Scam letter(s) from Olga Ulitina to Dale (South Africa)

Letter 1
How are you?
I live in Russia in a beautiful city Saint Petersburg.
My age is 28 years and my height and weight are 5'7" and 124lb.
How are you?
I want to get acquainted with a single man for serious relations. If you are not married Id continue our communication with pleasure.
I am sending you my photos in this mail with hope that youll like my appearance.
I am expecting to receive your reply soon with your photos attached. I am very interested in acquaintance with you.
Have a nice day! P.S. I need a man from 32 years old. Sorry but if you are younger dont waist our time I will not reply.
How old are you?
Where do you live?
Letter 2
so sorry for long reply, do you remember me?
I had lost my password and cant recover it please write --
Letter 3
do you receive my letters?? --
Letter 4

please reply me. I will tell more about myself.. --
Letter 5
I am single and I've made a decision to get acquainted with a good man abroad for serious relationship.
I went to a well-known Dating agency at my town.
There I described them a kind of man who I wanted to meet and paid for their services.
They showed me many different men's profiles according to my request.
I was given your e-mail and they suggested me to write you direct at the e-mail.
Actually I don't know where they've got your e-mail from.
I can only guess that they have some special agreements or contacts with Dating Sites.
In fact it is not very important for me where they've got your e-mail from!
It is wonderful that we can start our acquaintance right now without any agent.
If you are interesting in acquaintance with me, please write me back at my e-mail!
Have a nice day --
Letter 6
what are you doing this weekend? --
Letter 7
I've recently written you an e-mail, do you remember?
You can send me your answers to this mail-address.
Of course you have a lot of questions to me and I know this.
I want to start my letter from describing myself.
I am Olga. I am 28 years old. I am single and have never been married.
I don't have children. You can see my figure and appearance at my picture; my sizes are 5.5(170cm) height and 110(51kg) weight.
I am very sensitive and tender. I am sure that moral and spiritual things are more important than material ones in people's life.
I want to find a man with the same attitude to life.
I want to fall in love with a man and to spend free time together. I like to spend free time both indoors and outdoors. I like picnics, swimming and playing outside.
I want to meet a man for serious relations, a man who I'll love and he'll love me and who will be my soul-mate.
Of course I have a job. I am a shop-assistant in a women's clothes boutique and I like to work with my clients.
Oh, yes! I live in Saints-Petersburg. They say it's a second capital of Russia (my country).
My country is good but not good for me. I don't feel stability and protectability here.
That is why I have decided to open a student-visa toyour country and leave Russia.
I have been thinking about it for a long time it is well weighted decision.
I understand that it will not be easy to start new life abroad. But I am notafraid of any work and responsibility.
I feel the power inside me that I'll make everything with success. The most important thing for me that in your country I'll be protected and I'll have opportunity to develop.
Once I tried to live abroad in Australia some years ago. So I already have experience in finding work abroad and this time it will be even easier for me.
I know that I need someone who could support me and who I can rely on.
Unfortunately people are too busy now with their work and they are starting to forget about most important things such as family and love.
When I lived in Australia I had relations there with a man but everything finished at once when my visa was not valid any more.
It was hard for me for sure but I am okay now and ready for new relationship.
As I've said I am very emotional girl and I want to find a man and to love him with all my heart and soul.
Actually when I tried to correspond with foreigners they usually had strange reaction when they found out that I'm Russian.
It is very unpleasant that they think Russian girls could be cheaters.
I hope that my country of living will not scare you. I want to assure you that I am a usual girl who is looking for her love and not money.
It would be very pleasant for me to get your answer. I hope that soon we could meet one another. Now I am writing to you from internet-cafe.
I am going to come here three times a week and write letters to you.
I hope you've got enough information about me for now and I am expecting for you kind reply!
Best regards! --
Letter 8
I really was very glad to receive your answer it is very nice!
You know, my name is Olga but my friends have given me a pleasant nickname
"Solnce", it is translated as "Sun" into English. If you like you can call me "Solnce" too.
I want to continue the story about my life in Russia.
I live alone in a rented apartment and as a rent is very high I can afford only small room with a tiny kitchen.
But nevertheless I usually try to make comfort in my surroundings. I don't have phone at the apartment.
I have a cell phone and its number is +7-917-408-3471 unfortunately I can't call abroad but if you want you can send me small text messages.
I left my parents' home when I was 19. I went to live to different city.
Of course it is not easy for a 19-year-old girl but my relations with parents are not good for pity.
We don't see each other very often. I usually come to visit and help to my parents when I am asked.
And at the time when I have reached 28 years I understand that I need more stability.
