Scam letter(s) from Julia Sid to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi Frank!
I am glad that I interested you.
My age of 33 years.
I live in Russia in the city of Bugulma. My city is in 1140 kilometers from the city of Moscow and 333 kilometers from the city of Kazan.
It is difficult to live in Russia and at me it is impossible to find to itself the man as most of men use drugs and alcohol, and don't respect women. For this reason I decided to try to look for the man from other country. Now I want to meet you and to know you better. Tell me about yourself, tell about that where you work, than you are fond?
I am fond of doing gymnastics, I like to ski, on the skates. In summertime I like to have a rest outdoors.
I don't take alcohol and I don't smoke.
I am the cheerful and sociable girl. I was never married and I have no children, but I very much would like to have all this in the future.
My height of 170 centimeter, weight of 55 kilograms. I send you my photos and I hope that they are pleasant to you.
On it I finish my letter. I will wait for your answer.
Letter 2
Hi Frank!
How are you? How was your day?
I am glad to receive your letter again. Communication with you is very interesting to me.
I work as the seller in clothing store and accessories.
I live alone, separately from my parents. My mother is called by Guzaliya her 55 years.
My father is called Stanislav, he is 61 years old.
My parents work at plant they there and got acquainted for the first time.
I think that shall tell directly to you some things concerning my character. It is pleasant to me the romantic relations with the man, probably, all women dream to meet the good person, to have with them fine evening. I have desire to find in life of the good person and to have with it stable relations, perhaps seven. Also I think that the love is for this purpose necessary. So far I didn't meet in the life of such person to whom I would decide to give myself and the life.
You to me are very nice and I want to try to know you better. The long distance between us doesn't frighten me.
Tell me what woman you dream to meet in the life?
I will wait for your letters.
Letter 3
Hello Frank
It is very interesting to me to communicate with you through letters. I very much like to read that you write about yourself.
Today I had an incident to neighbors. Broke through my water pipes and I flooded neighbors from below. Neighbors came running to me home and started shouting, I told them that it doing not wash some wine. I called plumbers and they repaired my water supply system. Neighbors reported that they will file a lawsuit against me that I paid with it repair. Here I had such problems today. How was your day?
What do you love from food? I know how to cook not bad in kitchen, my mother cared of it many years ago.
I easily prepare various salads, soups, and also a game, pizza and fish. Most of all I prefer fish, and also very much to be pleasant to me fruit: bananas, pineapples and melon. For the woman it is very important to prepare well, in Russia there is even a proverb: "the way to the man's heart - passes through his stomach!". I hope sometime in the future you will be able to try my food.
On it I finish my letter.
Letter 4

Hi Frank!
Today to me for work my best friend of Anastasiya came. We are on friendly terms with it since the childhood. I told it about our acquaintance. She very much was delighted for me.
As for neighbors, I solved a problem with them.
I am the lonely woman and I want to find rather to myself the second half. I hope that you see me as your future woman.
You very much are pleasant to me and I want that at us with you everything turned out in the future.
I want to explain to you why earlier I couldn't find the man for marriage. The main reason is work which takes away much time. But I can't tell that I was deprived of man's attention. I had meetings with men, but all this was not
seriously. These men were afraid of the serious relations or simply weren't ready to it. Also many men have addiction to drink many alcohol and to fill in with it own shortcomings.
I know that you not such as everything, you differ from the Russian men. I not against if the man drinks alcohol. But it has to be a little and very seldom because I don't want because of alcohol to quarrel. I want that my husband was always happy and in good mood, without alcohol. And I will try to do everything for this purpose. I am ready to kiss, embrace him constantly. If only it did it happy. I want, that we everyone day enjoyed love, passion and tenderness of each other.
I thought that not to meet to me more good man who will understand me and not only to see beauty and to want only ***. Also I met you. And my life changed. In it there was what wasn't enough long time.
I will wait for your letter tomorrow.
Letter 5
Hi Frank!!!!!!!
Now I sit at the computer on operation and I write you the letter because thought of you. More precisely I thought more of us with you!
It is pleasant to me that you try to answer all my questions and attentively you read my letters. I see that I am interesting to you.
Frank, I am glad that we found each other. ours with you acquaintance pleasure for me.
