Scam letter(s) from Marina Shevchenko to Jan (Belgium)

Letter 1
hello dear friend Jan, this is Irina, )))) how are you doing now?
Letter 2
hello dear friend Jan, thank you for your nice photo, i like your photo a lot, i think you are so interesting man I am glad meet you on this dating site and continue our communication with e mail , I think we both for serious relationship and looking for big love, maybe we have common interest and aims? maybe we can try?? I wish to tell you more about myself, about my life, hobbies, interest and maybe you can found some sparkle in me? on this dating site I am looking for reliable and trust man, who can be husband for me and father for my little daughter, I need man who can give me hand of support and heart full of love, of course no one is perfect but my ideal man this is man intelligent, optimistic, kind, honest, caring and open mind that believes in family and family values. About me I can say that closed friend and mother called me as Irishka or Irinka, I like my name. I am 26 year old , my birthday on 15 of January, I am Caprccorn, I can say that my character is faithful and loyal, I am a person who values honesty, friendship, I am very friendly and honest, warm, very calm by nature and fun time to be with my partner. I am a romantic soul who is very sensitive to the passion, in my heart a lot of love, you know I am single mother, my big joy in this life this is daughter Alina, she is 2 year old. I love my family a lot, I have mother and father, also sister but she is married and live in another country, for this time I live with my mother and my daughter, and my mother looking for my daughter while I am at work, I have education as master degree, i am English Teacher but as you know in Ukraine war now and I must earn money in another way, I am work in the shop with food, of course this is not job of my dream but at list I have communication with people and every day meet new people , in my town everyone know each other, I live in small town Severodonetsk town Luhansk region , this is east part of Ukraine, I love my town but I don’t see any future there, I would be glad meet reliable and god man and in future move abroad, but of course only with right person for me, I would be glad to know more about your life, do you have big family or kids even ? I would be glad to know, so Let's start friendship who knows, maybe we will create long-term relationships and more. The most important is how we feel inside and of course it would be nice to have similar interests where there is a lot of chemistry, I will be waiting for your reply and next letter, your friend from Ukraine, Irishka
Letter 3
hello dear Jan, thank you for your reply to me and for your another letter , of course i was not at work, i have send my letter around 7 pm but i don't know when it come to you, thank you that you told me more about your life, this is important and interesting for me, yes, of course i would be glad see come of your photo , about photo at work sorry to this time i have no photo from job, i work there not long time and i have no photo now, maybe then i will send, dear interesting to know that you have boy, son, of course i think i would be so glad meet with your son also, dear so glad and interesting talk to you, I read your letter and understood that you interesting in communication and easy going person, of course we just start talk, exchange some photo and messages but I would be so glad know you better, talk with you more, every day we can open something new from each other, and I hope we can have successful communication, how are you today? how is your mood? maybe do you wish to know something more about me? you can asked me everything that interesting and necessary for you , if we both have desire to know each other, I can tell you more, I am family oriented woman, family values for me on first place, I have big family, parents and sister, but she live far away from me, she is married and we don’t see each other often, the big joy in this life this is my daughter Alina, she is my princess and sweet daughter, I like spend time with her, I like read fairy tales for her, I like play with ball with her, I like take bath with her and play with dolls. I have a lot of hobbies, I like take care about flowers , I like reading book, I like listen music, my favorite is U2, Black eyed peas, Pit bull, Enrique Iglesias, sometimes I like simply watch Tv or some interesting film, I have romantic soul and usually I like watch film Titanic, a walk to remember, Notebook, this is one of my favorite, what about you? what is your taste in film? also I like nature, go to picnic, make BBQ, grill meat or vegetable, I like it. I love animal and we have cat at home, my daughter I like him also but cat so scary then he see my child)))) my Alina always take him for his tail) she is funny and active baby. for this time she only know a few words by Ukrainian and Russia, but she can’t speak till this time, she is too much little. I wish found man who can take care about me and my daughter, who can love me as well as my daughter, who can give me ability to believe in love again, from my side I am passion and caring with my partner, I can show my passion and love, I can give support and undersigning, I can wait with tasty dinner and our house will be always full of love and positive mood, house with warm and love! dear friend, I think I told you enough about me, I hope it was interesting for you, I wish talk to you more and please tell me how do you imagine your future with wife? do you wish your woman stay at home and take care about children and house? ? can you provide good life for your wife and children?? I am waiting for your reply and photo) friend Irinka))
Letter 4

ok dear please reply to me if you have time, i like your photo a lot, so interesting for me! i wish you good day and enjoy your job)) waiting for reply! Irinka
Letter 5
**** dear Jan, thank you for your reply to me and for your nice photo, i like your photo a lot , i think you interesting man, yes, i would be glad talk to you and know you better, thank you that you like my photo, yes my photo make my sister, she is photographer, i have a lot of photo, professional but also some ordinary photo, of course i can send you different, dear yes, i tell you , i am 167 tall 51 kg, i hope this is ok for you, about father of Alina to make situation clear i can say, i am not widow, i have never been married, i was in relationship with man, i was serious about his, i was waiting for family, for future, we was going to married and i even was engaged to this man, but as soon as i told i am waiting for baby, he changed this mind, told that he not ready for this step and for child now, asked me to make abortion as he don't want this baby, he left me, but i decide for myself that i am educated and raised my daughter alone, my family help me now, my mother and father, i was deeply betrayed with this man and i understood that man in Ukraine not family oriented , dear are you happy to get my letter? I hope, because your letter make me smile, thank you for this little happiness, I feel that with every letter I become more and more closer to you, we start our communication and hope we will have good ending, I want to tell you that my dream is to have family, I want to get married and be happy with my husband, I want to see different countries with my best half and children, But now I have no ability to travel and see different countries, I can travel only in Ukraine, I know it is difficult to believe but I have never been abroad, I have never seen another life, and another civilization, I know that other developed countries live differently, and have higher standard of living, but in Ukraine I can’t effort to go abroad, I can travel to sea and I should save money long time to go to sea, it it is my reality. If we are communicate you should know that life in Ukraine not so good, But I have such friends that have ability to travel abroad and they told me that Turkey and Egypt is very popular resort, But I can only imagine about it, Do you have any place to visit? Do you have dream? I can tell you about my dream. I want to see island Bali, Really it is hardly find a person who would not even dream to spend one day on a beautiful island with golden beaches. Here we can imagine that stays on a desert island. Bali is known as the island of the gods, a paradise on earth. Do you want to enjoy holiday in absolute peace on tropical nature under the soft whisper of the Indian Ocean? Can you imagine this? I dream to walk under the moon with my favorite person and listen to the sound of the ocean, I want you to hold me and whisper softly in my ear, I want to run with you on the waves and kiss you, I can only dream about this, I think it is a dream that will never come true, No, don’t mind I am optimistic, but I am live in reality, I don’t want to build castles in the sky, It is so expansive for me to go to Bali, maybe one you and me would be together and we can travel together, and how many countries did you visit? Did you have something to tell me? I hope, I will be waiting for your letter tomorrow, but now I should end my letter, I have some plans on evening, I want to go to cinema with friends, Hope you give me an answerer, wait for your reply, your Irina
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