Scam letter(s) from Elena Alesandrovna Rogova to Morten (Norway)

Letter 1
Hi there! I am happy to receive your reply, it gives me an understanding that you have an interest in me too.
I'm sorry I did not answer the letter. I left my grandmother for the weekend and could not check the mail. What have you new? What are you doing these days?
I never got to know through the Internet. This is my first experience on the Internet. Do not even know where to begin our acquaintance.
I think you need to tell a little about yourself. My name is Elena. I'm 31. I'm lonely, and I have no children. I live in Russia, I hope this is not a problem for you? With the help of a dating site, I want to find a man for himself. I can not find the necessary man in Russia, which I could connect my life. In addition need our men do not want a serious relationship, they prefer to go for a walk and drink a lot. Obviously, there are many men here, but most of them have one goal - only ***. I need a serious relationship. I have no children and never been married, I think that at my age I seriously need to think about it. For my entire life I have never seen a man with whom I want to spend my whole life. So I decided to use the internet to find a man. I have no luck with men in Russia, and I do not want to go back to my heart was broken. I need an honest, loyal, caring man. The man, whom I will trust everything. I'm not looking for fun and games. You understand me do?
Please read my words and write a sincere answer. If we continue our acquaintance, then the next letter I will be posting more images. But first, tell me to my question. What are you looking for on the Internet? Just a game? Or a serious relationship?
I will wait for your reply.
Have a great day.
Sincerely your friend Elena!
Letter 2
Hi there! I am happy to receive the message. It's nice that you have an interest in me. I've never learned men through the Internet. This is my first experience in communicating online. I do not know where to begin our acquaintance. I think I need to tell you a little about myself. My name is Elena. I'm 31, I'm lonely, and I have no children. I live in Russia now. I hope it's not a problem for you? I can not find the right person in Russia, which I could connect my life. I had some relationships. But they did not succeed. I can not say that it was my fault. I came to the conclusion that our Russian men are not interested in a serious relationship. They are only interested in ***, alcohol and entertainment. For my entire life I have never seen a man with whom I want to spend my whole life. I believe that every woman is thinking about marriage and starting a family. This is her happiness. And I also want to be happy. I have a girlfriend, she used the Internet and found the man. Recently they played a wedding. Recently I called to her, and in her voice, I felt that she was happy. I'm very happy for her. Thus I realized that to find love on the internet is real. And so I decided to use a dating site.
I have no luck with men in Russia, and I do not want my heart again had a wound, it is very painful and long. I need an honest, loyal, caring person. The person I would trust everything and be able to fully open. I'm not looking for a man for fun and games. If we continue our acquaintance, then the next letter I will post more pictures. But first, tell me the answer to my question. What are you looking for on the Internet? Just a game? Or a serious relationship? If the goals are the same, so that we can continue our conversation.
I am awaiting a response.
Have a great day.
Sincerely your friend Elena!
Letter 3
Hello my friend Morten! I am very glad that you wrote to me again. Very pleased that you are interested in me. You are also very interesting for me.
I would like you to write me letters every day. You can write me letters every day? Obviously, if it's not too much trouble for you. Come on, now, just to communicate via e-mail. Now we can only assign a friendship, so let's not rush things. Time will tell what will lead us to our face in the future, it may just be a lot of love or friendship. I am very interested to know you. Try to write me more about yourself, so I can know about anything.
I'll tell you a little about myself. As I told you before, I live in Russia. I live with my mother. My city is called Elabuga. He is a member of the Republic of Tatarstan is one of the oldest settlements. My town is pretty small, and there live about 70,000 people. But I want to continue their lives elsewhere.
My height is 173 centimeters. My birthday is March 5, 1983.
A little about my work. I work as a cook Chinese food. Perhaps you ever heard of sushi or roll? I'm somewhat happy with my job, but unfortunately, I have no choice. In my city is very difficult to find decent and good job. However, I really like our friendly staff at work. I have several years of working in this job. Like your job? Tell me more about what you do. I want to know you as well as we can.
I have a college degree. First, I finished 11th grade at school. After school I went to university for free education and five years later I was qualified teacher. But I do not work in the profession. What is your education? At university, I studied English and now I can talk freely with him.
Incidentally, I do not smoke and drink rarely. I prefer to lead a healthy lifestyle, I can not afford a glass of wine or champagne during the holidays or in pleasant company of friends. What is your attitude to alcohol? Also, I've been watching her figure. I like to play tennis, swim, morning run. Recently I signed for a yoga class. Sports useful for body and soul. What do you think?
