Scam Letter(s) from Taylor Lopes to Thomas (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Mr. Tom and thanks for the emailing well am Thomas here SAM sergeant in USA Army.. One of my staff gave me your email and she told me you said I should mail you, sorry I can't okay I told her to tell u to mail me first then I can reply to your mail, well about request of permission it a very hard thing to do because Nigeria Government are after and this am taking a risk to grant the permission but I will do that for because of your personality well it will cost you the sum of 850$ because I need to make some document for her to be entitle to her gratitude and I need to know more about you like house address, occupation, telephone number,family or relative,flat code,office address,age,relationship status and many more. If u are ready to do that am here by promising u to Grant her permission as soon as you are ready........



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