Scam Letter(s) from Anna Valariya to Peter (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello Peter!

I was glad to see your answer. How are you? I'm in a very good mood today, and I hope you too, I send to you my best wishes.

I'm single and easy going lady, looking for serious relationships, that is why I wrote to you. I never tried acquaintance in internet, for me was very curious to try this way for find love, I heard about some very good and romantic stories how people find their love. I was in dating agency in my city, they give me your email and said that you are looking for date too, so I wrote to you. I'm with positive mood wait that we can know each other better and hope it will make us happy.

I'd like to write about myself, so you will know me better. My official name is Anna-Valeria but my friends call me Ann. As I said I'm single and never been married and I do not have kids. I live in Russia, in Balashov city, this is in the European part of Russia. It's small provincial city, with population about 75 thousand people. And in my city is small river Khoper, one of the good place for rest. And write me about the place where you live, I'm curious to know. What is interesting there and what is your favorite places?

My age is 29 years old and I was born at 25th August 1985. My zodiac sign is Virgo and I do not keep meaning of astrological signs very serious. What about my physical appearance, height is 171 cm and weight is 52 kg. My hair color is blond and my eyes is blue. I don't smoke and don't drink alcohol. I prefer healthy lifestyle and I stick to this, it give me more energy for enjoy life and finding fun.

I'm wait that you will write me more about you too. For me very curious to know better about you and to continue our communication.
And how do you think? I really wish to find true love with a lot of happy. I wish to share by joy and all the achievements with my man and feel mutual from him, I wish to glad together when he will. That's why I wrote to you.

I have a lot of various interests like sport, music, watch films and going to concerts. I very much like outdoor activities for sport or just rest at nature, even does not matter at summer or winter time.
And what are your interests? How do you spend your spare time?

I work at the boarding school for orphans. I graduated the University in the other town - Saratov, with a degree of primary school teacher.
I love my work, it's very good working with kids. And what is your job?

It's time to finish my letter, I will send you some pictures of me and I hope that you will send me some pictures of you too. I wait for your answer soon.




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