I can write about myself a lot and are ready to do it all day long. I think it's enough for today. Do not forget to answer all my questions! For me it is very important that you answer all my questions. I think it is very interesting, and I'm interested in you as a man. I hope that I can write to you every day.
At this point I will end my letter. I look forward to your pictures and your writing! I send you a picture from my workplace. More photos from my recent vacation. Now I look like a blonde, but it is not the natural color of my hair. How can I better be a brunette or a blonde? I hope you like it.
Look Morten.
Letter 4

Hello Morten !!!
To see the letter on my face broke into a smile. I want to tell you that my heart began to beat faster when I read your letter to me.
How have you spent your weekend? I was in the village with my grandmother and we were engaged in harvesting. Unfortunately I could not write a letter to you, because I do not have Internet access.
I am pleased that we can continue our conversation. You are very interesting to me, and I will learn a lot about you.
I would like to have a loved one nearby, a sense of caring and continuous support in difficult times, there is something to strive for each person in my life and I do too. I was close to happiness in the past, but my confidence broke my heart.
In the world there are so many of malice and deception that we should be very careful about the people that surround you. I have not told you that should be treated with a pinch of salt to each, just need to know a man so to be absolutely sure of it. I know you did not last long, but I can tell that you are very honest and open, and it is very appealing to me and gives me hope that I can be with you.
My mother taught me that I should always be open. I told her that our relationship develops successful, and she is happy for us. She dreams that I was finally happy and love was fair.
We are far apart. But this does not prevent our community. Although I thought that communication over the Internet is not quite enough to understand each other more. What do you think about this? I'd like to see you. But I do not know if it is possible, because we are very far apart.
I was going to leave his country. Frankly I kind of life is not happy.
I work as a chef, but I think I'm worth more. Earlier, I dreamed of working in a large company, or even create your own small business. What abroad. I've heard that many Russian girls from the provinces find your true love in another country. I do not know how to explain this phenomenon. I believe that Western men treat women differently.
I like you, and I think our relationship can be deepened. I do not know how to explain it with words. I just feel it. The letter raises my spirits. I feel joy in my soul.
I'm waiting for the answer.
I hope you will write to me soon.
Kiss for you Morten.
Your friend Elena!
Letter 5
Hello my tiger !!! I'm so glad to see your letter !!!
Each time I read your letter, my mood lifted!
Dear Morten, I will call you soon. When it will be convenient for you? Maybe tomorrow? I understand that you are poor in English. But for me, happiness is just to hear your voice. I do not understand Norwegian. But I hope I speak a little English.
Morten, I am very happy that you want to meet me, and I also thought a lot about it, but I was embarrassed to tell you directly.
I imagine our meeting, as you meet me at the airport, as we spend time together and go together to beautiful places. How should I take you with their dishes, for me it will be a lot of fun! It's so cool! I also really want to make this dream become a reality!
Morten, I will soon leave, and it would be great to meet you at this time. While I do not know when I'll go, but today I want to ask the boss, and he will tell me exactly when to start my vacation.
I think this is a great opportunity to meet with each other. We are separated by thousands of kilometers. However, I'm ready to cover this distance for you. I am ready to come to you. Do you remember what I told you in our correspondence?
I'm not interested in virtual relationships. I need a relationship in real life!
Now I have a very good mood, I was overwhelmed with joyful thoughts in my head.
After work, at dinner, I will share with my mother's good news that you and I may soon face Morten. I'm sure my mother will be very happy for me!
To me yesterday came to visit a friend, and I asked her to shoot me. Instead of a tiger, I thought of you, my dear Morten.
I wish you a good evening, a pleasant stay after work.
I am awaiting a response. Kiss.
