Letter(s) from Vera Kazakova to Bill (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, how are you? I'm Vera from RussianCupid. You left your email and I am writing to you.
You seemed interested so I wrote but I have not received a response. Perhaps you have forgotten me?
I'm not looking for casual relationships and am serious about meeting the right Gentleman.
I would like to send you more of my pictures.
If you are genuine then please reply! I would like to know you!
Hope to have some news!

Letter 2

Hello Michael, I'm happy for your response... Nice to meet you! Finally I have a time to write you now. Well let me tell you about me. Ok? I'm 31 years old, (October 13,1982)... next week I will be 32. I hope not too old? smile! I'm 1,70 cm and 56 kg. I never married, have no children and going quite good. For my age I'm very serious in mind and not interested in men of my age. In private life I'm searching for trust and harmony. I only desire to meet a man who is above all intelligent, honest, his heart is good and his honest mind to make a family with me. Anyway I'm not for games! I don't want to waste my time and I hope you are in the same path with me! I want to have my husband and my family happy. You also want this? I'm looking foreign man because I have not had luck with the men here. In Russia many men do not want a serious relationship and prefer to be alone. But I believe that all people are not equal, there must be somewhere in the world a gentleman who falls in love with me for who I am. I live in Russia in a small city. It's so beautiful here, especially in autumn. I live alone in my own apartment. I like traveling, doing sports and music, going out for diner, going to cinema or just walking in nature to relax. What about you, do you like hiking? I'm accountant in trading company. A nice job. What about you, do you like your? I have computer at home, so we can begin to communicate every day. I'm fluent in Russian and English. I do not have Skype, but I'll give you my phone number when I know you better. I send you my new photo taken this summer... hope you like it :) Now I will close. I should have time to cook chicken, otherwise I will stay hungry:)My friends say I'm a good cook :) Maybe in the future we can do the some tasty things together? Write me soon...I need to know every thing about you. Hope to hear from you tomorrow. I wish you an excellent day. Vera

Letter 3

hi, today is my 32 birthday. another year has come... i celebrate Me today! i organized small party at home. my friends and my parents came to congratulate me. next year we will be able to celebrate my birthday together? smile! i must go back to my guests. i will wait for your answer. kisses! Vera

Letter 4

Michael my new friend, hello! What a real pleasure to receive your letter. I hope that my mails are as interesting for you as yours are for me! Thank you for the congratulations! My birthday was nice ... was fun! My friends said that the cake was the most delicious, which they have tried in their lives. I put in one's best licks!!! smile! I was interested in your first few mails to hear about your likes and dislikes and feel I should share more about mine. I have never married. I am single for last 2 years. I may have told you my fiance cheated on me three weeks before the wedding. I found his in bed with our neighbour and they told me the affair had being going on all through the time we dated. This has really impacted on my ability to trust men so please understand if sometimes I am insecure. What do you like in a woman? What a woman can make you happy? Tell me about your last serious relationship. Why are they a failed? I think you should know, I am now corresponding with a few men that I hope may be compatible with me. But only time will tell. So I can only hope we will be able to keep our correspondence - but in any case, if you or me decide we are not right for each other, then let's promise that we will let each other know. OK? I am very serious about MARRIAGE and finding the RIGHT PARTNER! I hope you do not want to pursue dreams and want something for real. I wish you a very good day and I can't wait to here from you next letter with some pictures. I send you all my tender kisses. Vera

Letter 5

Michael hi... nice to hear from you. I had a very busy week. It is now Sunday's evening. Just wanted to let you know that I thinking of you. I am very happy that you do not want to pursue dreams and want something for real. It is important, that we are on the same side. Michael, I wanted to ask you about one thing, ok? If we continue to get to know each other and we will be convinced, what we are created for each other and decide to start a family, you will prefer to leave your country and come to live in Russia or you prefer that I had left my country and came in your place?
I hope it's going to be something between us. Vera

Letter 6

Michael hello !!! I'm so glad that we met and we can get to know each other. Is this something that you desire also? I'm glad that you understand that I'm a serious person. I promise you that I will open myself completely to you. As for our question, I'm not looking for a way to leave Russia. I have a stable comfortable life here, but I'm far from a millionaire (smile)! You may be financially and physically alright but may be lacking on the emotional side, in search of a your partner / husband who understand the meaning of Love as Trust and faith in each other rather than one who sees love as the only way of fun. Michael I'm ready to relocate to another country if I meet my one and only man from abroad. Of course if I'm with the right person no matter where it is i will find peace and enjoy being with my soulmate no matter what! But I repeat not once, I must be sure of this step. Well, I live in Cheboksary city, it is a nice area near the Volga river. I love to travel & do it every chance I get. I visited Greece and Munich once (as a tourist), but I dream to see Paris. Of course I have international passport. Michael, do you have a visa to visit Russia?
I am looking for a gentleman that will treat his woman as good as he wants to be treated.
Michael I can not wait to here from you .... No doubt you'll have questions in your head about me just like I have some about you. I think of you a lot and wonder how it would be if we end up together! As always, take care of yourself !!! Your / Vera

