Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda to Trevor (UK)

Letter 1

Hello Trevor, I was very glad to get your message!!!
I decided to try to search my happiness in another country,
because I can read and write on English.
And because i am sure that people in internet don't waste their time for game. I disappointed in russian man,
because they need love just for one night. And i am sure that you are,
like much another men search women not for just ***, but looking for something more.... I want to find good kind man who will love me and will care of me..
I heard about internet, that it is crazy place and there are much people and hearts who wants to meet each other.
I have never made the acquaintance with someone with help of Internet earlier. Because i use internet not much time, just some hours in a day.
When i am at work.
About my work in some words.. I`m a teacher and i teach children to Russian language. Well, i want to tell you a little about myself. My name is Nadezhda I am 26 years old. I have brown eyes and blonde hair. I do not drink and I do not smoke, but I don't mind if people have this habbits.
My style of life is very healthy. I love life.
I would like to tell you about my character...Well, i think i am emotional and some people are scared of that. You know, when i feel fine, everybody knows about that, also when i am not very well, they know it too. But i don`t consider it as a bad quality, because people always know what i feel and i am not able to dissemble. Moreover, i can control my emotions when it`s necessary.
But we all realize people are not ideal, so everyone has their own defaults. What about you? Tell me about your bad qualities,if you have such...;0)!
You know, i am very sociable, so yes, i have a lot of friends, but only a few of them are really close. Moreover i have my best friend,
who is the only person, knows about me everything, whom i really can trust and believe.
I don`t like people, who is not able to keep their promises, who is selfish and do only what they want to do, not listening to others.
I do belive in God, but i don`t go a church every week. I am religious inside, but sometimes i feel a strong need to pray, so i visit the temple.
I live in Russia, my town called Kazan. This is the capital of Tatarstan Republic, but i will tell you about it in my next letters.
Don’t worry, i won’t forget about it....
I had not been marry and i don’t have any kids. I have never visited another countries.
I like English language i think that it is very good when someone know another language,
for example Lenin knew 8 languagies. Great... I am sure that English it is international language,
because many countries speaks english and only one country speaks Russian..
I have studied English at school and university.
Certainly my English is not good. I hope that you will understand me very well.
I`d like to find not only penfriends. I want to find a person who will be interesting in me, whom I will know and who will know me at the same time.
I scanned some of my photos and i will send it to you and i hope that you will send me your photos too...
I want to build serious relation and i am sure that our photos will helps us.
First of all, it will helps you, because our russian proverb says: “Women like her ears but men his eyes.” I think that the most important qualities that must be in people are trust and honesty.
I want to know more about you, because I have found a little information about you on your profile.
I will be waiting for your answer.... Bye. Bye. Nadezhda
Letter 2

Hi Trevor. I am happy to see the new letter from you.
I want to tell you more about myself; also I would like to tell you about my family.
For my unhappiness I lost my father 5 years ago. He had a lung cancer because of frequent smoking. My mather still alive but after death of my father, she was so bad and she had heart attack. And our doctors told her that she must live in village,
because there is free air and there is no city noise .
It was very difficult time for me to overcome father, i loved him so much,
but my friends told me that i must be strong, he watch what i do. I need him so much, his care, his kind advices and his love.
I think that it is necessarily to have some support in the life!
Certainly it is important to be strong and try to overcome all difficulties yourself but sometimes it so uneasily...
to do it without somebody's help and support. And that is why I appreciate people who are always with me, who help me to live!
Ok, let’s back to my mom......
My mother`s name is Nadezhda, she is 52 years old. She is Russian pensioner.
She have an attractive appearance and a very good sence of humor.
She is very good woman, every days i thinking of her and i wish her good health, i ask our God to help her.
When i have time i visit her, we sit near each other and talk, talk about all...
I like when she tell me when she was young or how she meet my father. I like it most of all, it is very good when kids speak with their parents, i don't understand when kids don't want to visit their parents... It is very bad... Trevor I think that my mother the best mother in the world. She is my ideal.......
I have no brothers and sisters. And i live alone in the flat. I have much time for watching tv and reading book or going to the cinema.
I like it, i like good movies, but i will tell you about it in my next letter.
Because it is another topic for discussion.
I hope that you will write me about your parents. It will very interesting for me to know about your family.
Let's help to know each other better and i am sure that my letters will help you to know me.... Don't worry i have much topic for conversation and all of them will interesting for you... I promise....
Have a nice day. Nadezhda.
P.SYou have asked to me not which questions I want to answer you.
My growth of 170 centimeters. My weight of 52 kgs
Letter 3

