think about this?? i will be happy if you will answer me soon.My honey if you are not interesting in me, or you joke here.Please not write me and i ask you not give my e-mail address to your friend for joke.i believe that you normal and good man.Write me , if we will not have strong feelings i hope that we can be friends))) Wait your letter.
Letter 2
Hi sweetie!!! How are you??My honey i hope that you not forget about honey i worry because you not answer me on my letters.And my honey i hope that you ok because i worry about you!!I hope that you like me because i like you and i really want to know more about you!!! My honey today little cold in Ukraine and i feel that i am so much lonely.I not know why i feel soo.But i really so much hope that i will have man in my life.I only want to have man with who i will talk about all.And i will retell to him all my secrets and i want to know that i have some one who will support me. This is important in life!!!This is important for me to have person who care and worry about you.And about who you worry and care.i want to smile and joke with this person and i want that he will show me that he still little boy and can joke with me too)) my honey i have to go((I kiss you and i hope that you will write me soon!!! Your Julia!!
Letter 3
Hi dear! Good day or what time it is in your city! :)
Thanks for your nice letter! ! After having read your letter I hope that we can become much more than friends in future as you seem to be a real man who, at the moment, really makes my life exciting! You know, when I started my search on the Internet I didn't expect to find anything serious as it sounded too weird for me. I mean I didn't think it was possible to find a man from a far away land with the help of letters. So I just tried it because I read an article about on-line dating and it got me interested.
And my honey i want to tell you that i not smoke and i not drink!!And my honey i never had children!!!And i never was married. I am not here to waste your or my time and just to write letters. I am writing you this letter and really hope that we can unite our hearts and be together. Also I belong to a romantic type of women. I love to cuddle and hold hands and get all those wonderful hugs and kisses! I have so much love to give to one man. I want to be in love and give all my love I like the feelings when you are with someone and they say sweet things to you and you can say them to him. I like to receive some signs of attention as touch, kiss, compliment, little surprises from my man every day. In my opinion there should be give and take in relationships. I am very sensual woman....I love the intimacy that two people can laying in bed and caressing each other and just feeling the warmth of each other's bodies. When you care for someone you want each other to feel complete safe and knowing that you can tell each other your deepest desires and not worry that it will go out the room. I want honesty and total trust....the man must be my best friend, husband and lover all in one. I also think that correspondence with you is a kind of an adventure for both of us and I am adventurous person and like to take chances in life! So what about you? Do you also prefer to take opportunities and chances in life? I am looking for a reliable partner who will understand me. I do not have any other intentions.
I am trying to stay in fit, so I often visit gym. I do not like women who are not taking care of themselves and those who think that their appearance is not important at all. I always try to take good care about my appearance as I think it is very important for a woman. Well, my dear, I guess I will stop here and will write you more in the next letter! I hope you day is sunny and bright just like mine! :) Waiting for your soonest reply,
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