Letter 7

Michael hello! I'm very interested about how will be the day we see each other directly. Did you think already about it? Sure the emails are only the begin, but i think when we meet us in real it will be so exciting. I'm happy to write you... everytime I enjoy a lot. I would like to walk with you, make small weekend getaway, go to cinema, restaurant, visit various places! I think we'll take one step at a time and learn more about each other and not just rush into anything. But do not wait too long either because life goes very fast! After 30 years pass like crazy! I do not want to grow old on internet. Smile! I really do not mind cold weather, but prefer warm weather. Winter can be very pretty to see the snow and ice, but I'm always ready for it to end. I and my colleagues really enjoyed the ice hockey match. It was fun and exciting. We had a good time. Today, I jokingly said to my boss that the next time he will have to take care of tickets for football match. I love to make people smile. I'm very romantic woman. I like to be kissed and held tight. Michael what about you? I have not told anyone about you yet as I do not want people to be negative about this, too much the stereotype, internet dating is frowned on by some. I want to preserve this until I have full confidence something is going to come of this. Yesterday, I visited yoga class. Once a week I go to yoga center and it allows me to stay in shape. You will be surprised when you see how flexible my body. Smile! What do you do for fun Michael? I want you to tell me about your days, your evenings, your deepest desires and tell me how it would look to have a meeting with me. Please write soon back. Well my dear I best let you get back to your day... Take care, always thinking of you. Kisses and hugs! Sincerely your Vera

Letter 8

Michael my dear, as always I have carefully read your letter and I will try to respond to you as always, but I can not help but tell you that you do not ever answer my questions! Rightly! I do not know what to think, maybe my english are not perfect ! Maybe it's because you forget ! I'm not asking you anything, I'm not saying we need to see us immediately. Michael, I'm just asking you to listen to the voice of your heart and begin to know each other through the letters we write, we speak already of marriage and family and I appreciate this because I would like it too, but so many times as I've said before it seems that my letters do not even read !!! However, I wanted to answer you, but as I write these lines I did not feel like to do it !!! Vera

Letter 9

Michael my dear, I worry!!! I think my computer crashed. Today a few times when I tried to write to you, my computer come to switched off and my letter disappears. Michael please answer immediately if you received this letter. Ok? I'm worried!!! Vera

Letter 10

Michael my darling, hi! How is it going? Tell me all your news please! So glad are able to write again, I really did miss you honey! Of course I had worried with this computer and stay days without reading you is a nice stress. I did not know if I would hear from you again. Than like an angel from heaven your letter came to me. I think about you a lot Michael. Happy thoughts... how we would react to each other when we first meet. How we would hold hands and laugh. How you would make me smile. Why you have touched me if you do not really know me, not to mention not even met me as yet? Strange, but I feel good about you. Michael, receiving your letters makes me feel good, so good that at times I imagine you are my man and you are only in other country and that we will be together soon... I wish! smile! I'm sure, between two person must be a mixture of friendship, respect and esteem physical attraction. It also very important that there is a sharing of emotions, feelings, values and interests. I think it is also important the spiritual aspect, grow together in respect for God and try not to fall into the bad along with the temptations of life. One of the best medicines, couple of women and men think it's the dialogue, that is all said and explain more about what they like or do not like the attitude of the other. If there is no dialogue creates unnecessary tension and resentment in the long run bring people to die away. It clear that another important thing is physical attraction and make love, but this is really nice and it is only when we are at the basis of all the things I've written above. I think it's time to hear your voice on the phone. This weekend I will give you my phone number and we will have our first phone conversation. Sure it will be exciting!!! Michael are you happy? I think I will be right if we talk on the phone, before we start to discuss our first meeting face to face. Do you agree? As you see, I asked you about our meeting! I do not want to pass our life only to write each other! I have a couple of questions for you ok? I'm interested to learn more about what interests you dear! Especially if there is some particular thing you would like to do in future... maybe something you always wanted to do, but never got around to? Can not wait to hold you. Well I'm going to bed. So good night my dear Michael! Kisses! Vera

Letter 11

Michael my dear, hello! I hope you have a good day off and think of me! All i ask is please do not break my heart ... i have had some bad relationships and have been taken advantage of ... i just want someone that is real and is willing to accept all the love i have, i will give you my heart and soul unconditionally, please be gentle! I think, to find the right partner you must be the right partner yourself. Do you agree Michael? I'm so happy that our paths crossed and i can share with you my thoughts.
Here i give you my full details.
My home adress:
Cheboksary city,
Egerskiy bulvar, 46
apartment 53, (428031)
Name - Vera
Surname - Kazakova

Please give me your full details too (your full home adress, your full name and surname), before we go any further. Ok? Michael it is important for me !!!

I too am very pleased to think about start together real and concrete! I understand that you have some doubts to me because you still do not know me but i assure you that i have nothing to hide and no secrets. I think exchanging email only will not get you anywhere, right? I only desire to fall in love and give my all to the man who will make me fall in love. If you want to be, it will be forever. I'm writing to you because i feel that you are really interested in me and I'm of you. I just want to start a real knowledge. Is it possible Michael? I wish you a perfect day, i as always am thinking of you honey! A big hug, your Vera

Letter 12

Michael my dear, hello! I can not wait to see you! I do not know what is wrong, but I do not hear from you the last two days. In my last letter I gave you my full details. Michael, please give me your full name and surname and your full home adress, before we go any further. Ok? It is important for me !!! Vera