Scam letter(s) from Alexandra Ovchinnikova to Buzz (USA)

Letter 1
I have just read your letter. Thanks for your answer. My name Aleksandra.
But you can name me Aleksa, so my name is my friends and acquaintances. I hope you has not forgotten me? I wrote to you on the dating site.
I wish to ask you to be decent.The Internet new type of dialogue for me. Now acquaintance on the Internet popularly in the whole World.
Absolutely not important, what distance will finish us. We can communicate here and learn each other. You agree? Please, your photos have gone to me.
It is assured, that at you a beautiful smile. Viewing of your photos will help me to learn better you and your life. I the first time write the letter to the man... Do not laugh over me. I the sociable girl, but I have got used to communicate in a reality. I like to see the person of the person at conversation and to see emotions. I hope, that now on your person a smile, and at you good mood. I wish to tell about myself now.
To me 31 year. I was born on October, 30th, 1982. Looking at my photos you can estimate my physical beauty. However, till now I lonely.
Men with which I am familiar do not involve me, all of them are boring. I search for the man! I wish to meet the beloved! I wish to meet second half!
I have a confidence. I am assured that in the World there is a man who will appreciate and love me. I have a higher education. I work.
My work brings in my the good income. My parents are live, but I live one.
Already I the adult and independent girl. Often I see my parents.
I respect and I love mum and the daddy. I never was married. I one.
Certainly in the past, I had a communication with the man. My last relations with the man have ended 2 years ago. Now at me the grief has ended. Now I have a feeling of loneliness. Much my friends already have a family.
I also dream of a family. I hope, that you have read my letter. Tomorrow I wait your new letter. Please, write to me in English.
I study English language independently, I hope, that I do not suppose many errors. Ah... I have absolutely forgotten to tell. I live in Russia.
For you distance a problem? Though you would not pay attention to distance between us. I never thought, that I can write such letters, especially to the man whom at all I do not know. I hope, that you do not regret about time which has spent for reading of my letter...
I wait, that you will not ignore my letter, and will answer me.
Letter 2
Good afternoon Buzz,
It again I! Today my day has begun rather unusually... I have woken up in the morning, and have thought of you... For me there was surprising it.
Earlier every morning I woke up and thought that I should make within day. However, today all was differently. I have washed, have made coffee, have made to myself a breakfast from fruit. In parallel I have included the laptop (lap top) to check up mail, and to look news, recently I have started to read news from for a difficult situation in the world. As I waited your letter. I read news and a coffee saw.
I have taken a great interest in reading of news, and have casually spilt coffee on the keyboard of the laptop... You think, what I clumsy?
Probably you are right... The laptop Screen has gone out, and I could not continue reading of news and mail... Now I am on work, and only have read your letter. Buzz, I think, that I should continue to tell to you about the life. I never was married. I do not have children, but I love children and children love me! I do not smoke. I drink wine only during a celebration. Bad habits, reduce our life.
I not against the smoking, each person make independently choice. I do not have a lot of free time because I work much. When I have a free time, I spend him variously. In my city Balakovo it is a lot of entertainments. You know the city of Moscow? Distance from city Balakovo to Moscow of 1008 kilometres. Tell to me about your city. At Russia very rich history. I will not tell to you about it now. I work as the bookkeeper in a civil engineering firm. My work demands from me gravity, attentiveness, diligence. At me there are these qualities. I like work with documents.
Every day I start to work in 09:00 in the morning. I stop to work in 18:00 in the evening. On Sunday I have a rest. My work brings in my the stable good income. I receive moral satisfaction from the work.
Buzz, please, tell to me about your country. It is interesting to me to learn your life... How you spend every day? In the country you met people from Russia? I send you the photos which have been made on my work.
I should continue to work now. Thanks for your attention. I hope, that my letter was not boring for you. Aleksandra.
Letter 3
Hello Buzz,
Today having come for work, I have read your letter. I did not have time to write you at once the answer. Within the whole day, I could not work easy... I could not concentrate. Do not think, that dialogue stirs ours with you to my work. On the contrary, it is pleasant to me to think of you. I try to present, than you are engaged during this or that moment of time. Now I have a free time, and I write you the letter... However, not always I can see your letters on work. My director is strict, and it does not suppose, that employees of our organisation were engaged in extraneous affairs. Do not worry, I will be cautious, and we can continue to communicate.
Within the next few days I will carry the laptop in repair. To see much more convenient for me your letter of the house. I like ours with you dialogue. Thanks that you find time for me. I feel your attention, and it is final pleasantly for me. How there passes your day?
