Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Anokhina to Len (UK)
Letter 1

Hallo Lenny !!!
Forgive that could not write You earlier.
Beside I go preparation at my birth day !!!
It is Necessary much do buying to meet the relative.
I do not know shall I building or no at my birth day possible if will come in well weather I and my relatives eat on nature in our garden possible we there and remain to stay at night and possible we shall there be two or three days. ...
Beside I begin the furlough 28 May and I shall have a furlough two months so we can meet on resort or else where.
Yes... You spoke that do not know as You may congratulate me with daytime births.
Think that You could will arrange me money order on Western Vnion - could me well to help. I could go and itself buy itself that I like !!!
I can leave You coordinates for registration of the money order on Western Vnion Russia city Kurgan My name Elena My surname Anokhina This information it is enough that I could will get the money order from You.
Afterwards You write me checking number of the money order and report me full Your Name and surname.
VAOT and all - all much simply.
I will much pleasantly.
we continue with You acquaintance !!!!
tenderly embrace Your Lena
Thank you for Your photographies You charming man
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