Hi Trevor. How are you? Once again i got your letter.
Ok, i read it and it was great. Thank you for tellijng me about your parents and family...
It was very interesting for me.... I am very happy because i see we start our conversation and it works....
And it means, that you are interesting in me. I want that you know i am interesting in you,
but i don't know what will next and what will be in the future.
I am optimist and I believe that most beautifull things are waiting us in future.
I want to tell you about my interests, hobbies and dreams… And certainly it would be very-very great for me to get to know about your interests, preferences, to get to know what do you like to do in a free time.
I hope you will write me about that.
Ok, what about me, I like to go to cinema, because I like to watch movies.
I can say that I like all kinds of cinema, it is difficult to choose only one kind,
because I like “good movies” and certainly as a lot of women I prefer romantic movies:
at heart certainly I would like to be on the place of one of heroines of these stories.
The most favourite films are "The Lord of the Rings", "The Day after Tomorrow", "The Armagedon".
And certainly all the comedies with Jim Kerry in the main part. Also I like J Chan. I adore the films with his acting.
Though I done`t like insurgents, the films with this actor I watch with great pleasure.I`d like to say that prefer melodramas.
I think such films are about love, about real love. So now you know about my preferences in the films, if you would like to invite me to the cinema.
And as for music I prefer to listen to classical music I suppose that this music makes us more pure and improves our soul.
And what music do you like? And also I like to visit museums of art. I admire of products of world art.
I think that the language of art is general for all nations of the world,
because the language of soul is clear for everybody… My favorite writers are Russian classics such as L.Tolstoy and Dostoevsky.
Well, the most famous books by Lev Tolstoy are "War and peace" and "Anna Karenina". And by Dostoevsky is "Crime and punishment".
I like to watch tv, most of all i like to watch such programm us "Discovery" i like this channel most of all.... Do you know why?
Well, because i had never leave my country and i want to see world and this channel help me in my dream..
I watch about countries and about different people... It is so interesting.... I think that i am traveler, i like it and i want it.
I want to see much thing. First of all, i had never see Ocean, i like it, it is so strong and large.
I want to see New Zealand because i sow nature of this country in movies "Lord of the ring", i like it so much.... There are no place in the world, what i don't want to see....
I want to know what do you like and what dislike...
Hope you will give me this answer....
Bye for now... Nadezhda
Letter 4