I want to have my own family and to love my only husband. It is normal desire every average person wants the same.
I don't want to be alone anymore.
But I can't believe to men in my country and to be disappointed with them.
I believe you are a good and nice man and I don't understand why don't you have a couple yet?! Why don't you have love in your life?
You are very attractive man.
I've told you in previous letter that I'll open student visa to your country and it's a good opportunity for us to meet one another if we'd like it.
I don't want to continue living in Russia, life is not fair here. The president Putin says about democracy but it doesn't work in reality.
Everything has stayed like in previous Soviet Union times.
Other countries in the world are developing very quickly and efficiently and I want to have the chance to develop myself in a foreign country.
My country is in the constant crisis and problems and I don't see any way out. When I lived in Australia I saw another life - stable and prosperous!
I spent 1,2 years in Australia before my visa finished in 2003 and had to go back to Russia. I liked my work there as a children's nurse.
I worked in a very pleasant family who tried to help me with my problems.
As it was my first experience of living abroad and English communication with foreigners they always were very patient and helpful to me.
In Australia I have improved my English both **** and written and I have no problems now with communicating to you.
I've told you that I have a sad love story in Australia and actually I don't want to think about it anymore as it's already in the past.
You could be interested in my hobbies I think. I am going to tell you about it in my next letter as I have no time now.
My time limit is finishing now as I am writing to you from internet-cafe.
I have to use internet-cafe to write to you because I don't have my own PC at home as many people in Russia.
Have a nice day! P.S.
I will write to you three times a week.
Tell me more about yourself I am very interested.
I'll send you my photos in every letter I hope you'll like it ))) via
Letter 9
I still haven’t got an answer from you for a long time. I hope you are fine! Do you like me?
It would be very nice from your side if you let me know why you keep silence.
Letter 10
I have enough time today to write you about myself.
Your letter is so good and I want to find out more about you and to share with you my life and my hobbies. It would be great if you know me better.
Concerning my hobbies: my favorite one is cooking! I have to start cooking for myself very early.
When I cook something I can forget about my life worries and to get pleasure from cooking my favorite dishes.
I can cook whatever: soup, main courses, meat and fish and I can bake cakes.
I can cook many dishes and I often try to cook something new and to experiment with dishes.
From time to time when I am invited with my friends to cafes I always try there new dishes and for feeling new taste.
But for pity I can't afford cafe to myself and it happens very seldom.
Do you have your favorite dish? What is it, could you tell me?
My favorite games are bowling or billiard. What about you?
I like black and red colors? What colors do you like?
I like to watch TV programs about animals and nature as I like animals a lot.
For now I don't have any pet at home.
When I have time at my days-off I like to watch movies - comedies or melodramas. What is your favorite movie?
I like to cook something for my friends and to invite them to movies on the weekend. I like such way of spending time.
As we have cold winters in Russian I like to spend cold evenings under a blanket with a cup of tea or coffee.
I lead a healthy life-style, I don't smoke and don't drink. Only on holidays I can afford to myself some red wine or ****.
The last book which I have read is "Loneliness in the internet" written by Vishnevskiy.
I like this book a lot and it seems to me very real. I like to read books both modern and classical Russian and foreign literature.
Of course I like sports. I go to swimming-pool and fitness several times a week. I keep my figure in good shape.
Music is always present in my life, when I am busy with something I like to listen to a good music such as ballads or sometimes something fast.
I like to listen to Lara Fabian and Darren Hayes.
When it is warm outside I like to ride a bike. But for pity I don't have any and I take it for rent from time to time.
Now it's your turn to tell me about your hobbies. What do you like to do in your spare time?
I'll find out more about your hobbies with pleasure.
I have one question to you. If it is not difficult for you could you tell me the nearest colleges or Universities to your place of living?
It would be great if I could enter one of these institutions and we have enough time to meet one another.
I already start the procedure of getting visa and I hope to get in next month. I have made a lot of documents for a trip already.
I like to study not far from you and to have the possibility to see one another . I want to connect my education with medicine or bookkeeping.
I like these professions but they are not the only ones which I want to study.
Now I am going to finish my letter and to tell you that I am waiting for your reply with impatience!
Letter 11
do you have any special plans for weekend?
do you like this pic for you?
Letter 12
It is clear that you want to chat with me on-line I want it very much too.
But unfortunately we could do it if only I had my own PC at home (but I don't have for pity).
As I am writing to you from Internet cafe where time is very restricted I can't talk to you on-line.
I will continue writing you my letters and I'll send you my photo in every e-mail.
I'll write you my post address in case you'd like to send me a paper-letter or a card for holiday.
