Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Bloshina to John (USA)

Letter 1
It can seem strange to Yes, we do not know. To preview Anastasiya is my name. and you? I'm a kind girl. I live in a small town. but I would like to see the world and to change my work place. I like to walk around the pair. my hobby is embroider. I like to spend hours and embroider nice patterns. Please tell me more on you. I am 28. how old are you? I send you my foto today. Please send me your foto too. O'k! Now, I'm ending. Answer me necessarily. I shall your message O'k? I hope you! Anastasiya Goodbyeee
Letter 2
Hello my new friend Mark! My name is Anastasiya. I am very glad to get acquainted with you. And I hope we can become good friends. I am not very good at using internet but anyway I decided it is a good way to get new friends. That is why I want to explain the reason why I am here right now.
It is possible, I will visit your country soon, and I have made a decision to get acquainted with someone from your country. And at this point I am writing to you. I have never been abroad and I don't have friends outside Russia. I really want to know more about you. Could you tell me about you, about your lifestyle in the next letter, please. I hope it is not difficult for you. I will also write about myself. It is interesting to find out about your family, maybe about your job, friends and hobby. Ok, I am 28 years old. And I am sure it is a good age for a lady. Because I am still young but nevertheless have got a good life experience. I'm 179 sm tall, and my weight 55 kg. You know I am fit, because I like sports. One of the most important things is to look after myself. In a sound mind, a sound body. I am sending my photos so you can see me. You know, I am not very photogenic. The photos are usually not very beautiful. But they are important for correspondence so one can see another. I hope you will like me. By the way, I am looking forward to see your photos in the next letter. It is very interesting for me to see a person you writing to. So I want to ask you a few questions so we will know each other better. What about sport? Alcohol? Smoking? Please tell me about your habits. As for me I am an only child in the family and I don't have my own kids but I have a dream. I have a dream to build my own family and have wonderful children. My father died, when I was a child. I really miss him. My mother has been growing me since I was 2 years old and she taught me alone. My mother works in hospital. She has got a good job. She has been working in a hospital for a long time and she knows a lot of people. She is respected in our city. I have got a few best girl friends. I spend much of my spare time with them. They say, I have a good sense of humor. I like to laugh at a good joke. I am a cheerful person so my friends do. I live in Pokhvistnevo. It is a small town. It is situated 1180 km far from Moscow. I think this information will help you to know me better. I am looking forward to know about you, you job, your city. I don't have bad habits, I don't smoke. I am sure it is important for a lady not have bad habits. When gathering together with friends I can drink a glass of wine but not more. I am really keen on cooking. I usually cook fish soup, borsch, salads. You can write about your favourite dish, or maybe your cooking experience. I personally like flowers. They really make our life more beautiful-at home, outside, at work. Oh yes I have forgotten to tell you about my job. I have decided to go on a way of my mum. I have decided to become the nurse and to help people. I work as the nurse in one of our hospitals. I perform different work in hospital. I do injections. I put a drips to the patient. I help people. I think, that is enough about me. I has written a really big letter. I hope you are not tired of my little letter. So what do you do? Where do you work? Please tell me about your interests. I am really looking forward to your reply. I hope my letter will not be lost with no attention. I will read your letter with pleasure and will surely reply,
Letter 3
Hello Mark! I am very glad to get your letter. You are interested in me)… And that is good news for me. I was afraid to see negative reaction from your side. I have never had friends via internet before. And that scared me. But you are a good man. I see that in your letter. That means you have found something in me, and maybe want to know each other better. I wrote about my life on the whole in my first letter. You already know I live in Pokhvistnevo!. It is a usual small town in Russia. But I love it so much. I love to have a walk on its tiny but comfy streets, beautiful parks among the river. You know I like to walk, together with my friends or alone. When I am outside alone I dream. Dream about future life. Where everything is good, I have a good job that brings pleasure and good income. I dream, that I will meet my love. No doubt I had close relationships. But they ended with nothing behind. Many Russian men are rude and I always wanted to be loved, to feel warmth. I think everything will be alright. And what do you dream about? Do you like just to sit and