Scam letter(s) from Matilda Lachlan to Gunther (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello my beloved Gunther, Good day my love. I was unable to write to you, sorry, I was on patrol with my troops in southern Afghanistan, and back right now. I hope you had a good night. I want you to know that my love for you is forever and unconditionally. I will now and forever,i really need your help on this project, and with you I found the joy of love, happiness and peace I seek in a man. You're my better half and I will always love you. I love you now and forever. Honey this information I will show you now, here is a very important information. Honey telling you about this project is for security reasons due to what just came up and the love I have for you. Please honey don't be afraid, I'm just being security cautious, okay! Actually I've been thinking on what to do about what I saw and how to go about it. Sincerely speaking, I can't even arrive at any solution on how to move about what met on my last patrol. Meanwhile, I'm so sorry I've not sent a mail to you for some days now, I and my troops went to a special patrol in the southern Afghanistan called Kandahar which is almost the out sketch of the Afghanistan city, which we came back this morning, I was so tired so I decided to rest and sleep, and I wake up this afternoon, since I wake up many thinking has been running in my head on what to do about what I saw, even till now because the time here now is 12:56 PM, I've not yet arrived at any solution. My dear, at the out-sketch of the Afghanistan city where we came back from this morning, on our efforts in searching for some of the killed Taliban's and our colleagues, As my soul mate, my best trusted friend and my husband to be by the grace of God, I really need your help on this because I have think front and back without arriving at any solution, I met on this last operation at the interior of Afghanistan and with you I found the joy of love, happiness and peace I seek in a man. You're my better half and I will always love you by the grace God. Please my dear I want you to please promise me that you won't disappointment me, I'm so confused now and I wouldn't want any one to find out about this because of my respect, my dignity and my rank which soon I'll honorably retire as a US Army general. Honey, this information I will show you now here, is a very important information, so I do not want you to reveal it to anyone, I mean nobody please and I know you are my husband by the grace of God, my body, spirit and soul, I cannot disclose it to a different person because of the security risk and to avoid exposing me or betraying me due to my rank in the military. My Beloved, I want you to listen to me very well below is a very important information for you and me with this art of yours in my life you have set the ball rolling to a very good and wonderful life experience, I believe God is with us and he will see us through. Listen to me honey, yesterday ago, when I and my troops were on a raid in the interior southern part of Afghanistan called Kandahar where some of our colleagues and some Taliban's were killed. It happened that in one of the buildings which shelling and Grenade has blown off the roofs, occupied by the former Afghanistan government officials stormed, I found a thick brown iron box hidden under the ground, but it was looking as if some one was trying to pull it off the ground before the building got stormed, I now **** the key off with a bullet and forced it open to be sure it is not containing bombs etc, to my greatest surprise, it was raw cash. At first I thought it was a dream, but when I touched the money, believe me, they were real U.S. dollars hidden in the box and on the top of the box it is written tagged USD5.8Million, meaning that it is the amount in the box, that was what motivated me to force it open, but I was a bit afraid when I was forcing it open because in some situations like that, it might be a bomb they have planted inside the box, then use the tagged of USD5.8Million to camouflage, so that it will attract some one to open it and it will now **** off every body around. Though such traps has killed many military soldiers but I took the risk so as to know what exactly is inside the box, if i perish i perish according to the book of Esther 4:16 I knew this is a blessing from God. I am very happy, my dear, because I know that this is treasure of our lives for which is best to change our life for ever and ever, though I've made money on my own but I can't let go of this because I know it's a blessing from God for my long suffering in the military. I was in a position of that money from the southern part of Afghanistan where it was hidden, and now, to get here in Kabul. I'm afraid because the authorities could get here, about to seize them and then know all. I wish I could command my boys to destroy it, but it is a very large sum of money, and it was difficult to do with it on. Darling, I am repeating this again. No one knows about this money, besides me there is no problem there at all appropriate. It is now safely hidden in the hand of a UN Agent who comes on diplomatic errand here, but I do not know if I should just take off now, but somebody should know and it might not be okay if I should take off from here because I have just little time to honorably retire as an army general. I love you honey and I hope you are well otherwise I would not have to use this money. I later therefore came to this conclusion. I have pleaded with the UN Agent who has access in and out of Afghanistan to deliver this box to you to keep secured for me, because there is no way I can get this box of money transferred out of Afghanistan without calling into question of the Banks and the EU money sanction over Afghanistan no way to send money out until the war against Taliban is over. Besides, people's mind set has been that the reason why United States always like deploying their troops to a war country, is to be looting there economy and resources. So, in that case, all US soldiers has seriously been warned to stay away from the country's economy and make sure we don't carry cash around here. My dear, I trust you so much, it is the confidence and faith I have on you as someone who is ready to spend the rest of his life with me, that is the reason why I want to send this money to you through this secured UN delivering agent to keep for me and as soon as you email me and tell me you have received the box, I will start leaving this place immediately, I don't mind resigning from the military work since they kept delaying my retirement. Honey, I think this is a great opportunity for you and me. And please, please, I will always want this very confidential and do not tell anyone for security reasons and for my safety here. I always say, I trust you a lot. I think you know I trust you so much and I love you. Conclusively, I do not want you to have fear because everything is okay in the hands of the UN Agent. Honey, do you have suggestions, comments or questions? Let me know what you think, and I will tell you more about my own opinion. I love you so much. I appreciate your coming into my life. You have completely changed my life and I thank the almighty God, I will take you forever in my life. Honey, I'll just end the post here and I hope to hear from you very soon. I was able to snap the box with my camera as I forced the box open and realized it was truly money that was inside because I saw the tag written USD5.8 million on the box. My dear the attached picture is the picture of the box I'm talking about.
As soon as I hear from you, I will go to negotiate with the UN agent, so that he will start coming immediately. Take care my beloved, I'll be waiting for your urgent reply. Yours sincerely,
Gen. Matilda Lachlan. Ps: Yeah I forgot to tell you, a night before the night I saw the box, my boys met some money inside a stormed building as well, but the money was not much anyway, it was an Afghani which is the name of Afghanistan currency. Hmm..... they were so much happy and I took them some snap of pictures with a colleague camera when they were showing me the money which I also attach.
Letter 2
Attention Mr. Gunther,

There is still war in Afghanistan but its a diplomatic war, whereby Taliban still attack civilians and government places but your wife will explain more to you. I have some money with me here but that's not enough to take care of this 1,975 EUR, I understood you said you don't have such amount now but I am not asking you for the total amount, I only need some money from you so I can use the amount which I am having with me here to complete it. The authorities here are trying to open your consignment box to know what is inside it but I am asking them to hold on for we will come up with this money, so inform me how much you have now out of this 1,975 EUR. Once you tell me how much you have now, I will check if what I am having with me here will complete it totally to this 1,975 EUR, then I will tell you on how you can send it to me here and I will check the next available flight to Billund Airport, Denmark which will only take me 3 hours 35 minutes to arrive there.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Mr. Philips Nigus.
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