Romance scam letter(s) from Maria Vetrova to Frank (Germany)
Letter 1
Hello from Russia. Thanks for your letter.
I want to apologize at once, our acquaintance only began. And I so long could not write to you.
At me on work the workmate fell ill and I worked without days off and breaks. I hope you did not forget me. I gave for you a small gift. I send it to you in the letter.
It is very pleasant and interesting to me to read your letter. I very much was afraid that you will not write to me. And now, when received your letter, I rejoice as the little girl.
It is very interesting to receive the letter absolutely from other country!
I want to know about you much more. Than you are engaged? How you live?
That you think of me when read my letters. I want to know about you more.
I have many questions. But I will write some of them. I ask you to answer my questions.
You too can ask me any questions I will to answer all. But if I do not answer, I ask you not to take offense at your question, and to set to me it once again.
After all we communicate in different languages, and I can not understand or pass your question.
And I do not want it. I hope, to you it will not be heavy. So, my questions:
1)How your full name?
2)When yours birthday? Where do you live?
3)Your intention of acquaintance to me? Whether you treat it seriously?
4)You in the future would like to visit Russia? You would like to meet me in the country?
5)Who in your opinion should be a leader in a family? Man or woman?
6)How in your opinion the ideal family should look? You dream of what family?
7)What role in a family the woman, and what man should carry out?
8)You were married? You have children? (I consider that children it is fine.
I very much love children)
For me it is very interesting and important to know your answer.
I hope, to you it will not be heavy, and you will find time to answer me.
But if at you not a lot of time that write I will understand. You can answer later.
I consider that the man and the woman should not be identical in views and interests.
They should supplement, understand and feel each other.
Then in a family there will be a full harmony.
The man and the woman should learn to accept and love each other the person such what it is, with his habits, traditions and features of character without correcting and without re-educating each other. And then to impart the knowledge and traditions to children. And to support the native person and to help it council if it will be necessary. The man and the woman should be a support each other, then in a family everything will be good. I would like, that my relations were such.
Now it is a little about me.
My name is Masha. My day begins at 6:00 I very early bird))) I wake up, wash and engaged in run near to the house in park. I like to run, it is very useful for health. After jogging I take a shower, I have breakfast and I go on work.
My working day begins from 8:00 and comes to an end 17:00.
But sometimes me detain on work late. And in your working day how many begins? I already wrote.
That I work at nursing home (Boarding house for elderly people). I have the finest work.
I help people who are very lonely and need my help. It is a hard work, but it very much is pleasant to me. I communicate with interesting people who already lived much and know much. They tell me many interesting stories. During free time from work I am engaged in useful business. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I am engaged in aerobics.
My days off it is Saturday and revival. These days I meet the friends.
We go to theater or cinema. And it is sometimes simple in park or cafe.
You will tell that it is remarkable life and I have all that is necessary.
But it not so. All my friends have a soul mate, they have loving person.
And I do not have anybody. But now I have a friend who is very pleasant to me.
It you!!! I want to know about you everything)))) I am very good girl!
How you think, I good??? I have sense of humour. I do not know that such to despond.
I think, each person deserves, that it loved. Also it is not important rich or is poor, how old is he, it occupies what situation. The most important is your soul.
When the person has an open soul and heart which is filled with love and kindness it is fine.
Write to me more about itself. I ask not to become angry about me I cannot write to you every day.
I will write to you every other day. Unfortunately I yet have no computer and I write to you about the cafe Internet. It is far from my house and work. Therefore I cannot write every day. But I will write to you much))). I hope you do not become angry about it?
I very much will look forward to hearing from you very much. I send you the photos that you did not forget as I I look. I too want your photos. I want to look at them.
On it I will finish the letter. I look forward the following meeting. While my soul mate.
pictured my family)
Letter 2
Hello my friend !!
Today I'm very upset ... I did not get a letter from you ((( How do you feel you did not get sick ?? ??
I hope you do not change my mind to write to me ..
I'll wait for your response ..
I am glad to see and read e-mail! Thank you! It is very interesting to receive and read your emails.
Each your letter gives me more confidence in the development of our relationship with you.
I am very pleased. I want to write to you more often, but I did not get. I hope you're not mad at me.
We need to write to each other more. Need more confidence!
In this letter I will write to you about my city. The name of my city of Cheboksary.
It's not a very big city. Population in it-468725. My city is on the great river Volga.
My city is very beautiful. It has many parks, theaters and cafes. Summer.
When flowers bloom our city is very beautiful. I can pretty much write about my beautiful city, but I want to talk about our relationship with you. My city is beautiful and lovely, but then not at all worthy men. Most men do not respect women. Men here believe that women have no right to anything. They do not respect women. I want to with me was a man who will respect my feelings.