Trevor, hello. How was your day? I hope all was good. Thank you for your letter and Thank you for all what you wrote me about your preferences.
Step by step we know about each other more and more and more.
I like it, i want that in each our letter we tried to tell something new and something what will be intersting for us.
This is good, we write each other and we answer each other.
I make it with great pleasure, i want that you know all about it me,
i will help you in it. But i cann't write you long letters,
because i use internet during my work time and i don't have much time for it.
I have no computer at home. I would use the Internet of cafe for writing you.
But it is too expensive for me It is necessary for me to pay each time when I receive or I accept from you the letter of 90 roubles, It is 3 $.
But if I send the photo to you i need to pay for this service 4 $.
In Russia only some people have computer at apartment and may use internet at home.
Most people use Internet cafe. In Internet cafe use computer with internet for connecting with people and learned some information. Where are you use computer and internet? In our city many people have not phone at home, I also have no phone at my home. I want to have conversation with you.
Of course you can think, wow she know me few days and she begin talking about money.... Incredibly...
Please don't think wrong...
I just want to explain you Trevor, why i cann't write you long letters at work and i hope that i did it and you understand me.....
Well, what about my job... Mmm...
First of all, i finished university, like a teacher Preschool classes or teacher The beginnings of Russian language and the literature,
i receive very good diploma and i started work like a teacher.
Yes, i am a teacher. I think it is a very interesting, difficult and noble profession.
Every day I go to the centre to give lessons of Russian to little children. Sometimes it is very difficult to work with them because they can be noisy, inattentive.
The other day children don`t want to work and I understand that everything depends on their mood. I am proud when they are successful in something and I try to help them in any case. Several times a week I have individual classes with pupils or grown-ups. Sometimes I am very tired and cann't do anything about the house. But I like my job and can`t give it up.
I like kids, i like all my pupils like my kids... It is very interesting to teach,
first time they cann't understand you and they need your helps.
But after some month they can all and all what i need it is make their lesson most interesting,
find another interesting game for teaching...
This is very interesting jobs...
But of course i have some difficulties when my pupil can do something...
And i must stay after job and work with him in individual.
But there is not much such pupils in my classies.
What about my collaborators, all of them are girls. Our teaching staff is not big. All of them like this work very much. And we give all our strength and knowledge to the children. We proud our job, because we bear knowledge in heads of children and we expand their outlook Very often we gather together and go somewhere for example to the restaurant or for a picnic. We all are young that is why we easily come in contact with each other.
I can tell you a lot of funny stories which sometimes happen at my work. For example there is a young woman who looks a little girl. And very often parents of our children ask her to call a teacher when she tries to explain them something. And the parents are always very surprised when they have learned that she herself is a teacher.
Well, it is all what i can tell you about my work. What do you do? What is your job?
Do you work for yourself or you work in factory or something else....
Please Trevor tell me about place where are you work....
By the way, if you want to know how much money my sallary.... Only 120 usd per month...
And my work time 8 hour a day and 6 day in a week...
Best wishes. Nadezhda
Letter 5

Hello dear Trevor. I met you and you really brighten my life.
It was interesting for me to know about your job. I hope that you love it and it is very interesting for you...
I want to tell you about my daily life here, seems it will be usual days.
I wake up at about 6:00 am at the morning, taking bath and prepare my breakfast. After breakfast I go work, it's about 7:30am. I like to start work early,
and lately finish it (about 5-6 pm, but sometimes i can stay at work later that 6 pm, if i have pupil, who need helps).
At the dinner, I usually trying to prepare something very taste and special,
which consist from three parts.
Not sure how to describe that dishes, but believe me it have good taste. I eat only healthy food, no microwave...
I finish my work day, I am going through all the things which should be done and observe how much work done already.
It helps me to understand what i need to do tomorrow. Then I am sitting at home and writing report about current day. At the evening I have supper, and at the late evening i watching tv or reading interesting book.
By the way, now i read Richard B. Bach.
My favorite story by Bach is about Jonathan Livingstone. It's so lovely.
And his novel i don't know how actually whether translate the name correctly:
"The bridge across eternity." it's so romantic.
I like to spend evening at home. I don't like to visit any clubs. It is not so interesting for me.
I prefer cinema... when i have weekends, i and my best girl friend visit cinema...
We spend the greatest time together.
By the way, her name is Natalia... I like her very much... My favorite movie is Lord of the ring, all series.
Some time ago, i was very happy because my favorite film tooks much figurines on a film festival "Oskar". I have much friends and they are true friends, and i sure they will never betray me.
It is better to have a few good friends than many not so good.
I think that I am rather lucky, I have a lot of true friends and I can enjoy my free time with my friends. I am thankful to my closed friends who helped me when I felt badly. In my opinion the best people's qualities are honesty, faithfulness and courage. I also like people with a good sence of humour. Thanks to this quality they can live easily and pay not so much attention to different problems.
I hate liars or people who think one thing and speak another. Unfortunately we all are surrounded by different people. Somebody is nice and somebody is bad. And it is very difficult to know a person at once. Sometimes it takes a lot of time.
Ok, i don't want to waste your time much and i want to give you a chance to tell me about your friends and all about what you are usually do....
Take care of yourself, my new friend Trevor. Have a good day...
Letter 6

