Scam Letter(s) from Margarita to S. H. (USA)

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Letter 1

thanks for your reply
thank you for your attention to me and your note.
How are you?
I am deeply sorry, but I couldn't write you earlier....I didn't have any possibility to find Internet and even to go out....We have war in my country. You can't even imagine, what like is my life now. Nobody couldn't imagine something like this in the worse nightmare. It is hell. No person in the whole Donetsk region could think, that it could happen with us this year. We don't believe it even now....
I can't find proper words to describe everything to you (people can get used to everything, to lack of water, food, electricity, transport, all necessary things for life....but no normal person can be used to listen to explosions and bursts...immediately to fall down on the earth and wait till the end of shelling.
So I hope you are not sad that I haven't written earlier to you....If you are still interested in me (if no- I can understand ) please write me soon.
With best regards,

Letter 2

thanks for your reply and pictures
how are you?
how is your weekend?how is your son?
I am a kid doctor and sure I love my future job very much and I decided to be only because of my love to children.
I shall use all my hints to win his love and to be a best friend for him.
I don't know, what to tell you...we don't have difference between days or weekends, because now only peace and absence of shelling is important. One day you stay alive and your house is unharmed and you are grateful to God for that. You don't notice, that you don't go somewhere or don't have something, what you were used to in past life....everything life, in thoughts, in hopes and dreams. Nobody knows, when will be end of this hell and nobody knows, what to do now. Really sad situation....but people help each other (who has water hole or electricity generator). Everything I can do now is just to have candles and to read books, not to go out somewhere. I try to repeat some information for my medical diploma, because I just need to stand last exams and get diploma, then I shall have a possibility to work as a kid doctor (I hope so). Sure, when I have candle light, I always think, that it would be better to have romantic dinner with my beloved man, who will be my real support and hope (now I understand, how it is important to be not alone), to feel tenderness, care and love. It is important to have feelings and care....your house can be easily broken (as we observe last months...), all material value do not mean much in this cruel world, only mental value means something and is really worth. We must appreciate everything and treat people, as we want us to be treated....What I mean is a human being must always stay a human being and don't forget, how to live according to humane rules....

Do you have any questions to me? What do you want to know?
I shall try my best to stay in touch and write to you as soon as it would be possible.
Take care

Letter 3

I am deeply sorry, I am in the centre of shelling
We don't have connection and electricity very often.
I don't know, how to communicate.
Take care

Letter 4

thanks for your worries
how are you?
I have never thought it could be so difficult to describe and tell something about my life....better to say to remember from the past....because now it is something different.....everything is different, friends, hobbies and etc.....and everything because of war....because of simple absense of electricity and water, closed places, which you could visit earlier....friends? war changes people...some ran away, some don't go out often....some people changed themself and it is difficult to accept that close people became not so closed any more and sometimes you get care and support from people you never thought and even imagined, that they could help you somehow. Hobbies also changed, because of shelling and no possibility to go out (theatre or cinema, some meeting with friends,having a cup of tea or coffee, playing volleyball or going swimming, making BBQ), everything is really difficult now. All I can manage now is may be reading with candles....I don't work and people, who worked last months, they haven't got any salary...I must only make last exams and get my diploma, really last steps to be a kid doctor. I hope soon it could be possible.
Do you want to know something more about me? Just ask and don't forget to tell me about you and your life.
Take care
kiss Margarita



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