Scam letter(s) from Vera Kazakova to Andrew (Northern Ireland)

Letter 1
Andrew my dear, hello! I hope you have a good day off and think of me! All i ask is please do not break my heart ... i have had some bad relationships and have been taken advantage of ... i just want someone that is real and is willing to accept all the love i have, i will give you my heart and soul unconditionally, please be gentle! I think, to find the right partner you must be the right partner yourself. Do you agree Andrew? I'm so happy that our paths crossed and i can share with you my thoughts.
Here i give you my full details.
My home adress:
Cheboksary city,
Egerskiy bulvar, 46
apartment 53, (428031)
Name - Vera
Surname - Kazakova Please give me your full details too (your full home adress, your full name and surname), before we go any further. Ok? Andrew it is important for me !!! I too am very pleased to think about start together real and concrete! I understand that you have some doubts to me because you still do not know me but i assure you that i have nothing to hide and no secrets. I think exchanging email only will not get you anywhere, right? I only desire to fall in love and give my all to the man who will make me fall in love. If you want to be, it will be forever. I'm writing to you because i feel that you are really interested in me and I'm of you. I just want to start a real knowledge. Is it possible Andrew? I wish you a perfect day, i as always am thinking of you honey! A big hug, your Vera
Letter 2
Andrew my dear, hi! I hope you had a good day? I'm honest in my intentions. I want to have a reliable partner, happy family and stable future. I can not wait to see you! I'm glad that we do not try to be somebody different than we are! I'm sure, any person is interesting and in himself and it's not necessary to add qualities you do not have. Am I right? We exchanged our details and this was the next step in the development of trust between us. Do you agree? I start to think that you can be the person with whom I will feel comfortable. What about you? Andrew, what do you feel? All the time i have your image in my mind. So if you are willing to take care of me, I will do my best to make you happy. But only personal meeting may confirm that the choice was right, or destroy our conception. Andrew, what is the time difference between our countries? I promised to give you my phone and I will do it and we will be able to call each other. But I want to be sure of every my step absolutely and never regret of anything. I hope that you will respect my opinion, Andrew? I think we'll have to plan our first phone conversation on Saturday, when I'll be free from work. Do you agree? Today the 38 birthday of my friend and we are invited. Honey, your tuxedo are ready? Smile! Her name is Irina and she is my one and true friend ... we have been friends for over 20 years. My dear Andrew, you have a lot of friends? Now I go to prepare for birthday's party. I will write to you tomorrow. Ok? Kiss you! Vera.
PS. Andrew what you will never accept in your life partner?
Letter 3
Andrew my dearest, hello... night here but I decided to write you a few lines. I'm really tired, a lot of work. In december, I have a vacation and I should be able to complete all the work projects. My boss is a real tyrant! I hate him! smile! I recorded a voice message for you. Sweet dreams and good night Andrew! Vera
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