Hi my friend and how do you do?
I hope that all was fine and you was glad to receive my letter. Me too.
It is very good Trevor that we have friends, because without it our life will be difficult. Who can help us in difficult time or how will come when we will need helps.
Of course just true friends. That's why i value my friends and I hope that you too.
It is very good when you can walk and talk about all. Visit park and sit down under trees.
Yes, it is very good... As you know i have best girl friend and her name is Natalia.
We walked much time last time, we spoke about you... I told her that we wrote each other interesting letters and that i started to know you better,
letter by letter. I like it... We walk and talk. Street by street,
crossroads by crossroads. We walked and i looked at building, trees and neon signboards.
It was so nice. And after it, i decided to write you about my city. I want that you know about place where are i live and i want to show you some photos of that place. I hope that you will write me about your town too....
Well, let's start.
As you know my town called Kazan, i wrote you about it in my first letter.
Kazan is a city on the left coast of Volga, located approximately in the middle between Nizhni Novgorod and Samara.
Distance up to Moscow - 797 km.
Kazan is a capital of Republic Tatarstan.
The population of Kazan - 1,105 million person.
Now the city occupies 408,9 sq. km. The areas.
On the arms of Kazan it is represented Zilant - the stylized dragon, the patron and the defender of city. Kazan is a city where there is an East and the West.
At excavation in territory of the Kazan Kremlin the rests of the market, which age about 1000 have been found. In Kazan many unique buildings.
So, tower Suumbike is the highest falling tower in Europe (it on 3 m. above known Pizanskay towers).
The Kazan Kremlin, is constructed Ivan Groznym in the middle of XVI century - it in 1552 is very beautiful also. In general, the historical city centre is simply unique, and not only monuments of architecture, but also modern structures, and involves many tourists.
The Kazan university, the third in Russia, has been based in 1804.
The main building has been constructed at Lobachevsky.
In general, Kazan is also a large centre of science not only in Russia, but also in the world.
So, Kazan is the native land of organic chemistry, such part of medicine, as orthopedy.
Except for a science, in Kazan also ÷òóò and culture.
In city it is a lot of theatres, some concert halls, it is a lot of monuments to people which have glorified Kazan... In total in Kazan more than 500 monuments of architecture..
In Kazan there is unique in the Volga region and the oldest in Europe a zoo largest in Europe an aquapark.
The history of city also can be interesting.
The big pride of capital of Tatarstan are also sports teams.
I hope Trevor, it was interesting for you. And i wrote you much interesting thing about my town.
I think the town there you live in is also famous in some way and nice,
as well. I respect other countries and towns. I think there are no bad towns, there are bad people, who don't pay any attention on the place where are they live, who don't appreciate all beauty of their towns.
Well, that's all... I hope it was interesting for you, to know about the place where are i live. I think that after this story about Kazan, it became for you more native.
Write me about your town, about place where you live.
I hope that you will write me a story too. Make for me small excursion about interesting places of your city.
Your truely friend Nadezhda
Letter 7

Hi... I`d like to say that you are a very talanted narrator.
After your last letter about your city i was so happy, because i had never leave my country and now reading your letter i make excursion in your town. It is very interesting for me.
Thank you Trevor very much for it. I think that you love your town and proud it.
I am sure in it, because we must take care of our town and proud it...
But i know that much people cann't tell much words about their towns, because they cann't see all beauties of town. But we are not like them, we did it.. Hahahaha I hope that allways we will tell each other not only some words, but it will be large and interesting letters. Our words helps us to know us and explaine each other about place where are we live or place where are we work.. Or about what we like and dislike... Thats' great.... Go on.... Don't stop in it..
I think that, home is not the place where are you was born, but the place you like,
where you feel yourself happy.
If you could know how beautiful forest in the winter` in outside of Kazan, when being all in snow. It's so white and seems to be like a fur of a polar box. And when it's a frosty sunny day, the snow is blinking like a silver. I really love this place very much..
Of courese i love my country and i love my town, but i am traveler, i mean that i travel in my dreams.And i want to see another countries, i want to meet another people,
to see how they live and what they to do for living and for fun.
That's why Trevor, would like tell to you about my dreams. About a place where are I want to trip. I hope, that it will be interesting to you....
I would like to visit Asia, Japan, China, India, Europa, Australia, New Zeland, America and Rio...
It 's the most interesting countries for me...
Asian people - so interesting for me. It is surprising, as wonderfully they can live with new technologies and at the same time they do not forget traditions of their ancestors.
I would wish to visit Japan in the spring, when saccura blossoming. I have see it many times, this beautiful image, on TV. Flowering a garden of these trees.
I want to visit China, because there are the big Wall, i want to see and touch the Great Chinese Wall. And i want to see monasteries of Shao Lin....
Or may be I want to go to the New Zealand and visit that places where the shooting of the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" took place as you know this film is my favorite and I watched it several times and I find it wonderful.
And i want to visit Rio. I saw carnival in Rio, and after it i have a dream to see it in real time....
It's so beautiful, many people, much colour dress and dance, dance forever.
I always dreamed about it that sometime I shall see other countries and famous capitals of the world. It will be interesting for me to visit and see the famous historical monuments of the world. For example, Egypt and its pyramids. I want to come to the USA or Canada because of its huge modern buildings and the skyscrapers.
In Australia I `d like to see the kangaroos.
But most of all i want to see OCEAN... It is my the largest dream.... I dream of seeing it with my own eyes, to feel the power of its waves with my legs, to look at its huge and boundless smooth surface. Can you imagine how I want to see it!
But unfortunately now my dream comes true only with the help of books, magazines,
newspapers and TV programmes.
But I hope, I really hope that it will happen not only in my dreams. And I can see all the beautiful places with my own eyes.
And what about you? In what countries and cities have you been? Do you like travelling?
I want to know everything in detail. I hope that it was great placies and you had a great time....
You know Trevor it's so pity when you are so young, you have not enough money for dreams come true, but when The youth is far behind, you have enough money, but dreams - not the same.
Well, i will be waiting for your interesting letter....
Have a good day.... Nadezhda
Letter 8