dream? I like to see new films in the cinema, I also like to read. And what about you? Please tell me what films and books do you like? I am really interested in it. What do you in your spare time. Maybe I ask too many questions. But knowing more about you is interesting for me. By the way, about my city. I think you can find it on the map easily. You need to find Samara. My city is located 159 kilometers (98.8 miles) to the regional center Samara. And again shortly about myself. My favourite sports is swimming. I am good at swimming. From time to time I go to the swimming pool. My favourite colors are pink and blue. My favourite flower is a tulip. And what about you? Do you like your job? Do like what you do? I am sure that is important. It is important to love you job. Then you job will bring pleasure. Do you agree with me Mark? In my first letter I wrote about the opportunity to visit your country. Yes, that is true. I work as the nurse. I am a young nurse, and I am a successful girl)… That is not shy but anyway. I studied in the university to get this specialty. I studied English language at university. My English proficiency is quite good. And I can easily learn another foreign language. I don’t doubt at it. I like my job. Earlier everything was alright and the salary was worthy. But now everything changed. Maybe the economic crisis caused this. Russia was deeply influenced by it and also my job too. But I am an optimist, and I believe in bright future. And recently they have offered me a new job in your country. That is very prospective and a good salary. I have thought about it much. Firstly I was afraid to go to another country alone and I denied that offer. But later I made my mind to begin a new life and I agreed with that offer. Now I am waiting for arranging on all the aspects with my job. But I don’t know when exactly. Soon I will be able to go to your country and to work in hospital. I will help people in your country. I really want to find worthy job that will bring pleasure and good income. But please let’s not speak about money. I believe in bright future and every man should build his own future. Do you agree with me? What do you think about it? I want to know your opinion. I think you have understood the reason of my letter. I want to get acquainted with you. I will come to your country and will not be alone. I will know you. And maybe we will have a future where we are together. Are you against it? OK. I will end my letter for today. It is also as big as the previous. But I want to tell you so much. I hope you understand this. And I hope you will patient enough to read this big letter from an unknown girl from Russia. I am waiting for your letter Anastasiya!
Letter 4

Hello my dear Mark!! I am very glad to get your letter. How are you? Is everything alright? I am alright. Today the weather is fine. The sun shines brightly. I like such weather. How is the weather by your side Mark? I will begin my letter with a story about my family and me. I think this is important for our correspondence. I want to tell much about my life. Mark I also ask you to write more about yourself, your life and your family. It is always interesting for me. And in this way we will know each other better. Do you agree? I have already written I live with my mom. We live in a one room apartment. But there is enough space for both of us. This is a small and comfy flat. My mother is a very kind, sweet, helpful woman. She is respected at her job. She has been always been my best friend. And we always understand each other. I love my mom very much. Unfortunately, my father passed away when I was a small girl. Mark can you tell me about your parents. It is very interesting. My mother and I like to cook together. She taught me many recipes of dishes. I am very good at making different salads, meat dishes, soups and many others. I think my creations are very tasty. I like cooking simply because it is a creative process. But sometimes I don’t have enough spare time for cooking. My work requires much time. But I am fond of my profession. I want to continue doing my job. I wrote about it to you. Now I am looking through several offers of working in hospital in your country. Some hospitals offered me a job. But firstly I want to see them. And only then choose the best option for me. I think this is right. Do you agree? But now it is early to speak about it. I really hope to see you some day)… And you can give a good advice)… Mark. I am very glad to tell you about me again. Hope you enjoyed reading my message. I feel our correspondence is good and it will continue further. On one of pictures I with my mum, and I am little girl. Send me your photos. Also I have tried to make my video. I think, what you have some doubts, what I am the real girl?!!! Therefore I have decided to make video for you. I do video the first time. It is my first experience to send video in the Internet. Therefore, I do not know, if I have made all correctly. Inform me, if you have managed to see my video. OK? I shall be glad, if you will make short video for me also. I am waiting for your answer. Your Anastasiya!
Letter 5
Hi my new best friend Mark!!!