You are the handsome and sociable man.
You write me remarkable letters! I want to hope that our relations don't stop only on correspondence. This mine judgement and I want to be sincere with you.
I am glad that from one million people on the Internet, we could find each other. It seems to me that it is destiny. I won't be able to call it in a different way! Now, when I wake up in the morning, my head is occupied with thoughts of you! When I go to sleep, my head is occupied only thoughts of you. You forced me to return to reality. Earlier I gave to operation all the time. But now at me others thoughts. Thoughts of you. This happiness for me. I permanently think, whether everything at you is good. As you spent day. What are you doing.
Correspondence with you gives me great pleasure. I am not afraid to trust you my feelings. I don't know why, but I trust you. I had no such feelings for a long time.
But you deserve my trust. I am sure that trust, this main thing for strong and happy spoilage. I want, that at us not was secrets from each other! Do you agree? We with you look for the serious relations which afterwards can lead to spoilage!
Therefore we shall be very frank! We shall trust each other!
I think how our first meeting after the virtual acquaintance as it is my first experience will take place much acquaintances on the Internet. I can't imagine our first meeting so far, but I am not afraid of it. And you are afraid our of the first meetings? You thought, already about it? It is interesting to me...
I will wait for your response tomorrow.
Your sincere Yuliya
Letter 6
Hi Frank!!!!!!!!
How are you? Any news?
I don't know why, but after acquaintance to you I feel well. I have many forces.
Something to do constant desire. I am simply happy.
My mother asked me about you and said hello to you. It I asked that we plan to do further with our relations. Relations, serious at us or just friends on correspondence. If the serious relations when we plan our meeting.
I want that you knew that I don't look for the rich man as it is done by many women now! I am not interested in wealth and expensive gifts. The most important for me that my future husband could provide all necessary a family! And the rest I think, the woman has to do. She has to be able to feed a family, it is necessary to clean clothes, to clear the house. To see off the husband for work with a tasty breakfast in the morning, and to meet with a tasty dinner in the evening! This real family happiness! And I want it! Of course, I understand that our relations just virtual. But I think that we already closely to the real serious relations. It is only the following stage of our relations.
Distance between us not a hindrance.
Frank, parents say that I very much changed recently. They are surprised to my happiness. At least my mother to ask much about you. I think that you were pleasant to it. Because I tell about you much. At me from mother isn't present secrets. When I read your sincere letters, I have a good mood during the day. I want to dream only of us with you.
I look forward your answer tomorrow.
Yours faithfully, Yuliya.
P.S. Write me your telephone number and I will try to call you in the future.
Letter 7
Hi Frank!!!!
Frank, I am glad to your letter. How are you? I Hope that your day passed well...
Today all day I thought of our meeting. Frank, I hope that you understand that we can't write each other infinitely long. What do you think of it? As it will occur? What will we do? I very much would like to learn your opinion. I think of it constantly.
You want that I came to you? The destiny gives us this chance that we used this chance.
I very much would like to visit your country and to see you in the real world. I think that the meeting can show us that we couldn't see throughout many months of correspondence. It will be our first meeting. And it is very important! We can understand reality of our feelings. We have to we will be to solve, we will live together one happy family!!! And I don't come back home. Or I should return back home. I very much want that we were happy together. Therefore I will be glad for happy continuation after our meeting.
I very much wait for your answer! I hope to receive reciprocity on my offer! I can't so more. I want to feel you, to touch you. For me it is the most terrible torture knowing that you are at me. But in too time it is far from me. You very much the good person and me it is really pleasant to communicate with you. You became that the person who brings joy to me everyone day. And it only that I receive your letters! You represent that could be if we were near now?. :)
I want that you well thought of it...
I want to be with you!!!!
Letter 8
Hi Frank!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad that you understand my feelings. Also I am glad to learn your feelings. Your letter warms my heart. I don't know how to describe that occurs. I already spoke to you about it. Yesterday we again spoke with mother concerning you. I told it that I can't live without you. I want to see you.
Mother thinks that I have to go to you, but not to suffer here one. My friends, also support my decision to be with you. I want to come to you soon.
Therefore I have some of very important questions to you:
1. You will be able to meet me? I hope that you will be able to do something that our meeting took place.
2. To what airport I have to arrive? What international airport closely to you? That it was closer and more convenient to you to meet me?