Love and appreciate me as a woman. So I went to the Internet cafe.
To meet you !!! I think that this man you !!! I wrote to a friend about you. Her name is Anna.
She met her husband in the same agency from which I am writing to you now.
My girlfriend got married and they are very happy. They live in France.
It was she who told me to go to the Internet Agency. She said that foreign men do not like Russian.
I think she's right. You're a man with whom I like to communicate.
I want to know more about you. I'm interested in everything about you.
I'm sure you respect men. I am 29 years old, I believe that I have time to start a family.
I had been saving money for a long time. And I have enough money to come to you.
I do not want to rush things. But in order to know each other at 100 must meet face to face.
We have to meet and communicate face to face. If we do not, then I'll go home.
Or I'll stay with you. Or together we will come back to my house.
This is a very serious step. And we'll talk about this later.
I think that the main thing in a relationship trust and understanding.
The man should be the head of the family and he makes the decisions.
But it should certainly consult with a woman, listen to advice.
I hope you understand what I am writing. Or I have a bad translation.
I already wrote to you that I live with my parents. My parents are very nice people.
My mom is a very good mistress in the house. She sends me their knowledge.
She taught me around what he knows. I am a good housewife. I cook very tasty.
All praise me. I will feed you and you do not want to go to Makdonals. ))) But I will not sit at home.
I want to work and help her husband.
I'm sure that you are the person I need. I hope this is a one-???
That concludes my letter. I will wait for your answer.
Letter 3
Hello my dear.
I am very glad to see your letter. Today is a very warm and beautiful weather.
And what will the weather at you now ??? For me this is the best time to chat with you.
I want to write to you every day, sorry I can not. I am glad to read your letter.
They give me hope for our future. It scares me and at the same time happy.
I'm scared because I'm afraid of falling in love with you and not get reciprocity.
I do not understand how you feel maybe this is the difficulty of translating ???
I ask to be with me frank and honest.
I am very happy that my life was you. You are very close to me spiritually.
I am very easy to talk to you. I told my friends about you! They are very happy for me!
They tell you hello! I very much hope that our relationship can grow into love.
Write me what you think about this? Can you fall in love with me? By e-mail can not be love.
But if we meet, our feelings grow into love ?? You are very like it! Write me how you feel?
Today I saw a terrible situation. I saw an elderly man hit by a car. The driver did not stop and left.
I ran up to him and wanted to help climb. But then he broke his leg, then I calmly explained to the man that he was lying. She called an ambulance and the police.
I waited for an ambulance man drove away. Now we need to be very cautious man.
Roads are too many drunk drivers and criminals. I am very glad that I have you.
I want to make all the necessary documents so that I could come to you.
I do not hurry the events I just want all my papers were ready. I dream of our meeting.
You love to dream ??? What is your dream ?? I will say a little more about yourself.
I love listening to music. I love to dance. I do not like noisy companies.
I love the holidays at home with his family, such as Christmas. Also, I love sports.
I love watching sports. I like to play sports. I love to play volleyball on the beach.
I like to play badminton. I like to play a game of billiards.
But I'm very rarely because there are a lot of drunks. I love nature, I love to walk in the woods, I love to swim. I like to go with my dad on a fishing trip.
And I like to cook. I hope that I will cook for you. Write me more about yourself.
What do you love ??? What do you like to eat ??? I will finish my letter.
Letter 4

Hey there! I was very happy to receive your letter. I like to wait your letters.
But the more I look forward to our meeting. I want to meet with you, to feel the touch of your hand, kiss you, and finally make love to you. Yes, I want it all !!!
I want to feel the warmth of your body. I've known enough about you to take the first steps to our meeting! I have everything you need to get started, you need to make passport (passport for travel to various countries. After obtaining a passport can I start to do the visa.
I want to repeat once again that I have the necessary money to visit you. Your financial I do not need help. I save money for a long time and now I have enough money to travel to you.
I know that the money needed for the journey. I do not want to ask for money from the person with whom you will build relationships.
I think that our meeting can change our lives. What do you think ??? I'm talking about money, because my heart has been injured because of the money. This happened three years ago!
I have very long agony !!! I did not come to the computer for a long time!
I do not want to talk about it. But I do not want to have secrets between us.
I hope this does not scare you away from me. Three years ago, I met via the Internet with a man from the United States.
We all was well, we thought that would be a wedding.
He invited me to his house. I said that I do not have money to go to him.
Once I asked him to help me. He stopped writing to me. Letters was not within 5 days.
On day 5, I received a letter from him. It was awful. I was worried, worried, thinking to him that something was wrong. He wrote that I only want the money.
