Scam letter(s) from Olesya Koftum to Phil (Switzerland) part 1

Letter 1
Phil I welcome you. In the first I very much hesitate, in the second I do not see your photo, in third I very much I WANT WILL get acquainted With YOU!
With what to me to begin? I was in Zurich 4 hours, at the airport when flied from Portugal to Moscow and there I have bought TASTY TASTY CHOCOLATE!!!))))) Time of 0: 46 minutes. Time night...... I want to sleep.
But as you see, I have found time for you what to write you though that what to confirm the desire will get acquainted with you. Phil my name is Olesia. I live in Russia, in the city of Ekaterinburg, worked as model in Moscow, and now I am engaged in favourite business - accounts department and projective department of civil engineering firms. My hobby - is cookery and walks on wood. And still I want to be alloyed on the rivers. Probably because I love calmness and the nature, far away from city vanity.
My father the well-founded man, the owner of civil engineering firm throughout 15 years. My mum the housewife, very much likes to be engaged in gardening, and the brother has the family. My intentions to you Phil the serious. I would not want to be late long in correspondence, I want the real man for real life! Also I want to live in more best and cultural country and thus to live in love. Tell about itself, send a photo please and what girl it is necessary for you for entire happiness? I look forward to hearing Phil, thanks for the future answer. Thanks.
Letter 2
Good evening mine Phil. Thanks for the letter, thanks for a photo. The man with the butterfly. Beautifully. Phil thanks for questions. Phil I have made registration on a dating site for search of the man on all life and on purpose to move to it and to establish a family!!!! I will tell at once I was already tired of married men who ask and ask from me photo sex.
To me for 30 years.... It is a lot of, I not so small. I CAN SEND YOU the COPY of the PASSPORT FOR the IDENTITY CERTIFICATE THAT YOU WOULD be quiet.
On how many hours at us a difference in time? At me already the second o'clock in the morning. Affairs have ended, vanity has ended and I can see normally your letter and write you the answer.
My day was big and successful. But has very quickly flown by. Phil, it seems to you that time flies with speed of thought? It seems - to you that time and has passed day!? It seems to me that now time goes much faster than earlier. And even scientists have written article that day does not keep within at 24 o'clock actually. In days 24 hours, but them as though 20 hours. Inexplicable the phenomenon. And can be simple we became more senior? And can be simple we have grown and we are not in time anything in a current of day? I cannot believe that in two months new year, and then in two months and spring, and then time and summer. Phil, and life will pass, and after all it would be desirable to have time to love, and to be favourite)))).
You remember the childhood? How day was such long long, and now? Especially living in megacities and making two three trips to different corners of a city and the working day has passed.
Though Phil, tell about your childhood. If it is not difficult. What you were young? Naughty or quiet? At me weight of questions so I will "torture" you gradually! I joke)) Write, and I esteem for the night and to sleep. You now read what book? What recommend? EXCUSE for questions, it is simple so it would be desirable to learn quickly all about you))) Olesya PS You are right, I adore to create DESIGN!!!
Letter 3
Mine Phil, I in a city, I houses. Time second half of day. I see your letter and I want to write immediately to you the answer because yesterday I did not have physically a possibility to be at the computer. Though.... Though if you have called me to walk and breathe fresh air - that I would forget about weariness, have jumped and have run! After all all depends on need. The person all can, when wants. All. You have written to me and I write - you it a desire question.
Now I want to know - how are you?? Also I want to know ALL! :). How your Saturday? What do you do on days off usual?
You want to learn more in detail about we wash a bottom and a profession? Has woken up in 7 mornings, has made a breakfast (porridge) and has gone to civil engineering firm. Then has gone on a building site. They have pledged the base, in accuracy under my project, now put aside all till early spring, and assemblage of fellings will do in Arkhangelsk. To me have suggested to go to Arkhangelsk, but I have refused. And in Arkhangelsk there lives my old girlfriend. She does not know where I, I do not know where it. It of very complete constitution was in the childhood, most likely at it the metabolism in an organism has been broken and she suffered completeness. On it laughed, and I protected it, always protected. But the destiny has given it gift - singing, the tenor. It came to us to village to the grandmother. You know Phil, it got on a haystack (we all children helped it to get), and then it on all edge of wood as will start singing! For a long time as that mum has learnt the information on their family, it continues career of the singer at herself in a city. ..... The Building organisation with which we have concluded the contract has made the order of fellings of Arkhangelsk, a round timber, from there where she lives. Now it is a lot of not respectable manufacturers rounded a log, because of them after 1 year the house dries and very big cracks are formed. I do not know than and by whom they were guided when ordered there in the north of Russia a log, but there can be there at them acquaintances and there are recommendations.
Well here, has expressed you the thoughts concerning my specificity of work and has told to you a little about working aspects for a today. So to tell - has shared that to whom I help and that I do on work. What weather at night? And temperature of reservoirs? At you in your region it is possible to bathe in November?
Weather - paradise. Weather forecasters predict unusual warming. Gardeners are afraid of changes and cataclysms. Suddenly trees will wake up and will issue kidneys and here bang and a frost. I did not read this book and did not hear about it. And about what your book? What genre?
Phil, to me it is easy with you. That is than that will share with you easily. I AT ALL DO NOT KNOW AS YOU WILL react TO mine IDLE TIME of the COLLOQUIAL GENRE the LETTER. But now to me it is easy with you and I write to you easily as though I sit next and I talk. I understand that it is my own belief and thoughts concerning you. I understand. But you have permitted so to think of you and to perceive you.
I am even more convinced of that the main thing in life - is a family. The main thing in life - is a family. Career - does not wait for you the house, money - will not wipe some tear, and the glory - will not embrace at night. Rest will be given by the loving husband both the loving wife and native! And still main - rest and a pacification gives DREAM REALIZATION. When two have identical interests and a way. When the person has a dream - and until it not to be carried out - IT WILL not receive REST! With whom and than the person would not replace the dream. Is better to the person not to learn the dream, than having learnt it not to perform.
My dream - the beloved which will be always nearby and I near to it! After all much also it is not necessary for the person. At times it seems - to me that is necessary for the person? Yes the confidence is necessary to it. The confidence of the friend the friend is necessary to all of us. It is deficit! I am capable to give to the man - loving me confidence of tomorrow. Test! From loving heart, I send you the note. With love. WRITE as your Saturday and what plans for days off. It is very interesting to me to KNOW About YOU ALL. Send a photo! And now I am am waited by hot pancakes with jam and with hot tea (with a lemon). Do not envy!)) Your modest Olesia!
Letter 4

Phil as it would be desirable to tell much! As it would be desirable to tell much! Thanks you for the letter. Thanks. You the book. I have read your letter and I can present only what you good and how be good to us can together. And our destiny depends just on such representations in a head and in heart. At whom strong imagination - that brightly represents tender plots and at whom that can present nothing poor imagination. But if the musician well plays the tool also music sings! And when well adjusted tool - that and to play pleasantly. I well adjusted tool! I am adjusted on love, on long long beautiful love and you concern my strings. Here therefore I have "music" - imagination!! Here to what I have summed up.... Here it appears from what there are romantic dreams about grandiose love! When the musician plays the good tool. :))). Play me! Play me!!! :)) (only not on nerves :) :) :) :).
Well here Phil here such reaction at me after perusal of your letter to me. Ate for a supper a hamburger from McDonalds :). And in your region tasty McDonalds? Very much very seldom I visit such institutions because propagation of harm goes to Russia from McDonalds. And you know truth? How often you eat that that in such institutions? In McDonalds harmful food or useful? As I want to tell to you as I want to ask you as I want to love as I want to listen as I want to worry much much much much much....... Love!
It is simply healthy: to have in the human life to which you address in deep depression, and after conversation with it you have a mad desire to live!!!!!!!! At there is no depression, but you seem to me remove from any condition in a life category!!! Here it to you really compliment.
I want to tell to you secret - from 10 years I keep a diary of the life. Since 10 years. Such it is a little.)). My parents have persuaded me to write the experiences and sensations in the the maiden diary when to me there were 10 years. And so has passed many many years. At me two books, it is my secret and my secret. In the future - I can probably publish the book, the biography of the life, I do not know.... What to whom that to help. What who that has read the book and was inspired to live!
