Romance scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Chepaykina to John (USA)
Letter 1

Hi my love John!
This letter from "lucky" lady. Why "lucky", not lucky?
Today I've got bad news from hospital where Anna is treated. The attending physician has told, that Anna urgently need in replacement of a kidney.
I have been very much grieved. I cried. Doctor has told me, that surgical operation will cost 900USD. My love John, I have paid 710 USD for Anna surgical operation.
It is a part of that money I've saved for my trip to you. Today I went to visas firm. I was told that my visa was ready at last, (I send you it's SCAN). I was most happy the person at that time. But this firm not only makes visas, it also reserve tickets. I decided to use their service again. I was told that the flight to Washington costed 890.70 USD.
It was too expensive for me, and I asked them to find the cheapest variant. And they offered.
It would be on the On April, 8. and cost 700.50 USD. I wondered if it was possible to reserve a ticket and to pay for it a part of the money this time and the other part later. But they refused and I was in despair. I asked them to help me so long that tears came to my eyes. And they agreed. I wasted all my money, but it wasn't enough. So I went to pawnshop and pawned silver and gold embellishments which I had from my Irina . I got 150 USD and that was enough for initial payment. I have paid in whole 350.50 USD.
It was my last money. The number of the flight on which I resevered the ticket is 7:15 am Depart Moscow (SVO) Air France 2545 .
Arrive Washington DC (IAD) 12:35 Air France 28.
It is very difficult for me to tell you about it. But I have done everything I can. I paid visa.
I have bought the ticket on a train up to Moscow. I paid a part of the ticket. But this money is not enough. I don't want to burden you. I want to reach you with my own money but unfortunately I have failed. Now I have to pay the remaining part.
It is only 350 USD. I must pay this money before March , 31 , Otherwise I will lose my money.
If you love me, if you trust me and if you want to see me soon, please, send the money for the ticket before on March , 31, tomorrow morning.
I understand that it is a difficult decision for you, but we must trust each other. Any union without trust is impossible if it is a union of wife and husband or a union of boy-friend and girl-friend or a union of business partners. I don't want to be hypocritical.
That's why I want to tell you following: I do not think that you would like to give the love to the woman whom you don't trust. So I am. It's a first check for us. And much depends upon it, may be everything. We must trust each other. That's why I was the first who made first step. Step to you.
Of course if you don't want you can not help me. It is bad but not fatal. I will lose my money.
I speak so because I am in despair and confusion. Now, when we are divided only with one step, I am afraid. I am afraid that you will not help, and all my diligence will be gone. I love you and I want to be with you and the word of honour, your help is necessary for me. I have not calculated my forces. But together we are much stronger. It is much easier to go through difficulties and barrier together. I want to present you all my infinite love and fidelity.
I did not want to ask you. I thought, that I can make all itself. The loneliness has made me strong.
I have got used to live without the help, and to rely only on myself. I very seldom address to somebody for the help, but now I ask you to help me. I have made a step forward. Make also you a step towards to me. I hope that has not offended you. I love you and I trust. I know, that you will not throw me now when there is only one step.
Tell me John, can you help me? If you have an opportunity please help me. I wonder how it is possible to do.
There is an International Western Union (by the way, they have a website, called
You may send me money using Western Union according following data:
VOLGOGRAD , 400005
For Olga Albahtena.
To get the money, I should tell the employee of bank your full name, full address, exact amount and some confidential numbers (Money Transfer Control Number), which will be given to you, when you send the money.
I love you very much! I think about you John every time.
Forever yours Olga . p.s.Loved John, understand me correctly, I spoke the commissions that, I would shall stay in America some days for that that they have approved my visit to you. If I would tell that I shall remain longer than some days, they could not approve my departure.I want to remain with you how many you will wish and how many to me my visa will allow to remain with you.
Letter 2

Hi my John!
I in Moscow, at the airport. I have arrived to Moscow and at once from railway station have gone to the airport. I have decided to have registration at once to not worry tomorrow. I have gone to a department of registration of tickets and the control of luggage. And I have one trouble.
I have paid money for my visa. My ticket we have bought together with you.
But it was insufficiently for our meeting. The men from Airport Service has told me, that I should have extra money(not less than 800 USD) to get to USA.
I have answered, that I haven't extra money, and it was the truth: when I've left my home I've had American visa, air-ticket up to Washington , the train-ticket and a little money.
They have explained me that extra money is necessary to convince the American Government,that I have money for the return ticket, that I'm a decent girl, and when I will get on the American territory, I shall not become the tramp or the prostitute, and that I should have money for the hotel as any tourist. I have told them, that I really am tourist and I have shown them my tourist visa. But the man has smiled and has told me that he never saw tourists without money. These words have offended me very strongly. I have told them, that in Washington I will be met by my beloved man, and that I fly directly to him. I wanted to give them your phone number, but they have refused call to you. Unfortunately your phone number was for them not too convincing argument. He has demanded from me to show him at least 800 American Dollars. And I have answered, that I have no such money. I was confused. I for a long time swore at them. But in any case I should pay 800 USD. When I shall have money, I will receive ticket on nearest flight in this day.
Otherwise I will not get aboard the plane. But you should not worry, because I will get this money back, when I arrive to Washington .
I cannot write much because I use the Internet of cafe. I should spend night in Moscow in a waiting room. It is much more terrible than I thought.
Tomorrow I again will take advantage of services of Internet - cafe to receive your letter.
My love John as soon as possible send me 800 USD.
You may send me money Western Union
MOSCOW , 125015
using Western Union again. It is located not far from the Airport where I am. I am so frightened. I cannot be in Moscow for a long time, because I have no money for a meal and a for the night lodging. I only have slightly meal which I took from a house for my trip in a train. I should have money as soon as possible because I cannot be in Moscow for a long time.
It is so terrible. But I try to keep calmness.
Forever love,
Letter 3

Hi, my love, John.
I have very bad news for you. I even don't know how to begin. Right now I am writing you from the hospital. I have concussion of the brain. But don't worry because I am OK, only I have a little headache.
I lost my vigilance. But when I was passing a dark street somebody heated my head with a heavy object.
I lost consciousness and awakened in hospital only. I was told that I was robbed. My wallet with your address and coordinates were stolen. To tell truth , I have noticed in In shop two suspicious young people, but I didnt pay attention. How I am pity about my carelessness presently.
The policeman came to me in chamber and I described him appearance of thise pair. But I am not sure that they will find them. I feel uncomfortable to ask you once again about help, but you are the most close person for me in this big city though you are very far now. Send me please 150 dollars. This money will be enough for me must to get to Dubovka. Fortunately, my documents were not stolen. When I arrive in Dubovka, I will sell my apartment. These money will be enough to buy the plane ticket and return you all money which you gave me. I love you very much and as before I want to be with you anyway.
Probably you think that I was powerfully knocked on head if I am so mad.
But I have solved so. My love to you with each day and with all failures only grows. If you are not able to help me presently, I will understand this and won't be offended on you. But you are my last hope. Tomorrow I will go from hospital. I do not know what I shall do. I have no money to eat and buy the ticket home. Answer me as quickly as possible. Tomorrow is the last day when I am capable to use the computer in hospital. Olga
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