Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Voproskina to Ernst (Austria)

Letter 1
Hello Ernst, I 'm glad you took the time and wrote to me . If you write to me, so I'm really interested in you. And that's good. So we're not just wasting time. And get to know each other. And I 'd like to see our initial acquaintance, in the near future , turned into something more than just a letter. Do you understand?
That is why, after a few days I'll skype. And let me tell you my skype nickname. And we will be able to chat and skype, and through letters.
And after a while, I'll tell you my number . and we 'll call each other. Because dating without a voice, it is not a full-fledged friendship. Do not you think so ?
In this letter I want to tell you a little about myself . I hope you already knew with whom I live and what I want. In my previous letter , I did not tell you about my work. I work in an advertising agency . Named our agency «Gloriya Efekt». We are engaged in design holidays. Also we are engaged in design shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels . For example, you have a restaurant. And you're going to open his own restaurant tomorrow. And you do not know exactly what actions will be needed to attract people (visitors). You come to us, and we tell you all about it, and show. That's my job. I work 5 days a week . But if a lot of work , then I have to work seven days a week . Not very difficult, but sometimes I get tired much.
I live with my mother . Unfortunately I still cannot buy an apartment. But aspire to it. So in the near future, maybe I'll have my apartment. I would like that.
Together with my mother we as best friends . I talked a lot to my mom. And advice. Because near and dear people , never wish bad .
Unfortunately I one child in family. I do not have not brothers not sisters. If I had brothers and sisters my life would be absolutely another. My daddy has divorced from mum when I was still small. I do not know the reason. But I still love the father. And we often see each other. Only my daddy lives in other city. And consequently, we cannot see each other every day. Only 1 time in some months.
I have friends. Probably about 3 or 4. Previously, it was more. But we say , so that each is known in trouble . And when I had problems, my friends could not help me. More precisely, they just pretended not to know me. And so , now I know who is a true friend. Do you understand?
What else do I tell you? I think)) . I love sports . I love tennis. I like to run early in the morning . Through sport , my body looks like , as you can see in the pictures. Because I would not want my body was as an air ball. Since sport, prolongs life. Do you love sports?
I must finish writing this letter. because my letter again to get ******.
I hope that you will write to me as soon as possible. Because I already miss )
Letter 2
My love Ernst, I am glad to receive your letter. You cannot present yourself at all, how much I am glad. If you now saw me I had not to write this letter. You could see my eyes. You could see my smile. You could see, how much I am happy to see your letters. Each your word, it is in my heart. And now I have tears. These are tears of pleasure. Because I suffered earlier. To me 2 times have broken heart. I thought, that never I can love. I thought that I shall be never happy.
And I have met you. If not you, I do not know that would be with me. I do not know as though I lived. I do not know as me to thank the god that I have met you. Now I the happiest girl in this world. And I shall be even happier, if we at last shall be together. If our words at last will be in a reality.
I can stretch the hand and touch you. I can feel taste of your lips. To feel a smell of your body. And the most important, at last my loneliness will end. I so am tired to be one. Without the man. Without caress. Without love. I hope that this day, will be already fast. And we shall forget about letters. Also we shall speak with each other. To embrace each other. And to kiss.
My beloved Ernst, I shall return to your letter, and to your some questions. First of all thanks you that you can help to buy to me air tickets. It would be fine. But unfortunately, if you will buy to me air tickets. I cannot separately make documents. Because the travel agency does all documents in a complex. It means that all package of the tourist does travel agency. They will not do for me separately a part of documents. Only all package of the tourist. And if I shall do itself documents, through official bodies. That is required to me about 2,5 months. For this time my vacation will pass without you. And it will be the most awful. You understand? I shall go mad. Because every day lead without you, it is a nightmare. And I want that this nightmare has ended as soon as possible. And I hope that we shall be together. And we shall find the decision of our meeting.
Still you ask about money resources on the account, before departure Russia. You are right. There is such law. It refers to the customs control. I shall have the document from my work which will be confirmed that at me with the high salary. My boss has told to me, that will make such document. So I will not need to have money for the account. You understand? This document will be enough. Now I wish to return to the most important theme of our future. It is our meeting. I have two news. Good and not so.
I shall begin with a good theme. I was in bank. And the bank can give me the credit. But not all sum. They can give me only 400 eur. They cannot give me all sum, because at me the small official salary. And for this reason, to me cannot give all sum. To me sadly to understand it. I do not know that to me now to do. I went home with tears on eyes. Because our meeting in doubt. Because our words and will remain in letters. And my vacation will pass without you. And it will be the most awful. I would not like it. Now I do not have mood. To me sad and it is insulting. I went home, and all my ideas were only how to carry out our meeting. I have come home with tears on eyes. My mum has seen me. Also has asked that happens? Why I have tears. My mum knows that I wish to arrive to you. Also knows that I was going to go to bank.
