Letter(s) from Irina Vasilyeva to Leon (Colombia)

Letter 1

Hello. I am very glad that I could meet you on site quotes! For me, this first experience on the Internet, and now I emotion, because we have a lot of experience in the dealing with e-mails, but I'll try to be more clearly possible for you, and I hope our friendly communication for both. Now I do not want to talk much about myself! My name Irina, I am 29 years old. I am a very interesting person and I Nature quiet. I live in Russia, in the city of Veliky Novgorod. this is one of the oldest cities in our country. The population of our city of 219,400 people. I have a very beautiful city. in Our city has many monuments of Russian architecture . The oldest of them - the Cathedral of Santa Sofia, whose Construction began in 1045, located in the heart of the historical part of the city. Now I'm a little lost and do not know more write to you. I expect? Want to know more about me?
You can ask me questions you are interested in and I will try to answer it. So I send you my pictures that have recently. I will rejoice if you tell a little about itself and send photos. At this point, I will end my letter, and I will wait your reply.


Letter 2

Hi Leon. During this time, I was expecting her letter. Today I have a good mood and I'm glad to read your mail mail. ? How was your day today? I want to continue our friendship and keep talking about themselves. I hope it is interesting to You? Unfortunately I have never been abroad. but I hope that someday I will visit your wonderful country. In Russia, People love snow, gives a good memory and an environment festive. I would also like to know their culture and climate in the time. Now I want to tell you about my family! I am good and the good of the family. My parents gave me an education university. I graduated high school four years ago, and now works as a doctor at a local hospital. My workday 08 a.m.-6 p.m.. But after a while I think change jobs and go to a private clinic to earn a good salary. I've never been married and no I have children. I live with my parents and unfortunately I was the only child in the family. I have no brothers or sisters. My parents are retired now. Larisa My mother, she honored masters of our city, and my father Marat, working for many years at the factory, producing military equipment. My friends say I have a beauty of my mother and my father's character. I can hardly find a common language with anyone, probably because I am good for everyone. Leon, I was raised in a strict sense, never come home late, and very seldom visited clubs and elsewhere. in my life had several relationships with men, but none of them were honest. They just wanted a relationship of love, but they They denied this and stopped to watch. As I said it was good family, and my first to find a good man to create a strong and happy family. So I went back to the Internet to find a man from another country, because in Russia rude and bad men. I really hope to meet a man who will love and respect me. I just want to be happy :) Hope I you understand? In this letter I'll put some of my photos. hope they like. I wish you good mood and await your response

Letter 3

Hi Leon. Your letter pleased me this day. I am very happy that I have a good conversationalist, and I think I was very lucky with you . Although now they can only communicate through the Internet, but I want to believe that someday will be able to converse with you real life, and hopefully interesting and enjoyable for both.
Every day I have the desire to learn more about you, always fun for me. As I told you in my last letter I live with my parents, and I love them very much and always take care of them! But I do not I have enough love in the heart of love to your loved me could change for the better. I need a man who can love and appreciate me. I want to be just and fair to the people who always could take care of me and looked at me with sincere eyes. That for the First my inner qualities were important. my partner ideal must be serious to build family relationships. You Also I want to know about where you live, people you surrounding! I think there are a lot of interesting places in your country, and now it is very interesting to learn about. Maybe I could be there and together are able to visit one of these places.
I await your prompt response. I wish you a good day.

Letter 4

Hello my dear Leon. Your letter makes me happy again, and I take the reading pleasure. As it is a comfort to know that there is a man think of me. I am proud of this knowledge, and I think everything depends on me that I have succeeded. The only thing I miss is a man affectionate that could support me in any situation. I have written as it should be, in my opinion. Although I feel a feeling that no I have experienced before his letters tells me that my communication with you are not normal, and maybe someday our communication can lead to something more than a communication on the Internet. When I think This gives me great hope that this is the case. hope these few emails were able to achieve some understanding, there is hope that our relationship grow. I like to read and learn what think on this. You can probably write something about it in my next letter. I think you're wonderful conversationalist, interesting to talk with you, and you're cute, is also important. Leon, now I would like to tell you about my house. I live in a small apartment with 2 small rooms. This is my fourth, my mother and father, a kitchen and a bathroom. Of course I thought much in the way of living apart from their parents and be independent, but so far I do not understand. For example, for take me to the one bedroom apartment, which would have to give Half of my winnings. It is hard for me. ? Who knows! maybe I will soon live separately from their parents, and I can be with you?
:) I'm starting to notice that they are spiritually is by the letters , So I have no doubt ask some advice. Dear, Now I have to finish the letter. I'll be looking forward to your Answer.

