Scam letter(s) from Joy Michel Bauman to Charlie (USA)

Letter 1
Hey Charlie I like your name how are you doing?sorry I'm just replying to your email been having some problems lately but it all good lol age is not an issue to me what matter is the heart anyway you sound very nice and interesting here's a pic send me yours too but I have to let you know that I'm 33 married but not working husband is a **** and a drug addict but am getting a divorce soon..I don't work just a full time house wife so am free to meet anytime,I drive a forde range and am willing to drive down if you're ready to get me gas and toiletries funds..
Let me know what you think...
Letter 2
Hey Charlie you still haven't sent me a pic you know I told you I'll be needing $450 for the trip and yeah you can get me funds via green dot money pak. You can do that from any Walgreens,Walmart or cvs store near you.....
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