Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Anokhina to Charles (UK)
Letter 1

How do you do, Charles.
Call attention that my new electronic address
Hereinafter not much information about me !!
I live in Russia in city Kurgan - three hours on plane before city Moscow !!!
I am a free woman - my heart free !!!
The Purpose my acquaintance creation to families !!!
I bring up the daughter to her 12 years and call her(its) Katja she well learns and concerns with the sport.
I am a dialect on german language and in russian language. My daughter speaks on english and on german language. Not it is necessary to outlive if we do not speak on one language in lifes there is else language to gesticulations there is eye there is love and feeling - a language always possible to learn.
We ready to big change in our lifes and ready for i?aaca in the other country.
In Russia little good mans little good families - so we want to create the family outside the Russia I want to leave married for foreign man - consider that foreign man cultural - polite - with good education !!!
Shall wait from You letter !!!
I am a dialect on german language approximately on 40 % can understand and say the german language.
Write on english at translator that there is on my computer.
Prefer real meeting - a real meeting always better any good letter.
Beside me small family - a ma - a grandmother my aunt ( the sister of my ma and her(its) son to him 20 years) main that I have my daughter !!!!
All we live in one city and can often see each other My daughter was in Belgium in cosmic centre ( with class on fortnight) Else we well know the europe we were in Switzerlands - a Germany - Netherlands - Spain - France - us much likes the european system and people.
We we understand that it is necessary will change the country - a habits and friends - mv ready to change we and ready to change our life.
We Ask You write me about Your family about that place aaa You were born about Your work on how to You live write me more information on You - about the most significant event of Your lifes.
Show me Your photographies I shall pleased else see Your photographies.
With best wishes tenderly embrace Your lena Think that this n6e so it is important that I not dialect on english - there is language to gesticulations - a language feeling - a language love - a most good languages in the world.
I have a translator in computer and I can peacefully understand and write on english !!!
In Russia all children has a vacation - I work as teacher of the music in music school and presently have a vacation too - a furlough three months - so we can be met and all solve.
I over and over again was in europe but think that America has much similar with europe and men american else more suit for russian womans.
Letter 2

hallo Charles !!
Thank you for Your letter and for Your charming photography. I can speak in russian language can speak on german language. Think that on telephone dialogue is not got simply by reason of -I do not know english.
But I can speak exactly yat if I meeting man my daydreams and he will speak on english - I shall easy and quickly teach english language. Possible man eiae daydreams will You ?
Exactly can speak You that there is more important language in the world - a language to gesticulations - a language eye - a language under name love - these languages to comprehensible all people... I shall be with enormous joy to continue the acquaintance with You. Presently I have a furlough - a pupils in Russia three months have year furlough - a teacher too have a furlough three months.
Possible if beside Us are got our correspondence I can arrive to You in guests as tourist - but this only my daydream m soybean plans. I want to watch Your country - want to watch as You live.
My daughter and my ma leave the June 13 to have a rest in mountains on lake for 20 days.
I shall quite be free.
Afterwards I think to arrange else rest my child at August month possible or at June in the second half of the month.
Here is so we and live !!!
My heart else free.
I shall be with enormous joy to fill my heart You !!!
I have no building digital Fotto - and I can not take photographs itself - to take photographs in photo salon - cost(stand)s it is enough dearly but buy most Fotto I can not this too road and I must think on how to arrange the rest for my child.
We Ask You to have a pleasure to watch that photographies that I have . New Fotto can not itself to allow presently - dearly for me.
Wait letter from You With best wishes Your Lena
Letter 3

hallo Charles !!!
You have understood me not it is correct.
Leaves to get the rest my ma and my daughter for 20 days and June. I free all three months.
Possible I can go to You as tourist - not problem - I have a right to get a visa tourist in any country of the world - I already was in Germanipi as tourist and in Netherlands too as tourist - we went the group 15 persons. So I can go to You in guests as tourist - if I shall go to You that I must already presently arrange my pass since simply not will afterwards free ticket on plane - but there is one problem this much dearly - a tourist pass on fortnight ?oieo approximately 1200 or 1400 euro - all depend on program - I understand that me main to arrive to You and afterwards I can remain beside You and not to go on excursions and not to live in hotel - all much simply - you may arrange me money order on my count in bank or on Western Vnion - and then I can arrange my journey to You.
The Special photographies for You - as I can do this ? I have no video camera - I have no - digital - I can not go presently in oioinaeii - beside me simply no spare facilities.
You arrange me money order I shall buy the tickets and arrange the pass for my journey to You afterwards I shall go and shall do for You else much my photographies - special...
Tenderly obn6imayu Your Lena Beside us already late.
Good night !!!
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