I want to write today in the diary a phrase, very much to me ponravilas - "Phil you the person to whom you address in deep depression, and after conversation with you you have a mad desire to live!!!". Perhaps it is a fruit of my imagination...., but it is pleasant to me so to think. Here to us to write the same lines in the diary in 10 years. And?, what you think? Here to write these lines in 20 years. As it is important to be able to store and increase that we have! In Russia there is a proverb: "that in the woman you will wake, with that to be content and you will be!" . That that in the woman you will wake, that and you will eat all life. You can wake in me a geyser of gratitude and love to you! You can awake in me a powerful perennial spring of caress and tenderness to you. You for yourself to sow a field and to you to reap a crop and let all the others envy. And let all the others envy your fruits, your crop. Sow in me the dream. Let your dream will be my dream! Let your idea live with you - and my dream!
The destiny not a predicted thing, it can give to us much more than we ask.... Well here such mad letter. Phil, I do not think that you search for "poor" love, you search that for that not predicted that that what for a long time did not test. In me there is that that is necessary for you!
My letter personally for you from heart to heart. EXCUSE me FOR EMOTIONS, FORGIVE FOR SUCH LETTER. You on a photo as the agent 007! The super! I look forward to hearing!!!! What do you do in this day off? We will do the same together! ;). To live. To live. To live. VERY MUCH I WANT TO SEE RECIPROCITY AND CONTINUATION! Write! Your beloved Olesia! (I will be engaged in washing, the washing machine will dance again on kitchen; during washing my washing machine moves on the sly from one corner to another so I will supervise process :) :).
Letter 5
Hi my good Phil! Phil, yesterday wrote you the frank letter on an extent approximately an hour and a half, wrote on one breath, installed in you belief, gave to your to hope and plans for our joint quite possible future. When the pupil surpasses the teacher - it is the higher award for the teacher. You my teacher and you have installed in me the plans. And now I - as you.
When you love, you do not want to drink some other water, except that which you find in a favourite source.
Me by the way surprises, why people are surprised fidelity? Fidelity as a matter of fact - a thing natural when the person loves!!! THANKS YOU for a compliment to me, concerning the letter - I have no experience of dialogue with the man, but I corresponded with the girlfriend of 15 years, it was the USSR. And from 10 years I keep a diary of the life and I LIKE to READ, THAN to watch FILM.
Therefore I like to write!
How your Monday? There where you live - people love Monday? At you the working day begins since Monday? What people live near to you?

My mum and my friends see in me fine mood and are interested in the reason. It was necessary to tell about you shortly. :) My day was fine! Worked easily, all was in time also all it was possible.
Approximately 4 hours back we with three girlfriends we have gone on the river and about an hour stirred four together. Warmly warm, the fallen down leaves go on water. Earlier I never liked autumn. It seemed as though the nature dies, trees throw off from themselves the beauty, dampness and the grey sky. But Phil I have then understood - with you I love any weather! It appears to me the state of mind was not pleasant in the autumn. And now - when at us with you global prospects - I love this season. Has fallen in love with you, I hope for our first meeting and I represent as I will fine keep on you - when I will jump on you and I will lift up the feet at you behind the back!!! Yes. Phil, along the river it is so much a lot of garbage in the form of plastic bottles also know - we four together took and have collected all plastic bottles which rolled around. Have dressed protective gloves and have collected bottles in a sack and have taken away in a city and there have thrown out. It was not a shame to us to help a city. It is not a shame to me to make a good deed and to make beautiful a public place. In the first have taken a breath, have laughed. Phil, I want to work on mankind, for the blessing of people. I want to do that that such - that will help not only to one person, but also other people. I very much would like to help other people and I know as. I will tell to you personally if you give me such possibility in the near future.
I do not want to be late on the Internet, I would like to learn you personally. I can arrive to you at any time. How to me to learn that you actually want my arrival?? When?? You truth want? You nearby. My FRIEND, IT is far - WHEN I "DO NOT WANT", And WHEN I "WANT" THAT EVEN the WORLD'S END VERY CLOSE! As to money - my father very rich man, the husband the husband will not need money!
Look a photo, it is my life.
And thus I want to leave Russia and to live in the country, is closer to water, to the river, in wood, to village. I WANT QUIET LIFE!!!! And I WANT the FAMILY! I THANK YOU for dialogue with you, for letters, for joyful mood which you have presented to me, what even my friends notice it! I send you the letter. How you on Monday? Tell. Yours OLESIA! (I have written a word - "yours" ;))
Letter 6
Phil, hi. On November, 13th. Well what not Friday 13. :))). Though in Russia there are no such holidays as Hallowee and other so to us passions about 13 number are unknown.
Phil, and truth that in the west and to Europe is not present numbers in hotel in number 13? I travelled much and did not notice such tendency. Houses are the Internet - checked in the morning and with curiosity would open mail what to see from you the answer. THANKS FOR the LETTER! Phil you have paid me a compliment. You very kind and generous on compliments. Truth. LET'S COMMUNICATE, WRITE to the FRIEND to the FRIEND every DAY. GIVE! GIVE.
And if to be otkrovenne - I want to save years of correspondence. It would be healthy to arrive to Switzerland and to see you of the PRESENT, NATURAL!
Has woken up in 7 mornings, has taken a hot bath, has had breakfast and here to this day worked with documents on work, now evening, I houses at mum, write to you through its computer. Always after session end on the computer - I press the button "exit" that anybody another could not see my messages to you.
Once I had to lease the computer, has opened the Internet browser, and there there was whose that mail. Mail of the girl, it talked to the father and after dialogue did not leave an account. During that instant I had a choice - secretly to look whose that correspondence, or to remain the person and to close another's mail. Thirst of curiosity to learn that that forbidden, or to arrive on conscience. As though you have arrived in such situation? The test. You nobody sees. :). In that could to me it seemed as my conscience began to gnaw me! It was for seconds. All these thoughts were for seconds and you guess that I have made. :). Has switched off another's mail having clicked on the button "exit". What for I write you it? Not for the sake of boasting and what to prove to be and expect kindly from you. :). As important was the person everywhere and even then when you nobody sees! And who knows Phil there can be YOU HAVE got to me AS the AWARD And WHO KNOWS... There CAN be I HAVE got to YOU AS the AWARD. Who knows. All is interchangeable. All comes back. Kindly kind, angrily malicious, tenderness tenderness. You always receive so much, how many give. All is simple. You want give more more. It is More than forces, it is more than time, it is more than love and all will return, during the most unexpected moment. So if who will ask me a secret of success - I will answer - to be the person and the extremist! Here such my first half of day. WRITE Phil!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your trophy - Olesia!!!
Letter 7
My dear Phil, I welcome you! This night, I have arrived home, I was on grandiose event - training on development of the person. Was so much many people in very big concert hall! People from different levels of population have arrived to "learn" lives to St.-Petersburg. Very much it was pleasant to me!
Phil, what you did these 3 days without me? You thought of me? I very strongly dreamt to open the computer and to see from you 3 letters at least! 3 letters at least. It was ours the first testing for a two. The first short separation for 3 days. Phil, what such the text? What is the letter to you or your letter to me? And even any book - is soul, but simply letters find other form. And for the love letter has no value - it is reproduced on clay plates, parchment or in the form of the electronic text. The Main thing - what you and I, we ABSORBED In OURSELVES EACH OTHER!!!!
THANKS you for the letter to me. By the way you ask - in Russia everywhere hotels with numbers 13)))) I will return to mail more close by the night because only has this night arrived home.
I send you the photos, and my friends in St.-Petersburg.
The seminar very much was pleasant to me! All would like to learn the magic button, all would like to learn a secret of a confidential component how to find happiness. But anything new not a seminar did not declare, because secrets are simple. Be fair! Be kind! Help people and struggle for the dream!
IN IT ALL SECRET. Phil you "eagle"? I rather modest, but like to get to inconvenient situations what to solve them, therefore I probably (a beginning eagle-hen))))). To go to the man to other country, to drop there an anchor, to hope for happiness - he/she is an eagle. It not a cowardly duck. Such as I thousand, but hundred thousand - the ducks who have buried the dream...... Phil I with impatience would open the mail what to see from you the answer. I had a fear - suddenly you will not write, suddenly you have forgotten and then all your words of love would be as an empty wind. But you have written! Means at us there can be a beautiful love! I initially at all do not want to be late in the Internet, initially my search is adjusted only on a real meeting, instead of on online the novel, only so.
I wait from you the letter and I wish us with you good forthcoming week! Your kind Olesia!
Letter 8
Mine Phil, time and behind a window is already dark evening, hardly hardly tickles a throat, but I will cure it by the morning. Rinsed a throat soda and salt, and despite easy sensation of weakness has included music and would open the mail what to see from you the message. As a film "You've Got Mail" - 1998. When protagonists of a film corresponded through the Internet, endured scrapes and after have begun life already together, enamoured in each other. Phil, you saw this fine family film? Truth hardly old, but rather rather interesting. You like to go to the cinema? When last time went to the cinema?
