Scam letter(s) from Julia to Espen (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello Espen! I'm glad you responded to my message on the site. It's a new way to communicate with man for me. I hope that we will have interest between us.
Would you give a chance for the development of our relations? I want to tell you a little about me, for you could have first impression about me.
Serious relationship - this is the purpose of my search. it is very important that we could be honest with each other. Honesty and frankness are the principal in a serious relationship. Espen, I will always be honest with you. I want you to be honest and frank with me.
My name is Irina. I am 37 y.o. I live in Russia, in Otradniy city. I was born on the 6th of June 1977. my zodiac sign - Gemini. Espen, how old are you? when were you born? what is your zodiac sign? By the way, I think you might be interested to know about my appearance. I attached a few photos of me in this letter. You can see my appearance. unfortunately on the photo you can not know my height and weight. so I write to you now. So, I am 167 cm and 52 kg weight.
I am single now. I' ve never been married and have no children. Espen, I hope you're sinlge man and we can try to build our relationship if I interested you. I'll wait for the next letter from you, and I hope that you will tell me a little about you.
Sincerely, Irina.
Letter 2
Hello Espen! How are you today? what is your mood? as you sleep last night? I just got a chance to read your letter. Now I have free time at my work and decided to write you a letter. today I have not slept. because in the night at my neighbors was a holiday. it was the anniversary of their father
- 50 years. They walked up to 3 o'clock in the morning and did a lot of noise. However, I did not disturb them. as I understand them, too. because it was important to them. and such holidays are a time in my life. so in the morning I had a cup of coffee to be cheerful at work. and you love coffee? For example, I usually drink tea. but today was a special occasion.
Espen What kind of food do you like? what is your favorite food? I love to eat different food. I myself always cook food. taught me that my mom is a very long time. in general, in the preparation of food is no big deal.
important to do everything on time and in a good mood! if you have a bad mood, the food is not tasty. I think that there is always the ability to cook food is very important for a woman. although in recent years, many women have begun to forget its purpose. They are trying to make a career, and forget that a woman first and foremost - homemaker. For me it does not matter career and a high position in the society. My values are very different from this. I want a simple female happiness. loving man around and hanging out. I will do everything to make my man happy. I will always make comfort where I am. to my man always came home with joy. I think that a woman should be faithful, caring and welcoming with a man. Do you agree with me, Espen? In spite of all that is happening around in this crazy world, I understand that you can be truly happy only being with a man who loves and appreciates. Why, then created a small world of relationships in which you feel necessary to your partner, and you can just talk about everything that excites you, open the soul to express her thoughts, and the partner will always support you, help with advice, but sometimes just hug you and calm, if something goes wrong. And in this small world, both partners feel good.
that's how I see the best possible relations. Do you agree with me, Espen?
because it is such a relationship can live forever and never end. I hope that you agree with my vision of the relationship. I attached some photos of me writing this letter. You can see my apartment, this picture where I stand against the window. it was time to close in the new year. I did decoration of my apartment, but the holiday itself, I met with my sister's family, as I said earlier. also you can see a photo of me when I was walking in my town in the winter. I especially like the picture where I stand on an iron bridge. you can see that on the bridge hanging iron locks. it is a tradition in Russia when lovers hang locks such as a sign of strong relations. A picture where I was at the piano - made in the museum. And another one of my photos where I dress. this was done in the shop. write to me then like these photos you well Espen? I was very interested to know that you will be prepared for the feast of those buns. maybe one day you'll be able to give it to me as well? I'm glad to know that your son will have a birthday! I believe that the time spent on holiday, will be wonderful! I love to bake too! it's always very interesting! Thanks for the support about my past relationships. I was pleased to read this. I thought that one day I can tell you these words that you meant. We shall see. Espen, Can you give me your mobile phone number? I want to try to call you, to hear your voice. I think you also will be very happy about it. Espen, You're not tired of reading my letter? Unfortunately now I have to finish the letter. since I have to finish some work documents. But I hope that soon you'll be able to write to me with an answer to what I said in the letter. because I think that this issue is very important. do not you, Espen? I'll wait for your next letter with impatience. your Irina
Letter 3
Hello Espen!
I'm glad to see your letter again. Today I had a bad mood in the morning.
At work, I had to print a document, but the printer in my office broke. and I had to run to the nearest bibilioteka to make this document. in the end, I was delayed for a long time. and so I got a note from the head. but when I saw your letter, I began to feel I was much better.