Today I have woken up in 6:00 in the morning. Every morning I begin with small jog. I do not have time to visit an exercise room, therefore I carry out house physical exercises. Sometimes I visit pool. Buzz, near to your house there is a beach? In the summer I very much like to visit a beach. In my city river Volga proceeds.
I am assured, that in your country the beach is the favorite vacation spot, many tourists. So, I live one. My parents live in village, which near to my city. In village, it is less developed infrastructure, therefore I have preferred to live in a city. I rent apartment. I like apartment which I rent. At me good relations with owners of apartment.
I often come to my parents. Mine mum and the daddy already older persons. To my mum 64 years. To my daddy of 66 years. I very much love the family!
Buzz when I write you the letter, I would like to tell to you about all. It is a pity, that between us distance. If we lived nearby could meet in cafe and talk infinitely. I sincerely hope, that you support my dreams. I hope, that sometime ours with you dreams will be carried out.I wait your letter. Write to me faster... Aleksandra.
Letter 4

Hey Buzz,
You wait my letters? I hasten every day for work to see your letter. I read your letter in the morning, and I have a good mood all the day.
Now I have a free time, and I write you the letter. Dialogue at all does not stir ours with you to my work. I have time to do everything, that is required from me on work.Buzz how you have spent yesterday's evening? What plans at you for today's evening? Yesterday I wished to go to cinema. I do not like to go to the cinema one. I have called my familiar girlfriend at cinema, but she has refused. My girlfriend had many affairs yesterday. We have agreed, that we will go to cinema today. Now I do not know, what film we will look... I will write to you about it tomorrow. You like to visit a cinema hall or to look house cinema? I have big collection DVD of the house. However, I am pleasant like cinema on the big screen. I like melodramas, comedies, adventures. What genres of films like you? As to music I was not present special preferences. My choice of music depends on my mood.
I can listen romantic music, pop, transe. You like to dance? I well dance.
In the childhood I visited school of dances. When I studied at institute, I was engaged in aerobics. Also I like to dance slow dance.
For a long time already I did not dance slow dance. The darling Buzz, you think of our relations, how about friendship? I wish to know it.
I very trustful girl. My heart has been broken in the past! I do not want, that experience of unsuccessful relations has repeated for me.
You like me. I like your letters. I open to you the new feelings now. It seems to me, that my life starts to be filled with sense.
Sometimes I think of you within day... I represent, than you are engaged during this or that moment of time. Please, be sincere with me. Together with the letter today I send you photos, With my favorite cat, and my grandmother, I still had only one grandmother. I wait your letter! Your girlfriend from Russia, Aleksandra.
Letter 5
Hi my friend Buzz,
I have got tired today on work. Early in the morning I was caused by the director, and has asked to prepare the financial report.
Just I have finished all necessary calculations. Later, I will go to the director and to hand over the report. Your letter has brought to me a smile... Buzz, I would like to look now in your eyes and to guess your mood.You know what the sight can tell more than one million words?
My eyes sparkle pleasure when I check mail and I see your letter. Thanks for happiness,which you bring to me. You to somebody have told about ours with you dialogue? I said to nobody that now I have a friend in other country.
I promise, that I will speak to nobody about ours with you dialogue. Some people are very envious, and I very much do not like it.
Our dialogue, It is ours with you pleasure. Last night I together with the familiar girlfriend went to the cinema. We looked cinema "Lucy". I liked a film "Lucy".
In general I love films Luc Besson. A film with impressing special effects, and with deep sense. In "Lucy" I have seen, a shrill and thought over film, Which lifts scale problems of mankind and all Universe. I recommend to look to you a film "Lucy". Please, tell to me,
You prefer what rest? You like the noisy companies or you prefer quiet rest? As to me earlier I very much loved the noisy companies.
I liked to have fun, and was soul of the company. There were some changes in my life, probably it is caused by that I became adult.
It is much more pleasant to me to have now rest in the small company of my girlfriends in cosy cafe. I dream of romantic evening with the beloved.
Buzz, you the romanticist? You like to surprise the girl? I like romanticism... I like to observe of stars, I like to have supper at candles.
Also I like to dance dance under slow music... However, already very much for a long time I had no all it. Today I send you photos from a daily life.
Now I will go to the director to hand over the report which has prepared today. My kisses for you... Aleksandra.
Letter 6
Hi sweetie!