We with you now in a film "You've Got Mail", write each other. A film plot such is - the girl corresponded with the man through the Internet, and after have fallen in love. :)). Since 1998 has changed nothing, many pairs get acquainted and meet and find families. And we with you have got to a lot, in a success basket. The film scenario has revived.
I will tell to you directly that anybody such will not tell. Despite that I you almost do not know the present - to me you seem good and very fascinating. Also believe to me - you "ideal". And suddenly I rigidly am mistaken?) ))) Always it seems that a grass in another's garden turn green. :)). But nevertheless... You now read these lines and with the big surprise laugh. But do not laugh Phil, because you "ideal". You want the proof? I will show to you two photos which personify truth of two worlds. Speech not about the concrete country, and speech about an essence of things. An essence in mentality of other countries and including Switzerland. An essence in a difference between Russia and Switzerland, here that I want to underline. The first a photo - "the State Duma of the Russian Federation in Moscow. It in the street Ohotnij rjad, all the known house 1". And on the second a photo "the Parking of personal deputy transport at an input in parliament of Denmark". Result on the person. An essence not in the concrete country, and an essence in mentality of a "foreign" city. Where that officials allocate the budget for the needs, and where that for a city. But I see in these a photo even hardly hardly another. I will write to you. And your letters to me - this obvious proof is perfect OTHER LEVEL of CONSCIOUSNESS. You do not know Russian men, believe you you do not know. Even through the letter - I fall in love with you. At least through the letter. You do not know Russian men, therefore I admire your letters. I tell you truth. Your kindness to me - this obvious proof of the other world to which I want to get. You live for a long time in Switzerland and for you your life peculiar. But I, in the middle of all that see here - opening mail and through your letter I touch other world in which you carry away me!!!!
Look once again at a photo. Once I have asked the girlfriend: "how is the weather?" And she has answered with boasting - "to me all the same, I have bought the new car and now to me all the same what weather". Phil, it became a pity to me it. Because I have had this time, yes the whole world has had this time! Now ALL aspire to a healthy way of life. To go on foot to go by a bicycle, to breathe air, instead of to sit in machines. (By the way nobody can answer a question - as officials of Russia manage to buy the most expensive cars of the world at an official salary in three thousand dollars a maximum (Putin has given the official data of the salary)). But we will not be about bad. I send you a verse, happens a song it is possible to tell that it is impossible to tell or write a plain text. Happens a verse it is possible to tell more loudly! "At times so it is necessary a little, for healing from melancholy,
Warmly sympathising sight, a hand touch.
And to a word kind listening, already the whole world around loving,
You will take a mouthful the abrupt tea made for you.
And suddenly you will understand that in the world transitory,
Where all hopes are good,
Most expensively touches -
Soul touch..." We touch with soul to each other, invisible thread. You remember my first letter to you? I have asked you - "what girl you search for happiness?" . :). And I can justify all YOUR expectations. All YOUR expectations. Once again. Phil, you that that expect from me, and all all all YOUR expectations can be justified. Speak, when a homeless dog have sheltered - that it ON ALL life remains grateful to the owner. A rough example certainly, but. When you live without love as homeless and who that results you in warm love, in very big heart - that involuntarily you become GRATEFUL to you!!!!!!!!!! You understand? ALL YOUR HOPES CAN JUSTIFY!! You can suit to yourself happiness! To itself. I will consult! I pledge a word! The grateful person loves more strongly, than simply. You understand? Read once again my example with a dog. A rough example, but other words I do not find. Truth in this example the big. So I am grateful to you now even for bait, even for dream, even for hope! And what I can be grateful in a reality, you do not represent, and there is no more strongly I who could be such grateful!!! In how many you read my letter? In the evening before a dream, early in the morning....
I want to learn you more.
What do you wait from me?
What for you it is important in life? And if I have given you all that would be necessary - for you that you have wanted? Here that? Me invited in a bath, but affairs above a roof, even to pool has not gone, for that as it will be pleasant to dive then into water and to float, greedy directing to efforts.... Sports are super!
At me silly desires - to lead to you seeds of the Siberian rose and to grow up. Will be gone so will be gone, but I will try to grow up. :). To be occupied than that it is healthy! To be carried away than that it is healthy! Work as work, and a hobby it is important. Well in swimming pool we with you will precisely purchase the subscription for a month, it will stimulate also you and me to go in for sports. :), for health.
My friend has told to me history - in the State of Florida the USA there is a city of oligarchs, there there live multibillionaires of the whole world and there top prices in the world on all goods. And all the same this city is divided on two categories of the people, one happy, and others not the happy. Those - are not happy who does of nothing, have ceased to "live" and that aspires to what. And those - are happy who "works", reaches that that in life, lives and is fond than that. I liked its example. Even money does not give happiness to those people who go from misfortune in happiness search. Because private world and harmony comes from what that of another! - and YOU LEARN it at the airport in Switzerland! When you will embrace me as the trophy! And you will be richest than those unfortunate oligarchs! Because you will find the whole world and I will not allow to you to miss!!!
Only do not hesitate. Do not hesitate with the happiness.... This letter to you from heart. From the loving heart to you! Write as you will sit down for the computer, I look forward to hearing. Your sincere and a bit wonderful - Olesia!
Here the such. In an hour I will be goes to bed, time 1 o'clock in the morning.
Letter 9
THANKS for the information on the native. For me it is important.
What do I wait from you??? Ops.... Mine Phil, at times I set to myself a question - who you? In Russia there is a cheese advertising: "a reality or a fantasy"?! I think of you all the day long. It is normal???? I open your letter, as a film, as the invitation card in other world. In love!!! Phil, once on service in church sitting on a shop I has received the answer - each person it is worthy good and happy life. We with you are worthy. And nevertheless, for what that good deeds we have got each other, can be as an award, and can be not for good deeds, and is simple as a lot. After all to whom it allowed to play talent a musical instrument and it is easy to whom to float, it as gift. And arrows of a cupid pierce as gift. Also I perceive you as gift. Yesterday I have written you the fine letter. For a long time saved saved these feelings in itself and yesterday has poured out. All has frankly poured out. Do not judge me strictly. :))). I praised you yesterday. Do not judge me)))
Caterpillar appointment not what to be more beautiful or more richly, caterpillar appointment in that - that it would will turn to the butterfly and has departed! You understand a hint? Will turn to the enamoured person and to depart..... In love... :).
Well here such philosophy of a female brain. I (joke))).
How you today? What news in your region? How news in Switzerland?
As I will write you the letter I will go out of doors, 10 minutes will take a breath.
The huge volume of documents is charged me on work, and I will work with the documentation now despite that that already 1 o'clock in the morning. Took on the house all folders, all papers and I will work to the middle of night.
Has lost day. Phil, at you happens such? - You take the document, you look it, you look, you look, and you understand that it very difficultly and long to rectify another's errors that it so is heavy to sit some hours with papers and a pencil and to correct.... And then you leave all in a corner and you go to be engaged with what that in another matters! :). And here so, here so I have held on all till the night. Seldom but neatly. Such seldom happens at me.
I know myself, when I think of what that good that it would not be desirable to concentrate on other. And there can be I think of you? And? You did not reflect? m m m m m m m
So you today the originator of that I will work late! I (joke). But the share truth in it is! I also feel...... I feel that in Switzerland me in general will have no time for work the first days! m m m m m m. But after some days I will try to take myself in hands. ;). With the girlfriend today ate Japanese dry, she needed to express and she has decided to treat us and we have chatted. Obviously she counted on tear, but simply cheerful dialogue has turned out!!! Here that means girlfriends! Tell to me here that - what a food allowance at you for a week? What do you prefer these days? What you would like to eat? And where you eat in a current of day? Without the woman to you it is difficult, it is the fact. So I am necessary to you doubly!)))) Well, here such letter to you in Switzerland. Hold and answer as soon as possible. "Caterpillar appointment not what to be more beautiful, caterpillar appointment in that - that would will turn to the butterfly and to depart! At you the good and stable future with me!)))). And here it already seems to me very much big words! (sorry). But if you are clung by this thought - comment that be. Thanks. Phil, hold my letter from heart. Yours Olesia.