How are you? How is your job? I hope everything is alright. I can confidently say you are my best friend. I feel our friendship is continuing. I see you want to communicate with me. I also want to communicate with you. I have many friends here. My attitude towards them is good and to you good too. I like you. I would say that there is some extraterrestrial force between us. And it attracts us. Don’t you think so? I want to correspond with you. I want to write to you every minute. But it is impossible. You and I are busy people. I have only a couple of minutes to write you a letter. Mark you may think that a young and beautiful lady and still not married?! Young and beautiful) not shy)... But I think this is true). And I hope you also agree with my words?) Mark. I have not met my ideal man but I am sure it will happen soon. I feel it. I had relationships earlier. But that was not love. I can’t have relationship with a man without being loved. That is not right. Do you agree? That is the reason I am alone now. That is the reason I am looking for the real love Mark. Please tell me about your past relationships with women. I want to know what kind of person you are. Do you understand Mark? I will wait for your reply. I am sure you will write soon. I am waiting impatiently for your letter and will surely reply!
Letter 6
Hello! Hello! Hello Mark! How are you doing? I am ok! The weather is not very good today. There are many clouds in the sky. That makes me feel sad. But your letter makes me happier. I am glad you don’t forget me and read my letters attentively. Please tell me how is your work? Is everything alright? I am doing well. I want to tell you about one case at my job. Today, I did round of my patients as it is usual. Here it is usual every year the same patients with the same illnesses. And one of the patients asked me a question. Will I be always a nurse here? I really did not know what to answer. Patients always loved me. And they always were glad to me. All other nurses notice it fact. I didn’t know what to tell. Life is not a bed of roses. And from time to time you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Maybe I will work at this hospital or maybe not. And then I thought about you and about the opportunity to go to you. I thought about the life, job in your country. This is my chance. And I want to use this opportunity. I have explained to patients, that there will be other nurses during their life, and that I will not be able to stay with them all the time. I wished them more good nurses. And I think this is important. And they understood me. I made my mind to change my life. And I think I will change my life for the better, if I go to your country to work on a new place. I want to tell you thank you. You gave me an opportunity to think about my life that one can change his own life for the better. Thank you. I am waiting for answer.
Your best girlfriend Anastasiya.
ps. I send you my other video. I hope you like my video
Letter 7
Hello my Mark! I thought about the future for a long time. I think you realize that this is an important decision in my life and I could not make up my mind weighing all pros and cons. I shared my ideas with my mother. I told her all about us. She smiled and understood me. My mother can always understand me. She approves of my decision. She trusts you. She thinks you are a very good and honest man. And you can show me your country and meet me. I think also so. I want to write more about my plans for the future. I will speak with my Director. They have been offering me to go to United Kingdom for a long time. And I decided to agree. And this is due to you. I will tell my Director that I agreed to work in United Kingdom. I think he will not be against it and will be glad with my decision. And this is the right decision. The Director has been advising me to go for a long time. We will arrange some points with those hospitals, where I will possibly work. I will have to make a choice. I will come to you and we together will think about it. Will you help me with advice? Isn’t it difficult for you? OK Mark anyway now it is early to speak about it. My trip isn’t planned in details yet. And now I want to think over my trip. This is a step to a new life. I want it Mark. I will tell about all I am going to do. Please write to me your address completely. Thus, I shall have in view of and I can choose a place for work in hospital close to you. I wait for reply. Hope you are happy that I decided to go to you? I think you agree! Bye bye.
Letter 8
Hellooooo my Mark !!! I am very glad to see your letter and especially on such a day. Today is a very important day and I hurried to write you. I am in high spirits today! You know I decided to change my present life and the future and I made my mind to go to United Kingdom. I will work there in your country. And this is my last decision. I got up earlier today in the morning, went to hospital so I could speak with the director of the hospital before the beginning of the working day. He was already on his working place. We spoke once again and I told him about my decision and he supported me. We spoke like we were friends. He is a good and experienced person. He picked up the phone and called the Ministry of Health. The director asked them to start the registration of all the necessary documents for me. He arranged some points so it would be possible for me to go to Leicester, they will make a working visa for me and an international passport. They will also book the ticket to United Kingdom, firstly to Moscow and the hotel room there. That was a long conversation. We discussed my trip, documents and about money. The Ministry of Health and our hospital will give money for the registration of the documents and booking the tickets. They promised that everything will be ready soon. I think everything works out and soon I will pack my luggage for the coming trip. I am very glad and happy. I believe, that such a chance comes only once in a life and I should use this opportunity. I think you are also very glad, that I decided to come to you! Mark please write about the latest news, what interesting is happening in your life? I think we will see each other soon and I want to know more about your life). Also I would like to know your phone number, if you not mind. Please, write your phone number in next letter. OK here I am coming to an end with this letter and tomorrow I will share with you with the latest news of my preparation. I think you will wait impatiently for my letter)
Your Anastasiya!
