Scam letter(s) from Hanna Martinenko to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi Frank!
Thanks you for giving me your e-mail. I heard about this way to build relationships but never tried it before. Are you for a long time on the dating site?? My friend used this way to find her love. Now she writes me letters from Netherlands where she lives with her husband. So I decided "Why not to try?" and here I am! :) I liked your profile and thought I would like to know more about you. I think you would be interested to know more about me as well. So let me introduce myself. My name is Hanna. I'm 30. I was married few years ago but after five years of marriage we decided to get divorced. I do not have kids because my ex-husband always told me to wait a little.
He wanted to be financially stable and gave all his time and efforts to his work. I told him that money was not the most important thing in life and that it was better to build a strong family based on love and care. But he didn't listen so after he went bankrupt he started drinking and beating me.. I couldn't stand that anymore so I left him. At the moment I have been single for the last 9 months.. Oh, enough of that... Now I live with my parents in their small house.
They are the most important people in my life. I also have an elder sister. She's married and lives with her husband and two nice children... my nephews. I attach picture of me to this letter. I hope you'll like them... I shall wait for your reply if you will have time to write me a long enough letter and some photos of you in return. Could you write me perhaps a short letter if you don't have enough time? Please reply and let me know wether you have got the letter. Hanna from Ukraine
Letter 2
Hello Frank! I am glad to receive your e-mail. Thank you for that. When I looked on your profile at first I thought "This is the right guy" and "This what I need". I decided to use on-line dating because I can't find a right guy here in Ukraine. You know, everybody think that I'm a toy even my ex-husband. I do not know why. Maybe it is because of my appearance. Everyone wants just to play with me. Do you understand what I talking about? I hope you are not one of them. Here the weather is not good as well, sweetheart. In fact it is awful... Windy and now started to rain.
Yesterday we already had -5 degrees in the morning and this is just middle of autumn! Honey, I would also like to thank you for the great picture that you attached to your letter! I liked it so much! You look so sincere and kind and for sure absolutely handsome! I definitely like you a lot :) Anna is the most popular name in the World. So that is my name. In Ukraine it sounds like Hanna. But as I said you can call me Anya, Any, An. How do you like more? I like to take compliments. As for my age. I'm 30. I was born June 5 1984, so I am Gemini by horoscope! I believe in horoscope so it is important for me. My native town is Stakhanov but now I live in Lugansk for about 12 years. So I graduated here and now I work here. Besides, I graduate pedagogic university as teacher of mathematics but now I work as an Avon assistant.
It brings not much money but I have possibility to take some products for special fee or for special prices. I can also take it for my friends. When I have some free time I like to listen to a nice music.
I like almost all kind of music accept hard rock, punk and rap. So what kind of music do you like? Sometimes I can watch football or tennis on TV. My day starts with gymnastic and running. I like to keep fit and I like to have a healthy way of life. I cook not bad I think. My favourite dishes are borsch pelmeni and okroshka. Do you know something about Russian or Ukrainian dishes? On my shame, I don't understand any of foreign languages. I do not have even a computer at home. So, as you understand this is typing not me. I use the service of translating company. Is this OK for you, Frank? Of course I pay money for this service but actually I can't see another way out now. Now I say "Good bye Frank!"
Your new friend
Hanna Martinenko
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend, Frank! I wait for your letter with impatience. It is very interesting to know something new about you. You seemed to me a very nice guy. I think now you can call me your friend...and I can call you my friend, may I? What do you think? You know, I'm looking here for a clever, kind and sincere man. He has to be not very young. You can't realize yourself like a man in a young age and it is difficult to make career and family. Am I right?
So I like grown guys. Frank, it is very difficult to be alone. You need someone beside you. When I comeback home I'm going through the park.
I can see young boys and girls, men and women sitting on the benches or walking on the park.