As a result I have told to mum all details. I have told that bank do not give me all sum which is necessary. That I could arrive to Ernst. And I now do not know that to me to do.
We have sat down with mum to drink tea. And my mum tried to calm me. My mum has told to me that I did not worry. And perhaps, all will turn out.
My mum has told to me, that earlier if the man loves the girl. That all questions are solved together. Any questions. Financial, household, any questions and problems. I have told to mum that I do not wish to ask the help at Ernst. Because this not correct. It is not beautiful. I do not want that after you reproached me.
My mum has told to me, that in it there is nothing terrible. And if we love each other. That I can ask your help.
I do not know as me to ask you. Because I never whom did not ask about the help. I always achieved all. But now absolutely other situation.
My beloved Ernst, now I am compelled to ask from you the help. It is a shame to me to do it. I have tears now. But, I shall ask. Tell to me Ernst, you can add the sum at a rate of 920 eur?
If you can help me tell about it. And I shall not waste time simply so. Tomorrow I shall go to travel agency. I shall conclude the contract. Also I shall give that part of money which is at me. Also I learn as you to contact them. And you personally, will communicate with competent managers from travel agency. I shall not see at all your money. I shall wait only for your news, about when we shall be together. And all other questions, you will solve.
I hope that we shall be together. And between us there will be no money resources.
I love you. Also I shall wait for your answer.
I love you, and you know about it.
Letter 3
You are welcomed by Travel Agency "Motion-Tour"
We will make your stay memorable, and the preparation of documents much easier.
Good afternoon Mr. Ernst, we have carefully read your letter. And the answer to your questions.
First of all, inform your attention that Ms. Ksenya Voproskina has concluded contract with our travel agency, for the preparation of documents. To carry out the journey. We need to prepare the following documents: a tourist visa (valid for 30 working days), international passport, health insurance (this is a condition without which the Russian government does not let tourists travel in other countries), and tickets Roud-trip - Tyumen - Mosnow - Vienna, Austria - Vienna International (VIE.) The total cost of the trip, and our work, is 1320 eur.
Ms. Ksenya Voproskina also involved in the payment of travel and has already paid part of the sum of 400 eur. Ms. Ksenya Voproskina warned us that you Mr. Ernst ready to pay the remaining sum in the amount of 920 eur. Mr. Ernst you need to confirm this.
Mr. Ernst note on the payment option. We accept payment via bank transfer to our account. This option money transfer takes 3-5 working days. And is the safest.
Remittance is carried out in the name of our director of travel agency. Our director is the chief financial manager. And all financial transactions carried out strictly, personally!
Currency in which you need to make payment in EUR. Guarantee of our travel agency will be indicated in the contract. In case of non-traveling Ms. Ksenya Voproskina, we will pay you the entire amount you paid.
Therefore, if you are satisfied, please let us know. And we will begin to prepare you for the price list (stating the total price for each item purchased), the contract agreement between the parties, and the data for payment.
Mr. Ernst please do not forget to send me your address, index, phone number. All this information is necessary for the contract, which we will send to you.
We hope that answered all your questions.
Sincerely travel agency manager Angelina Gnomikova.
Letter 4

You are welcomed by Travel Agency "Motion-Tour"
We will make your stay memorable, and the preparation of documents much easier. Good evening Mr. Ernst we received your letter. In this letter, we will send you a price list (in which contains the total price for each item purchased), the contract agreement between the parties, and payment information.
Mr. Ernst note that the information about the payment specified in the contract, in a special paragraph. But just in case, we will duplicate through the letter.
See below: Beneficiarya€™s bank: Alfa-Bank Moscow
27 Kalanchevskaya Street, Moscow, 107078, Russia
BIC 044525593 or ALFARUMMXXX
Beneficiarya€™s Acc./40817978408290003788
Beneficiarya€™s Acc. name/Artur Konstantinov Mr. Ernst, you need to transfer money to the amount of 400 eur, no more no less. Remittance will carried out in the name of our director, our financial manager.
Mr. Ernst as pay attention, that it not IBAN transfer. In Russia there is no opportunity to accept remittances by means of IBAN.
It inside the European system of classification of banks.
For you necessary to carry out a remittance by means of SWIFT. We have informed you all data necessary for it!