Letter 9
Hello my Mark!
How are you today? What news? How there was your day? I am fine! My day is fine! From first day we have started to write each other, my days became brighter. Mark, how it with you there? Every day I have excellent mood. And I hasten to read your letters with impatience. I wait it in current of day. These are new feelings for me. I am glad, that I know you far from Russia. I had no friends outside of Russia before. Now I have. And I am proud of it.
Today good day. I spoke with my director about my trip again. My director has told, that all is going to be in the best possible way. He has taken care of my documents. He contacted with Ministry of Health again to specify some details about my trip. I think, that absolutely soon my documents will be ready. I shall inform you succession of events about my trip in process of them. I am glad very much, that I am going to come to your country and to change my life. I hope, that you glad also. I hope you do not think, what I hasten to arrive with my decision?!!! Such chance is given the one time. And I want to use this chance. Write to me, that you think of it?
I wish you to have good end of day today. I shall write to you soon. Write to me soon also. I shall wait! Bye bye... Anastasiya.
Letter 10
Hello Hello my Mark! I have great news for you today. I have spoken
with my director. My preparation is going on well. He told that the Ministry of Health began the registration of all the necessary documents for the trip to you. I have got my salary and some extra bonuses, that is 550 dollars, a good sum of money. I will spend this money for my trip to you. He also told me that everything is arranged about it. They will make quickly a working visa and an international passport. I will have to go to Moscow to the embassy for getting a visa and a conversation. It will happen very soon. Today in the evening I will get on the bus and go to Moscow. I am very happy! I have so little time for the packing and the trip will be so long. But I am not afraid of difficulties. I am sure, I will cope with it. Hope you are glad for me too. Will you be happy to meet me very soon?! Mark, Today I will prepare for my trip. It will take a lot of time. I will have to be at hospital to sign all the documents, to say bye to my colleges. It was a good job and the people were nice. I worked in the best hospital of our town. I want to meet with my friends and relatives. I hope you understand this necessity. I want to say goodbye to my close relatives. I will pack the luggage in the evening and spend time with my mom, she will go with me to the bus. Mark I promise to write when I get to Moscow. I think I will find an internet cafe and will write you the tomorrow as soon as I get to Moscow. I miss you). Wait for my letter. I will also wait for your letter.
100000000000000 kisses!!! Anastasiya!
Letter 11
Hello my dearest Mark! I am very glad to read your letter. Now I can say with pleasure that I am in Moscow. I got there in the morning on the bus and stayed at the hotel. Spent some time for the rest. Now I am going to visit the embassy to have a conversation. Today I will pass it and get my documents. I found out about the internet cafe with the help of hotel workers. It is not far from the hotel and I can easily come to the internet cafe. And firstly I decided to write you a letter and only then go to the embassy. I will try to write another letter soon. Now I will go to the embassy and then go to the airport so I can see what flights are available. You could write the nearest airport where you can meet me? Write to me the name of the airport close to you. OK? I will buy the ticket at once. Wait for my a letter. Everything is going to be alright. I am sure in it. And very soon I will fly on the plane to you. Waiting for your letter. Yours Anastasiya!
