Letter(s) from Caroline Roland to Caleb (USA)

Letter 1

how your day been?I have really been trying to patch up things, but it's getting out of hands now,because i have tried to called my bank all they are telling me was that I have to be home before any solution could be done, now i have already used the remaining cash i have to settle the hotel bills and pay a deposit with the airline agent,i have less than $400 with me here and i have to pay a balance of $1250 to the airline agent so they can book me on a next flight out.i don't really like getting too forward though but things have been hard for me out here so I just have to ask you for a little favor, maybe i should ask if there's anything you can do for me, i mean if i can get some help in anyway till when i get back home even if it is a short loan,i will refund it,just to get my account reactivated.If you would be able to help me out on this i will forever be greatfull and you will never be disappointed even if its important i have to refund it and i swear on my late fathers Grave never to let you down.I am so disappointed in myself right now.I would have bought a return ticket but i think the country Policy does not allow a E-Ticket.I hope to hear from you soon.