Scam letter(s) from Anna Ykraintseva to Giovanni (Italy)

Letter 1

My Sweet Giovanni, Actually,I liked your letters,they are wonderful and at the same time I can understand that you are very purposeful and persistent,aren't you? It's good for a Real Man,don't you think so? I'm sure that you are well-educated person and we have many things to talk about.I hope that I have finally found someone who will be my lover,my friend and a person with whom I can share all my thoughts;0) I know that you have a strong desire to know more about me.So let me tell you a few things about my life here.I'm a student and when i finally graduate i will be a teacher of Russian Literature.Yes, i like reading and have decided to make my hobby and part of my life. As for my family,unfortunately i can't tell you something about my father,cause i know nothing about him.The thing is that i live with mother and granny.Two women and no man,it's difficult,because they taught me to solve all the poblems by myself and i want so much to find a strong man who will care about me and protect from this cruel life:( My mother is nurse and sometimes she has to work at night.Whe i was small I missed her and when years passed I understood that it was her job and her love to me didn't disappear. Oh God, I'd like this winter to pass as soon as possible ,these shorts days without sun beams overwhelmed me. I dream about spring when every being ,every creature and every cell wakes up after a long dream. I long for green leaves,grass,flowers , birds,I'd like this awful winter to pass away. Sorry , I need to tell you earlier,but the thing is that I don't know English,may be some primitive words and that's why I use a translating firm.I thought that i could afford paying for their service,but... with schalrship in $20 per month it's hard to realize:(Hope for your undertsanding and support!!!!May be it's You are the one I was searching for????? Bye for now! Keep in touch:) Kisses Anna
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