3. For what period of time I will be able to remain with you? I understand that it will be better to remain forever together:). I would be I am glad, but let speak seriously. We with you not teenagers, but adults. We will try not to make hasty decisions to our first meeting, and also the most important for us and for our future. Well?
Therefore I hope that you will treat with understanding and is serious in relation to my questions because it is important for ours first meeting.
I will wait for your answer tomorrow.
Your Yuliya.
Letter 9
Hello Frank
Frank, I am glad to read your letter again. It is really pleasant for me. Every day it seems to me that all of us are closer and closer. When we start speaking about details of our meeting I understand that it not a dream... And from it it becomes pleasant to me and well...
Thank you that answered all my questions, now I have full information with which I will be able to go to the tourist agency. Tomorrow I have a lot of work, I think that in the next few days I will be able to find time to go to learn that it is necessary for a trip. I only forgot to ask you in the last letter: - We with you will live in your house? I will have the certain room? Or I will have to remain in hotel? It is important because if you won't be able to accept me at your home, for any reasons. That will be necessary for me in advance to reserve a hotel accommodation. Therefore I will wait for your answer before going to travel agency. Frank, I think that you not against if I ask you still some questions which are also interesting to me.
Well? - What first of all I need to collect from things in a trip? - What you when I arrive will have weather? - You already spoke to someone from the friends about me? And what I come to you? How they treated it? Tomorrow I will wait for your letter.
Your Yuliya.
Letter 10
Hi Frank!!!!!!!
It is fine that things go so well for us. I said to you before that it seems to me that we are closer and closer to you every day. I think of it constantly.
Therefore now I want to ask you very important question. Probably, it is the most important question in your life. And I want, that you I gave me the final answer to my question. Last answer.
Yes or no.
I hope that you understand all importance and gravity of our first meeting.
So... You are really ready to what I will arrive to you? You are ready to ours with you meetings?
It is very important for me. For me it too very serious choice. I know that for a trip to you, I have to spend it is a lot of time and forces. Yes, I am ready to it. Frank, and you are ready???
I think that you understand that our meeting - the FIRST, but also VERY IMPORTANT for our future relations. It only now in letters, we want to love each other. Actually, everything can change.
But only not for me. I don't change my decisions. Now for me the main this your decision. You understand? Therefore it is necessary for me that you gave me now final answer. And if suddenly before my departure you tell me, NO. I will very strongly take offense at you. I hope that you you understand it... Now I have only one dream. In this dream, I go down from the plane and I see you. I see in yours hands flowers, it is white roses. I approach you, and you give a bouquet of flowers to me. And here I already in your embraces. We merge in passions of one kiss. We go to yours home. I do for us a romantic dinner. On a table there is an easy food. The easy plays music. We are overflowed by emotions, and we silently look at each other. Then we dance, and dance slowly transfers us in bedroom. We appear in a bed and we start ********** each other slowly. Our love, our passion, does us uniform.
It is so fine!!!
I want to be only with you. I promise you that I will make everything for this purpose. Nothing will stop me...
Frank, my friends and mother ask that they can present to you? What gift you would like to receive from them?
As soon as I learn everything necessary information for a trip, I will tell at once you. Ok?
Only yours forever Yuliya.
Letter 11
Hi Frank.
How today your affairs?
How is your mood?
My darling, I today the upset. I said to you that I am going to visit travel agency.
Today I was in travel agency, and learned that is required to me to come to you.
I was told that they to me can organize travel to you. It will demand about one week.
They will have to be prepared for me the passport and insurance, then they will have to order for me the visa. My darling, but the Price of all documents and work the company makes 425 euros. They want a lot of money because now it is very difficult to receive the visa in your country.
My darling, but I have no so much money, and I won't be able to make all documents.
Forgive me, please.
I very strongly LOVE YOU and if I had opportunity to pay all these documents that I would arrive to you soon and we built our love and lived happily, to me your hot body very much wanted to embrace and gently to kiss your sweet lips, but now I understand that it is only my dreams.
You will help me with money? I need you.
I LOVE YOU and it tells my heart which loves and waits for our meeting.
I will wait for your answer.
Your Yuliya
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