Scam letter(s) from Elena Kuznetsova to Charles (UK)

Letter 1

The thank for a picture is very pleasant for me Hi thanks for the letter. I am very glad that you have answered to me you asked to tell more more about itself oi?oi I tell. My name is Elena I live in iaeaiuei ai?iaea Zelenodolsk. I work at 2 jobs, I live with the mum in 2 eiiiaoiiie to an apartment, I dream to meet the love, at me 3 girlfriends send in marriage for the foreigners, but I think that I too not worse. It for me is very serious because me already many times deceived also I do not want more to suffer. Ie excuse something I has departed a theme. I like to run on mornings, to listen to music but also sometimes I go to a disco, but seldom I go already has left that age. I LIKE after job to go with the girlfriends in park to be rolled on a swing. I write you from the best girlfriend, because I have no the computer, yes I know it very bad. Has finished medical college and has gone at once on job because the father has left us also to me it was necessary to work since 17 years. Worked in local ?anoa?aia washed utensils, can and will seem strange but I like to wash utensils simply I adore. Well like all though I can tell very long but you likely will be not eioa?anoii. You likely interests that I like in the man, I like such qualities mind(wit), kindness, that was to me a support. Well all while was very pleasant write the letters yours Elena
Letter 2

Hi Charles. Is not present for me not easily to find the love, because The men deceive me, but I seem you have found it Charles I at all Saw your photo but me already ???????? to you more close in yours ???????. Yes But I am pleasant like utensils I never I shall get used to this machine. Yes Certainly I want to marry, but it is better that I to you have arrived(flied), I to time Saw your perfect country as you look at it. Is not present you not the fool You the very good and beautiful man I shall love you, it is not important What the man of age to me main that me loved and respected. I too Very much I want to be engaged ????? you me will learn, I know it difficultly but I I am able them ????????????. Yes I heard about Manchester, I love to look The football and even itself was played, Manchester by(with) the best team. I too I love to pass(miss) ????????? good fault in pleasant conditions. Write I I wait your letters yours Elena
Letter 3

I too did not expect that meeting such beautiful and romantic man All my dream. I very much would like to meet you and even It is more. A photo with a red hair it I for a long time did(made), now I The blond, and as is pleasant to you more. I this hour strongly have grown thin you Likely have noticed. It is all because of the mum I she(it) very much experienced at me Strongly was sick a crawfish of a ****** it awfully, and nobody helped me was necessary The operation she(it) required(demanded) decent money I asked the friends but They have turned away from me. ?? that it I it is not interesting to you likely Excuse. Yes I would like ?????????? at you in experience of love I wait with By impatience mine favourite. And still question to me already is possible it is possible to begin To do(make) the visa and tickets I think all the same it not so is quickly done(made). And Still if I will have not enough money to arrive to you. I can on You to rely. Write I I very much waits today I can not more write, I should go to the mum. I love you, whole and I embrace strong strong.
Yours and only yours Elena
Letter 4

?? my LOVE I very much and very much on you Ms.. Certainly I want to leave in you in a marriage(spoilage) and each day ?????? you of happiness. By the way I to you already have bought a gift, but while it is allowed there will be a secret. When I to you ????????, and I shall represent it (it)((him)). ?????? I today was included in firm. Very long there stood, in turn you see everything, where it goes to have rest. Also has ordered the visa and tickets, and it is required to me 750 $ to arrive (fly) to you. The beginning will be June 15 from the airport Sheremetevo. I shall be very pleased, that I am already speed(already faster) to see you, already I ??????????? with happiness. But me have told, that money should be given back back me on an environment In ((environment(Wednesday)). Whether write, can, you to me send them, that I have given back back them in firm. It will be better for me, if you will send by him(it) through Western union. I write my initials Kuznetsova Elena. Bank: AK BARS BANK, PERVOMAISKAYA,5,ZELENODOLSK, 422520,Russia.
Write faster I very much I wait with ??????? yours and only yours
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