Letter 10
Mine Phil, I welcome you!!! How you slept and in how many have woken up? In some hours me will drive in a dream so has woken up has gone to bed very much late, but nevertheless has completed the documentation project up to the end on work on which worked yesterday a floor of day! I on character perfectionist, and even am a bit hypochondriac! Since the childhood I can not leave bed not filled and if on kitchen cups that I to themselves of rest are not cleaned I will not find! I adore when not visible for another's eyes - lies as it should be! After all nobody looks in my case, on regiments in which shorts, and personal things lie but if to glance there - that there all to millimetre exactly. :). I represent what I the auditor for you!? :)))). Because the man without the woman lives a little "freely", but now you threatened with an order! :). To order I be able!!! Where that even to me was possible to see a ridiculous caricature on which drawings - are represented as the girl represents itself when is angry - in the form of a terrible lioness, and the second drawing - as it sees its guy in this situation - a terrible gopher! A ridiculous and cheerful gopher! Two sights! :)).
So Phil, has gone to bed late, but for that with a victory!
Now it is necessary to make one more victory - Phil, I AM glad to SEE YOUR LETTER And I WILL answer AT ONCE YOUR QUESTION - the BEST COOK! BUT the MOST IMPORTANT - HOW to PRESENT the DISH!? And here it already.... I will show to you personally! I will tell to you still - this morning "who that" bit my ear and massed it. Very much it is pleasant to me when to me mum mass an ear, a rush of blood and strong excitation! But... After in the sleep I has felt wool and it there was THAT CAT from the girlfriend of my mum which to us have left for some time! The cat bit my ear. Here a question - cats feel pleasant places in a body at the person or how? I heard that cats understand sore points at the person and try to lie and warm on them their body. And good places? For example zones of pleasant contacts? Yesterday we with Marina and with its girlfriend have visited cinema. As well as assumed a film "children's" though some moments were very instructive and were a mirror of this world. There there was a moment in the beginning, as "governor" of a city has ordered to start special programs of telecasts in television what to distract weights from the present problems, he would tell that showed all time of a rag, a fashion, and then murders, and then again clothes, pies and again murders. It as a prototype of television of real present time. But we have left from a film and without having watched to the end. :). Too children's. It is necessary to be able to leave from uninteresting cinema! You learn me to be selective!))). After all now I live in hope, hope of the finest future events in Switzerland. Having touched you my mind and my values became absolutely others! - it would be desirable these cheap intrigues, empty performances, hysterics … It would be desirable only a cosy small house, a tasty supper, the person which knows how many sugar less to put in your tea. You understand??? I kiss you on a cheek!
Letter 11
Mine Phil, I am in the Internet of cafe of shopping centre on 3 floor. Shaking a metal little table, the background of music and a rumble of people is audible. Here around "restaurants" of different nations of the world, as a buffet, you pay on 10$ and you take all that you want, but to take out because of a protection it is impossible, to eat only there. I notice young students which through a hole transfer each other products. I had a choice - to inform the manager, but I did not begin to do it. Students the people "sacred" (joke) who that has arrived here from provincial small towns and survives as can. Therefore many observe this picture and remember youth. :).
Here in such external conditions I read your letter and I write you the answer. Phil, since yesterday evening at me the house Internet is disconnected, and at neighbours is not present, and as today Saturday the day off, I am here and I can see your mail and see from you the answer.
Phil, thanks you for the letter!!!!!! Thanks you for the big letter. You the psychologist. And what food for me to you to prepare? (You have begun this theme))))
Thanks for a photo - you fashionable. You listen to what music?
Reading your letters, I rejoice. I rejoice and rejoice. But I do not hide from you excitement...... So it would be desirable to trust in a fairy tale, in true love....) And here now I would like to watch a film: "What Dreams May Come", 1998 of release. You saw this film? How it? I managed today to read a phrase in magazine, the actor from a film has said a phrase and even for the sake of one phrase it is necessary to watch this film!. "At everyone the hell: there not necessarily fire and pitch... Our hell is life for nothing!!". An ingenious phrase!
By the way in Switzerland it is possible to download a qualitative film from the Internet in the computer? Or to look at it in a mode online? It is authorised?
Because in Russia officials close sites on which qualitative films contain, they would block a site that people did not look them, and bought films for money.
And in Switzerland as with it? How your Saturday? State of health?
I send you this letter. Also I apply on it the heart! My soul, my heart at you! And I will bring to you the body :)))). A beautiful body..... m m m m m m. It will be pleasant to you! ;), I promise! m m m m m. Hold my letter, I look forward to hearing.
If tomorrow houses are not the Internet I will return here after church both I will see your answer and I will write to you from here. To kiss you a cheek!
Your selected - Olesia!
Letter 12
Mine Phil, I welcome you!!! I write to you from the cafe Internet, tomorrow there will be a working day and for certain they will make the Internet in our house. I would be connected to absolutely other company of service rendering the Internet, to our house have spent three different broadcasting companies, and all struggle for the client. But I do not connect and I do not change the tariff plan because it would not be desirable to conclude new contracts, campaigns in their offices, to waste time. But because of them I should go now here and to spend an hour and a half for road. But it you does not concern, and even if I would need to go 3 hours what to find the Internet - I has gone! Here my relation to you!
Phil, I look weather in Switzerland through the Internet and there write about a wind. A wind on the east. In Switzerland population betrays value to a wind direction? You the present meteorologist! You betray value to a wind? In Switzerland it it is felt? It is healthy. Even it was possible to me to see where that the special device in the form of hours on which are shown pressure, for certain a wind direction, and many different climatic meteorological indications. You the meteorologist. :). Time is important to know Thought - in which we live what to be on a game. One orator has told a phrase: "there is nothing more strongly than ideas which time has come!". To be in due time and in a proper place. When the person feels "time" it will be on a game. There can be I you have confused this thought, but I simply hint - I can be in Switzerland and we drink coffee together - it is the idea which time has come!!!
You understand about what I... My former trainer on swimming has given to me D.F.Kennedy's two books - and his life and the book about "Lindown Man". Here that "reputation" means. Opinion on me such - as though I the biggest reader in a city :). Yes...... But that that I read, it is a compliment.
You read what book now? And how you today on Sunday? Very much it would would be desirable that you have told about economic vital affairs which you have made today. That I would present you so is live and it is beautiful! And I now to you will tell the reality - waited the bus at a stop, and nearby the standing woman has not sustained and has gone to search for a taxi, was nobody a number, I have examined it from feet to a head (well we are able to do it)) and when it hardly has not sat down nearly in a taxi at once there has arrived the bus. You would see Phil as she strongly ran back. :)). I had to ask to wait for the driver of the running passenger. Sitting in the bus we have got to talking about the meanness law a little. "Only from a stop you will leave, the bus and comes at once! That is why so?" - She asked me. Such question to me cannot be set, because nearby to a floor of hour I retold to it all knowledge of correct thinking from Dejl Carnegie's books! Phil, it seems to me has regretted that has talked to me. But let knows that it involves with the brains in herself failure. As soon as she will start to wait good luck it to it will enter at once. Success secrets were and will be identical. Kindness and work - will grind all! :). My friend Marina has registered in courses of shooting from onions in private club and her "have expelled", it has shot from onions empty! I at all do not understand anything in shooting, but Marina hardly hardly has cried and has calmed down, she has told that it has turned out at it casually. And it can be simple they have found the reason to get rid from another's, after all it is private club?!
Phil, to me it is ridiculous, I represent as it "banished". Probably to it have explained it with a distant hint and only through time it has caught up with thought on "dismissal". :))).
Now she will test at usual sports school. I give a word - it is the next mania of my friend in couple of weeks will end! :))))))). Girlfriends of my mum from the Chelyabinsk area have written to my mum the letter that there there is no snow in general and absence of snow is predicted even the whole month. The raised warmth. Surprisingly. Phil, time evening and me still to go home. I send you the note! The conjugal duty is executed! And what conjugal duty will be before the friend the friend at us in Switzerland? m m m m m m m. At me very big list. From 00:00 and to 08:00 mornings! So keep! Ops............. ;)) I do not know in how many you read this letter, but my LOVE would be desirable you to tell - GOOD MORNING! WRITE! I hope you not against I named you "the love", it with a hint!) To tomorrow. I send you the note. To kiss you on a cheek! Yours Olesia! WRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 13
Phil Phil Phil I write to you through phone. Phil you ask me good questions... At me it is a lot of friends but nobody trusts in the foreigner. So I here "one".
Phil at my place there is no Internet because I was connected to other company the giving Internet and to me have given out a box under the name "modem", but at me it is impossible to connect the house Internet. A heap of holes and wires. Tomorrow there will arrive the master and I will have houses an Internet.
It is difficult to me to write through phone. But for that, I show you through it the belief. I all the same write to you. It is difficult to me to write through phone, but I all the same write. It depends on desire.
Phil thanks you for the letter. I read it.
