Scam Letter(s) from Zhanna Zabanova to Filippos (Greece)

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Letter 1

Hello stranger!!!
My name is Zhanna. I had never got relationship on the Internet
I recently learned that you can find a lot of friends over the Internet.
So I decided to try to find his destiny as it did for many women in the world.
As I said my name is Zhanna, I live in Russia in the city of Samara.
I am very shy girl, and if I have loved you, you ask me questions, I always answer you.
I love to play sports, forced to go to the gym every day. Sometimes I visit the pool.
Negative attitude to cigarettes. But sometimes I can not afford to relax in the company of friends.
I live alone for a long time. And I hope that we'll soon get acquainted and to become more.
I also enclose you my foto, I hope that she'll love.
I look forward to wait for your response to my postmail:
Be sure to write your name so I can properly refer to you, if you want I'll call you as your friends.
I look forward to your reply every day and I will answer you.
Regards Zhanna.

Letter 2

Good day!
I can not believe that you have answered me. I'm hoping for something that you get my letter last week.
But when I came to work today and saw your letter, I could not believe it for a long time.
As I told you, I never got acquainted on the Internet. And you are the first who responded to me. I will not hide from you.
I also wrote a few men from other countries. But so far no one I did not answer me. But I'm so glad that you are the first who have written to me.
You probably want to know where I took your email. In our town there is a dating service. I do not want to register for the site and therefore to give them form.
They did not answer me a few weeks and I thought that they just collect data inhabitants. But received a letter from them last week.
I have never used social network. My girlfriend every day sitting in the social setya,
I do not like it because it takes a very long time, and I love to chat live. And there is no time to waste on social networks.
Now I'd like not a lot to tell you about myself. My name is Zhanna. I was born on December 30, 1984 and I will soon be 30 years old. How old are you?
I live in a very beautiful city of Samara. This is not a very large city in Russia. We have more than 1 Millions population. Tell me in what city you live?
We have the largest river in the city and it is called as well as the city of Samara, the same occurs and one of the largest rivers of Russia Volga. Have you ever - ever heard of such rivers?
I live on the outskirts of the city in his house. It was built last summer and I still have a lot of repair, but I've already finished a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.
I do not like big houses where many people and have neighbors. I am a creative person, I love to listen to loud music. And not all the neighbors like it.
After I graduated from high school, I went to college at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and there was a profession engineer in the designer, I finished it in 2005. But I did not immediately eliminated work in their specialty.
3 years I worked as a manager in the store. I had a lot of time and I went to 2 higher education. And received the accounting profession in 2009.
And since 2009, I was lucky and I was taken to the construction company. Now I'm doing things you love and are designed many buildings. I really like my job. And who do you work?
In the past, my letter I sent you a photo, you got it? I hope that you liked on the photo. I send you some pictures, I hope you and they really liked it.
I hope that you will be interested to talk to me and we will soon become friends, and maybe time will tell and we will be more than friends.
I will always waiting for your reply with impatience. Now I have to go to work. As long as your new friend Zhanna.

Letter 3

Good day. It's me again Zhanna. Today I am in such a hurry to work to read your answer. But you probably yesterday was busy and did not answer me yet.
We later. Today is Friday, hurray! Today is the last day and tomorrow I can rest. The only thing that upsets me that I can only check the mail on Monday.
But I hope that the weekend will be quick and when I come to work on Monday I'll see your letter. I hope so. So Long. Smack. Zhanna



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