Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Darius (Ireland)

Letter 1
Happy to say you Hello Darius! thank you that you answerd me!
i Had big smile seeing your email! as you may know my name is Katya!
full name Ekaterina
I am 29 years old and i live in Ukraine
my small town not a megapolis just country side called Fedorovka and yes wewe have caws and geese, chiken here, one school and couple shops
yes it is very small but it is not importan
important is that in this small city live one girl whos heart is still believe in true love and she is still waiting for her prince
do you know what is her name?
It is Katya..)) so I am new here in internet
by the way i dont have internet at home
i even dont have a computer
but i can write you from internet cafe
and it is great
Darius, dating site is not popular here but my friend found her love on dating site and i want to try my luck
what if it is my chance???by the way i know English so it makes our communication easily so i dont want to lose it!
hope you too! I am working in beauty salon like a manicure master
how often do you see manicure master??) maybe one day i can be your personal master?) ok i will tell you couple words about my interestd and will finish as i dont want you to be bored! In my free time i love meet friends!i love reading books, walking in park!
cooking something very very tasty!!!!!!mmmmm!!!
but all this is not so great while you dont have your close heart near you!
so i hope to change it soon! I will be very happy to learn more about you!
please give me little chance!
because i think you are good person and we can have a lot in common!
Darius , please tell me about you i know it is not easy to write letter but if you can tell me about your life and interest i will be very very happy! please make me smile with your letter!
Letter 2
i cant buy new tools as it is a lot of money and i didnt plan it!
my salary is 180usd per month and 120 i pay for rent!
rest of money i buy food!
i am so sad!! i need 240usd to buy all new tools and cosmtics how i can do this??
another way i will be fired as i cant work!!!!!!
in our salons we work only with own tools and hairdressers are also work wiht their!!
i dont want to lose my job!!how to be?? Darius dont know what to do and Nina will mockery from me!
now she will tell everyone bad things about me and my boyfriend and it makes me so sad! i am so sad!!!!!!!!!!!
kiss your sad Katya
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