Scam letter(s) from Victoria Berezina to Raymond (USA)

Letter 1
Hiii .. you want to know more about me? I\'ll wait for your letter! ! How\'s yourself?? I found Information about you on a dating site and I think that you are a very interesting person!
I would be very pleased to share with you information about me!? My name is Victoria, I am 29 years. In near time turn 30 y.o.
I was born in Russia and now I live here, in the town name Baltasi.
I love my house so much, but not all that good, there are some problems. Although country where i live very large but very a bit men who know how to love in reality and how appreciate the them own woman!!
I am a single cute girl hoping to meet real man far away from my country for serious love relationship,
who really knows how to love his woman! I do not wish be so lonely and spend my life useless.
I am a modern girl and I think it is great, we by computer can meet and get to know other people at the moment, While remaining at the house. I am glad that we can use modern technology. If you have read with interest my letter, Tell me please something interesting about you. What do you do in your life? What do you like? What are your hobbies? I want to know everything about you! And something yet. Please send me your photos.
Maybe we will both have an interesting introduction! I will wait for your quick response with great impatience. Please do not let me be alone. With regards and kiss, Victoria. Waiting for your quick answer!
Letter 2
Hello Raymond! I am very pleased, that you have answered my short The message. I Did not think, that you will answer me. I awfully understand the Internet In a computer and system. Therefore I am grateful to my girlfriend. As She has slammed me, write here. She has found the good person through The Internet. Now they have concluded a marriage and happily live in Netherlands. The Russian men cope only in satisfaction Pleasures. Many of them strongly wish some alcohol and drugs. I read about Big Familiar through the Internet. But I all as could not dare to Write to whom - that. I have no any computer in my house. Yes, it - is valid Pity... I cannot answer you during the same moment as you. And I am courageous To write the short letter to you and for me that you have answered was With unexpected. It is very pleasant for me!!! I want to tell in Once I search for it. I search for the friend, and can and more. All It because I am lonely also I does not find Understanding in my city. I Had in a life of 2 serious attitudes. Last have been finished in November 2011. First my attitudes were with the person whom I have acquainted when I studied at Technical University. When I have reached his house, me Have learned, that other woman waits for the child from him. The second attitudes to me should be finished, as my person, which I Living very much many see and beaten me, it did not respect me. It sees many From alcohol and constantly used fists against me! And now I cannot find Understanding in our society. Certainly our city, no big and it not such And the problem to find the partner, but also something me stops all. I Have decided to find the partner through the Internet, and I was really Pleased, that you have written to me the letter in the answer. It - a It is a little about myself and about what where I live. To me 29. My birthday- On December, 12 st, 1984. My height - 171 sm. My weight - 54 kg. It will be for certain probably in a photo which I to you I To send. concerning you my photo, I hope it to you, it is pleasant? I live in Russia, in small town Baltasi. You heard about it? It - very much Ancient village. Baltasi located in 900 kilometers from Moscow. Baltasi no the big and no well-known village in Russia. I have higher education. I began my formation In high school, in Baltasi. After I have finished it, I have The entered Economic Ability of Technical University. I have finished it 5 Years ago. Now I work as the bookkeeper. I am borrowed in financial Affairs of our firm. This firm, not so big. Within the working day I can use a computer and write Letters. It is more convenient for me. I really would like to know Your interests, your race, languages which you speak, a hobby? Tell to me Small is more than bats about you. I also shall tell to you more about me in The following letter. I send you my pictures. I hope, that my letter will not be Break you. I shall wait for your letter and your picture with Impatience. But if you are not interested, lower me some words. It Important for me.
I shall wait for your letter tomorrow.
Your Russian girlfriend Victoriya. P.s. I also want to say that I noticed your data on one of the online dating sites. I do not remember exactly the name of the site as it was some time ago.
