Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Mishugina to Matt (USA)

Letter 1
How are you Matthew? We are apart in age but I like to think that age it only a number. I like your profile. I have to admit that I had to look serious relationship. The real trick is to meet someone who can carry a serious conversation but also be capable of being silly in the right moments. Do you agree with me? I do not have much free time and I am working and going to school. I would be glad if you will write me on my e mail address: ( AKOSKATY ) at (y.. a.. h.. o.. o..) dot (c.. o.. m..)
Looking forward to hearing from you.
p.s. may be I can send you more my pics just if you want?
Letter 2
How's it going Matthew? I am curious what it is in the horoscope this morning. I read it for fun. It`s promised a romantic acquaintance to me! Maybe they write not only nonsense in horoscopes?)) First impressions remains for a long time. Matthew I read your profile and I have interest to you. I am quite pleased that you review my profile too and then contact me. i don`t want to play games and to have false stories at my age. I would like to know more about you and what you are seeking. Everyone who is on a dating site is usually there for a specific reason, some may look just for ***, some may look for e-mail buddies, some may look on for a soul mate, etc. Notice that you are serious in your quest. I'm not looking for someone "perfect". If you try to find perfection you can be disappointed. Matthew I just want to drop you a line and create a spark. As for me - my name is Ekaterina.
I work as a teacher in the musical school. I love my job and I can`t think of making anything else. I appreciate simple things in life and I try to remember that you have only one life. So count every second!
Matthew I am sure you may have questions for me as I do have some for you, and I will give you the floor to ask.
I really look forward to your response.
Letter 3
How's it going Matthew? I am really glad you wrote. It is pleasant that you show interest to have dialogue with me. It is important to me. If things work out, it`s great, if not, that's fine too, everything happens for a reason.
Matthew I want to tell you ... I live in Russia. I understand that it is very far from your country and thousands of miles separate us, but I think that distance is not a serious impediment for our communication. Do you agree with me? I live in Irkutsk. This is eastern part of my country. Matthew what city do you live in? I tried to register at the with the name of my country and my city, but the site did not allow me to do it and I had to use your country.
I began these research just recently as I know that Russian men for the most part do not possess the kind of qualities that are most important to me and in addition they like drinking and waste their life-time. The most important thing in a relationship for me: trust and understanding - a pledge of sincere communication. I am the gentle and patient person. I am always tolerant I treat other people. We all have their advantages and disadvantages. I am a person who self-assured and at the same time soft enough, romantic and it's important to me. Most of all I do not like lies. As speak at us, better a bitter truth than sweet lies. Matthew although we have not met and do not know each other, I think a few emails between us may be quite fine. I see that I am 27 years old and a certain stage of life has been passed. I appreciate that life is full of twists and turns. I have not had too much time to do all I want to do but hopefully now can start.
Now I would like to ask you. Matthew what are you looking to the Internet and what relationship do you aspire? I will try to tell you more about me in my next letter. Just I'm going to a rehearsal of Oriental dance. I hope I get your picture and your new email tomorrow with the answers to my questions.
Thanks, Ekaterina
Letter 4

Hello My Love Matthew!!!
Matthew as I waited that night has passed and there has come day. I simply very strongly wished to write you my letter and to feel you. I miss on you. At me all documents are ready. I do not have not enough only 450 dollars that I could arrive to you. As soon as I will have this sum I will arrive at once to you. Matthew all my thoughts on you and for you. In my head it is a lot of thoughts, but rest to me does not give only thought on you on our future. I wish to be with you. I want, that we with you were happy. Yes I understand, that in a life is block also barriers, but all can be overcome it if very strongly to want. Only the weak person, the person at which is not present belief and hopes can tell, that he not to see more way and it is not necessary for it of anything more. He lives on the earth and all it suits this. What for to it to think of the future to it so it is good.
It is all not correctly. To think it is necessary about the future and how to live the future that after you there could live also another generation. Matthew it is a lot of thoughts, but an essence always one.
I now precisely know, that I want. I want, that we with you were together. When I go to bed I speak myself. My love, you do not think, that I do it in hearing. There is no I simply mentally speak myself. I wonder: that would be with me if I did not know about you and you also did not know about me. At times my thoughts frighten me. But after I understand, that you at me are and more nobody can take away you from me. You my happiness and you my destiny.
Matthew as your mood? Of what you think? Matthew, you know, when I was small I wanted, that I had a father. You know, that it at me was lost.
I looked at other girls and to me was so painfully, that at times I had tears. Now I adult and I understand, that the life goes also we cannot turn time. Now I wish to be with you and it is possible. We with you a single whole and our love with us will be eternal. In these days off I did not go to mine to the grandmother and the grandfather in village. Matthew yes days pass and every day we do something. And should be. We live and we should create and work. Work helps us to understand a life and knowledge comes in due course. Matthew each person wishes to be happy. But happiness it is necessary to deserve. My love, I always ask myself a question: I have deserved happiness? I cannot give on this question of the answer. Only the god can tell on this question the answer. I simply believe, that I have deserved happiness.
I wish to be only with you. You my happiness. I love you and only you.
Your **** Ekaterina
Letter 5
Hello My Love Matthew!!!!!!!!!
Matthew how is your day? My day has passed well. I do not have not enough 451 dollars that I could arrive to you. Matthew to me it is sad, that we not together now. Matthew, me it is very sad without you. And only in a dream we together. I have got tired to live without you, I wish to feel your touches. To fall asleep and wake up with you. Matthew, I love you and I wish to be with you. Favourite mine Matthew, I constantly write you letters on how strongly I miss and as to me it is bad without you. So it also is. Sad letters will cause only grief in your heart, but I want, that you smiled. I strongly love you! Matthew, I very much miss on you. My heart always wishes to be near to you. I wish to hear your voice and to see your eyes. Your kind, gentle, the sight - me it now is full of love so does not suffice. It would be desirable to be near to you and to look in your fine eyes close-close, on breath distance. And your smile is that forces to forget about all problems and a hardship. Time spent with you is very valuable to me. I so on you miss. I look forward each meeting. Matthew, I will wait your letter...
Matthew, I love you!!!
Your **** Ekaterina
Letter 6
Hello My Love Matthew!!!
Matthew I understand your experiences concerning fraud. I heard about it too. It is really bad, that some people enjoy confidence of other people what to benefit. They are stale and callous people. I do not play with you in games. At me the most serious intentions. I would want that you understood it! Matthew, very strongly I love you. Very much I love. Each time I wait about impatience your letter. Each time reading it, on the person a smile and pleasure and expectation. Yes we cannot be together yet, embrace and simply sit silently having joined hands. We is far about one another. But soon we will together.
Favourite mine Matthew, I very much love you. Matthew how is your day?
Matthew, how at you business? What weather in your city? At us it is cold, but we has no such strong frost. I here thought of the purpose in a life. What your purpose in a life? Matthew, each person in a life has priorities: for one career, for others - study is important, the third do not think of themselves without friends. But practically each person dreams of the significant other, about the one who will be close also roads throughout all life. To Someone has already carried to meet such person who has introduced pleasure and the world in tomorrow. The meeting which can change a course of all life only is necessary to Someone else, make its more intelligent. Any relations do not happen ideal, often they demand check on durability. You agree with me? Matthew, I know that you that significant other whom I searched. I love you and more it is necessary nothing for me. I will miss you and patiently to wait your letter.
Your **** Ekaterina
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