Your Irina.

Letter 5

Hello my dear Leon. Thanks for your feedback! I can see again his letter, written with enthusiasm. It is really nice! :)
I do not even know how to explain to me, but my feeling is so unusual when I read his letters. I express this feeling, but I feel the barrier of distance. The lyrics are very difficult to express something important. Sometimes I'm full of great feelings when I mean something in writing, I want to convey this enthusiasm, these feelings, but I'm sure when you read my letter can not feel it. Now I think that would be great if we were close, talking about different things, life would be so intense. I'm tired of being alone, and I want love true. Always this far is a man who I fun, and maybe soon be able to meet face to face.
I have curious to know what you think of this? I'm interested to know your answer! Now get home and immediately started to put everything in order. I love when my house is clean and tidy, maybe is integrated in all women at birth:-). I have always been an independent woman, and gave her all by herself. but I I always want to close was a real man who can support me in hard times. Yesterday, I saw an old movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. It's called "The Island". Perhaps you have also seen this movie? I love this movie because it shows the sea. And I love the sea! This is very attractive to me, the sound of the waves, cool breezes, plenty of sunshine and blue skies. I have a dream that someday you. From 7 years, I went swimming, and for 8 years I attended swimming lessons. For now, sometimes I go to the pool But this is rare, because I have no time to spare. Is a it really hurts my city there is no sea, and always have to envy people living near the sea. But I'm sure someday I also live near the sea or ocean. now I'll end this letter I write for 50 minutes. always I am very happy to answer your emails, and I will be waiting for your letter.

Your Irina.

Letter 6

Hello my dear Leon! All day today I was thinking could check your mail and read your letter, and receive energy positive. With every day that passes more and more I think about what could our familiarity is no accident and you are the man who I represent in their fantasies. During our correspondence, vi some great qualities in you as a man, no doubt the seriousness of his letters and warm is important, I like his friendliness and warmth of the soul. I feel very happy when I receive your letter and lei! In his letter of each line it fills me with optimism the future. I think to understand this, it is necessary that the same flavor. Do not you feel my letters and that's what you think me as your potential partner, but I hope that my feelings for you are mutual, and I hope you have the same feelings towards my. It is unfortunate that we do not live nearby, and we can not go together to some place, but be grateful to our lucky stars that He has given us this knowledge. This means that we now still has what is believed that the way we continue our relationship. I think when a person has the plans and wishes original in relation to another person, he has a certain determination, respectively. Before you start looking for a partner Internet has been a mystery to me how you can overcome away if we desire to know! The only thought that I dan, and gave him rest, is a case in which I have feelings, and will be in vain, then it will be a great wound in my heart. I hope we do not have that happen? ? Do you think? My dear Leon Today when I walked down the street that was playing with the future, You can say that I fantasize, indeed, I felt as if I was holding my hand, maybe you are thinking of me in this time and this has been like a dream. ? You think of me? ? With that frequently? At work all day I think of you when I go to work, I also think of you. Of course, I'm fine, but maybe you should not give in to my emotions. Well, I know what thought of me, but now I would like to ask a question important! You will be serious for my feelings? prior to I answer this question, I ask you to think carefully! now I am silent finish this letter and I hope your answer.

Your Irina.

Letter 7

Hello my dear Leon. I am very glad to see your letter. ? How Come these? I hope you are well. I have the desire to do something for you special, but I can only do this when we're together. my dear Leon, I have a wonderful day today, very soon, I order leave from work and be able to have a lot of free time . There will come a time when I could not think about work and forget about the over a month because exactly 30 days I will take a vacation. Tomorrow I will have a conversation with my doctor boss, and we have to discuss all the start date and the end of my holiday. I am very happy because now I can rest a little bit. Unfortunately not as holidayed! ? Would you like to meet during my vacation? It will be great if we can see in this time. :) Last night I came home from work and had time to cook dinner for my parents. My mother was surprised what I can handle everything, and I have such a good mood! I returned it the smile, but realized that this is due to you. I told my mom about you and about what we have learned about the Internet, and you are hard to please. She asked me to tell Hello, I'm doing. Hello)) For dinner talk seriously parents. They asked me what I'll do if I am invited to visit their home! I was confused at this point, but, of course, I some thoughts and told them about them. I told him that if they do not matter will be happy to visit someday. My parents said the main thing I was happy. Of course I liked, and today I spent all day thinking about it. Dear Leon,? You think you about this? Your feedback is most important to me now because you've become very close to me. I would like to meet you personally, and to communicate with you throughout the day.
But these are only my dreams. Below your letter, I hope get a lot of good news. I send you a kiss.

