Letter(s) from Kristina Bogacheva to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1

Hello to you ,

What I believe is, life is just like an ice-cream, enjoy before it melts. Hope you want to joy it with me;) I am so happy to be able to learn some about such a nice man. I hope we can really correspond to each other and built something good; communicate with you;to get to know more about you !!

I'm very positive person and live for today, for tomorrow is promised to no-one.~ There is no beginning or end,,, Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery. And I want to be the biggest mystery for you and want you to be the biggest surprise for me;;) Today is a gift! And i'm really happy that we have each otgher today ;;) as a new friends;) Live well' Laugh often' Love lots~ Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here, we should dance. Do you like dances?
Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass,,, it's about learning how to dance in the rain, and how to do the storm of passion for you and me;) Life is short! Break the rules! Forgive quickly!
Kiss Slowly! Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably and do this all with your belowed;;))

I hope that we can cope our lives and try to catch to that future together

Kiss you


Letter 2

Hello Frank,

I hope that today you 'll have an Internet access;;)) and 'll read my letter and see my pictures;;))
and I'll make you smile to me Laugh uncontrollably and show me your inner nature without any hides and shadows;;)I feel I need to write to you and tell you one more time that I like you and tell you how much I enjoyed you. Everything seems so natural, and you are very easy to talk to (to write in our case).
It's hard for me to identify what it is about you that attracts me so.
I suppose it might be the combination of your great sense of humor, your charming personality and your strong shoulder. I hope I'm not mistaken. Whatever it is, I can sense its presence. You could call it chemistry, or better yet, the possibility that we are on the same wavelength. If you know me enough you will sense me from this letter.
This is for you. My life is yours to keep. Take it, sense it, feel it, sympathize it... I'm origin Ukrainian and my native language is Ukrainian but as I'm from Eastern part of the country so I can freely speak Russian. I'm 30 years old and I was born on the 26 of July. I live with my mother and I also have a dog - that is my family and my life ...

I'm here and I try my chance with a man from abroad. In spite of sad experience I'm ready for love. I want to love. I want to build relations where passion, tenderness, love. I really hope that our first virtual encounter is not our last because I feel very special when I talk to you. I truly want to give our friendship a chance to grow. Maybe our friendship will turn into romance, love story, passion.... Let me dream...about us;;))

Until I hear from you, take care of yourself. Don't forget to send me a photo.


Letter 3

Hello Frank M. Meek,

Miss you and you know, that the situation in our country is very difficult, tanks, bombs and guns everywhere. And your answers are the only joy I have. Sorry I can't write more often, it's all because of the war conflict. But when it's getting better, I have an opportunity to read your letter and reply you a few words.

Thank you a lot for your supporting. I appreciate it a lot. I even can't imagine what to do without you. It seems to me you're so near when I read your letters. I do not notice all that distance, kilometers, oceans between us. And every day my desire to meet you gets stronger and stronger. I'm willing for that very much. And even thinking about that makes me excited! Do you feel the same, honey?

But unfortunately I must tell you that there are some troubles. Our plans for future can be broken by the stupid circumstances. Remember I told you that I use the service of translation company to communicate with you? Well, I've tried to do it by myself at first using different on-line translators, but now it's war outside and I don' have connection to the Internet, besides it's dangerous to go outside most of time, because of shooting and exploding. And so the only way to talk to you is to use the translation company service. Of course, their service is not free. Till this moment I had a little money to pay, but because of war they made the payment higher, and I don't have opportunity to pay anymore. To all that, again because of the war, we don't receive our salary for almost 4 months.

I'm really sorry for asking you for that, probably it's not appropriate yet as we have changed only a few letters, but I have nobody else to ask for a help. I would never do that if I had any ways to solve problem on my own.

I see, you are interested in me and so do I. So won't you be able to help with my problem with translation service? It's only for our future! I don't ask for diamonds or furs, just a little chance to continue communication with you and find out more interesting things about you! It's so much information we can share!

Honey, do not think bad about me, I'm just a little woman under the circumstances, that she can't fight herself on her own and needs a little help.

Hugs, kisses,

Letter 4

Hello, my love,

You know, I woke up this morning because of the ray of the sun shining in my eyes... It was just like your morning fresh kiss... And I didn't even want to close the curtains because I wanted to feel it as long as possible, to bask in the glow of your tender touch, to feel your calmness..Oh my God, I feel it with all my skin... I want this moment to be eternal. I close my eyes and see you holding my hand, kissing it from fingers till shoulder... And now I feel your lips on my neck... And I want to know what you will do the next?

I want you to warm me up in a such cold weather...


Letter 5

"POLIHLOT" translational bureau

No job too big or too small!!!

Dear Sir Frank,

We kindly inform you that your account is blocked. There is no money on it. Please, refresh it and continue the correspondence with your lady Tanya.

Sincerely yours,

Director of "POLIHLOT" translational bureau

Kristyna Bogacheva