Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Filippos (Greece)

Letter 1
Good day,
My name is Nastasya and it is nice to write you for the first time. I hope that we start our communication and learn more about each other.
I got your address from the dating site and I hope that my letter will be a nice surprise for you. Let me write you a bit more about myself. I am 29 years old, single, I do not have children. In the future I would like to start a family with good and loving man and live happily together for the rest of life. I am optimistic, kind, easy-going and open person. I work at the hospital. At my spare time I like to do sports, among them swimming, running and aerobics, also cooking, read books and have walks in the park. I also adore animals, though i do not have them at home.
I hope to hear from you soon and that we start our correspondence. I believe it would be really nice, as I never had friend or a mate through the Internet.
Look forward to your reply and wish you nice day!
Letter 2
Hello dear Filippos! Thank you for writing me back so quickly! It is very exciting to see how our correspondence developed, and I'm waiting for your next letter with already impatience!
Now I'm at work and have little break so I decided to see if your answered me, and it was a wonderful surprise for me! I write to you back and then back to work. It can be difficult, but sometimes I can help people and some really important and necessary things and it makes me love my job. I work in shifts - so sometimes it is in the night and sometimes during the day. I fuhle drowsy when the shift change but in general it is more interesting :).
I like to read, and you ?? I love Russian classics - Tolstoy, Bunin, Dostoevsky and poet of the early twentieth century. And what kind of bird you mogen? also Sometimes I like fantasy books - it's like fairy tales for adults :).
I like cooking too, but I truly believe that men are better than women in the kitchen :).
Tell me what you mogen or do not like, more about your work - anything you want! I like you really want and know more about you!
I wish you a nice time and looking forward to getting you respond soon!
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