Letter 3
Hi Raymond! How are you today? I hope you were pleased to receive my letter because when I'm receiving your letter, I really was admire. Many thanks to you. I have perfectly understood everything you wrote to me. As I already spoke you I know English rather well. As you already know, I have no computer in my house and for this reason I'm writing to you from my work. Therefore I'm sorry, if not so quickly answered your letter. I work from Monday till Friday and very much often on Saturday. My working day begins at 8:00 and last to 17:00. Sometimes I'm working till 19.00. But it's not easy, because my boss does not let use the computer with private purposes. We do not have unlimited Internet access on a work. I use a computer secretly to write HI to you (when my boss - not in office). Internet is expensive in Russia. My monthly income - 10000 roubles, it about 225 dollars. But this money suffices me and even is possible save my money. I can safely tell, that I adore travelling. I travelled in Russia, I saw Moscow, Samara, Saint-Peterburg, Sochi. But I have never been in Europe and other countries. Now I am usual bookkeeper in small firm. But it is not difficult, I very much like my work. My new colleagues very good people. It is most important for me. We have very quickly found common interests. I have some friends. But now I have found you! I am very pleased, and I shall think about you. I tried to find love and happiness here, but I have felt lie. We have proverb in Russia: Bitter truth is better than sweet lie. I think, that you are fair man. Am I right? After all my histories you may think, that everything is bad, but it is not true. I have already told you, that my parents have left me in a orphanage. But, my childhood was not so difficult. I'm so think. Only it was very lonely without parents. I had many friends.
I had very interesting childhood. When I became more adult... then I had more difficulties. Not only me. I think you understand, that it's hard for lonely kid in this severe world... But the most important never put your hands. It is necessary to go next level. I understood it for a long time. Don't you think so? It is true! Now I have a good life, I have friends. Good work. It is rather good here. I rent my apartment. I pay for it. I have no opportunity to buy it. It's very expensive for me here. I should work to have my own apartment 10 years! I make all independently: man's and female duties. I can hammer nails, carry heavy bags.... By the way I'm quite good plumber (sanitary technician). Life everything has learned me... I can hope only for myself. But sometimes I so want feel a strong shoulder near to me... Yes, I want real man for creation family. I have the most serious intentions. Very hard to meet gentle men... Unfortunately. Therefore I am very glad that have met you. To me very pleasant our dialogue. For me not so important age distinction. These days I so strong wait for your letter. It helps me to distract from all.
It as a sweet dream... It is other world for me. Forgive me, if my letter was sad, big and uninteresting to you. Just I wanted to tell you about my life. You should know about it. I promise you not write such letters anymore. Now I should finish my letter. I wait with alarm your answer. Also I want ask you: had you ever friend from other country? Is it important for you a nationality? I wait for your answer.
Yours friend Victoriya. P.s. my dear, just I want to tell you that unfortunately I can not remember the name of the website where I found your data. It was a long time ago and now I have decided to write you. I hope this will not affect the development of our relations. I also want to say that I am Russian by nationality. I also want to tell you that the difference in age for me not problem. as if a man over the age of, he is stronger than values the relationship, he knows how to properly handle the girls and more serious about relationships. I believe that your country life for many beam than in Russia, and I would love to ever leave.
Letter 4

Hi, Hi, Hi, my dear Raymond!!! How are you??? I want to know about you as much as possible! I would like to confess that I like our communication with you!!! Your letters give me positive energy and a lot of more emotion!!! I always look forward to your letters look great!!! B your letters have a lot of warmth and kindness that makes my feelings for you are very positive!!! I'm so excited that you were in my life!!! I hope this is a mutual feeling, and you feel the same to me feelings... -But I think I have to tell you more about my family, because I really want you to know more about me and also would like to know as much as possible about you!!! I know a lot of recipes cuisine: traditional exotic, unusual!!! My dream is to prepare for you some of my food!!! Would you like to try my food, it fantastic food, huh??? Among my favorite dishes: "Borsch", "chicken soup "," dumplings with cheese (cabbage, potatoes and strawberries), "" Pancakes " and so I can prepare a large number of dishes, but it will be more interesting and exciting for me if I cook them for my lover!!! I hope you understand what I mean!!! I hope I did not embarrass you with my desire to cook you, dear! You know, I'd rather polite person and I always try to find some positive aspects are not happy things that can happen in our life!!! The main motto for me it is expression such as: "never lose heart"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do everything best not to lose my identity and to keep the people I love beside me in joy and in sorrow!!! Among them: holidays, birthday, new year, Christmas, Easter and others. we are always get together and celebrate all these beautiful holidays!!! And you, dear, you tell me, what traditions exist in your country ??? to this note, it was nice to just wish you good luck and success in all your affairs!!! We have each other, and for me it is surprising that such people we met!!! Do you agree with me ??? Do not forget Your Russian girl - who is waiting for your reply with great Look!!! As always sweet kiss on your lips sweet!!! You caught it?! Victoriya.
