Romance scam letter(s) from Kristina Borosiva to S. H. (USA)
Letter 1
I think you are astonished to get my letter,I will try to expain,at first now I am in russia.I'm a refugee from the Ukraine.
I am an orphan and lost everything I had. There is a real war, and it is not clear who is to blame. All mixed up there. I managed to take only documents. Pick up my electronic archive with photos and addresses of friends.Now I live near ekaterinburg in small town .not any chances for me here. people gave me advice to try to meet right man who wants to meet nice lady.I am about 26,my friend found a few addresses in internet she is good user and know many sites and I just sent my mails with hope to be lucky enough to meet right man.I can write and read in english well enough.I know that I have not a lof of chances but I prefer to try.
and please forgive if I disturb you and I repeat just delete my mail if you don't want to meet me.I will not disturb you again.I will answer only if I see your reply with wish to meet me!
I am sending photos,they all from hometown . I want you to see how I look like!my name is Inna.and if you have the wish to meet me please send your photo and some info about you.and send your real name.
Letter 2
Hello, Thank you for email and your photo, you are very nice.I want to tell you some more things about me and my life! you know I am about 26 years old,I was born December 16, you should know I am looking just for a good man who can show me over there,who can help me first months I think it is hard enough to be alone in foreign country for young enough girl I hope my age is ok for you?I had so nice life before war.I worke in pansionate as animator (entertain children) everything was so nice and I thought I live so for many years but now you see what happened.
and if you like my photos I can send a few ones yet. you should know I`m a hardworking lady!I tried to work as model here a few years ago but it is dirty business I left it!
you see that maybe I'm too
naive but I still believe in miracles to come! I decided to find a friend and make his city to be my destination.I am about 165 cm tall and my weight is 50 kg. I hate to write too long letters and I prefer alive conversation and if we will meet you will be tired to listen all my stories.I am writing from her computer please if I didn't answer on your questions please forgive me,I think that now I have to say more about me I guess you should know who I am and understand I am for you or not. Inna
Letter 3
Hello dear .every time when i write letter to you I am so glad and it puts smile on my face.
I want to say a lot again. the thing is I have to know if you really want to invite me to visit you and I have to be sure you don't change your plans later i have nothing to lose I lost all I have had and if you really good and smart man I am ready to leave all here and just start new life with you . of couse i can't promise that we live all life together because sometimes people leave each other but I am not wind girl. I am not crazy with anything , I like quiet life. I rather to prefer to be at home than walk on the streets.I am a home girl.I have nothing here , only memories of the past. tomorrow I am going to visit travel agency and find out about flights.
Please let me know exact name of nearest airport. Well,I leave you for now. kiss Inna .
Letter 4

hey my dear I have been to agency and I have got some info . at first I have to have foreign passport to travel abroad.
now I have only temporarry one (I am waiting for russian passport because my old one is from ukraine) .
it takes about a few days to get foreign passport. second one I have to order my flight from here to you .
it is not great problem too.I just need to know if you can meet me in airport or give me exact address to find you there.
if you agree and ready to met me I will order passport and book flight if I do it in advance it costs more cheapper than buy it just before flight.
I Kiss you . your Inna and don't worry if I don't answer again,when we meet you know all about me and I have not great secrets,just usual girl with unusual fate.
Letter 5
it is monday here ,short work day due to weekeend. I have almost all the info to arrange my travel.
it will be wonderful trip and so nice meeting,I kiss you in airport, my dear if there is not letter from me tomorrow please don't worry. I have a few friends here and some people who did help me to survive here and I want to say goodbye. on Wendsday I promise I am here with all the news and all the info!!!!!!
love your only Inna
Letter 6
Hello dear,
it is me here again, I have all the info and I am in a hurry to share with you .I can't imagine we are together will not have any problems with me. there is no one to worry about me or look for me. I want to start new life from clean list. I have nothing,all I have is me....well, listen. I can arrange my flight from russia to you on 29 November. I have travel to moscow and from moscow to your airport. it is nearest possible flight . I need some days to get all documents . at first I want to ask if you are ready to meet me and it is right data for your schedule? please confirm. Second I need some money to arrange and pay for my know I have nothing I even don't have my own phone now. they tell it is very easy to send western union transfer and I get it in hour. I do hope you will be able to help me. I promise you never regret about it.
I am sending info for transfer -You know my rent address here is Russia, Neviansk, Prospek Mira 22 - 31. My full name is Inna (first name) Dvinskih (last name) and I can pick up transfer in Ekaterinburg it is about 70 km from here..I think that 700 usd will be enough I will be very modest but if you want to send some more you are welcom.!!!!
well, now i start to wait for your news and do hope to get good ones!!!!Kiss you ,your Inna
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