Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Borysenko to Charlie (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear Nharlie

Nharlie my dear I am very glad to see your letter.
My dear I am very glad to see that you will try to give me help. Nharlie I'm going to hope that you all will turn out.
Nharlie all I need 979 dollars.
Nharlie I beg you do not leave me in trouble!
My dear, I do hope that you will be able to give me help. Nharlie I swear to you that I'll give you the money back the next day.
Nharlie as soon as I receive your help, I will immediately fly home on the next plane, and as soon as I'm home I'll immediately send you the money back.
Nharlie my dear, I really want to see you! And as soon as I'm home I'll soon recover your documents, restore my documents will take 3-4 days, and as soon as my documents will be restored immediately, I'll fly to you!
My dear, I really want to see you. Nharlie I'm sure that when you and I will be together with you, we all will go well. Maybe we'll be able to live a life together?
I'm going to wait your letter.
I love you Nharlie! I will love you all my life !!!
Yours and only yours for life Natalya

Letter 2

Hello my sweet heart. Should I now ask you about your mood?
Probably not. I myself ruin your mood to the letter and now I feel guilty before you. Please forgive me for the bad mood. My darling believe me, I have the most today is very very bad mood. It was just a horrible night for me. all night did not sleep today at 8 am, I am the police. At the police station detectives arrived, people came from my embassy and they asked me a lot of a lot of time to explain what happened that night. I, too, had lost count of how many times this morning, I testify.
I explained to them in detail, remembering all the details of what happened the case, but they are still asking the same questions.
She does not understand that they still wanted to know from me, or maybe they just wanted to make me blame for everything?
Nothing reassuring today I have not heard from the police. They just told me that they will start an investigation, but how long it will last, they do not know. My dear do not know what I do now. I am now very upset and tears were flowing from my eyes. Very hard for me and I do not want to be a day longer in this country. I am very scared and I have to be afraid to go out here on the street alone. I am very scared. This morning I went to my embassy requesting help me get back home. I asked my embassy of that they bought me a return ticket, but in response to the embassy told me that they now can not take any action until no an official statement from the police to close my business. To put it another way, my embassy asks me to wait the end of the investigation, and only then they will be able to help me. I asked my embassy as I wait, but this one does not know. Maybe a few days, maybe a week - and maybe a month, I do not want to wait that long. I just go crazy over this time this wild country. Recently tried to call office to call my work. I was hoping that they help me, but the problem is that I work for a company not officially. I get the money only for its done work and they do not answer me. I just said so on the phone with my company no longer even want to talk with me. Very cruel and I'm shocked by all. All my money, credit cards, cell phone, documents for the job - all that was stolen along with my bag and now I'm just in a desperate situation. I do not know now how do I get back back to his home and who to turn to for help? I tried to call my best friend, but her phone is not answered.
Maybe she went back to her parents and her phone was not responding. If my parents were alive, I certainly would appeal to them for help, but my parents are no longer alive. So I just have no one to ask for help now but you. My sweet, forgive me now for my determination. God knows, I never in my life no one asked for aid. Always tried to get out of a difficult situation itself, but now for the first time in my life I do not know what to do.
I need to now 979 dollars to buy a return ticket to Melbourne, that is how much the minimum value of my ticket home, but I do not know where to find me here this money. I'm scared now, my love, I do not want to lose you, but if not you, then who else should I contact? I cry now, and with tears in his eyes, I now ask you to help me get back to his home. I know that my request will anger you. I also know that you are now lost confidence in me, but not
In spite of this, I ask you to help me with money for a return ticket. My dear, I do not take this money from you for ever. I will give you back the money as soon as I arrive in Melbourne. I have money in my house, but get them out of here, I can not.
I ask you to give me the money borrowed for a few days, if you can. If you do not help me, I do not know who to appeal. Now I hope only on you, but on the other I have already lost their trust (I mean my work and the Embassy).
I'm afraid to send you this letter because I am afraid to upset you. But all my hope now returning home only in this letter. I ask you to think, and if you can help me.
I've been thinking about the options as I can get the money, as I have only temporary passport which I was given today at the embassy. I was hoping that I could get money from my friend from Melbourne, but from it I have not received a response. Perhaps she did not receive my letters. I would like that would she sent a money transfer via Western Union or Moneygramm, now I'm just so I can get the money. I went to the woman with whom I have done business here in Greece. At first I wanted to borrow money from her, but unfortunately she lives one with his son and free money at the moment does not have. I have no close friends except you. And now I want to write you the information that is required for the money transfer through Western Union or Moneygramm:
name: Natalya; surname: Borysenko
Country: GREECE
CITY: Rethimno
STREET: Polemiston 23A
I'll be waiting for your response and hope you will answer me today. If you send today, I
I will go to the bank and I'll get your help, and tomorrow I can go home. And as soon as I get home, I immediately send you the money back, or I myself personally arrive to you and give you the money back personally. My dear in my house is $ 14,000, they are in my house in the safe, which is why I can send you the money back without any problems.
I will come in the internet cafe that evening to read your response, I will be very worry about your answer.
I love you very very much and miss you.
Your Natalya



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