Letter 5
Hello Raymond, I am very glad to receive your letter, to check my e-mails with the hope
Get your letter, I thought about you a lot. Yes, I really seriously look at marriage and I
I dream to have a happy family, I want to say that sometimes I do not understand your language, but I use a translator for that would read your letters. I want to say thank you for being that you continue our acquaintance, for me it's very nice to know about you, and now I know everything about you more and more.
I guess I made the right choice when I decided to try to meet the man at such a great distance. I really I hope that this is correct. Yes, I'm ready to really change a lot in life, I want to love and be loved. My dream is to wake up in the morning and see the smile of a loved one, gently kiss him and tell him "good morning" to drink a coffee with him and prepare him a wonderful breakfast and in response to it to see it smile. I wish every day, every minute, feel that loves me and would never hurt me.
For me, a state of mind and heart is important, it will be important that
My husband and his soul will be beautiful, that he will be honest and fair, that never betray me with another woman, who will not leave me, everything else (age, appearance, face and body) is does not matter to me, because even beautiful people can be bad and deceivers.
when I was with men, they deceived me, and now for me it is fear. Fear because it seems to me that all men have only roughness and rage. In Russia, a lot of men.
News, newspapers, magazines out there to write about that as men can be harmful to women. And nothing good.
But I think that in the world there are men who are able to love and appreciate a woman. it is very it is important that the man cared and was affectionate with a woman, because the role of women - a mother, she gives birth to children, and a man should give her love.
Free *** - I'm against it. A woman should have *** only with her husband. It is my opinion but I do not want you to think that I am a private person. It's not easy, I think about life and assess its accuracy. Because a woman should not be ***** and used many times, it's disgusting.
And I think that men should understand this more women. I am ready to do anything for that would Giving happiness, my only beloved man, and who will love me, being my her husband, and I am his wife. Tell me please, willing to whether that would love a woman, that would never have her not to cheat, not to betray and leave. I'm a romantic, I will love that would be nice, I think, as in the case should be this spark. You rate yourself as a romantic person? And how do you feel about this? Now I would like to tell you that I love during free time from work, although the work and time consuming, but nevertheless. I
I think that I am very energetic and I would like to dedicate herself higher employment. I love nature and animals. I love children. But as long as I do not have. I think that children should born in the family that they were surrounded by love and care, may not have enough in my childhood and
So I want my children to have had it all.
I'll wait for your letter. Sincerely Victoriya. P.s. my cute, so I want to congratulate you on your holiday. I really enjoyed your pics, you are very handsome and likable man.
Letter 6
Hello again, dear Raymond!!! How are you today??? What are your plans???
As I have... I am very pleased and happy that I have such a fantastic correspondence with you!!! Every time I think about you I getting better and better, my mood rises with each second!!! You have no idea how I was glad to get it a letter from you!!! I was waiting for your answer and now I am very happy!!!
Your email so nice!! Thank you very much!!! I like you very much!!!
Also... I am very glad to learn about some facts of life!!! Thank you for story about yourself and the answer to my letter!!! Now... I want to tell a little bit about my hobbies... I have a large number of them, but in any case... Hobbies Home for me is life and all that relates to it!!! I love life and everything around me!!!!!!!!! I'm the kind of girl who does not like and does not want to sit in one place!!! I hotu to act, to build, to create something new and amazing!!! that's not for me to sit around, discovery, search...!!! Also, one of my Drawing hobby paintings: landscapes, portraits, animals and so on... It by the fact that I graduated from art school, where I studied 5 years!!! (I was there with 8th grade)!!! Really... it was a great and useful experience for me!!! I will never forget my teacher in this School!!! Now I am doing some drawings that I want to raise your mood or just relax... Another hobby of mine is reading books... I like to read different types of books (fiction, romance novels) When I do nothing or just some free time... I traveled to Russia!!! I've seen a lot of great landscapes and cities. But this is not the point. The most important thing for me is hope and believe only good. I dream to meet a good man!!! I wish that I was the best for him and he was the best for me!!! I dream of meeting with a good, kind, cheerful, open, and Of course, with a sense of humor!!! I will do everything possible for our common happiness and mutual love!!! I think all the time, all day and night about this, that one day I will see him with my own eyes, a man who will be my second half!!! I want to feel myself happy and make others happy, especially my favorite man!!! I feel so lonely, I do not even know what to do in such a situation!!! I know exactly what I will be happy!!!