Your Irina.

Letter 8

Hello my dear Leon. I am very happy to receive a letter from you.
well I met you, and for all time of our correspondence, I understand that you are very dear to me and I am ready to step to reach you. My boss at work I said I can take a vacation. When I heard this I I felt very happy and thought at that time only about you and how I to you. For me, it will be difficult, since it is the first that I have to go to another country. Morning before coming to work, I'm going to travel agency to learn how I can get to you. I think he glad to meet me at home. Now I sit and dream with our first meeting and I think this will be the happiest day of my life! single the idea that warms my heart. Dear Leon, tell me how you spend this day? Every day I would like to know more about you and be part of his life. Dear, tomorrow I'll tell the story of an agency Travel, I think you would be interested. In this term, and I'll wait your letter tomorrow.

Letter 9

Hello my dear Leon. Once again, I am happy to see your letter.
? How are you? Dear, this morning I went to a travel agency and not gave me full information to reach you. I think it will not to be hard for me! I was told that first I have to get a passport and other documents, which costs $ 400, and only then I can book a plane ticket. Dear, it's nice that decided to meet and am now very happy. But I have a problem, because now I do not have the money to pay for the documents, and I you could help me. Today at work was very tired because it was a lot of work and want to relax. I Regret that you are not currently there and just have to think and dream you. I hope no one bother to have a wonderful meeting and be together. As I finish this letter. Leon, I'll wait your letter with great impatience.

Your Irina.

Letter 10

Hello my dear Leon. Soon we will be together and I can say that all the words I have for you in my heart. And I'm sure it will sound much nicer to you if I said this during our meeting. You look and you say the words that I have for you, I would look at you and say the three words main, and tenderly kissing. My dear Leon, not as wants to send me money for my documents, but I have learned that you can without any problem send money through Western Union.
I think it would be convenient for you. Call the bank and ask what is needed, the manager told me that you need to know my full name and address, I'll tell you this. My full name Irina Vasilyeva, my address Russia, Veliky Novgorod, Zelinskogo 48, apartment 2. These data should be sufficient for the money transfer. In order to do all the paperwork for come to need 400 dollars. If today you can help me with this And after about 5 -7 days of my documents will be ready and we to be together. I hope you understand me. My dear, our life will change soon and very soon we will be able to obtain the happiness that we had sounded. I know that if something much want this to be true, and I am sure that soon we will be well, because we have a sense of magic and love. My parents gave him a big hello! Leon, all my kisses just for you!
Esperare your letter with great impatience.

Your Irina.

Letter 11

Hello my dear Leon. I am very glad to see your letter. How are you?
The most important thing in my life that you and our relationship is.
I'm playing now on when we can be together and spend much time together. From your letter I understand what you went to Western Union and know that there is a high charge a fee for sending money. Unfortunately I do not have a bank account, and the only way for a safe and fast delivery costs money Western Union. I hope you understand me now and help me with this, because in the near future we should be together. Leon, this morning I woke up in a good mood, because I realized that now I am very happy and I do not need nothing else, I will soon be with you, and that's all I want from life. All that is happening now to me, everything I do I do with the thought my love, and every time I'm trying to imagine what you're doing, and trying to fantasize about what I can now stay with you. Last night I saw a wonderful movie, he could not sleep because I was thinking about you and lit the TV. Do Not remember the name of this movie, but the actor was very similar to his, and saw to the end, and represent that I can see. I have looking forward to being with you soon. All my kisses just for you.

Letter 12

Leon, I just received your letter. I hope you are well. In his letter I understand what you would like to one day have come to me in Russia.
It would be very nice. But first, we have to have a meeting in his country. My vacation is not infinite, and I mean that there are now start doing the paperwork for the arrival of you. now only up to you, our meeting and I hope that I will now help with this. I also want to say that I started to learn Spanish once that he met. I think it would have been nice if you taught Russian language when they get to you. That would be wonderful. Leon,? What kind of robot are you talking about? Why you seem to have a robot? I think maybe made a mistake when I wrote this word, because I do not like to read.
I hope you understand me. All my kisses for you. I'll be waiting for your prompt response.