Espen, I want you to understand that I am always honest and frank with you.
And I tell you, even those things and nuances, which for me is painful to recall. I hope that you appreciate it and understand my serious.
Espen, How was your day? everything was okay? Today I have a normal working day accountant. these have been several demands for plastic windows of our company, and I need to calculate the cost of this reporting. basically, I have a lot of paper work. but for me it is not difficult. I love my job and go to work with pleasure. I think that if the work is fun, this is one aspect of success, is not it?
thanks for the support about my parents. I was very pleased to hear about your concern about me.
Espen, Can you give me your mobile phone number? I want to try to call you, to hear your voice. I think you also will be very happy about it.
Espen, I promised to tell you about my bad experience in a relationship with a man. as you know, now I'm a free woman, and I do not have a relationship for 2 years. my last relationship had a very bad end, and then I prefer to be alone for a while to recover. So, my last name was a man Damir. we met at the store, it was a simple situation, he approached me and asked me to help carry heavy bags of groceries. we got to talking, he took my phone number and started to take care of me. gradually we started dating, have a relationship and living together. but after 2 years he lost his job and started to drink a lot of alcohol. I have always supported him at the time. I was next to him and never in his reproached. everything seems to become normal, he recovered from the loss of a job, found another, but then it turned out that he began to spend much time with his new colleagues, and in the evening was always going to the bar with them and drank a lot of alcohol. I also began to notice calls from other women on his phone. he began to disappear at night. said that he remained friends, but in the morning he came to the clothes, which were traces of lipstick other women, and he was the smell of women's perfume. I immediately became clear. I tried to talk to him, tell him that he was hurting me, changing me, it's not the behavior of a real man. but he said that he do not care deeply for my words, I turned away from him and went into the room. he came to me and said that I did not dare to leave when he talks to me. then it hit me and said that it will always do when it is considered necessary. but I walked away from him and said that calling the police if it will haunt me. he said he would not leave it just like that, and called me every day, I wrote the message, and threatened me. but I ignored him. he was afraid to do something for me, because he was a coward and was afraid that I'll go to the police. so it went by itself. for me it was a nightmare but that ended and I made a lot of conclusions then. I saw the nuances of such a domineering behavior Damir before that, I was hoping that it will be corrected, but it did not happen. I knew what to expect such things silly.
if a man does not respect a woman, it will last forever. and respect - an important part of a relationship.
Espen, From your letters, I understand that you treat me with respect. You always read what I write, right? you're talking about the view of those things that I'm telling you. I believe that you are a good man and treats me with respect. so I trust you. and I believe that you will not do for me to hurt. I think that our relationship is developing very well. and we are getting closer every day. What do you think about this? you feel that you know me and my life is good? I hope I do not bore you with such big letters. because I'm trying to tell you the most important aspects of my life so that you understand what I'm a woman. For me is very interesting to know what opinion you have of me. What can you say to that?
Espen, I attach some photos of me at work. these photos made in different areas of the office in which I work. I hope you enjoy these photos.
I'll look forward to your next letter.
your Irina
Letter 4

How are you today? are you all right? as your start of the week? all right?
Today I decided to check my mail but I saw that my email is empty.
and decided to write to you myself ..
I hope that soon you'll be able to find time to write me a letter ..
Letter 5
Hello Espen!
How are you today? How is your health? Is everything alright?
I'm glad to see your letter again. our correspondence goes on and it make me glad. your letters always raise my mood. And I always try to read your letter as soon as I can.
I do not know if I want to have children. I am an adult, and for me now it would be difficult to be pregnant. On the other hand children important aspect of life. but I have not yet adopted the final decision.
Your passion is very interesting. I was glad to know more about your interests, and your preferences, in order to spend time with. Your character is very good from the description. I think that it is difficult to meet a man like you.
Espen, this morning, I tried to install Skype for us to communicate with you. But my boss said that at this laptop I must not make Skype, and he strictly forbade me to try to install it. Because this laptop is kept all the documentation of company where I work, and do not expose to risk this info. so we have to communicate only via email. My boss is very strict and could be punished for what I did not do as he says. I do not want to have problems and risk my job,.
Espen, how are you going to spend this evening? do you have plans? I think that today, after work, I'll go take a walk in my city with my friend. By the way, I did not said anything about my city. As I said, my city is called - Otradniy. It is a small city in 1114 km from Moscow. However, next to my city there is a big city - Samara. it is only 93 kilometers from Otradniy to Samara.