To me goes to return to your letter tomorrow. Now I want to tell to you only one - I want to you at least for couple of days! I have a visa in 20 countries entered into the European union. I can arrive to you at any time. It depends on you! I want to visit the man - which WILL simply pull out me FROM Russia, AS the FLOWER FROM the Earth! INVITE, I WILL ARRIVE AT ONCE! Phil I will return to the letter, you know - me I CAN not WRITE a little! I the EXTREMIST! YOURS OLESIA!
Letter 14
What do you think of a real meeting? Simply I do not find myself in correspondence. I want a real meeting.
Aim dialogue I with you - a real meeting.
We can learn each other only through the real meeting, emptiness all rest and employment by nonsense. Thanks you - if our desires of idea coincide. And if is not present, I do not take offence at you. I simply search for the man for a real meeting because I do not know other way to learn each other. Good night, I to sleep. Olesia
Letter 15
Mine Phil, read your previous letters to me. Thanks. For me it is important to "catch" a course of your thoughts.
At once I want to note, in the very first letter to you - I have informed: the purpose of my dialogue with you Phil is a real meeting. If we cherish kindly feelings to each other the real meeting in Switzerland will allow us to learn each other. Only the live and real meeting will inspire us. Only a real and live meeting. And all another - a fate not serious people! I liked phrase Marilyn Monroe: "do not believe that the man speaks; simply look that it does.".
Affairs, a movement body shout more loudly words. I always observe of affairs, instead of behind desires.
Fine when desires coincide with actions.
"Do not believe that the man speaks; simply look that it does.". I want to believe that you you love me and your affairs will tell more loudly words! I will buy round in Switzerland only with you, only with your help and with your participation. What to have a guarantee of your interest in me. When we will buy to Switzerland?? I need to have confidence that who that on that party waits for me!!!!
Phil, Phil, we will meet the beginning of December together?? Then through a year we will remember.... It is easy for remembering. Before holidays. And still it is easy for remembering, because today there was a grandiose event. Event for children. At us with girlfriends an arrangement, never to advertise these actions because everyone we want to receive rewarding not in the form of a praise from the person, and that that big. And who knows Phil there can be you, and I to you - have got each other as an award! Who knows?! But why not to think so. And?!
Phil, throughout 4 years, each first week of December we with girlfriends go to children's home and we spend time with homeless children. Even now I write you the letter and I feel from myself a fire smell. Phil, this time all of us have decided to change important day since first week of December on the today's. I have asked girlfriends to participate with them. Phil, it is very good tradition. Tell - in Switzerland there are homeless children? Which children have thrown parents? In Switzerland there are children's homes? Without waiting your answer - to me it seems that in Switzerland there are no such institutions. Tomorrow I will open mail and I will see from you the answer.
In Russia such home it is a lot of, and it is a shame to me with the country. Even now tears flow on my cheek, I hardly can remember these children. These children never will tell "good morning mum, good morning the father". It is a blank in the country.
Money is not necessary to these children, toys are not necessary to them, it is not necessary for them of anything material. The state allocates to these children many means for new furniture in rooms, for meal, on toys. So to say the state as though pays off.
These children need other - dialogue. Nobody communicates with them also they are considered as derelicts of a society.
In general each 4 years, in the first week of December we goes there and we play. This time we have collected 20 children and have organised game "Summer lightning". After have led them in cafe and have treated with tea and juice. They eat qualitative food in children's homes, but they really have no dialogue.
Phil, my feet itch, but it is such pleasant weariness! It is such pleasant weariness actually. 5 hours we spent in wood with them time. Russian game "Summer lightning" bears in itself very positive morals. You heard about such game? It is command game. The game essence consists what to grasp a flag of the opponent! But all difficulty consists that soldiers with epaulets on shoulders which too in turn strive to steal your flag should protect a flag. To neutralise the opponent it is possible only having broken at it epaulets from shoulders. We with girlfriends were staff nurses which again sewed epaulets to the "wounded" fighters.
Game has ended in a draw as one command began to break rules, it and was supposed to expect, when there is a struggle at the flag that to children difficultly to supervise the emotions and already "eliminated" soldier to continue to play that is strictly forbidden. I can have confused you game rules. But children remained happy.
Here at me day was such.
My mission in front of Russia is executed, if.... Phil, I want to live and work for the blessing of mankind and I have some ways. I will tell to you personally. Mine Phil, now about you - as you today??
Well here such letter. I have written you the letter from the house, have bought for 15$ flash the modem, have inserted into the computer, and here I have a new Internet. My friend Marina has given me a film. It is a film of "horrors". She has told in pridachu - weakens nerves! Ops..... I will not have not enough it, with its whims and with its jokes! (Joke). You have freakish friends? But without them it is boring. By the way that your friends will tell about me?
Speak, there are no many friends, there are only 1, seldom two. What you think? I the applicant for friendship!? :). Hold my note. In an hour I will go to bed be all in! But in satisfaction. :) Yours Olesia!
From heart.
Letter 16
I have a visa to England, I have a visa in the USA, there is a visa to Canada, but I have not gone to Canada, the managing director of firm of my father has sent other people. As to expenses on tickets to you - I have money, but tickets to you I will buy with your help. I trust you now and consequently I write. When we will buy tickets to Switzerland? When I will submit documents on round purchase?
I DO NOT SEARCH for the SPONSOR. I need that that another!!!!!!! But to you I will buy tickets with your help!
Remember: everything that it is possible to buy for money - already cheaply!
I need another. Your love. I the person of a principle. Remember: everything that it is possible to buy for money - already cheaply!
You do not represent that you will make - YOU THOUGH 1 TIME In LIFE WILL turn the DESTINY AS the WHEEL. 90 % of PEOPLE DO NOT MOVE SUCH WHEELS And consequently LIVE In POVERTY, In MORAL And In SINCERE POVERTY!
And still - I very grateful. You will understand it.
Phil, read again your previous letters, listening Relax FM, they have started to start new musical compositions in an aether. Pleases. By the way, listen to a ridiculous joke about "pleasure".
"Means the woman comes to shop on January, 5th and gives to the seller fur-tree toys back. The seller with amazement is interested why the buyer returns New Year's toys back after holidays. They do not work? - The seller asks. Work! - the buyer answers. They do not sparkle? - The seller is interested. Sparkle! - the buyer answers. So why you have brought back toys in shop? - The seller again asks. DO NOT PLEASE! - the buyer answers!"
Phil, in this joke very big sense. Seriously.
When people love the friend of their friend - anybody and anything else does not please, as soon as favourite object. Anything is not so interesting, as soon as darling.
I search in you for quality of "need". Phil, I search in you for "requirement" for food. I offer you I peep - love till the end of time!
I want to see in you need in me. What does the person beautiful? Not an external appearance, and private world. The person of desires. The person as a glass full of desire! You understand? Desire of a real meeting and desire to learn each other the presents.
There can be I run forward, but what such love??? When no toys please it, any visiting of cinema and any dialogue because all thoughts are filled by object of love and would be desirable to see and seize object of the love QUICKLY QUICKLY! Here that I search. Probably here that I expect in you!
I will give an example. My lips do not know that such a cigarette. My lips never in life held cigarettes. But I will result an example - in Russia on all packs of cigarettes frightening advertising of diseases from smoking is pasted, but people all the same buy cigarettes - because it is necessary to them! It is necessary. It is realised realising harm, it is equally necessary for all of them. Here I understand it it "is necessary". Even the obvious and open notification of the population about harm of smoking - but people search for need in smoking. It also is it "is necessary". Try to take away from the smoker of a cigarette?! He will think only of them.
Phil, I write you the letter not for the purpose of propagation against smoking, no, at all about it!!! I write about sense of a word "it is necessary / it is necessary". When it is necessary directly now - and even if harmfully - people all the same aspire to take that is necessary!
Therefore anything else does not please me, as soon as thoughts to see your constraining, disturbing, shy sight, a sight of very strong man! The sight of the man WHICH WISHED And TOOK! WISHED Also VISORS! The sight of the man which affairs and acts interrupts all words! The person a word and affairs! Thanks you Phil!
Well here my answer to you on your letter. How you sleep these days? How many hours? In how many you go to bed and in how many you rise? You seem to me wake up under an alarm clock. :). Also has already presented a sound of an ancient metal round alarm clock a ringing metal cracking sound. And what alarm clock at you? Manual or electronic? I remember I remember as has overslept few times in institute, having put the alarm clock timer in the tape recorder. And there was a difference of pressure and the timer has got off at night. Having opened eyes also has understood that has overslept - better it not to remember.... :). But nevertheless.... It were cheerful student's years.
I want to learn your student's years!!! What you were? In the evenings you will tell..... I Hope at you pleasant memoirs.
