Scam Letter(s) from Lasandra May to Stephen (USA)

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Letter 1

How was your night and what are u doing today? What size is your cock? I'm Lasandra, would like to talk more sometimes.

Letter 2

Hi Stephen, how was your day? Sorry am just responding to your message, I was busy alittle and I don't check this site often. You sound so romantic, interesting and inviting. Oh yes if we keep communicating to know ourselves we could make arrangement to meet in person. I'm impressed with the size of your cock and would like to feel it someday. Hope you know how to make use of that thick fat cock, there is no point in having a big cock and the man don't know how use it. I will want u to email me or look me up on facebook, I'm also on kik darling. I look forward to hear from you soon,

Letter 3

Darling, how was your day? Sorry i don't use yahoo messenger much, you can add me on kik and my name on facebook is Lasandra May. I want to chat to know all your desire. What's your name on facebook, yes i live in vermont but presently now in barcelona spain, I will return home soon. What do u think about the distance between us? Oh you give woman orgasm first,thats lovely. Can't wait to see us spend good time together. I want to see u make me squirt and am going to deep throat you. What is your positions when having sex? What are you doing today. Hope to hear from you soon,



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