Letter 12
Hello my dear Mark! How are you? Today the weather in Moscow is fine. How is the weather in your city? I have good news. Yesterday I visited a hospital and got a medical insurance. It took little time, it is just a formality. I paid some money for the insurance and in 20 minutes I got the papers. Then I went to the embassy, I should say that was not an easy journey. Moscow is a huge city. And it took 4 hours to get to the embassy! I could walk along the whole city using this time)))… So I got there and successfully passed the conversation, I got my visa and passport. I am very glad, that I made all this so quickly! And now I have got all the necessary documents for my trip to you! I am very happy! I feel like starting a new life! We will meet very soon! And I am worried about it now. How will it be? I imagine our first meeting, it is so exciting. What do you feel now? How do you imagine our meeting in the airport? Please write me about it Mark. Yesterday I had a lot of affairs and didn’t manage to get to the airport. I want to buy tickets tomorrow in the morning. It is very good, that you have written the airports. I will find out about the nearest flights and will buy the ticket at once. I am so glad that everything is going well and this fact is pleasing. I hope you are glad too! Today was a hard day and I am tired. I need to go to the hotel to have some rest. I really want to come to you as soon as possible. Tomorrow is going to be a hard day too. I will write you what I find out in the airport. Wait for my letter! I will also wait for your letter.
With love! Yours Anastasiya!!!
Letter 13
Mark! Hello dear! The day started very well. I was in good mood but after some hours it got worse. I will tell why. Now I am in the airport, great there is an internet cafe. I wrote that today in the morning I will go to the airport to buy the tickets so I can fly to you. I knew an approximate ticket cost. It is not so cheap, but I had money to buy it. And I did not doubt. I got here early in the morning and made my way to the cashier. I learned the ticket cost, it is 380 dollars. I had such sum of money but they said that it is a one way ticket and I had to buy two way tickets, to get to you and return. That is the rule. I have to buy the ticket to come to you and to fly back, that is the law of my country, and I had to buy them at once. It is a guarantee that I will not stay to live there when my visa comes to an end. That is the order and I have to follow it. It is a great surprise for me. I have never been abroad and I have never thought about it Mark! Now I have 380 dollars for one air ticket. And I have extra money it 400 dollars. I got this money from Ministry of Health. It means, that I am compelled to spend these extra money for the second air ticket unfortunately. And then I remain without extra money. Mark! I have found out about available air tickets. Today I shall write to you details of my flight it is number of flight and exact date. Mark! I thought, that I shall manage to get my air ticket for tomorrow. But at the airport have told, that they have no available the air ticket for tomorrow unfortunately. They have suggested me to buy the air ticket for November, 19. It was the most nearest air flight to you. I was upset very much because I have no concept as and where I shall live in Moscow till November, 19. I have no extra money to pay hotel and for food unfortunately. Because I should spend extra money for my second air ticket. It was not in plans of my trip unfortunately. I did not think, that I should buy two air tickets there and back. I should live in Moscow till my flight. I do not know that to me to do at the moment. I do not know, where I shall live and that I shall eat till my flight. I cannot stay in the street or at station. I began to find out how many a minimum of money I need to pay for hotel and for food in Moscow. I looked through some variants. And I have found inexpensive hotel here in Moscow. I have found the cheapest decent hotel for 750 dollars. The food is included in this cost also. Mark I ask to understand me. Now I am alone in this big city. I can not find such a big sum of money right now. That is impossible. I don’t have that 750 dollars and I ask you to lend me these money. There is only one step till we meet each other. I hope you can help me. Please lend 750 dollars. I will give them back, when I get new job. I will work hard and I will earn soon. I hope you understand me right. I write this letter with tears on my face. It is a shame for me. I have never asked for help and I always relied only on myself but now I can do nothing to change this situation. I have to write this letter to you and ask for help. I wait for your understanding. I will wait for your letter. I will wait for your help,
Yours Anastasiya!
Letter 14
Hello my dear Mark! I thanks you, that you have understood my situation, and you will help me with money for hotel. I appreciate your care. Thanks Mark! You very good man. You have understood my situation and you have not thrown me. Thanks! Dear I stay in hotel fortunately. I have explained to employees from hotel my situation. And they have understood me. And they have allowed me stay in hotel on credit before my flight. It means, that I should pay for hotel of 750 dollars asap before my flight till November, 19. I hope you will send money for hotel soon. Thus, I can pay for services of hotel here. But I do not know even, as you can send money here to Moscow. I collide with it the first time. I should go and find out a way to send money here. I shall go right now, and I shall find out, how you can send money. I shall inform you about it later. OK? Wait for my letter. I shall wait for your letter also. I miss! I wait for a meeting! Yours dear Anastasiya.