I am an optimist by nature and it helps me to survive in the most difficult situations. I am constantly working on myself and I try to make all possible to achieve all the goals that at the moment I have is there!!! Oh yes, I am very energetic and emotional person too, I I think you have already noticed it, and you know a lot about me, Although we have not yet corresponded for a long time, I feel like I know You long and you really like me!!! I sincerely hope that our with your correspondence will bring us happiness and we will come to a point where we want to meet!!! I sincerely believe that we should not miss a unique opportunity!!! I wish you a nice day!!! I'll be waiting your early reply!!! Sweet kiss you!!! Best wishes,
Letter 7
Hello my dear Raymond! My dear, how are you? As always, I say unto you, thank you very much for your letter. It was very nice for me to get it. My dear, I wish to inform you that all our time for correspondence really very much accustomed to you. Rather I'm used to your letters. I feel very sad when I do not get you your letters.
Dear, I think we know a lot about each other. but there things that we can say, is not for everyone. I think you have that you can not tell anyone. I want to tell you why I seeking a man on the Internet. You I can tell. I made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I do not want to make a mistake again. In my life were men. But they were not the ones who they say they were given during our dating. They can deceive me.
But among them was a man of I wanted to get married. But time gave me to understand that this is not the second half of my life. then I met a man very long. I was sure that I could not find the right man in my life. I realized that I need a man who will love me with whom I can share fun and trouble. I think that I do not made a mistake this time.
A lot of things in my life have changed from the moment I met you. My friends started talking me that I changed, beginning to smile more often, in my eyes was more passion and desire to live. At this point in the cold But the street even bad weather can not spoil my mood.
each day I wait for news from you. Who would have thought that our fate will be intersect. Have you ever thought what it would be if we lived in one country? I think I can trust you. Also, I think that you're a good person and you can give a lot of emotional warmth and female affection. I do not know that it would be in my life if I did not to meet you, but I'm sure I would not be able to meet someone like you in Russia. Probably, it will seem to you that our relations are moving very fast, but I do not think so. In actually we are not very young and life is too short. I pleasure to write to you the letter on, but I have to finish a letter and I will look forward to your letter.
Thank you very much, that you are with me - and continue to write me a letter. Take care of yourself. From Sincerely Victoriya. P.s. my dear, just I want to tell you that my city is not in the mountains. the mountains are to the East of the Ural mountains, from me.
Letter 8
Sweet kiss you, my dear Raymond!
Warmest congratulations and good for you, my honey! Dear, as it is today?!?!? Oh... You make me feel happier and happier every day with such wonderful letters!!! From that moment... I'll never let go, because you have become the most important part of my life!!! To be true... I'm starting to miss you more and more day by day!!! Every day without you seems like an eternity for me!!! And this is not a joke!!! know Today I have such a fantastic mood, I just fly in the sky, if I have the chance! I I think that you're a big, kind and unique person!!! Please never change, always remain as you now!!!
Because I like you so much for someone you!!!
I dreamy man!!! I dream all the time!!! I draw in my head... and relations man with whom I will meet, and then we will create a super family! In my opinion... I'll be a good wife, because I really feel inside of me, that I am ready to devote myself to my loved one and do everything possible to that would make him happy person in the entire universe! I want to wake him up with my gentle kiss and tell him "
Hello dear, come another day... "And he answered me with a smile on his face. It would be the most wonderful start to the day for me, to see the smiles of my loved one. I believe the greatest happiness on earth - the ability to love someone and see that the love that you give makes a person happy.
Love is a gift from God, I believe in it, and true love is given only once in life, you believe it?
I want to say that I will try to do better so that you become the most happy and for our common happiness!!!
In the relationship between man and woman, as for me, the most important SUPPORT, anxiety, care, understanding and, of course, and mutual love. All would be great if the man and a woman, understand and care for each other, not only on time, or in front of people, but always!!! Also, if the relationship is built on trust and all the difficulties and problems are overcome....
the couple can seek to a general sense of love!!!
I want to admit that I can not stop thinking about you all the time!!!
In one popular song has a chorus:
"Thinking of you, I think of you;
All I can do is just think about you;
Thinking of you, I think of you;
Whenever I'm happy, I think of you!!! "
Every time I see a letter from you, the sun begins to shine brighter for me!!! But I have explanation of this phenomenon, which happens to me!!!