I like it. Each your letter, Trevor, makes me a little closer to you...
Incredibly, i know much things about you. I know your name, i know where are you live,
later you wrote me what do you like and what dislike, we spoke about your family and friends.
And now i know what do you prefer to eat. I like it, each your letter opened me your internal world. I am happy. I want that i will be open book before you.
I want to tell you some important things. About man of my dream and about the most important in people.
At first, I have no any doubts about the age. It makes no difference to me. I think that the age is an nonexistent parametre. The main thing is to be young inside, in your soul.
i thiink that for the loving people there is no any difference in the age. .
Secondly, I would like very much that our preferences in food, music, books, films and TV programmes will be alike.
I also think that one of the main qualities of the person is a skill to concede. But you should understand me right I don`t mean that a man is to concede constantly. No, the woman should concede either. And I am ready to concede and you....?
Than I don`t like when the men tell us how much money they spend for the woman. For example: "Oh, Darling, Your clothes is so expensive..." It is not very pleasant for every woman. But some girls deserve it because they are sitting at home, do nothing and live only with the help of their husbands.
You should understand that In Russia both the wife and the husband work because the family is not only husband but a wife too. And she also can earn money for the family.
I am not afraid to work that is I would like my future husband to be not against of it.
Then I don`t like when the men smoke in the bed. It is awful. There are a lot of other places to smoke.
Then I want very much to find in the man the respect, understanding and love.And I think the worth thing is the treachery. I hope very much that such thing will never happen in my life. I hope that my husband will not betray me and he will never have another woman. I think it was not very pleasant for men to know that their women have the lovers.
Another thing is how a man can take care of himself.
Man`s clothes and shoes can tell a lot about the person. As for me I hate ***** shoes and clothes.
They have no taste. And they can come to the restaurant in some sport clothes.
Then a good sence of humour. Such people are very interesting to talk to. They are not boring at all.
They can find the way out of any situation.
Then I want my husband, i mean, my future husband don't ask me much in the bed for the first time because I am a ******. Yes, it is true and i think that it is the most important thing in girl.
I think that it is the greatest present for men. Do you agree with me Trevor ?
My first time will be very important for me. My first man should become a teacher for me. I hope there will be no changes in our relations because of it. the virginity will be my present to my man. I think it is very inportant.I hope you don`t think that it is strange. It is normal for the russian girl.
Lots of men want only ***. They don't need any feelings. They are interested only in one night relations. that is why I don`t find my soulmate among the russian men. and I hope that for you my soul is more interesting than my body.
Well, now, Trevor, i will be waiting for your letters about girl of your dream and what the most important things for you in people.
Best wishes......... Nadezhda
Letter 9

