Scam Letter(s) from Marina Shevchenko to Eliott (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello, dear Elio.I would really like to know about you more. I think we have a lot in common. I want to tell you about me. I’m Marina. I am 27 and live in Ukraine with my mother and sister. I am calm, cheerful, romantic girl. I am alone, and want to take care about someone. My dream is to built a strong family on love and trust. I love sea and flowers, pets. And what about your hobbies?
how do you spend your free time? Looking on your photo, I saw in your eyes something native for me. Write me please about you, I will be waiting for your letter. Marina.

Letter 2

Hello, my dear,I am so glad to meet you here, you are attractive man, and I hope you also interested in me, it will be good chance to try find real love and strong relationships, I need a man who can support me and who can give me his care and attention, So I decided to look in the Internet, and hope I can find such man here,I will try to give you answerer to you question, I speak English language and Russian too,the appearance is not important for me, I value soul and heart and attitude to me,i like brave man, who can defend me, I like lying in the bed, But also like walking, I have never been abroad , to about traveling I can say that i like travel But I can only in Ukraine, I believe that love can exist on distance, and you? How do you think? I like cooking and my favorit dish of course Ukrainian, Do you taste Ukrainian dish? I want to tell you about myself. My mane is Marina and I am from Ukraine, I live in small town Sverdlovsk , My family is not very big, I live with my sister and mother, we are so happy together, we always support each other, And also I have grandparents who live in the village, and I tell you about my family more in my next letter to you. and now about me, I have very interesting job, I work as a educator in the nursery school . I love children and I am dreaming to have my own and of course to have my own family too. I love to take care about children. They are so small and funny, you can’t imagine how it is pleasure when small girl form kindergaden call me “Mother” , but I want to have my own children, I think I will be good mother, you can asked me: why so beautiful girl looking for love in Internet, I can tell you, I decided to try the Internet to find my husband because in my place it is really hard to find a serious man. Of course, I have many men who are interesting in me, but they see only my appearance but not my soul and heart, I don’t consider myself as beautiful or model, I am simply girls with great desire to build family, There are a lot of man in my town, but it is difficult to find soul mate, all of them drink and use drugs, they can beat a woman, it is so pity, but It is my reality, so I decided to find foreign man, because they have another mindset and soul. I have never been married. I had relations, but it was bad experience. He betrayed me, it was so difficult for me, but I was born to live and I should enjoy my love and it would be stupid waste my time, I am positive, honest girl, but I also can be gentle and attentive. I hope that I’ll meet a person who will be strong and fearless for other, but for me , he will be very sweaty and attentive. and what about you?Tell me about your parents? Why you decided to find girl from Ukraine? Have you ever been to Ukraine? I will be waiting for your letter and photo, Your Marina

Letter 3

Hello, my dear Elio, nice to get letter from you and read your story,and thank you for your joke, I like it so much,, I am so happy to meet you and I can’t imagine that I found you here, I don’t trust meeting in Internet, but now I change my mind, I believe that you are serious about me and I want to say that my attitude to you serious to, Do you believe that it is possible to meet love in Internet? I hope, do you have such experience? Tell me, I am interested .I heard different stories about meeting in dating sate but I hope this stories don’t related to us, Maybe I am so silly girl, but I will try to find my husband here, It is my first time looking for man in dating sate, To tell you that truth I am sociable girl, but I prefer real communication, I don’t want to communicate on Face book or different other social network , it's hard to believe, because in our modern world there are a lot of people who communicated in this network, but I don’t think so, I think that a lot of lies on the internet, I was registered on facebook but deleted my profile, because there are a lot of man who comes to me with erotic suggestions and who want to get only my photo, not my soul and heart, So I hope, no, I even believe that you are not such man and if you serious about me tell me this from the very beginning, I hope you understand me, I am interested in your life, in your hobbies. Tell me, how do you like to spend your free time? Do you like sport? Do you like go for a walk? I can tell you about myself more, As many Ukrainian girls I like cooking, I told you that I was grown up only with my mother and she often work, so I start to prepare food very earlier, when other girls play in the park I should cook for my mother because I knew that she come back for work very tired and she want to eat, than I should prepare for my little sister, so I have big experience in cooking, I can prepare only Ukrainian food but if you want I can try to prepare the food of your country, Tell me more about your country cuisine, I am really interested, if you asked me about my hobbies I can tell you that I like spend time with friend and my sister’s hobby is photo, she like make photo, and I can say that she is professional photographer, she made some photo for me, I like to be like model for her, so my free time we spend together making photo))I also attended musical school and I can play piano, I take relax from music, I can express my feeling by music, So I tell you about myself, and I hope you read my letter with great desire, and you will give me an answerer as soon as possible, I will be waiting. Many hugs to you, your new friends