You seemed to me very obedient boy? Beautiful and obedient! Or fighting?
Who that to me has told that in our area children have decided to play a trick on police and have started in educational institution of 3 pigs. But have drawn on each pig of figure 1, 2 and 4! So the police searched week for a pig under figure "3". Speak after exposure, to children very strongly has not greeted! :))). Phil, hold my note. Anything me does not please, as soon as my travel in Switzerland what to see you live and worthless. let it be. Your favourite Olesia! PS hold a beautiful picture! In Russia is have published a beautiful calendar for sportsmen! Very beautiful calendar of sports subjects for 2014. Look what phrase: "than in social networks to hang and grow decrepit, it is better from a springboard on skis to fly!".
The super! I always choose for a real meeting and for real love, than social networks on the Internet!
You have skis?
Letter 17
Phil, I welcome you! Time the eleventh o'clock in the evening and through a pair of clocks I will lie under a warm blanket and to look colour dreams. Process meanwhile how to go to bed and has gone to bed, I will not describe..... What not to excite you ahead of time! I (joke). Most likely you dream Phil me, because scientists speak to us always of what we think most of all dreams. Still the scientific assert that the person always has dreams, simply there is an input stage in a dream and an exit from a dream, and we never remember that that dreamt us. Funny. I not superstitious also do not trust in dreams and you do not trust. The person himself creates the destiny, the kind, mercy affairs, I show kindness and diligence.
I will be glad to see you live in Switzerland, and to fall in love! And a trip To YOU to Switzerland I will organise through the agency. Because Switzerland the country it absolutely other world, I not married also is better to make secure to me and it will be issued through agency, they will buy for me tickets and hotel for the first days.
From you of 50 % of an advance payment will be sufficient, as an anchor as the guarantor that you ONLY wait for me and more than anybody!
I have a visa in the countries entered into the European union. Still my father promised me milti the visa that I would move on its business even faster.
When you will be capable to make though that that for our meeting?
Make though that for this purpose!
I can give you any bank legal the data. I simply want the FACTS the FACTS of your interest in me. To KNOW THAT YOU ONLY INVITE me, Instead of WHOM THAT STILL. Phil, you know, today I want to talk to you sincerely, more than ever.
If to reject everything, and completely to pull out myself from within and to tell truth I will tell!: I plan to spend with you not "1 day", and to be with you till the end of life. (Essence). Here I search for what relations. Here my plan for the future. Not the disposable novel, and relations on all life! Here that I search. And now I want to hear from you a reciprocity echo.
Each your letter Phil it as though you write words on my heart. Because I trust all! I simply trust.
You excuse me for such emotional letter, excuse. Simply I really trust. My mum and my father always spoke kind about the parents. Mum always spoke to me - that she never in life would see that her parents swore. They did it in an outer entrance hall, in a distance from all. :).
Phil, I have to you an offer. When I will be in Switzerland when at all of us it will be very good when we will belong each other when we will love each other so strongly that at us would be here so: 1. They should never walk out from the house. Never, Never.
2. They should never sleep in a seperate bed.
3. They should never stay in a seperate room.
4. They should never use an abusive language to hurt.
5. They should never lose the patience and self control, no matter person has to sit next to the loved one, can be quite for a while, that ' s okay.
6. Stay around, all the anger or whatever it is will disappear and love will prevail even with more sentiments. Simply sincerely. Simply sincerely for you. I have a fear that suddenly you will not understand, but you seem to me will understand. Give write to me please. And I esteem a little, I will take a bath and to sleep.
I will type a hot bath of water, I will lie..... I love a hot bath! Well here, washing a kind note for you.
How is the weather in Switzerland? Write. Yours Olesia!
Letter 18
Mine Phil, I welcome you!! Well as you? Phil your questions adequate! All is normal. But you courageous. You the man. But I the girl. Phil to a train I make out any through the agency and they buy for me tickets and the insurance and hotel at least for 1 day. Without hotel in Switzerland me will not let out from Russia. Because I not married, at me was not present children and your your authorities are afraid of immigrants. It is natural. Therefore I should have a legal acknowledgement on the place of residence at least for 1 day.
And to buy tickets and the insurance for me there will be my travel agency for the sake of my safety. You a part of Switzerland. But I another's for Switzerland. I want to issue a trip to Switzerland through agency, it how to insure the car. Not very well professional you the driver or not. But on road there is a weight of losers which I can leave on a counter strip and damage you and spoil a way. The insurance company will compensate both moral and loss of property. Therefore in Switzerland I want to fly through agency. Let it to me will cost on 10-20 % more expensively, but it is safe. The moral calmness is more important also a trip will not be spoilt in a case "Force majeure". But is better, not to think of the bad. But probably it most most important now - you. Your motives. Your purposes. I do not go Switzerland to look, city landscapes are not necessary to me. I want to study you and initially I want to see in you INTEREST in me. Adequacy. You simply can defray the minimum expenses partially. I really want to know upon what you WAIT for me And YOU TRUST me And YOU LOVE me! I itself have paid today for services of agency and ANYTHING From YOU I DO NOT ASK. Though I worry.
I will find a way as you can officially, in solidarity with the law to transfer money to my account that I without fear would buy tickets. I do not see in it problems in general.
Let's not speak on a theme of money in general. We will be wise.
Today we will talk about you. :). I simply want to show you you. I promised to tell to you about you. Phil, I will tell to you as I perceive you and what I see you in Switzerland. Such as you units. And I do not bluff. I want to tell to your a certain story and to point a finger at you and to cry - HERE IT! HERE IT my HERO! Best of the best!
Life gives us a choice and on a choice depends destiny turns. You the person choosing correct decisions. And what such correct decisions? On heart. On spirit, on heart.
Very much for a long time Phil, I heard one tall story from life of two enamoured people. Perhaps, when that I too will publish the book and who that will read my book about you and about me and will be inspired to live! Because my history with you - with a happy-end. But to live in us together long so I will fill some more books with letters, the revelations, happy lines. From 15 years I keep a diary of the life, it too a choice to which I do not change to this day.
Phil, once very much for a long time I have heard this history, now certainly we have grown and there can be we not with such eagerness understand a narration essence. But in this history I see first of all myself in the form of "hero". The true hero. And you Phil I see as the true soldier. 90 % of people could not sustain that test and consequently remain unfortunate. But only courageous and obedient to the dream as you and I - find love! It not jokes. IT was the REAL HISTORY. But it is possible and it is invented. Anybody any more does not know. But that that is pleasant to me a history essence speaks about much. The main thing an essence. "Once before war the guy has got acquainted with the girl through the friend. War has begun. It have taken away on front. All war they corresponded with the friend the friend, she wrote to it and he wrote to it, they wrote letters each other passing through thick and thin, keeping and hanging together. And here war has ended. In the letter they have co-ordinated a meeting with the friend the friend in park of one city, near a fountain. Its beloved should sit on a shop with a red umbrella in hands.
Happy eyes of the soldier thirsted to see the beloved after so much years of correspondence! It would go with wild flowers in hands to park what to see it. BUT, he never saw its live certainly. But it was pleasant to it on character! He has fallen in love with soul and represented its physiognomy on the. And here it goes to park in which children ran, around inflatable spheres, steams walked with the friend the friend.
And here the soldier sees a fountain in the distance, but suddenly very beautiful girl of modelling appearance runs up to it and invites him to drink with it coffee in cafe, making advances and winking at eyes. It madly beautiful! And it has time in a stock what to have a good time with it and will get acquainted! The choice and confusion soars in a head simultaneously. And he answers it "IS not present"! The girl began to offend it because it most likely never in life accepted refusal in the life.
The soldier has escaped from it and........ He sees a bench. On a bench its beloved, with a red umbrella in hands sits! He has seen it. But...... But it was very old woman hardly moving. The terrible confusion and disappointment has attacked the young man. During correspondence - they even never talked about age, they were so are strongly absorbed by love to each other! At the man in a head porridge and confusion. A choice.
But it I have told to myself have fallen in love with soul of this person and I have fallen in love with spirit. It has sat down near to the elderly woman, has presented to it flowers and I have told - "hi, it". The woman took flowers and has begun to cry. A floor of minute of silence. Then it has turned to the soldier and has told to it: "it not I who wrote to you. It not I. But I will take away you to that with whom you corresponded also who waits for you, to the daughter".
The woman has taken away the guy in cafe, to that girl which has run up to it in the beginning park and has suggested to communicate to it. The girl model. Which waited with tears for pleasure of the hero." Phil, I am a lot of years have heard this history from the well-known orator, he has told this story and has begun to cry. He cried and has told: "and as though I have arrived in such situation? And I wish itself to make the correct decision". I am assured 90 % of people would lose! Always there is a choice and those who goes on a need of the heart are happy and receives an award! These are 10 % of the population which were not frightened, and would arrive on call of the heart.
