Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Medvedeva to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
hi lucky man,don't want lost time,just look at my pic and if you wish continue i am very happy to meet with you
wish you a good day and take care about yourself,see you soon Yuliya..
Letter 2
Hello, thank you so much for your letter) Indeed i was so happy))) how is your mood? I hope it is as good as mine) So, let’s get acquainted. I am 28 and here in Ukraine it sounds like a verdict cause if you are not married in my age you are an old widow) But I don’t think like this as I am not ready to marry a guy who is not for me. As I haven’t met my man here I have decided to look it abroad. That is why I have registered in the net. My dear I live in the Ukraine, Lugansk. I live together with my mom and brother. My mom name is Tamara and my brother name is Dima (he is 9). We are very close and they are my wall) I love my family much.
Unfortunately our father is not with us already( It is a real tragedy. My dead passed away couple of years ago.
He had a serious illness with heart. I can't talk about it even now.
We have 2 more members of family – my cat Barsik and dog Bim. I love pets.
And what about you? Oh, my letter is already big, so, I think I have written everything I knew about myself)
So, now this is your turn to tell about yourself. Of course if you liked me and my characteristics.
Have a great day, Yuliya.
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