Scam letter(s) from Alena Rivera to Mark (Australia)

Letter 1
Dear Mr,
Thank for your correspondence with us .
Well, i think i am beginning to think that every effort i have made is just a waste with the way things are going and i feel so bad about it . I have also given you the contact phone number of the lawyer and i think you should contact him directly as i am also angry with the way things are going . I know i have told you so many times that things will be alright but one problems keeps on coming which its not my fault because i have never done on gold business before which i dont know a lot is required to have this done .
I understand you have spent so much money on this issue and that is why we must get to bottom of this so you can be able to pay your loan back and everyone of us will have our peace. I know very well that you dont have alot of funds right now but i think having to look for where to get it very important at this point in time because all i want is for us to get to bottom of this and also you can also be able to pay all your borrowed funds. Yours sincerely, Wong Lee
Letter 2
Dear Mr,
Thank you for your correspondence with us.
Well, i understand very well that you have spent so much on this issue and its pains me that things are the way it is but i think you should also know that i have spent my effort and transport on this issue too and i have always wish that everything settles soon so we can have our peace .
Well, its true that the lawyer are suppose to represent us in this matter which he has been on help but the Chinese lawyers are always following what the laws says because this is china and its a communist country and very different from the way your law is done there and things must be done in the proper why which the Government wants it .
Well,i think i have given you the contact phone number of the lawyer the other time and if you like then you can contact him directly because i think i have also done my best on the issue and i am not happy with the way you are taking this issue . I will just hope that every of your spending shouldn't be at waste this time before of $16,500 dollars that is the last thing you need to provide so we can acquire those 2 left document and the funds will be transfer into your account . Well, i know you don't have it right now but i will suggest that its better to look for it so we can proceed in selling the gold bar and then you can have every funds in your account and have the right to pay whosoever you have borrowed funds from . Yours Sincerely, Wong Lee
Letter 3
Dear Mr,
I want to inform you that i have made the transfer to the lawyer some days back and he promise that the buyer will make the payment by Tuesday or Wednesday this week.
I will also advise that you should try and make the balance payment available in order for him not to delay the selling of the gold .
Yours Sincerely,
Wong Lee
Letter 4

Dear Mr,
Thank you for correspondence with us.
I have been on phone with the lawyer and also with the immigration in charge of your friends visa extensions and i have tried to inform them as you wish but they told me that there is a condition now for your friend because the buyer already reported that your friend does not have all the necessary document left which is very important that she gets it before she will be arrested again because its now a condition that she needs to have it because the buyer told the immigration/custom that we fooled him .
Well, talking about all that right now , i think we don't have choice anymore than to quickly obtain the document on time so we can be able to be free from the buyers problems . Well, i have also told my wife about this which she has agreed to loan me some amount but very far from what its needed .The lawyer also told me that he has been to the custom office today and they are going to release 2 document for him and he will provide those document to me tomorrow . Sir , i know you have spent so much on this and that is why i wish for us to get to bottom of this so we can all have our peace . Please i know the best way to resolve this issue is to get those document and be able to sale it once and for all so you can be able to pay your debt . Yours Sincerely, Wong Lee
Letter 5
Dear Mr,
Thank you for correspondence with us .
I have got a call from the Lawyer that he has given all the document back to the Custom/Immigration because the buyer reported that we have not finish purchasing the document from the gold coin company which he has told us and we must get the document before everything will be given back to us. I have also explained this to your friend when she called this morning that the travelers checks and every other money she has will be given back to her as soon as those 2 document are proclaim. I understand you are very angry right now but i will advise you to calm down because its not even my fault and i must tell you that i have exhausted my time energy and effort on this either and i just hope to come to bottom of this which i know we will by purchasing this 2 document demanded . I shall look forward for your call or email. Here is also the land-line phone number you have requested . 0086 755 3294 9647 Yours Sincerely, Wong Lee
Letter 6
Dear Mr, Thank you for correspondence with us . I want to inform you that i am very much comfortable with the idea of bank wire transfer because it will be more convience when transfer huge amount of funds . Below is the details of our secretary details of bank wire Transfer : BANK NAME.........POSTAL SAVINGS BANK OF CHINA .....BENEFICIARY NAME........... ISSAKA MOUSSA .....BENEFICIARY ACCOUNT NO............ 44040000149359 .....SWIFT CODE..............PSBCCNBJ .....BANK ADDRESS ...........15B BUILDING LIUO GARDEN FLOOR 9
BLOCK6 SHENZHEN CITY, CHINA. .....COUNTRY CODE CODE.....................518000 I also want to inform you that your friend will be traveling with all the document as soon as we have confirm all the document from the custom and taxation office . I will be looking forward to getting the tax paid next week so we can all have our peace . Yours Sincerely, Wong Lee
Letter 7
Hello dear, hope you are doing fine, since you sent me text message earlier, i am so excited to finish my work and check it, and as i am reading it, i am so happy seeing all of what you have wrote in here.. I am really so glad that we are seeking for the same thing and i am sure given the chance to be together, we can still find things that can help us better understand each other and we can still help each other to become a better person..

Dear, i have understand your point that it is hard to get there dear but luckily, i have talked to my friend who her sister also traveled to australia some months ago and she said that it is easy for Filipinos to get visa coming from china because of good relations of china to most of countries in the world, she has also given to me dear the details of the travel company that her sister used in getting her Australian visa, she also informed me that it is best for us if you are the one who will send email to travel company informing them that you are inviting me over and what it takes for me to have the visa, she also informed me to please include your closest airport when making inquiry..

I understand dear we have not known each other for long but the chance we have to be together will allow us to explore beyond the limits of knowing each other.. All day, all i am just thinking is about you, about us.. Hoping that doors will open for us to be together..

I also attached here some of my photos so you would better remember how i look like for now but i am hoping that we will see each other soon tru each others eyes..

Dear, here are the travel company's information , please check it in your free time..
phone: +86 132 4988 0828
landline : +86 755 3294 9647 I wish to hear soon from you dear...

Hugs and kisses.
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