Therefore these of 10 % successful people. First of all I very much want to arrive correctly, and it is correct on heart call! What do I think of you??? - You the successful man Phil! I have shown you YOU! Probably future and if you already such also are - that of the present. How many people can tell to you such in your address? I such and consequently draw similar. :)). Phil, you will tell to me - it I you have drawn Olesia, because I just the such! About if!!!! But in that case I despite opinions of people (to spit to me it would be desirable on opinion of losers in Russia), want to be with you in Switzerland, on command of the heart!!! I want to correct really catch a cold on your bed and to put a coverlet, I want to put really to you a plate with a dish on a table and after to clean crumbs, and unexpectedly to feel your kiss, unexpectedly. Usual everyday affairs with the LOVED MAN - AS the HOLIDAY! With tears in the face of has written you this letter. Simply I very hypochondriac and sensitive. If that, excuse for moaning and for such letter. EXCUSE if has written bosh, but has simply tried to write frankly. Simply I see in you the hero! I see in you the best hero. Yours Olesia! How your day off? And that has given to the letter an hour and a half and at all has not asked how are you?! How you today? How your Saturday? I look forward to hearing.
Letter 19

Mine Phil, I welcome you! YOU were With FRIENDS In MOUNTAINS? SHOW the PHOTO! The SUPER! Now to me is what to tell to you, but give one after another.
By the way as to the sum. I think 500$ from you will be enough what to throw the anchor in your port and to receive confidence of that - THAT I OLESIA KOFTUN to YOU it is necessary! And ONLY me me YOU INVITE me And MORE than ANYBODY.
My mum transfers you greetings, just was at it. And it again heat from above. Neighbours from above heated my mum. But this time mum has insured apartment for 30$ and to it the insurance agent came and has told that the insurance company will compensate the full sum of the caused damage, and now mum does not need to be at war with neighbours and they too will not worry about my mum. But only for what term the insurance company will pay damages, it is not known yet. One year ago mum has at own expense made updating of repair and then to it have paid for a damage. Phil very much very wisely to buy the insurance for the minimum means and in case of failure to obtain real compensation for the caused damage. It is wise, as in Switzerland! The country just now understands it and starts to trust in such firms, just now, because earlier the insurance companies paid nothing.
Here such cheerful news. It had a flood. In Russia people basically live in many-storeyed houses and if for example on the twentieth floor who that has not closed the crane in a bathroom to the ground floor water will flow... Certainly I have exaggerated, not to the ground floor certainly because who that will have time to cause emergency service and if they approach in time that will switch off water on all strut, and that if from the twentieth floor on the first there will be nobody the house that it will be valid a flood. At mum wall-paper again has fallen, and the ceiling has begun to flow, on kitchen it is impossible to include light until then while all will not dry out. Evening will spend at candles, as to an epoch of kings and queens :)).
I will tell to you - you you will not believe. In wash a youth my mum each 3-4 months re-stuck completely wall-paper in all rooms! My father always was angry and wondered, but anything with it could not make. Once mum has fallen from a table and a chair which stood on a table and then again continued to glue wall-paper.
Probably she always wanted to live among beautiful walls. :).
Give Phil with you we will make at you what or repair! :). That neither be we will break and that nor be we will repair. :). I can quickly disassemble household appliances, and here at assemblage for superfluous details remained on a table I can not warrant. :) (joke). And if Phil people very strongly are serious approach and get acquainted with the friend the friend during time what or troubles and overcomings what or situations together! And joint repair with you just right! :). Or to go to a campaign and to run from a wild bear! Too it is interesting! :))) (again I joke).
To me have told story as one city dweller has gone to village to which brother did not see 15 years. And his brother the forester took the brother in wood what to surprise him
Extreme, hunting for a bear. And so listen to Phil they have found a den of a wild bear. Business was in the winter. They have started to stick with a branch from a fur-tree into a den hole that to a bear it would be inconvenient and that it would get out of a den and then they intended to kill him from a gun. Probably such is a principle of Russian hunting. But having thrust a stick in dwelling of a wild animal, the city dweller (I will name it so), would take off trousers what to go to a toilet..... And at this time the sleepy bear has got out of a den and nearly has not struck a paw of our hero of the story. The forester has lost a speech power from seen because he too did not expect such sharp manoeuvrability of the clumsy! But when the city dweller has risen and has turned and he has seen before itself(himself) the huge sleepy hulk of fur - has cried from a fright so strongly that the bear has run in one party, and this guy in other party and ran so some kilometres from a fright.
The brother the forester has found the brother only through many many kilometres. And then he has told - "15 years I did not come to you and as early as 15 years I will not arrive!" :))).
Here such real history.
My father was the hunter and it often took me in the form of the hound of a dog that I would bypass silently lake on the other hand, making the way between canes and there, on that party of lake it was necessary to cry that is forces! And then the game rises in the sky and flies towards the father who shot and got.
It was a pity to me of ducks. I had a pleasure for the father, for its skill, but ducks it was a pity. Once in my childhood - the father has brought from hunting a wounded duck in a wing and she lived at us week. I weigh a class from school translated on excursion! And then the father has welded from it soup. But then has told lies to me having told that has liberated it. :).
So Phil I am a good judge of hunting. The father often took me shoot bandolier. But why that the father always shouted at me if I that did that not so. Therefore till now it is not pleasant to me to hear what either shouts or the raised rough speech. You will not shout at me? :). I love you. ;)
You when or were on hunting? Tell what or an interesting especial case.
Russian writer Lev Tolstoi has written thought: "the the person becomes wiser, the it reaches for the river, to water, to wood" more. It is truth.
By the way my father never liked a passive method of hunting. I will tell to you. At Russian men (youth) there is a hobby - hunts in private possession. In private possession grow up wild boars, establish a feeding trough in wood, and over feeding troughs establish ambush. A place with which "hunter" should wait many hours for an animal which comes to attempt and from top to down to shoot at it. Such services stand very expensively for fans of hunting. And always such way of hunting was not pleasant to my father also they considered it not ethic. Here most to find an animal, most to calculate it, to find - this art, and simply to sit on a tree in a convenient armchair and to shoot at animals, it is not decent. I can be not right Phil, after all I not the hunter. :). Excuse if has tired you with stories. But for that, you hardly hardly have more learnt about me so take me in the CAMPAIGN!!!! FROM the WILD ANIMAL I to GET away to the SMOG! I (joke).
Phil, what night sky over Switzerland? What constellations? What sky? I want. I want. I want. I want to see. But without love, even the most beautiful sky covered with stars will seem grief, after all if inside a blank - that no external factors do fill a vessel.
My mission - to fill your vessel Phil. To fill a blank in you. I Russian, for rumpling the most important the home and a family is! That the girl - loving you you should give to you you can not find anywhere. Alternatives of caress and love - are not present! Never and anybody you will not fill with anything emptiness which the girl loving you can give you. Phil, still time - the girl loving you! Here my plan. Here you have learnt my plan. You always are interested. Here my plan.
But we together what or will make repair! A joke))).
Once my friend has told that its guy did repair in the house, but has invited her to appointment and it has included for it 20 candles, it was so romantically, she so enthusiastically told about it, but after it has learnt that at it have simply turned off the light because of repair, therefore it suited such romantic masterpiece a supper. And that, to everyone happens. Has found a way out beautifully. Well done Everywhere it is possible to create beauty if there is a desire. What weather in Switzerland??
Weather warm, but goes both a rain and snow at night, on roads porridge. I have filled in in the car of my mum a liquid a screen wiper not freezing on a frost so it stinks so strongly that the nose hardly breathes. Phil it that it for a liquid which smells through a car windshield that for chemistry!? Through a windshield the chemical stench filters!))). Horror. Now and you write me the letter. To me it is simple so strongly fine now with you Phil. To me it is simply easy. I do not think out what to write, and words I flow, open before you as is. Also it is your merit. If to me it is pleasant now I only to dream to a smog as to us it will be healthy in Switzerland. We are waited by repairs I (joke), runaway from a bear I (joke). :). You understand me...... To us it will be good together.
And you dream! DREAM!
How your state of health? How you these days? I WANT to COMMUNICATE MORE LIKELY With YOU PERSONALLY!!! (It is possible without repair)))) (I today cheerful))). What at you for a supper today??? I prepared fish, with carrots, I love sweet carrots. :).
I would will open mail before a dream what to see from you the answer, and what to sleep easily! :). Write, I wait.
