Scam Letter(s) from Olga Ulitina to Jack (USA)

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Letter 1

All photos which you have received from me are made by my best friend.
Her name is Valeriya (Val) she is keen on photography.
I like when she makes my photos and my photos too.
Today I am writing to you from internet-cafe as usual.
As you know I have plans to go to your country for study.
Now I am trying to choose right college. When I make the decision and choose the college you'll be the first who know the name of it.
I should decide this in a week. And in a month I hope to be at your country already and to start my study.
Today I've already been to a post office and I've send a letter to my parents.
No matter what kind of relation we have, I am their daughter and I love them.
I have a younger brother and I always know that parents love him more than me.
Parents wanted a son very much and my mother tried to get pregnant for a long period.
After the birth of my brother all love of my parents went to him and my mother finally became happy.
Of course you understand how much unpleasant to be unloved child.
Parents are not interested in my life and in my personal feelings.
But I am trying to understand them and not to be angry.
I am happy that they live in happiness and love with my younger brother.
When I came back from Australia to Russia I got a pedagogical education and went to work to a kindergarten as an educator.
This was very interesting work and I liked it.
But salary was so small and not enough for living that I should have found something more high-paid.
I was alone in a big city and no one took care about me. I did everything by myself.
Of course I met different men in my life but I was only interested in relations where people have mutual love and respect.
I tried do not depend on men.
In every real relations I devote myself to a beloved man unfortunately not everyone can appreciate this.
I can have sex with a man only if we have serious relations and we are both ready to be honesty and faithful.
Unfortunately there are many men who prefer to have 2 women in their life as a wife and a lover.
I don't understand such relations and I don't ever want to enter in such relations.
When I love a man I can have sex only with my beloved.
I hope that you understand me right. I mean I am not a virgin and I like sex a lot.
But I can't have sex relations with several men at the same period.
I can devote myself only to one beloved man.
I had my last relations long ago approximately 2 years ago.
My man preferred to spend time with his friends but not with me. And I even felt sometimes that I was just a beautiful doll for him.
That is why I finished our relations.
Excuse me but I don't want to write about sex anymore because there are many people behind me who is walking in internet-cafe and can watch my PC
and moreover we do not know one another good enough to write about it so frankly.
Unfortunately I have to finish my letter now. Today there are so many people in this internet-cafe and I have had only 15 minute to write you a letter.
You know there are tables in internet-cafe connected to Internet and people can use them for a definite payment.
It was much easier in Australia. I could go to a local library and use computer with internet there for free and without time limit.
We don't have the same in Russia and there are many people who don't have their PC at home and need internet.
If it is acceptable for you will you tell me about your family and about your relations with parents?
Have a nice day!

P.S. Could you write me your post address? I wish to send you a paper letter with my photo in it or maybe a nice card. It is very pleasant to get mail by post

P.P.S. I attached picture with my best friend Val.

here is my previous letter


It is clear that you want to chat with me on-line I want it very much too.
But unfortunately we could do it if only I had my own PC at home (but I don't have for pity).
As I am writing to you from Internet cafe where time is very restricted I can't talk to you on-line.
I will continue writing you my letters and I'll send you my photo in every e-mail.
I'll write you my post address in case you'd like to send me a paper-letter or a card for holiday.
This is the address of my rented apartment:

Name of the street - Institutskaya 19
Number of the apartment - 211
City - St Petersburg,
Region (state) - St Petersburg,
Zip code - 194021,
Country - Russia,
Cell: +7-917-408-3471

I still have serious desire to start my study at your country. I've done a lot of for this already,
I've made many documents and I hope I can come to your country in a month.
I'd like to find the University or a college close to your place of living that we'll have possibility to meet without problems.
In my previous letter I asked you to give me the names of institutions close to you, do you remember? I am planning to live in dormitory or a campus.
Is it okay for you that I'll study not far from you?
I want to get more pictures of you, please send to me some of them.
Today when I finish writing my e-mail to you I am going for a walk.
It's the best way of spending time and it is very good for health.
After my long walk I'll find a nice cafe and warm myself with a hot cup of coffee.
I don't have a car as it is very expensive and luxurious thing for me.
I have no need in car and I don't even have a driver license.
I prefer walking to driving. Of course it is not very pleasant to walk alone it is always merrier to walk with friend.
All of my friends have their families and they don't have much time to spend with me.
You know that I like movies and I like to watch them in a cinema.
And here is the same situation as with walking.
To watch movie alone is not interesting and comfortable but my friends are married and I can't bother them.
We can meet only when they have free time for me.
Of course husbands and children are the most important people for my friends I know it. But it makes me feel so lonely?
I like my city. It is very beautiful and has a lot of sights-seeing both historical and modern.
I like walking along bright streets especially in spring and summer when everything blossoms and there are a lot of trees and flowers around.
We have many parks and squares in here.
My religion is Christian. But I don't go to a church very often as I believe in God mostly in my heart.
I want to find a man who would become my soul-mate.
I wish we could spend time together outdoor, going for picnics somewhere far from noisy city deep in nature. It's very good for a family.
I look in my future with hope that I'll meet my second part a man very soon and I'll love and be loved and everything will change for better.
Would you tell me about your city? What interesting do you have there? Maybe you like something special in your city.




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