Letter 4

hello, my dear Elio. thank you for your letter, I am happy that I found your here, But I am not such girl who look for money only, I want to fall on love and be happy, Hope you too, and I believe that it is possible to fall in love and meet my future husband in Internet, I saw this film Pretty woman, I like it, But my favorite is Titanic,Do you seen this film? and about dish I can say that I like different Ukrainian dish But I like borsh and vareniky, it is national ukrainian food,I feel that with every letter I become more and more closer to you, we start our communication and hope we will have good ending, I want to tell you that my dream is to have family, I want to get married and be happy with my husband, I want to see different countries with my best half and children, But now I have no ability to travel and see different countries, I can travel only in Ukraine, I know it is difficult to believe but I have never been abroad, I have never seen another life, and another civilization, I know that other developed countries live differently, and have higher standard of living, but in Ukraine I can’t effort to go abroad, I can travel to sea and I should save money long time to go to sea, it it is my reality. If we are communicate you should know that life in Ukraine not so good, But I have such friends that have ability to travel abroad and they told me that Turkey and Egypt is very popular resort, But I can only imagine about it, Do you have any place to visit? Do you have dream? I can tell you about my dream. I want to see island Bali, Really it is hardly find a person who would not even dream to spend one day on a beautiful island with golden beaches. Here we can imagine that stays on a desert island. Bali is known as the island of the gods, a paradise on earth. Do you want to enjoy holiday in absolute peace on tropical nature under the soft whisper of the Indian Ocean? Can you imagine this? I dream to walk under the moon with my favorite person and listen to the sound of the ocean, I want you to hold me and whisper softly in my ear, I want to run with you on the waves and kiss you, I can only dream about this, I think it is a dream that will never come true, No, don’t mind I am optimistic, but I am live in reality, I don’t want to build castles in the sky, It is so expansive for me to go to Bali, maybe one you and me would be together and we can travel together, and how many countries did you visit? Did you have something to tell me? I hope, I will be waiting for your letter tomorrow, but now I should end my letter, I have some plans on evening, I want to go to cinema with friends, Hope you give me an answerer, wait for your reply, your Marina

Letter 5

Hello, my dear Elio. I am happy to get letter from you. I am glad to talk to you, you are interesting person, I think so, I am also want to go Hawai, But it is only dreams to me, I want to tell about me all, my horoscope sing is Sagittarius, and yours? I belie in destiny and I hope found my destiny and fall in love, How do you think? I will try to tell you my thought, my feeling, my dream and I hope when you read my letter, you always smile, I feel that you understand me, and it is very important for me, I think understanding between two person play a great role. I want to share with you my dream, I want to have children, boy and girl, I hope I would be good mother because I love children and in my kindergaden they are so funny, I love every one of them, My dream is to live in country side ,because I love nature and I think it is good place to have small house near river, or near lake, I want to sit on the porch with my partner and with cup of tea under the warm blanked and take pleasure, I want to have my own garden and grow useful vegetables and fruits, because I like eat healthy food, I want to make juice form apples and take care about flowers, I am simply girl , I do not need wealth and money, I need comfort in family and beloved husband, I want to prepare breakfast for my family and I want to have tradition that family gathered around the table every Sunday, and I will prepare breakfast, I want that our house would be full of guests and children, Do you like this? Tell me how you imagine your future life with your wife. Do you want to live in city or countryside? How do you imagine weekends with wife and children? do you want that your wife stay at home or go to work? I don’t know how in your country, but in Ukraine men do not cherish their wives, women should go to work and then after a hard day back home and start wash, clean house and prepare food, and men only drink alcohol and have fun with friends, they did not appreciate the women, and the woman begins to wither, woman have no times to go to beauty salon or do fitness, so I hope find man abroad because I believe that foreign man have another heart and soul, they value woman and take care about them, Hope you agree with me completely, tell me your thought about your attitude to woman? I wait for your letter , many hugs for you and many kisses to you, wish you good luck, Marina



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