Your Elena.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Morten. Sorry for not having answered your letter. This weekend I went to his grandmother in the village. Together with my mother we helped my grandmother in the house. I have not had a chance to check e-mail, there was no internet. Just today, when I arrived at work, I can not read your letter, and send a reply. How have you spent your weekend? I hope that all is well. I am pleased that we can continue our conversation. I am very happy to read your letter again. With every letter myself more attracted to you. My time is also faster when I think of you. I do not feel the distance between us, I realize that we are far apart, but I feel that our hearts flying together. So I think we would be better to meet. We can write letters to each other forever, but he can not know each other well. I'm attracted to you, and I want to meet with you. Today I have a very good day. Outdoor overcast today, have come in the fall, it rains often. I often see out the window and thinking about you, how we should go together. I want to take you by the hand, I have much to tell you. And I am very glad that there comes a time when I can love from a pure heart and be loved. I believe you and trust every word. I am ready to visit you to spend with you, my vacation. I spoke with the manager on the job, and he told me that no problem will give me leave. I can take a vacation, and I really want to spend the beautiful moments of my life with you. Before we agree on the exact date of our meeting, I need to learn all the details of my journey and how long it takes my registration documents. I need to think about what I need to register my documents as visa and passport to come to you. Tomorrow I will go to the travel agency and find out about all the details about my trip to you. What documents do I need to travel to you and how much it will enjoy tea my trip. I hope for your support, which I have never been abroad, and for me it is a very serious and exciting step in my life. Tell me the name of the nearest airport, which I need to fly, I would ask if the ticket at a travel agency. I can already imagine this moment of our meeting at the airport, I will be very excited when I see you. But in my heart I will be in seventh heaven! I really want to hear your voice and negotiate with you. Unfortunately I did not get to call you, very busy at work. I believe that tomorrow is closer tonight I will call you. I will be very glad to hear your voice. I come with no patience to wait for the letter. I will miss you. Kiss. Your Elena.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Morten. I arrived at work today with a good mood. On the street again cloudy. Letter to bring joy to me. I like your picture, and I'm very glad that computer screensaver is worth my photo with my girlfriend. After reading your letter, I did not waste time and went to a travel agency, which is close to my work. I was very happy that after a long time of correspondence on the internet, we decided to meet. I just went and thought about it, that maybe soon we will be together.
Morten, I do not know where to start. I promised you that I would come and that all our dreams will come true. Yes, I want to be with you, and I want to make all our dreams. But how to do it now. I'm sorry, I do not know.
I learned everything about my possible trip to you, and what documents do I need to get to you. Very upset now. I had no idea that you can ride to cost so much money. I feel at this moment helpless.
For a trip to Norway, I must have: passport, visa, insurance, tickets to both parties to the Airport "Gardermoen airport" and even other documents. I must pay 37,000 rubles, which is about 740 Euro. This is the total price of my trip, this amount includes all. Individually, document and tickets each is not expensive. But when everything goes in total, it is a large sum. Of course, I assumed that the trip will be expensive. But when I found out how much expensive! I was shocked. On the other hand there is some good news. Registration of all documents is not a problem, I'll just have to pay the full amount in a travel agency, and after some time for me to perform all documents, and I can come to you. Unfortunately, I have no money for this trip. I would be very grateful to you if you help me with this. I do not want, and I'm ashamed to ask for help. If my cost would be so dear, I understand everything. In fact, sometimes we have largely deny yourself. Dear, I do not want to give up my feelings. I want to be near you. I am ready to come to you. But I do not know how you do it. I Average salary for our city is 18,000 rubles. Moreover, I must pay for rent and other bills. I left money on room only. Perhaps, now that you know that I am not able to pay for this trip. I thought I could come to you on their own. But I was wrong. If my expenses for you will also be expensive, I understand clearly. In any case we will remain good friends. I will never forget you.
I do not want to lose the chance for us to meet. I really want to spend a great time together ... Today I will call you. I really want to hear your voice.
Write me everything you think about it. It is very important for human words. Waiting for a letter from you. Your Elena.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Morten. I am very glad to see your letter. Today I feel better. Dear Morten, I can give you my phone number, but you can not reach me. My data plan on your phone is made only for calls to Russia. I can call you only actual trip for international calls from a payphone from a payphone.
Dear Morten, I am very sad that you can not help me now. Please read my letter. I understand that you have now is not possible to fully pay for the trip. Understand my situation. My vacation starts from October 10 and ends October 10th. I can not change or move my holiday on the other numbers. We have a schedule for the work. I have not told you this before, because she just found out about it yesterday, that my holiday has already been recorded in the chart. Do you understand? I can meet you only during this period. That's why I was so excited and rush you, you may soon find the money. Until October 10, I need to arrange travel documents (visa and passport) to spend with you my full vacation. But I can not pay the full amount. I can not begin without your help. Execution of documents takes about a week. And today, October 2nd !!! Dear Morten, we are left with very little time. So we need to do something about it right now. I understand that writing is difficult. I also pay for an apartment in the accounts. But we need it. Our wish is the same with you. And we need to look for money. I will also try to find money. Dear Morten, I think it would be fair, if we divide the total amount of money in two. Will I be able to pay ? 350 in the near future. When can you send me the remaining ? 350? How much time do you need to find this amount? Dear Morten, every day we have less time to spend more time together. The sooner we will be able to find all the money, the more time I can spend with you. Do you understand? If we want to meet, it is necessary to solve this problem with money, or we will not have time to do the paperwork for the trip.