That all this time I cheated on him. And at the end of his letter, he called me a scamer.
I did not understand why it is so. I cried for a long time. I did not want to live.
But my parents helped me to calm down. I calmed down and began to live as before.
I ask you to give me a promise that you will not break my heart.
I'm starting to fall in love with you. I think you're the kind of person who I want to build a family. I know before we talk about it, you need to meet in person.
So I decided to start making travel documents. Today I asked the agency managers how easy is it to get a visa. They told me that this is not difficult.
This agency has been working for many years. And engaged in the preparation of all documents.
My friend Anna made documents in this agency. I will come to you and we will communicate with you.
If you want, I'll stay, if not then I'll go home. I think it's a good idea.
What do you think about this ??? If all goes well I'll be in able to come to you.
This will be a new phase in my life. I will give all my tenderness.
I will prepare you for a wonderful dinner. We will walk together in the park.
Together we will go to bed and wake up together. This is my dream !!!
I understand that you want to know about my sex life.
I have a very long time did not have sexual relations.
But if we have sex, I have sex will do everything for you.
I believe that sex can only be in a relationship. I want to build a relationship with you, and so I want to meet with you face to face. I hope you understand what I mean.
Write me you do not mind this ??? I send you my picture, what would you do not forget what I look like. I kiss you very tenderly. It is waiting for a response.
Letter 5
Hello my dear. Russia has come a real winter. And many services were not ready for it.
So I had a lot of work and interenet cafe was closed. This is the first time when winter came so early.
Dropped a lot of snow..i became cold. And what weather you have now ??
How are you? I'm so curious to know everything about you.
What do you do when you come to my letter ?? Sadness Are you ?? I miss you ..
How are you doing ??? I hope that you will do well !!!
Today I will write you a short letter, because I am writing to you during business interruption.
I have 15 minutes. I want to tell you the good news. I love you! Suppose you and I have not yet met, but I feel it. My passport is ready. He will remain at the agency until I make visa.
I was told that the visa will be ready soon. I am very glad !!! Are you happy ??
I did not know that all documents will be ready so quickly.
To get the visa I will need to go to Moscow. In Moscow, I will go through the commission, there I was asked a few questions and will be given a visa. When I get a visa, I'm not going home.
I'll buy a plane ticket and lie down to you! What do you think about this ?? I hope you're happy, just as I am. I want to come to you soon and start a new life with you.
We will enjoy every minute spent together. We'll go for a walk in the evening.
When we get back I'll make dinner for you. On the table will burn candles. After dinner, we will spend an unforgettable night. Each of our night will be very special.
I'm ready for a long time dream of you, but I have to go back to work. I love you.
I hope you're not offended that I sometimes do not have time to answer your questions ???
I will come to you soon and we will have plenty of time to explore each other.
I'll wait for your letter. I'm sending you one million hot kisses.
In this letter I want to give you my address. This means that I trust you 100.
I am happy that I have you.
Country Russia
Ulitsa- Lenin Avenue 19-45
Forever Your Mariya
Letter 6
Hello my dear.
Today I woke up and I had a strange feeling. I felt very happy.
I realized that I should be sure to tell you about it. I am happy that I have you ..
when I came to the internet cafe, I felt very alone. But now I am happy ..
I'm happy when I write to you .. I want to receive your letters every day.
I want to see your photos, to know about your life. What is your weather, what are you doing? Do you smile when you get my letters. Write to me often I am happy ..
If I where that is not answered, you remind me and I will answer.
I'm very excited when I write. I want to be with you ..
I'll write you tomorrow you do not mind ??
Letter 7
Hi my favorite. Each your letter, like a breath of fresh air for me.
People can not live without air and I can not live without you.
I am glad to receive your letter. How are you? I'm all good.
I hope that you'll wait for our soon. I'm looking very forward to the day when I can hold you ..
It makes me do all the paperwork as soon as possible. I think that all documents will be ready soon.
Every day, do something for this. I need to collect a lot of documents. To put a lot of signatures.
Medical certificates. And wherever I went, all need money.
For example, yesterday I made a vaccination for a long time standing in line, and paid the money.
It's good that I have enough money. I am very tired for everything these days.
I did not want to write to you about it, because I do not want to bore you with my problems.
I am a strong woman, I can manage. I love you. I want to start a new life with you, which is love and understanding. I look forward to the time when I see you.
This will be the happiest moment of my life. I dream about it all the time.
The agency told me that next week I have to go to Moscow to get a visa.
When I heard this, I was just happy, my joy made even tears.
Do you understand what I'm talking ?? !! I will go to Moscow for an interview with the embassy, and there will be determined to give me a visa or not. I'm very excited.
Director of the agency told me that the interview is just a formality.