This is the address of my rented apartment: Name of the street - Institutskaya 19
Number of the apartment - 211
City - St Petersburg,
Region (state) - St Petersburg,
Zip code - 194021,
Country - Russia,
Cell: +7-917-408-3471 I still have serious desire to start my study at your country. I've done a lot of for this already,
I've made many documents and I hope I can come to your country in a month.
I'd like to find the University or a college close to your place of living that we'll have possibility to meet without problems.
In my previous letter I asked you to give me the names of institutions close to you, do you remember? I am planning to live in dormitory or a campus.
Is it okay for you that I'll study not far from you?
I want to get more pictures of you, please send to me some of them.
Today when I finish writing my e-mail to you I am going for a walk.
It's the best way of spending time and it is very good for health.
After my long walk I'll find a nice cafe and warm myself with a hot cup of coffee.
I don't have a car as it is very expensive and luxurious thing for me.
I have no need in car and I don't even have a driver license.
I prefer walking to driving. Of course it is not very pleasant to walk alone it is always merrier to walk with friend.
All of my friends have their families and they don't have much time to spend with me.
You know that I like movies and I like to watch them in a cinema.
And here is the same situation as with walking.
To watch movie alone is not interesting and comfortable but my friends are married and I can't bother them.
We can meet only when they have free time for me.
Of course husbands and children are the most important people for my friends I know it. But it makes me feel so lonely…
I like my city. It is very beautiful and has a lot of sights-seeing both historical and modern.
I like walking along bright streets especially in spring and summer when everything blossoms and there are a lot of trees and flowers around.
We have many parks and squares in here.
My religion is Christian. But I don't go to a church very often as I believe in God mostly in my heart.
I want to find a man who would become my soul-mate.
I wish we could spend time together outdoor, going for picnics somewhere far from noisy city deep in nature. It's very good for a family.
I look in my future with hope that I'll meet my second part a man very soon and I'll love and be loved and everything will change for better.
Would you tell me about your city? What interesting do you have there? Maybe you like something special in your city. Olga
Letter 13
All photos which you have received from me are made by my best friend.
Her name is Valeriya (Val) she is keen on photography.
I like when she makes my photos and my photos too.
Today I am writing to you from internet-cafe as usual.
As you know I have plans to go to your country for study.
Now I am trying to choose right college. When I make the decision and choose the college you'll be the first who know the name of it.
I should decide this in a week. And in a month I hope to be at your country already and to start my study.
Today I've already been to a post office and I've send a letter to my parents.
No matter what kind of relation we have, I am their daughter and I love them.
I have a younger brother and I always know that parents love him more than me.
Parents wanted a son very much and my mother tried to get pregnant for a long period.
After the birth of my brother all love of my parents went to him and my mother finally became happy.
Of course you understand how much unpleasant to be unloved child.
Parents are not interested in my life and in my personal feelings.
But I am trying to understand them and not to be angry.
I am happy that they live in happiness and love with my younger brother.
When I came back from Australia to Russia I got a pedagogical education and went to work to a kindergarten as an educator.
This was very interesting work and I liked it.
But salary was so small and not enough for living that I should have found something more high-paid.
I was alone in a big city and no one took care about me. I did everything by myself.
Of course I met different men in my life but I was only interested in relations where people have mutual love and respect.
I tried do not depend on men.
In every real relations I devote myself to a beloved man unfortunately not everyone can appreciate this.
I can have *** with a man only if we have serious relations and we are both ready to be honesty and faithful.
Unfortunately there are many men who prefer to have 2 women in their life as a wife and a lover.
I don't understand such relations and I don't ever want to enter in such relations.
When I love a man I can have *** only with my beloved.
I hope that you understand me right. I mean I am not a ****** and I like *** a lot.
But I can't have *** relations with several men at the same period.
I can devote myself only to one beloved man.
I had my last relations long ago approximately 2 years ago.
My man preferred to spend time with his friends but not with me. And I even felt sometimes that I was just a beautiful doll for him.
That is why I finished our relations.
Excuse me but I don't want to write about *** anymore because there are many people behind me who is walking in internet-cafe and can watch my PC
and moreover we do not know one another good enough to write about it so frankly.
Unfortunately I have to finish my letter now. Today there are so many people in this internet-cafe and I have had only 15 minute to write you a letter.
You know there are tables in internet-cafe connected to Internet and people can use them for a definite payment.
It was much easier in Australia. I could go to a local library and use computer with internet there for free and without time limit.
We don't have the same in Russia and there are many people who don't have their PC at home and need internet.
If it is acceptable for you will you tell me about your family and about your relations with parents?
