Scam Letter(s) from Alena Abramova to Allen (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Allen,

I have been waiting for you to write me, and finally your letter is here. Saying the truth, I missed your mails. I checked mail many times a day (now it is already 9pm here), and finally I got your letter. You brightened my day with your words, and I catch myself on an idea that I am thinking of you more and more often.

I did not know you play WoW online. Saying the truth, I do not quite like the games, but if you like it it is your decision. As for me, I prefer reading, and only once or twice a month when I really have nothing else to do I can play something. I recently played the detective/adventure game - The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. I was surprised with the graphics, but the game was quite boring. Anyway, it is worth trying it. My father plays WoW when he is not so busy at work, so you have it in common with my dad.

I am afraid of the events happening in this country - today we had the military planes above the city, not high above the houses, and people were all worried. Also, we had the bad news that the local bus stations were taken by the foreign militarists or terrorists, so people were afraid. The situation gets only worse. I don;t like talking about this all, but unfortunately every day I listen to the sounds outside waiting for the coming war, and I am reading the news with no positive emotions. I''d prefer to communicate with you and talk about you and me, really!

You have wrong impression of me doubting. yes, I am cautious a little, because I never dated anyone from another country, and I know there are so many bad people on the dating sites. I will trust you completely and wholeheartedly only when I see you are ready to meet, that you want to be with me, only when we move forward. Don''t think I am pushing or insisting, I am just telling you what I really think and feel.

My wish for Christmas is to find love. I wish to find a serious man who will light the fire inside my eart. This is all I need in this life. When I meet such a man, I will say my life is full, colorful, positive. And one more thing - I am afraid of spending all my vacation alone, I am afraid that the winter holidays will be spent all alone. Cats and dog - they are good and they help me forget about my loneliness somehow, but they will never give my heart those feelings that I really need...




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