And I have nobody to walk with to share good and bad moments with. do you understand me? I think you are a right man. I'm really interesting to read your letters. I also love to dance as well. Do you like to dance? Would you dance with me someday? Tango and waltz are my favourite. Dear Frank, I want to tell you that I'm very romantic woman.
I like romantic surprises like flowers or toys and etc. I like dinner with candles and red wine. I believe in power of red color. And I believe that someday I'll meet my prince on white horse :) Is that you? My heart is open for love. Bye-bye now, Frank!
Your friend Hanna :-)))
Letter 4

Hello my dear Frank! I was hurrying to visit my translation company to receive new message from you today. It is amazing that I'm like a little girl who felt in love. When I started to write you I couldn't even imagine that you would be so nice and kind-hearted man. How was your day? It is interesting how are you in real life, dear Frank. I can tell you that I'm a good housekeeper and loving woman. When you would sleep I will cook food for you, so when would you wake up everything will be prepared.
You will be satisfied when you would back home from a job.
If you don't want to see me as housekeeper I can find a job, so we shall be busy. Perhaps it is my own opinion on lifestyle. You know Frank, I had a dark and not interesting life before. Men were never really good to me ...perhaps they did some compliments to verb me and to take a night from me...I'm not ****** and I could see all this fake. I feel the difference with you. I see that you like me and you are really sincere with me. I really appreciate this. You came into my life like a beam of sun. I wish I could speak with you, to live with you, to be always with you Frank. But I have one problem. I hope you'll understand and support me. All this time while we wrote messages to each other I had to pay to translation company for their service.
Probably I can't continue to do this anymore because of my financial situation. As you know, It is not too big wages in our country so I have to save some money for living as my parents can't help me. God, I feel like a ****** that I can't speak with you another way. Sorry, I don't want to lose you in all the beginning. Actually I believe that we can win everything together. We just have to try to do it. I believe in God and I hope he will help us to bee together. Honey, please do not be angry at me. If I could go back in time I would have learned all languages in this world just to be sure that I would speak to a person like you. Kiss you my dear Frank!
Sincerely yours
Hanna :-*
Letter 5
************************"Inaword"*************************** Dear Mr. Frank M. Meek! Your correspondent Miss Hanna Martinenko asked us to contact you on her behalf. She was our client and was completely satisfied with the quality of our services. Unfortunately due to difficult financial situation Miss Hanna cannot support translation fees anymore. However she is serious about you and her relationships with you and she doesn't want to lose contact with you. She will appreciate if you help her with payment for translation so that she could continue to develop her relationships with you. The company "In-a-word" offers a full range of translation services. At the same time we offer only the highest quality. Qualified translators and editors of "Inaword" as well as specialized professionals in various fields are always ready to support you. The main in success of our company is the individual approach to each customer. The specialists of our company seriously and responsibly apply to each order and are individually suited to each of them. Translators of "In-a-word" are true professionals who have completed the leading institutions in Ukraine and abroad. Many of them were trained abroad. The wide experience helps us work with any subject including private correspondence. The privacy policy allows to trust us any secret. Collaborators of our company have signed the document which interdicts to let out any information outside our company. ************************************************************
Translation into Russian:
- one letter (any size) - 5 USD,
Translation into English:
- one letter (any size) - 5 USD,
- phone conversation (per 10 minutes) - 10 USD,
- during meeting:
1. per hour 20 USD,
2. per day 100 USD,
Other services:
- sending (scanning) one picture - 3 USD,
- receiving (printing) one picture - 3 USD,
____________________________________________________________ Ways of payment: Western Union,
Bank Transfer. Information you need for making payment

the name of receiver:
First name Hanna
Family Name Martinenko
the TOWN Stakhanov
the address Krymskaya street, 9
zip code 94100
country Ukraine After making payment, PLEASE, inform us about its details with the full information for getting it: - your full name;
- country you live in;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number. We are waiting for your reply. Thank you for your attention.
Best regards,
Elena Stepanenko
manager of
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