Have a nice day! P.S. Could you write me your post address? I wish to send you a paper letter with my photo in it or maybe a nice card. It is very pleasant to get mail by post P.P.S. I attached picture with my best friend Val.
Letter 14
I am glad that we have got acquainted in this big world of Internet and we can communicate here easyly now.
My day is very bad today. I had very unpleasant situation at work.
One of the buyers started to quarrel with because she was not satisfied with clothes' quality.
For pity rich Russian people always think that if they have money they are allowed to do everything and to humble service staff.
She cried at me and even outraged me.
She didn't want to understand that I am not the owner of the shop but just a shop-assistant who wants to help with clothes selection.
Sometimes life in Russia disappoints me more and more.
I can't embody my dreams here, can't earn enough money for living or for buying an apartment.
I have the possibility to earn some money for renting tiny apartment with small sum of cash for living.
It is very often here when prices at shops rise and salaries stay at the same level.
I have had a shock last time at a shop when I have seen the one liter of milk costs more than 2 USD already. I don't earn so much!
My salary is 300 USD and half of it I spend for apartment rent and I have only 150 USD for other expenses. That is not enough.
Now you can understand why I want to leave Russia so much. I want to life in a good developing country and I save money for my trip very active.
I do not afraid to get new profession abroad and to find a good work. That's why I am getting a student visa now.
Moreover I will study and work at your country simultaneously because I have to pay for education and living by myself.
I'll choose the University soon, I just need some time to get enough information about University and then to make the right choice.
It would be wonderful if my university is situated close to your place of living.
Preparation of the documents for visa is in process now.
They promise that I'll get visa in a month and I'll tell you this news as soon as I am informed.
I wish I would live in a stable country with beloved husband in a strong family.
These are the most important things for me. Now I am saving money for my future happy life.
I want to apologize because maybe it's not correct to write you about these from my side.
But I really need someone who will support me in my life. It's hard to live and to decide everything on my own.
I think you will support me with good words because I feel that we have become good friend for now and I can rely on you.
It is a hard day for me today and I am going to have relaxing bath at home to forget about my troubles.
Actually I consider that when a man and woman take the bath together it is very romantic. Do you think so too?
Would you like to take bath with me? What will you tell me about this? Do you have any dreams?
I am waiting for you reply as soon as possible!
Have a nice day! --
Letter 15
In this letter I want to ask you for excuse for my previous letter.
I've told so many things which I don't ever have to tell you.
It was only my problems and I could not put it in your head too.
I am very sorry for it. Of course it is incorrect to tell you about my problems with money.
Believe me, I would never write you about such problems. Let's leave it in the past as a bad dream.
Bad things could happen to any person in the world and in such moments we need a support of our friends.
I will be happy if you agree to be my friend and if I can rely on you and share with you my life.
I want you to know that I want to be your friend and to help you with your problems and to know about your life more.
I understand with every day more and more that I want to meet you in reality!
I've told you that I'm going to come to your country with student visa and I'm doing everything for getting this visa now.
Documents are in the process of preparation. It is a great opportunity for us to meet.
Have you thought about our possible meeting? Would you like to meet me? May I come to your place to meet you?
How do you think will we match one another? Will we be able to be happy together in the future? Should we try to be together?
I will be very thankful to you if you tell me honest answer because it is important for me.
I don't want to bother you with different questions.
But as you understand that removal to other country is very serious and I need to know you thoughts about it.
Maybe you want to know why I want to leave Russia so much.
I'll tell you that I don't have anyone or anything which holds me here.
My friends are married and have their own family and children and they don't have time to meet me very often.
I love my friends and I'll miss them but I want to have my own family and be happy.
My parents are not interested in my life and they don't care whether I live in Russia or somewhere else.
My work here does not bring me joy and enough money for living. I don't see any prospects for myself.
As you see I don't have any argument to stay in Russia.
I have a strong desire to start a new live abroad and to get a new interesting profession.
I know that I'll be more protected in your country and I'll have many possibilities.
I want to have a family.
You seem to me a kind person and you can understand my desires.
Please don't take offence at me as I don't answer all your questions.
You know that I don't have much time to write you at internet-cafe.
My time limit is only 15 minutes. I am always in a hurry here.
I'll write you from internet-cafe three times a week.
I am waiting for your reply to my questions with impatience.
Have a good time! --
Letter 16
I want to share with you in this letter why I don't have a man close to me. Most of men take me as a beautiful doll and they don't care about my human female qualities.
I think you like me as a person first of all and my appearance is on the second place for you. I notice it from your letters and it makes me feel comfortable and free with you.