Was my last letter good or there was something offensive?
You stop writing to me and I am worried.
I need you and I tell you only the truth.
You could tell everything to me even if it’s not pleasant. I try to accept everything.
I don’t want to lose you. Aleksandra.
Letter 7
Hi dear friend Buzz,
Thoughts on you bring to me good mood. When I cannot see your letters, I think of us with you, and I have a good mood. I have just read your letter...
Buzz, ours with you the friendship very much is pleasant to me.
Earlier I to you had a feeling of curiosity. Now I had a feeling of liking to you.
I wait your letters, like the child who waits a gift for Christmas. I with huge impatience wait your letters. I go to bed and I think of us with you.
Earlier I did not represent, that feelings I can arise at dialogue in e-mail. Now we are convinced of it. Buzz, what you feel? I sincere with you, also say to you only that I feel. From the very beginning of our dialogue we have agreed about sincerity, and I trust you now. I have a sensation, that we are familiar with you throughout the whole life. I do not have any secrets from you. Always I try to answer your questions.
Please,repeat the questions for me when I forget to answer your questions. Well?
The darling Buzz, today I wish to ask you some questions.If you do not want to answer me, I will understand you.You write letters to other girls? You're the only man to whom I write letters, I do not need nobody else.
I am not interested in dialogue with other men.Tell to me please as you consider your future? What do you want in the future and whether you that I was a part of your future want? I wish to marry only once and to be happy.By the way me there is a passport which allows me to travel all over the world. I have made it last year. In letters it is difficult to speak about feelings. I wish to look in your eyes, and to listen to you.
The sight, can transfer much more words. You agree with me?
Our meeting will help us to learn each other. Yes, I already seriously think of our meeting. Buzz,I am afraid to check up mail in any day, and not to see your letter. Please, do not leave me without your letters.
And as always my best photos for you.I wait your new letter.
Letter 8
Good afternoon darling Buzz,
I am very glad to your letter... I think of us with you. I would like, that the distance between us has thawn in a flash, and we were together. I am grateful to the God and the Internet that we have got acquainted with you. By the way Buzz, yesterday my mum was at me on a visit. Mum remained to spend the night at me. We long did not sleep. On road home, I have bought a pie. We with mum drank tea and ate a pie before a dream. We with mum very good girlfriends. I do not have any secrets from my mum. Already I adult, but mum always help me a wise advice. I have told to mum that I have a friend in other country. Yes, Buzz, I have told to my mum about you.
Mum very much was surprised. I have told to mum that we have got acquainted on the Internet and already we communicate a lot of time. Mum has approved ours with you dialogue though she has told, that I should be cautious. My mum the wise woman, and it to aspire to warn me against that I had a warm trauma.
I have told to mum, that you the good man, and probably soon we will have a meeting. Mum has told to me, that I should tell about this daddy. I consider as the debt to consult on parents, they close people for me, and they always will help correct council.
It is difficult to me to assume, as my daddy will react that I have a friend in other country. Mum promised, that we together will tell to the daddy... In letters it is difficult to speak about feelings. I believe, that we will meet you in any day, and we can talk endlessly. Each word which I speak you, I speak is realised! The love is a feeling which unites such feelings, as Friendship, Respect, Trust, Sincerity, Mutual understanding, Caress, Tenderness. I consider, that it is necessary to admit love looking in eyes to the favorite person. Buzz, feelings which are in my heart now very new to me. When I read your letters, it seems to me, that butterflies flit in the bottom of my stomach. My full name: Ovchinnikova Aleksandra. Please, tell to me your full name? You think of our meeting seriously? I very much want, that ours with you a vacation was together. I hope, that next days, the director will tell exact dates of my vacation that we could agree about a meeting. Even, if you is occupied any part of day, I do not wish to refuse travel to your country. I very much would not like to finish the letter to you now... It seems To me, that I can write to you infinite letters. However, I am compelled to work now. I send you a photo as we with the daddy went on fishing, my daddy likes to fish, sometimes it takes me, I like to have a rest on fishing, to like the nature. Please, write me the letter faster...Sincerely,
Letter 9
Hello dear Buzz,
Thanks for your new letter. Last night I have caught myself on thought, that I miss on you... By the way, I was on a visit at my parents, and I have told to my parents about us with you.
Buzz, my daddy has approved ours with you dialogue.
The daddy has told, that I should be cautious. Also the daddy has told, that to it cases when girls from Russia fraudulently entice into other countries are known, and take away their documents, thereby doing the girl the ****** *****. I have hastened to calm my daddy. I have told, that you absolutely normal man, and I am assured of your feelings. My parents see, that I happy.