Sincerely, Victoriya. Sweet kiss on the tip of your nose! Today, a great day!!! I look waiting for your reply soon!!! P.s. my dear, I'm not very well understand where you wrote that you want to send me a package.
Letter 9
My dear and beloved Raymond!!! When I close my eyes I can see you next to me - two hearts linked in a circle of love. Two bodies pressed close to each other. I want to kiss your lips and strongly embrace you.
I stare into your eyes, and our souls are one. I are beginning to realize that my life without you has no meaning. Today
All day I thought only of you. We became frank with you and I
I think that we should be together. My thoughts are about you and us you together. I look forward to the day when we meet, when you tell me at the meeting: "Hello, my dear! Finally we met! ".
Time is moving so fast, and I can not wait to
When we are together. I WANT TO KISS YOU. BUT NOW I CAN
Only dream about. And I'm waiting for all these dreams
Come true. That's all I need in my life. Thank you ... Thank you for
YOU ... THANK YOU, because you make me smile, because I will be very
Part of your life, with the sincerity of your words and for your kisses
That you give me, and what I have them feels the ... THANK YOU FOR
Lascaux ... THANK YOU BECAUSE despite the fact that you are very
Far away ... You live in me as I IN YOU ... THANK YOU FOR THIS HOPE FOR PARADISE ...
Thank you for what you are and for what you write me your letters ...
Forever ... THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU ME descends into your dreams ... I LOVE
YOU, YOU - my life ... You're all that I want. My joy now
I am fully prepared to travel to you. I think that it is possible 1000 letters to write to each other, but we'll never be able to know each other closer than during the meeting. With regard to travel you, I will need a visa. In order that I get a visa, I will
you must go to Moscow, as the embassy in Moscow. I can get the visa within 7 working days. It will be a tourist visa.
my dear, I want you to write me the name of the international
Airport closest to you. I have to find out the prices for tickets and the possibility of flight! When do I know all this, I will write to you all data, when and how I can fly! My dear on this I must finish
Letter and I look forward to your reply. My dear, I
I am very pleased that you met in this life.
Sincerely Victoriya. P.S. my dear, I am very pleased that you want to send me a gift for
Christmas. my address:
Vysotsky Street Building 10, Apartment 7.
city Baltasi
Republic of Tatarstan
Postal Code: 422250
My shoe size is 39, and 43. The dress but I do not know how it will be in your system sizes.
Letter 10
Hi, my heart and my soul Raymond! Now I have a friend - and I Raymond
I always think about it, I want to know everything about it. absolutely everything! I'm so glad to get your letter today. I am very strongly hope that you will understand me and write a letter to a woman who thinks and dreams of You. Tell me about your thoughts and dreams. And now I have to do it.
I have good news for you. Today I spoke to the boss about my vacation.
Some workers get vacation for 3 months
I just wanted to get off to spend it with you.
Today I went to the boss and told him that I would like to have a vacation.
My boss said I was a good worker and allowed me to get a vacation for 3 months.
I am very glad to see this. Now today I'm working the last day, and tomorrow I will leave.
I'm just happy that I can now spend with you a lot of time together. The truth is my love?
I'm really pleased that we can now meet with you and be the happiest people on the planet.
And I put a tough goal, the goal of my life - to be with someone who loves me and I
I love him with all my heart. I thought that I could see you. I decided to spend the holidays with you.
I thought that I could meet you. Just to meet. That's all I want now. I do not have a passport and I have no visa. But I found out that I will need to get it!
I want to tell you that tomorrow I will go to a travel agency and find out information on how to come to your country, and it is necessary for me to accomplish my goal.
I'll be the happiest girl in the whole world, if we are together. I so much want to meet you.
I love you very much and very much miss you. You are a unique person that is necessary for me.
My dear, I hope that God will allow us to fulfill our dreams.
I love you. Now I have to finish the letter, and I'll wait for you to answer.
I love you with all my soul.
I hope that soon we will live together.
Your love Victoriya.
P.S. My love now I'm going to write you a letter from the Internet - cafe. I want to come to you to where you are working. I've already got releases want to be with you. and it will be better if we buy the dress together when I arrive to you.
Letter 11
Hello, my beloved and dear Raymond!!!
My beautiful and the best man in the world, my dear Raymond. Thank you for your gentle and very warm letter. I
I feel that it is filled with kindness and affection. I'm so glad that you want to meet me. I feel that This meeting
Turn my life completely different side. Not only my ... I think you too will feel another person.