I will answer some questions and give me a visa. After I get a visa, I will buy tickets and fly to you. I did not think that all documents will be ready so quickly.
Only a few days left and I'll hold you and kiss you. I am very glad !!!
The agency told me that they work directly with the Moscow embassy.
For this reason, documents are ready as fast. When I come to you, I'll be the happiest woman in the world. You are far from me, but I feel that you are my second half. I am happy that I met you.
When you meet me, I will embrace you, and we'll go home.
I need to relax a bit from the road. Then we will have dinner and I'll long to caress you.
I'll give you all my tenderness treasured for a long time. Well, I have to go.
I'll wait for your next letter. Your whole Mariya.
Letter 8
Hello my dear. I dream every day for a meeting with you. I am confident that our meeting is near.
I love you! I think about you every day, every hour, every minute. I imagine our first meeting, our walk, our nights. I dream about you. I can not imagine life without you more.
I never thought that I could fall in love will never meet the person face to face.
It's amazing to me. But it is so !!! I fell in love with you. And now I really want to see you, hug, kiss.
My parents are very happy that I finally found someone who loved.
They see that I am happy and pleased, too, so I told my parents that soon will go to you shortly.
My mom was crying. I understand it. I'm an only child. Parents are hard to understand that their child grew up and had to live my life with my favorite person. But my parents have blessed me and wished me luck. I'll miss the parents, but we will communicate via email. I think we'll come to Russia for you to meet my parents. I'll introduce you to their friends, relatives. With our traditions, cuisine. I think it will be very interesting. What do you think about this ???
Today I was given a passport. And I was given a copy in electronic form. I am sending it to you.
I was told that after a few days I shall go to Moscow. It will be soon. I can not believe it, but I'm very glad that I will soon be in your arms. I dream every night before bed for you.
We're lying in bed and I kiss you. I'm very excited. You have to roll over I take the oil and make you a massage. Then my hand down below I stroked your testicles.
Then you flipped to the back. I begin to caress your tongue. First, your lips, then gently kiss your neck. Then I will proceed to your nipples, I start them slowly kissing and nibbling gently. Then I begin to descend below kissing your stomach.
Everything below ... and lower ... and wraps her lips your cock, swallow it deeper and deeper, until you cum and thou shalt pour his sperm directly into my thirsty throat ..
Then when you regain your strength, we will continue our caresses. You can enable any dream to me.
I'll let you all. I and my body is completely yours. I love you ...
I wish that you would trust me in everything. I have to go. I am happy to come to you soon.
I will wait your next letter. I am sorry that I can not write to you every day.
But soon we'll be together. yours Mariya.
Letter 9
Hello my dear.
I am the happiest woman. I thank you that you made me so. Today I'm going to Moscow.
I'm a little worried. Moskva big city. There's a lot of crooks.
But you're my favorite for me is more important.
For you I'm ready for anything.
When I come to Moscow, I will go to embassy.
I'll write you immediately know how everything ...
How buy tickets. I do not want to make you worry.
Write again to me your detailed address just in case.
The nearest airport. I'm very excited ... Today I quit my job.
I'm starting a new life. I'm starting life with you. I hope we'll be fine.
I love to love you. I still write to you as we get to Moscow. Your Mariya.
Letter 10
Hello my dear.
I have two news .. one good, the other bad. I reached well.
And immediately came to the embassy. There I was given a tourist visa for 3 months.
I was very happy and ran to the airport for the tickets .. I got tickets for 19 November.
And here's the bad news -for to leave his country to another country for 3 months I have to have cash with you is $ 3,000. Previously, it was possible that the money was on the card, and now only cash. Spending money is not needed, just when you pass a commission at the airport you must show that you have money to live in another country. I cried, because I do not have $ 1700, I paid a lot of things ..
I asked whether it is possible to make such a visa is less than only a month?
I was told that a visa is only for 3 months and only tourist. And even if you send invitation, it will not help. Now I do not know what to do .. I'm afraid to ask for your help ..
I am afraid that you deny me ... But my love if you could help me and send $ 1,700, I'll give you the money .. I do not need them spend. I love you and just want you to love me too.
I want to sleep and wake up next to you .. I want to cook for you, bring you breakfast in bed ..
I want to be your favorite and the only woman. Perhaps this is a test that we have to go together.I also said that if you can send me the money, I could only get this money transfer Money Gram and Western Union.
This is the only fast and reliable money transfers, which are in Russia.
There need my information name-Mariya, surname-Vetrova, and countries in Russia.
And I need the information that you enter on the form (full name, country and reference number).
I understand everything, I am very ashamed to ask you for help.
But if you're all still can and want to help I will be changed just the happiest woman on this planet
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