Scam Letter(s) from Larisa Lastochka to Walt (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi dear Frank!

Many thanks for a letter you wrote me. You know how much I appreciate that you write to me. I feel so lonely without you. I glad that you liked my photos:-) I have added even more open for you but I should warn you they are only for you. Don't show them to anybody else.

I was waiting what would you say to my questions as that was really interesting for me. I glad that you want to be a couple with me. I think you are a right person for me. Why do I think so? I guess it is something that men can't feel but us women are different a little bit. We have an intuition and I have a strong feeling if we will continue we could be a nice couple or even husband and wife...I don't even want to think that we could ever lose each other.

You know, I find that I am self-confident person in spite I always thought that it's not because of my shaming. I'm ready for serious steps toward to the future. I am ready to learn English and even move to another country, to another culture, to leave my parents and friends...the something that holds me here if you also want it. I do want to create strong relationships which will be based on love, sincerity and trust. That what I was dreaming when I was young seems for real now.

My relatives would be happy to know that I have founded a really good man! I would love to tell them about you if you don't mind.

Dear Frank, I just have some problems. All this time when we write to each other I used the translation service as you know. This service is not for free of course but it is the only I can choose here because there are no any other option for me. I had to sell some jewelry I had and even my mobile phone (for the price of used things) to write you and have possibility to read your letters as well. Unfortunately those all savings has finished...I'm not sure if I could afford to pay for it and afraid it could be my last letter.
I really scared that I can lose you because I don't want it at all. Can you advice something to me or can you help me to pay for this service if you are able to do this? I would never disturb you with such a request and would better pay for this service by myself if I could. But this time I need to forget about my proud and ask you because I don't want to lose you in all the beginning of our relationships.

Now I'm looking forward to your letter, honey!



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