Hi, my dear Trevor... How are you?
Now I know about the girl of your dream. I want to say that I suit you on some points,
sometimes it seems to me that you describe me. Hahaha.. I am serious...
Well, Trevor, you and me in different part of the world, in different time zone.
But we have identical purpose, to meet someone who will be closer to us. You and me.
By the way, Trevor, i always wanted to ask you about your country at all. About interesting places.
Give me some note about your country. It is really interesting for me... And i will write you about my country.
What about my country.... Yeahhh, it's very large country, you know it, i am sure you studied geography at school. Hahaha Ok, serious.... Russia is the biggest country all over the world. There are lots of cities and towns and villages in it. Have you ever been in Russia?
Our country is very, very beautiful! We have a lot of wonderful places: seas, forests, mountains.
Our towns are monuments of ancient architecture. Moscow, St. Petersburg,
Vladimir. Our country is rich in mineral resourses and other fossils.
But unfortunately our government cann`t use them right. That is why we have great depts to other countries and the government can`t pay for them now.
Besides nowadays it is very dangerous to live in Russia: kidnapping,
acts of terrorism, explotions. And our government and our president can`t control all this.
And there are a lot of other problems in our country. Unemployed people,
children without parents, antisocial elements, criminality.
Today I went to the shop to buy some food and I saw a small boy, who was playing on guitar and singing beautiful songs.
Such way he asked the money. I wasn't greedy and gave him a little money. In my town,
Kazan, there are many such people, who are playing on musical instruments and make money such way. Basically it is children, who have no parents or have bad parents,
who don't take care of them. Do you have such people in your country?
But I hope that there will be better time in our country. I think we`ll cope with all these problems.
And the main and the most important thing, what i can tell you, it is our country is very dangerous place for foreing people...
I think that you read about skinhead.. Yes, the worse men... I don't know why, but they prefer only white skin and if you have black or another,
they will kick you... And not only skin can makes your meeting with skinhead bad, they think that only russian can live in the Earth and you cann't.....
That's all, dear Trevor, but i love this land and i hope that you don't afraid to come to my country and take me away.....
Hahahaha.. Joke....
well, write me about your country... All what you can and all what you know.....
Thank's before you will do it.....
Your Nadezhda
Letter 10

Hi my love Trevor!!!
I am happy to see your letters. They kind and pleasant to me.
I could not write to you faster as I learned concerning cost of trip to you.
I am happy that soon we shall together and you can help me with trip to you.
I was in firm of travels and me have told that they can during 10 days make to me The visa and passport cost of these documents will be 400 dollars. Whether I has asked can they find for me The cheap ticket they have told that can his cost will make about 800 dollars.
I think it very conveniently both quickly and economically for us. As soon as you will send to me 400 dollars to me will begin To do the documents. If you agree with me I shall give you the information how to send money.
You have asked me concerning my father I want to tell to you slightly about it. My father worked at a factory By the usual smith I very loved the father.
When he was young he was at war in Afghanistan and has received many awards.
I think you heard of war in Afghanistan? I loved the father he was the good man,
I recollect as he drove me in a circus. Bought to me ice-cream and much others of sweetness.
I think if he was now alive, would be glad that at me such favourite man has appeared.
And he necessarily would help me with trip to you.
But as him is not present to me very pleasantly that you can help me with trip.
I love you Trevor!!! I shall wait for your following letter. Your love Nadezhda
Letter 11

Hi my love Trevor!!!
I am very glad to see your new letter!!!
Yours letters for this short time became very special for me.
I understand yours not trust to me.
I live far from you if I would have enough money I already for a long time have arrived to you.
But I have no this money and I have nobody them to borrow. Really what that the paper can stand between our love.
I very much would like to meet you Trevor!!!
If you wish to meet me but do not trust me.
I want that you have arrived for me to Kazan and we have together gone to your country.
I very much wish to be with you Trevor!!! Also I shall go on all to meet you I only worry for you therefore would not want that you came to our country but if you insist you should write to me when you would wish to arrive for me? I shall wait your letter.
Your love Nadezhda
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Name: Olga Zhelonkina
Age: 25
Name: Alena
Age: 33