I like you more and more after each your letter to me. We have many similar thoughts and interests. I hope if we meet we will fit one another perfect.
I spend a lot of time now for getting my student visa. There are still a lot of work to do and too many documents to prepare.
But I am sure when I get student visa and come to your country everything will be ideal. I am ready to do everything for a student visa and I'll get it.
When I come to your country are you going to meet me? Do you feel that there is something special in our relations?
You have become a close friend of mine and I like you a lot.
Of course we still do not know one another perfectly but I want to meet you and to speak with you.
I want to know you better and I hope you have the same wishes and feelings to me.
Let's imagine how we can spend time together.
When we meet we will be able to do many things, for example: walking, cooking, watching cinema, sitting close to one another in a pleasant silence.
It's wonderful that we can start our acquaintance with the help of letters and the second step must be meeting.
When people see each other, feel their bodies close and touch one another only in such way they can understand their real feelings.
I am interested to know your opinion about our possible meeting. We are already friends and it is great.
When I come to your country I need someone who I can rely on. I am always honest with you and you can trust me too.
Would you please write me your thoughts about our meeting? Do you want to meet me? It is important for me. I want to meet you in reality very much.
I want to have possibility to talk to you and to know you better. Letters are not enough for me. I hope I can rely on you.
As you know my friend Vika always makes my photos and she always praises my body.
I think she makes really good photos and it is very pleasant for me to pose for her.
We work in shops which are situated not far from one another; she is a shop-assistant too. That's why we usually go to our work together.
I am going to get more information about my visa today and I know that they have to tell me very important things.
I really want to get good news about my visa. I'll have meeting for about in a half an hour and I'll know all the information. P.S. when is your birthday? Mine is 11 of Jan 1986! As you know my friend Vika always makes my photos and she always praises my body. I think she makes really good photos and it is very pleasant for me to pose for her. We work in shops which are situated not far from one another; she is a shop-assistant too.
That's why we usually go to our work together. When we met with her today she made 2 photos of me and my passport. I am going to send it to you in the next letter. I am going to get more information about my visa today and I know that they have to tell me very important things. I really want to get good news about my visa.
I'll have meeting for about in a half an hour and I'll know all the information. P.P.S. here is my selfie pics, hope you like it P.P.P.S. my previous letter
Letter 17
so sorry I am short today and cant write more. I have a lot of work today :-(( how are you? this is me at the internet cafe, not good pics but as is :-))) kiss you! --
Letter 18
have a nice week end!! I miss you... kiss you million times, do you want for me to come to you??
I will have more info on Monday about it... --
Letter 19

Now I have enough information how to get visa to your country. I have a list of documents which I have to bring to the Embassy for visa, here it is:
1. Foreign passport which is valid not less than 3 months after the end of the trip (if a person has 2 passports he/she has to present both);
2. Color photos - 2pcs, size 3,5 o 4,5 cm without angles and ovals on the light background, made on mat paper, with a large face on it, which takes 70-80% of a photo;
3. Reference from work (made on company’s letter-head with director and chief accountant signs and stamp) where my position, salary, work experience and company’s contacts are indicated;
4. Filled request for the college/ university, which I’d like to enter;
5. Confirmation of financial resources for a trip: extract from bank account;
6. Copies of national passport (all pages). This service can be done in the office;
7. Translation of all the documents into English;
8. Certificate from the police;
9. Medical certificate;
10. Payment of taxes;
11. Personal presents of all the documents - main condition!!!!;
12. Personal data;
13. While presenting all above-mentioned documents I have to pay consular fees. Of course there are so many documents and I don’t even understand why some of them are needed, it’s big work for me.
I have to do everything by myself and it’ll take a lot of my time for sure.
I have a permanent work and I don’t dispose of much free time to do everything. Now I realize that I’ll have some problems because of it.
I’ve told you that I want to meet you and I am trying to do everything to come to you.
The biggest problem for me is to find free time to do all paper-work for visa.
When we lived in USSR there were big problems with traveling abroad and visas. Nowadays people can travel and get visas without problem. Everything will be okay with my visa.
I want to meet you very soon!
I am ready to do everything to come to you and to see you. I miss you here and I am alone you know.
I hope for your understanding that I need time to go through the procedure of getting visa and to wait our meeting. I can’t leave my work and to be busy only with visa you know.
I shall try to do everything as fast as possible and I’ll use every free minute for visa documents that I’ll be able to come to you and be with you together.
Actually I have already received new foreign passport recently because the validity period of my previous passport has finished.
I know when I meet you I’ll calm down and feel protected with you.
Good luck!
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