Even now, I understand that you and your writing is very deep in my heart! I am very happy you with me, even here I feel you! I was very supportive of the idea of our meeting. Raymond, I still I can not believe that
You appeared in my life ... I'm very, very thankful that she presented I you !!! you means a lot to me. I am delighted that we will soon be together !!! We need to wait a while. after nobody will prevent our meeting. Moscow ... The plane ... And you will find me! every day every minute Raymond, I think about it. I think about us. It gives me so many positive emotions. our correspondence is new meaning in my life plain and simple. Today I went to the travel Agency. I learned about the cost of the flight to you in USA.
now I I know that I have to pay 1820 dollars. This cost includes a ticket passport for travel abroad, visa (this prerequisite), insurance, road to Moscow by bus, food, and a lot of different documents. My love, I'm really glad that I get to work the holiday.
I hope very much that I got it for a reason. in your letter to me you wrote that in winter you do not usually stay at home, you are working. and I very sad about this. so we will not be able to carry out all these three months together. but you have written to me that you will be home to 27 December to February 1st. and thus we will be able to spend together time. I very much hope so.
I think that now we have a chance to meet you as soon as possible. I should be the Happy girl in the world, when we are together. Today I spoke with my director about my salary. he said me that I will get my monthly salary is only $ 225. and for the remaining 2 months I did not get the money, as this vacation I go at their own expense, and I do not get paid. I was so sad, actually my trip worth 1820 dollars but I have only $ 225 with my salary and more 610 dollars that I long been saving for a trip somewhere. and now I can use the money. so now I have 835 dollars. Now I do not have another 985 dollars, I could pay the travel agency and they organized my flight to you. now I not really know what to do. I do not have money to come to you, but I would like to
to come to you and be with you next. I am sorry that I no longer have this capability.
I did not think that my trip would cost so much. It's a lot of money for Russia. probably you live abroad and you have that kind of money, but I think it is for you a lot of money. That's it? My dear, if I were
The money I could arrive to you in 11 days, because the agency I was told that my documents will be ready in 11 days After I pay them money for documents.
but I can to pay the money to the agency and ask them about what would my flight to you was on December 27 that you were home at the time. My dear to me now because it's bad. I always I think just about you. You are in every part of my head. I love you so much and wish now money is for us great barrier. Perhaps you can help me with this money, then I can come to you and us will be together.
You could help me for the sake of our love with you? Every day I think only about our meeting with you. I want to be near you, and so we can take care of each other. I love you above all. I hope that our dreams will come true, and we'll be together. And soon We can learn a lot about each other. Meeting face to face will help us. I am very much I want to see you, your friends and your city. I really want to know that everything is connected with you.
I hope you will allow me to see and learn everything important about you. I want to touch you, to walk with you hand over hand to kiss you ... Yes, yes Raymond !! I want to be with you !!! I feel I am sure that you, the person I looking for my whole life.
Love your Victoriya.
Letter 12
Hello my love Raymond!!! I now come to an Internet cafe. to write you my next letter. I am very glad to hear from you your next letter. I am very pleased in every time to teach you your letters. my dear Raymond, I have a very severely lacking, I always think only of to you. from the moment we met with you, you have been meaning my life and now my heart belongs to you and only you. my Cute Raymond, I'm sorry that I came to you I need so much money, and I'm sorry that I myself did not I can not find such a lot of money. as you already know I now have part of the money, but I'm still missing a little more than half of the money. in your letter you wrote to me that you can not help me with my problem, that for you it is also very big money. You wrote to me now we have to wait until spring and spring we will be able to meet. I wrote that in the spring you will be able to visit me in my city. but my dear, now I've got my vacation and now I did it can not be undone. and because now I got a vacation in the spring I can I can not get it again. I hope for your understanding. and I very much hope that we will be able to meet right now and not spring. we are together able to celebrate the New Year and it would be most happy new year in my life. and with this new year in We will start with you with you our new future together. my Raymond, I understand that for you too a lot of money and you taxes must be paid in January, but maybe you will be able to take the money from your friends? I want to come to you that we created a family with you and I am sure that we will be able to create the most beautiful and happy family all around the world. when we you are going to live together, then we will be able to return the money. I I will like you to work and earn money for our family. my Raymond, I really badly want to be with you, I want to be happy and I understand that I will be happy just beside you. now I finish my letter and I look forward to your reply. your Victoriya.
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