Mine mum and the daddy are very glad for us with you. Now we have a blessing mine of parents. We can start to plan ours with you a meeting.
By the way, this morning I talked to the director about a forthcoming vacation. The director has told, that I can be on a vacation of 48 days.
These are good news to us with you! I am very glad! The director has told, that my vacation will begin within the next few days.
Now it is necessary for me to finish some affairs, and I can be on a vacation. I assume, that in 3-5 days my vacation will begin.
You are glad the nobility about it? Buzz, I now think of travelling to you on a vacation. I dream to visit for a long time your country.
During ours with you of dialogue, we became good friends, and I have a big desire to meet you. You could meet me? I absolutely know nobody in your country, except you. Though you could meet me at the airport. I will be glad to spend all time with you. Time which we will spend together will help us to learn each other. Certainly I understand, that you have a private life. I understand, that you should work or meet friends. I do not wish to be a burden for you, and is ready to wait patiently ours with you I will meet every day.
We can spend together evenings and the days off. You agree with me?Buzz, it is assured, that when we will meet. Ours with you new feelings will become stronger. I think, that the nearest international airport from my city, is in Moscow. Near to your house there is an international airport? I could arrive to what airport for our meeting? I said to you, that I have a passport which allows me to travel in the whole World. I think, that I will need to make out the visa to travel to you. Next days I plan to visit travel agency in our city to learn more in detail about travel to you. I promise, that I will inform you any news which at me will be.
It is pleasant to me to know, that you like my photos. I wait your letter. I Hope, that already in the following letter I can inform you any information on my travel. I send you a photo and an ardent kiss,
Letter 10
To it why you have written nothing to me?
I do not like you, you do not wish to develop our relations further?
Or you did not like my last letter?
Letter 11
Hi my dear Buzz,
I am very glad to receive your letter now. Thanks that you answer my questions. Buzz, I wait ours with you a meeting with huge impatience...
Today I have important news. Please, be attentive. In the morning I called in the visa centre which is in Moscow. Now I know almost all information which is necessary for me for travel to you. First of all to me have told, that I should visit personally the visa centre in Moscow to begin process of registration of the visa. It is all from for a difficult situation in the world, from for Ukraine. I have told, that it not a problem.
Already my vacation, and at any time I tomorrow will begin I can begin visa registration. To me have told the list of documents which I should show for the visa. I should show the inquiry on the marital status, the inquiry from work, the declaration on payment of all taxes, and also the passport and photos. Today I will try to receive all documents. Still to me have told, that I should give 2 air tickets (the ticket for arrival in USA and for returning to Russia). I have decided, that I will live in hotel or I rent a room in Moscow while my visa prepares.
I will choose cheaper variant when I will arrive to Moscow. Also today I have learnt about cost of registration of the visa. To begin visa registration, I should pay 160 US dollars. Also I will need to pay consular gathering and an additional payment for registration of questionnaires. That to me have allowed to travel in USA, I should have medical Insurance. As a whole cost of reception of the visa will make 300 US dollars.
This sum includes cost of medical insurance. I asked about cost of air tickets, but the girl in the visa centre could not answer my question.
When I will be in Moscow, I to visit the airport to learn the prices. I have some savings. I have 1200 US dollars to spend a vacation.
Buzz, whether I do not know there will be enough my money to get air tickets. The matter is that I should live in Moscow. Today after conversation with the girl from the visa centre, I thought about much the volume as we can will meet. Between us there is a friendship, and I am assured, that we with you friendship will grow. I wish to know, that ours with you of feeling mutual. Buzz, it is necessary for me to be assured, that you will meet me at the airport. You can help me with purchase of air tickets to you? It is important to me to know about it and consequently I ask you about the help. I do not have many money, and I not from a rich family. However, it is not a pity to me of money for ours with you of a meeting. I have a feeling of pleasure which has appeared since first day of our acquaintance. From my life the feeling loneliness was gone, and it is pleasant to me to know, that in the World there is a person who thinks of me. We with you a meeting is a big step to ours with you relations. I listen to the heart, and my heart says, that together we will be happy. Please, tell to me your thoughts. I will wait your letter. I should know answers to my questions. I do not wish to lose any day from my vacation. Now I will go to the director to receive all inquiries which will be necessary for me for visa reception to you. I send you a photo and gentle kisses,
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