If you are interested, you can find photos and information of my city at web. I'll be glad if you tell me more about your town. you always lived in this city, or you have to move? I've always lived in my town, and I'm rarely in other cities. What an interesting tradition is in your town? for example, in my town in the spring, when the snow melts, choose a day when all people go to the streets to clean up the garbage and dirt, which remained after the winter. winter because everything is hidden under the snow and can not see anything. but in the spring after the snow leaving a lot of dirt and debris. in Russia it is called a "Saturday cleaningday"
also there are many traditional festivals. Espen, did you hear about the holiday "Shrovetide"? this holiday is usually done in late winter. people make a doll made of straw and old things that symbolizes winter. Then they set fire to it, as if making the winter go faster. this is a very interesting tradition. By the way, Espen, how did you spend this Christmas and New Year? Everything was good? I hope that all goes well and have fun.
I spent the new year with my sister's family, and it was very good. we have a lot of fun, fireworks and ran on the whole was very good. Espen, I forgot to tell you about my family. I do this in my next letter. I added a few pictures me! Do you like these photos? I'll wait for your next letter with great impatience.
I wish you a good day !!
Letter 6
Hello Espen!
I am very glad to see your responce letter today. How are you? How is your day?
I have a good mood today, and it became better even better when I saw your letter. I understand that I am interested in you, because we continue our correspondence. Now we can get to know each other very well and so I really want you to tell me everything about you, what you think is important.
Today, I am writing you a letter from my work. I do not have a home computer, but I can take with me from my work laptop home when I need to.
so sometimes I'll write to you from home. By the way, my work - an accountant in a company for the production of plastic windows.
Espen, I would be interested to know about your hobbies, about how you like to spend your spare time. This will allow me to get to know you better. For example, I love to communicate with friends in my spare time. We can go to the cinema, or just walking down the street together, discussing many things. I love sports. I regularly go to the gym and do jogging in the morning. I attached a few photos of me in the gym and jogging. I hope you enjoy these photos.
in Russia, I was not able to meet my man. I had a relationship here, but these were not my men. and we parted with them for one reason or another.
Then I decided to try to look for love in your country!
and why not? Espen, Do not worry, I have no problem that you have children.
children - this is one of the most important aspects of life. so I'll never have anything against your children. I would be happy to meet and make friends with them one day, if our relations will be developed. Espen I have received your photo. I loved to see it. you look very respectable man. I like you. I am very sorry that your last marriage ended in divorce. but is not that the opportunity now to start all over again? because even if you had bad luck last time, it does not mean everything will be bad again. on the contrary it may mean that this time everything will be fine! Do you agree with me?
Espen, do you like listening to music? watching movies? reading books? I think that these hobbies are the most common, and almost all people do it.
I do not have any preferences in music. I like songs of different styles.
if a song I like, I don't care about what style is it. Especially I like listening to music of 1980-1990 period. These songs are called "retro" in Russia. Espen, do you like listening to these songs? What are your favorite singers? I like to spend evening watching movies on TV or DVD. I love romance, a variety of drama, adventure, science fiction and fantasy. The same preference I have in books. What books do you like to read and watch movies, Espen?
I think that you're interested to know how I learned your language. I was learning English since school. and kept on learning at university. But it passed a long time from those days already, and maybe I have forgotten some of the grammar rules . so I can make some errors. and I beg you not to give any attention to it. Espen I hope that during our conversation I can improve my English. when I was at university, we were visited by students from your country to exchange experiences. we talked a lot with them. It was very interesting to know traditions, mentality and life abroad for us, Russian students. That's why now, when I decided to find a man for a serious relationship, I do a search in your country. After all, Russian men have disappointed me. They are not serious, just looking to satisfy their desires and almost always are not ready for normal relations. I tried to build a relationship here but it always comes to a standstill. but I hope that with you all will be different.
Espen, I forgot to tell you about my character. I am very calm and welltempered woman. I am very caring and very loyal in relationships and friendships. I can cook very well, I like do all the housework. so where I live, is always clean, everything is in order and comfort. I always try to be kind with others. Espen, what character have you?
I'll be waiting for your next letter with patience.
I hope you're not tired of reading my letter.
and that you are happy to write me your answer soon.
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