I hope that soon we will be able to solve this problem. I am posting some of the photos. I'll wait for your letter. Wholeness. Your Elena.
Letter 9
Hello my dear Morten. I am very glad to see your letter. How's the weather with you? We have tonight it was snowing. When I woke up and looked out the window, I could not believe my eyes. On the street there was snow everywhere! This is fantastic! But temperature also cost on the black, so now the street is very humid. To be honest, the weather is nasty. How are you?
Today is Thursday. And as I promised, I will send you my bank account details. I'll post all the information that I had from the bank. Money must be converted to euro vlyute.
Receiver / Rights: Rogova Elena Aleksandrovna;
Location: Russia, Elabuga, Kazanskaya 13, apartment 34.
Payee / Recipient Acc ?: 40817978407740001859 (EUR);
Beneficiary Bank / beneficiary's bank Alfa-Bank, Kalanchevskaya 27, Moscow, Russia;
Correspondent Banking / correspondent bank: Commerzbank AG, D-60261 Frankfurt am Main, Germany;
Account / Account: 400886894501EUR;
Now you have all my data, and you can safely go to the bank. I hope you all get to do in the near future. Dear Morten, I also have a request. When you make the transfer of money, so ask the employee to make a copy of the form with the management of money. And send me a copy of this to my email box. I need to see the paper to make sure that all data is written correctly. Try to write down all my data properly. If you make a mistake, the money will not come to me. I hope that everything will be fine.
I look forward to this moment when we can be together. I so much miss you every day and think ... You're always on my mind and I can not let go of these thoughts from themselves.
You took me a strange feeling that I had never felt before, and I can not describe them, I can only say that it is all fear, pain, joy, emptiness.
And today I had you. And I do not even want to wake up, I had a dream where you and I are together, which you gave me flowers, you kissed, loved me. It was the most beautiful dream of my life. I can not live without you, I can not live without you. You are my dearest person in the world, I am very much cherish you, cherish our relationship. I think I am the happiest man in the world, because you are at home with me, you are my one and only mine. So I thank happiness star that I met you in my life. Let the beginning of our relationship difficulties between us a great distance, but we can overcome this distance and stay together. Soon I'll start doing paperwork. Then buy a ticket. Soon I will sit on a plane and fly to you. Oh, how happy I am.
Have a great day. I get very bored. Your Elena.
Letter 10
Hello my dear Morten. I recently returned from migration service and I have news for you.
I went to the office of chief of migration service and explained to him the whole situation. He understood surely me. But he said to me, those papers you sent me are forms of "invitations". So I could go to you on an "invitation" and not to show money, that I would be "guest" visa. And when I asked what you need to remake visa from the "tourist" to "guest". Then he told me that the design of a "guest" visa is very different from the design of tourism. Firstly, the design of the "guest" visas a month, sometimes less, sometimes more. Secondly the cost of registering a "guest" visa is ? 600 !!! But for me they could renew their visas, that I must go to the city and everything is done. In Moscow, I no can remake it. And this is left to spend on a train ticket from Moscow to Elabuga. I do not know what I should do. I tried to find a solution to this problem. I have a lot to talk to someone in migration service, but all say the same. We only have two solutions to this problem. Whether I go back to my city, and I will do all my documents again. It will take ? 600, plus the cost of a train ticket to my city. Or the other option. We will not change anything and leave everything as is. But then, so I could fly to you I need to have ? 1200. Morten, Cute, now you can see that it is better for us just to find this amount ? 1200. I just need to show money, so I will put a stamp in my documents and I can come to you. For us it is the best option. I do not know what I should do. Dear Morten, we must find the money. Please try a place to find them. Maybe ask friends part, another part, ask your friends, and take the third part of the loan? Cute Morten, I understand that you do not have so much money. But another solution to our problem is not. Try to do something. I love you and want to be with you, but in this situation I am completely powerless. Today I was in the bank and wanted to take the credit. But I refused. So I went to another bank, and I also refused. Refused to credit me explain that I am not on a residence permit in a foreign city.
I do not know what I should do. I want to cry. But the tears will not help. I very much hope for you. Please try to find the money. Then I can come to you and give you all your money back. I need the money just for a few days. Do not you have ideas where to get ? 1200 for one or two days? Cute Morten, I will come and everything will be back !!!
I love you, and I am very hard without you. I will wait for your reply. Your Elena.
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