Letter 15
Dear my Mark! I have good news! I have found out here as you can send money for hotel. I have found out about system the Western Union and about system the Money Gram. You know or you heard about systems the Western Union or the Money Gram? These are the most reliable, fast, and safe systems for transfer of money. If you do not know about these systems, you should go and find office the western union or money gram in your place there. OK? Offices the Western Union or Money Gram are located in post offices or in banks. Also, they have told, that you can send money online via website Western Union. Mark! You should know my details as in my ID passport, that you could send money via the Western Union or Money Gram. I shall write to you all my data as it in my ID passport here:
my first name: Anastasiya,
my last name: Bloshina,
my address: country Russia,
city Pokhvistnevo,
flat number 2,
house number 2,
Lenina street,
Post code 446450.
These are my details for the Western Union or Money Gram. These details enough, that you could send money via the western union or money gram. Also you should inform me your details, after you will send money. OK? I hope you will send money for hotel soon. Thus, I can pay to him here. I wait for your answer! Yours Anastasiya.
Letter 16
Hello dear my Mark!
How are you? I am is ok here. But I miss here. Weather in Moscow good today. It is a little snow. It is beautiful in the street. Dear! I thanks you, that you will help me with money for hotel. I appreciate your care! When you will send money for hotel? Inform me about it. OK? I hope you understand, what I should pay for hotel asap till November, 19 before my flight?! I shall wait for your help. Mark! My days became happier also because I have the friend like you. You very good the man. I value our friendship. And I cannot wait to meet you there. I wait for a meeting. I think of our meeting every day. I want to arrive to you asap. Dear! Now I am going to have walk in Moscow. I want to see Moscow. I shall write to you soon. Write to me asap also. I shall wait for your letter and your help! I miss! I wait for a meeting! Yours dear Anastasiya.
Letter 17
Hello dear my Mark!
How are you today? I am ok! I had good walk in Moscow yesterday. Today I am going to make the same. Moscow big and beautiful city. I like it. I miss here. I wait for a meeting! my dear! I am serious also about search of my future of the man. I also honest and the sincere girl. I never deceived people in my life. I am brought up correctly by my mum. I trust you Mark! You very good and sincere the man. I like these qualities in you. I agree with things you write. Love and trust it is important in relationship. Without trust to each other cannot be good relationship. You agree with me? Dear! Write to me soon! I shall wait for your letter and your help. I miss! I think of you! I wait for a meeting! Yours dear Anastasiya.
Letter 18
Hello dear my Mark!
How are you? I am ok! But I worry about money for hotel. I should pay for hotel up to tomorrow. Otherwise, they will not allow me to leave from hotel tomorrow. And I miss my flight. I do not want to miss my flight. I should take my flight tomorrow. I hope, that you will send money today. I shall wait for your letter and your help. Do not worry. I honest with you from the start. My dream and the purpose it to arrive to your country to work and meet you there. I wish to begin a new life with you there. My dear Mark! Thanks, that you trust me. I trust you also. I think, that the trust is the main thing in relationships. We should trust each other then we shall have strong relationship in the future. Dear! Do not worry please. I good and honest the girl. Do not listen to people in money gram. maybe they envy you, what to you will arrive the beautiful girl?!! There at office the money gram works the girl? Mark! I shall wait for your letter and your help. Write to me asap. I miss! I wait for a meeting! Yours dear Anastasiya.
Letter 19

Hello dear my Mark! Very bad news from you unfortunately. They dissuade you to send money, and you listen to them. It means, that you doubt and do not trust me. It to not like me. Ok there is one more way how to send money. Go to office the Western Union and send money via system the western union. OK? You should find office the western union in your place, and send money therefrom. I shall wait for your letter and your help. Send money via the western union or via money gram in any case, do not listen to them. Otherwise, I cannot arrive to you today. My flight tonight. If I shall not pay for hotel, they will not allow me to leave from hotel. And I shall be in trouble here. I hope for your understanding and your help. Send money asap. I shall wait! Yours Anastasiya.
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