We informed you, that bank transfer can borrow long time. You should be ready to it. Mr. Ernst
if you will send us a copy of the document confirming made payment. We can go to you on a meeting and begin preparation of documents not waiting receptions of means for our account. To not waste precious time!
At realization of payment it is necessary for you to specify in column Description of payment here such data: Material aid (RUY14HE27)
We hope that answered all your questions.
Sincerely travel agency manager Angelina Gnomikova.
Letter 5
My beloved Ernst, I ' m very happy to receive your letter. You can not even imagine how my spirits lifted when I see your letters. When I start to read your letter, my smile from ear to ear. And I already told you about it. And if you've seen me, I would not have to write this letter. I could just hold your hand and talk to you. So as not to waste time on writing. I could see your eyes that look at me. Might feel like your breathing becomes faster or slower. All I want is to be with you. To our last words were in reality.
My beloved Ernst, I shall return to your letter. And first of all your voice. You remember that we spoke yesterday? Or not? Simply you not words have not told about it.
I was the happiest girl in this world. After has heard your voice. I and now the happiest girl. Because I have you. And I shall be even happier when we shall meet. I so wait for it. You cannot present yourself at all as I am glad. There were 5 days. And our words will be in a reality. Our kisses will be in a reality. I can see you. I can touch you. I can feel heat of your heart at last.
And today when I was at a travel agency. I was sure that we would be together in the scheduled dates. I went to a travel agency with such a wonderful mood. But when I went back home, I did not have the mood. I walked tears. And I go and now tears. Because I'm scared. Now I fear for our meeting. Because our meeting now under threat. And I do not know what to do. I do not know how I can help our meeting be a reality. I'll tell you all about it. Just so you know. So that we can together solve the formal problem as soon as possible.
Because every day of my vacation is becoming less and less. And if my vacation will be without you, this would be the worst. I do not know how I can survive this nightmare. Because every day spent without you, it's a nightmare. And I hope that this nightmare will end as soon as possible.
I have come today to a travel agency to find out about the preparation of my documents. Because very soon, I should have all the documents on hand. And collect suitcases. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that my paper is almost done. There are not a little more, and I can already get all the documents in hand. And sit at home with a big smile on face, because our meeting will be the next day. But, I asked. Do I have the cash, which confirm my ability to pay, while in another country. In Russia, and indeed in any country is the law. Law on Customs control. In stating. As a citizen of the Russian Federation, which is going to cross the border of another state must have cash. These funds must be love in the account or real money in the hands or paper work, in which it is written about my income.
I had to take this document today from work. My boss told me that he would have no problem to give me this document. And then I would not have to have cash. Because this document confirms that I will be able to pay all costs. Because this document contains my salary. Certainly not an exact salary. So do specifically to not have a lot of money. Because a lot of money in the dangerous road.
As a result, today, when I came to work for documents, my boss could not give me this the document. Why? My boss said this week, come Tax, and will check all the documents will check all staff salaries. And my boss can not take risks, and write me this the document and deliver print. You can imagine that Yasier?
I was shocked. I was completely sure that my boss will give me this the document. And I can safely pass through customs. But now, I can not pass through customs. And the sum of which is necessary for me, for the entire duration of my arrival is 2000 EUR. This huge amount of money for me. I had that kind of money in the hands not holding. I ' m writing you this letter, and I am cry.
Because our meeting will be in 5 days. And now we have this formal problem. I can not decide without you. you know?
If you can help me? Then tell me about it. I do not need to spend money. The money will be safe. The money will be in my account a few days. Until that moment, until I come to you. And as soon as I come to you. Your money will again be yours. and we forget about all the problems. And we'll finally be happy together.
Now I do not I can not think of anything else. In my head thought. Just the thought of our meeting. And that my boss is a real *****. I did not expect from mine boss, such bases. I was sure that the boss made ?? it necessary for me to help. But my boss let me down. Let us down. Now our meeting is a big question. Until we find the money for a few days.
Tell me Ernst, what do we do? Is money stand in our way? And we can not be together. Our meeting in a few days. I have one foot with you, the second leg at home. I go to tears. I hurt and offended. Because I let us down. I summed up our meeting. What do I do now, I do not know.
This formal problem requires money. Money for a few days. Until I come to you. And if you can help me, then write now in a travel agency. So that they could answer you as soon as they see your letter. So that you can resolve this issue.
I really hope that we can overcome this formal problem. And be together, even though there is nothing!
I love you. Write me as soon as possible. I will wait for your answer, with tears in his eyes
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