Your Irina.

Letter 13

Leon, not about adding the following in google. And it is very strange that you're asking me whether I have a boyfriend, and that medical fact? I've already talked about that I have a boyfriend. And the fact that I work in a hospital. I met with you and just want come to you to be near you. But if you do not trust me and not want, I came to you, I beg you to let me know immediately.
Because I'm an honest girl. I grew up in a respectable family. I hope you understand me. My feast day is endless and I'm waiting their decision now.

Letter 14

Hello my dear Leon. I am very glad to receive your letter, I makes you happy and I can have a good mood. I look forward to when I can see you, makes me crazy. How are you today? how Come these? I really hope you are all well. I hope that when you I can say the most important words. I hope that when you can make me happy. Leon, I want to share with you that I had a sleep last night, and made me very angry. sone night I was able to get to you and you received me at the airport and went to his home. We had a light dinner small and then came to me and asked me that dance music with you, which included a dance and dance quiet, talked and hugged me gently around the waist, it was fine. We drank some wine and watched the movie, by Unfortunately I do not remember what it was a movie and what it was, and then we went to bed. I hope that in the near future we will be together because my vacation is not infinite, and now I can not lose a single day of my vacation. I hope that you really want, I I came to you today and I'll be waiting for your support for my documents. My parents give a big shout. All my kisses for you.

Your Irina.

Letter 15

Hello my dear Leon. How have you been? Hope you had a good Christmas. Unfortunately, we do not celebrate Christmas these days.
In our country celebrate Christmas on January 7. I have read your letter with great joy, and I know you can make me happy, you can only do, because in my heart there is a place for you. I will always be next to you because you are my fate, you are my dream, and I never leave you when I'll be there. I really appreciate your feelings for me, because you're the only person in the world I need. I will be very happy when I can tell all words during our meeting, I think at this point I'm going to have tears, will be tears of joy. I am sorry that I can not pass in letters all my feelings, but it is actually not possible, and I'll deal with that at the time of our meeting. Leon, for your letter I understand that you want to send money through MoneyGram, because it is cheaper. I learned that through MoneyGram I would be very difficult to get your money because you have a service reliable. Therefore, you will need to send help for my documents through Western Union. I hope you this before December 30, you can help me with documents, since the travel agency will not work on New Year festivities. not now you can lose a single day of my vacation. I hope you understands. I am now the happiest and most unfortunate girl in the world, happiness gives me my love for you, and the unhappiness you this far, but I try to console myself with the thought that soon I'll be able to tell you about all my feelings by you and kiss your sweet lips. Remember I'll always be alone yours. All my kisses for you.

Your Irina.

Letter 16

Dear Leon, hope you have a good day. I mean the most important holiday in Russia is the Ano Nuevo. And so this Christmas I will be there with you. I just wanna be close to you and not want to be the January 7 in Russia, because I like to spend time just wonderful with you and will give a lot of love and affection. If today I will help with the documents with Western Union, will to be very good, because until December 30 to be paid by the travel agency. I hope you understand me. my intentions and feelings for you are very serious. My phone number +79055571611. I mean we will most likely not be able to talk on the phone, because my operator banned the calls from abroad. I can talk on the phone only in Russia.
I hope you understand me. All my kisses for you.

Your Irina.

Letter 17

Hello my dear Leon. I am very glad to see your letter makes me happy that day. How will your day? Hope you're all well and my letter will make his state of good mood. It is very difficult for me to enjoy every day that you can see and read your letter with all words written to me and then away from the computer and lonely, it is very difficult for me. I hope this was over soon, and I'll be with you. Leon, to send money to my documents, you will not take you directly to my door. I'll have to go to your nearest bank with an identity card and then can get your help. Western Union - is very comfortable, fast and secure.
Full name - Irina Vasilyeva, country - Russia, city - Veliky Novgorod, street - Zelinskogo 48, apartment 2. I hope very soon We'll be together. My mom told me she had never seen such happy, which means thank you. I promised I'll say hi to your name, and I do. Leon, please understand that I will never make damage, because you were able to make my life and I'm really fabulous sure this story will have a good ending. I entrusted my heart and now that is not mine, it belongs to you, you can do with the what you want, but I wonder one, please beware this, because if you break, I will not live. I'll always be alone yours. All my kisses for you.

your Irina