Your true to you Olesia.
From loving heart!
Letter 20
Mine Phil, I welcome you. I welcome you! Is madly glad to read your letter, your news. If I than have offended - you excuse. Money, as money is not necessary to me.
Simply there is no sense to go to such man - which does not struggle for me! You understand? Whence to me the nobility of whom you wait? There can be you have invited to yourself 50 girls and 5 will arrive also you will have a good time. I do not want to be the next toy. SHOW me the REAL INTEREST And I WILL arrive IMMEDIATELY!
To me only to Moscow the ticket will be costs 300$. Here present how many to you and back.
Help how many you you can. YOUR SINCERITY is simply necessary to me! HONESTY. You UNDERSTAND?
Today I have removed the questionnaire from a dating site and any more I do not receive the notice on letters, I there was not present.
Because I Russian, I am loyal to 1 man. You my choice.
And if also you to me is true - I will be grateful to you!
My mum as usual transfers you greetings. She asks about you much, and I as usual keep the mouth shut! :)).
It transfers you a fascinating board game. It as antiques. The shabby box. In this game my grandfather, my father with mum played and we with you will play it.
Board games for New Year's holidays, this the best that can be. Because direct dialogue with the friend the friend - it now deficiency!
I will bring to you desktop adult game "Lotto". On motives of this game at the time of the USSR even there was a telecast. That is players on the TV played, and all country observed of game. So I carry to you the most popular game which is in Russia. Truth now in it very few people plays.
Now computer progress has replaced personal contact and direct contact with the friend the friend. So from my letter you remember about a board game in which we will play all together.
And Phil more, my version concerning a computerisation can be denied, because not too it is a lot of people in the USSR communicated with the friend the friend. I have old photo of my grandfather in the bus. So there all passengers read sitting and read newspapers (to equivalently phones and tablets), and nobody communicated with the friend the friend. :)). Phil, I now want to talk here about what. By the way I have returned from pool just. 1 km and 150 metres! Freely and easily! Certainly water in pool quiet, and on the rivers it violent, also is not present a guarantee that on the river I will float 1 km and 150 metres. But that that I can keep so long on water - it to me a compliment. Praise me! (Joke).
Before my departure to you - I even do not have time to sit down and "think". Even floated and thought about Switzerland, about Phil.
It is a trap. A love trap!!!!! Your networks.
m m m m m m. Phil, I now want to talk here about what. In pool the thought has come to the shower. Here stood naked under a shower and to me the thought has come. I write to you now.
Phil, the person has spirit, soul and a body. Well as though so. We can receive pleasure and pleasure from travel for example, from sports employment, from tasty food, it rejoices our body and soul. But spirit rejoice only from achievement of the dream! Or on a way to the dream we will be fully satisfied. Here you had such moments in life when in the middle of a holiday - to you it was good, but not absolutely. As though emptiness. As though not that. As though a blank in life. Here here about what I speak.
It is possible to sate spirit of the person only on a way to the dream. And each step gives so much pleasures that such pleasures will not give any holidays!!!
I Phil, at me is treasured dream, dream of all life, and YOU KNOW About IT. What do you feel, when draw me to yourself? What? Secret happiness and hope. Nothing pleases so strongly, as realisation of the dream.
The one who worries the such will understand me only. It you. Well here such note to you now. I will have supper fish. Teach me to what be to the unusual recipe of preparation of fish.
Teach me to all. I want to you! Well still it is necessary for happiness! Family. The family is a happiness, love and good luck,
The family is the summer of a trip on a summer residence.
The family is a holiday, family dates,
Gifts, purchases, pleasant expenditure.
Birth of children, the first step, first babble,
Dreams about good, excitement and trembling.
The family is a work, about each other care,
The family is many homework.
Family it is important!
Family it is difficult!
But happily to live to one it is impossible!
Always be together, love protect,
Insults and quarrels far away drive,
I want, that about you friends spoke:
What good your family! Yours Olesia!
Letter 21
Speak at the time of ancient Rome, the slave to which Caesar has kept life - was for the rest of the natural grateful to the mister, and later it became even its friend and was released from slavery, but never any more did not leave the mister because that has saved to it life and that became for it to all.
Phill I trust that in love occurs also.
You can lift a finger upwards, and I yours the slave. The Love - is slavery. Yes yes yes yes, this slavery. Own desire to serve other person and to give itself to another! Yes, indeed. The love is dependence and slavery, and represent - all all all people search for this drag-net and networks that would will fall in love and incessantly to think of object of love. I trust in ideal marriage and in an ideal family. A family, where two persons without mind from each other where instead of reproaches and insults the world, trust and full mutual understanding reign. In such family always care of the darling, support in any reality situation and value the significant other. And all because together - we the present force which not to break and not to win. And there already all the same that occurs out of your world, you know that our love can all. It is surprising! Such love is given only by destiny from above! I want real relations, really to boil teapot and to pour to you tea, and after to talk to you personally.
Convince me to believe to you. Convince. Can early be to you still to think as I think.
All secret in desire. WHEN YOU WILL want to POSSESS me - YOU ALL WILL make! And HERE I WILL be given to SUCH MAN - And I WILL make ITS HAPPY!
Letter 22
Phil, Phil,????? The big day, for me wait in civil engineering firm, I am am waited in Switzerland by my best and most beautiful man in the world! (You wait??). I am am waited by my mum with mountain of pancakes, she calls the girlfriends and me too on pancakes.
Phil as it is healthy when for you wait! Phil, I will return to the letter certainly. The main priority - dialogue with you. Phil, there is a saying - "at whom there are friends that does not have friend!". You understand? Who has many friends at such there is no one friend. You understand?
Phil, you my friend, you my love, you my interest, you you you. Anybody is not necessary to me more for dialogue. How you today? What at you for a breakfast? Who to you does a breakfast? (Excuse for a question). I understand I understand and I do not want to understand, how you without the girl now there. Really the man can make what the woman is obliged to do?!
About as though I wanted to take to you the frying pan, for preparation of Russian pancakes. A secret in a frying pan. ;). I had mad thoughts, to sell apartment in Russia and to buy habitation in Switzerland where we with you will live. Or to sell apartment in Russia and to buy the house in Switzerland and to lease it and to receive the passive income. Thought mad thoughts. But in the future all the same this plan when it be necessary will realise.
In how many you have gone to bed? I have gone to bed very much late because wanted to have a rest hardly hardly behind film viewing. Remember I wrote as Marina has given me a film of "horrors". Listen Phil, I even on have gone at night to a toilet, and have fallen asleep a lump because it was terrible to go on a dark corridor. :). And what for I watched such film for the night!? Has frightened itself, a pancake.
How to you my yesterday's letter? Phil love is slavery. Slavery to idea of love. Slavery to other person. Certainly I do not mean the direct relation to slavery, certainly was not present. Though to adhere you to a bed and m m m m m m and to do which what not decent for a holiday of new year to me it would be desirable! So to say my epic congratulation! But I am afraid you you will not sustain my Olympic games. Games will begin with 00:00 minutes. The winner thinks of desires on following "competitions". Ops.... Excuse for frank desires. :))). It I here such courageous, and in Switzerland will be red as a tomato from modesty! The fact. :).
Just mum called to me, speaks that on a summer residence it cleans leaves, air fine, the gardener. Transfers you greetings.
What leaves in Switzerland on trees, the form, a kind? I write to you now and as though I feel a smell of dry leaves and their noise as they burst.
In the morning has remembered the diary. I keep a diary of the life from 15 years as you know. And as though I would like to finish pages of "book" in Switzerland! With you. Dream. As the end of antecedents and the beginning of the new. And in Switzerland purchase what be the thick daily log what to begin new our page with you lives.
About, Phil as it would be healthy to publish the book later 20 years for example. It is magnificent idea. What you think?
Yesterday was in a bookshop and has casually seen the book: "Mars and Venus". Heat John. When I searched for news about foodstuff and news about life in Switzerland, the prices for products and so on has learnt that in Switzerland this book for a long time is popular. So you present this book now to a top of the most bought books to Russia. Phil, you have read this book when? 5 years ago? 10 years ago? And it became just now popular in Russia. It turns out communicating with you I has outstripped time, has won 5 or 10 years! (Do not laugh :)))). That that was done by you 10 years ago has come just now to Russia. As that on television even showed as your hunters observe ethics! They have seen elks confused in horns each other and hunters have released them. Ethics. Even hunters! I will tell to mum about it and all when we will eat today pancakes behind a round table!
Mine Phil as it is healthy to be the shrouded hope to be depending on opinion of one person - FROM the BELOVED! About Phil... With pride gently - I speak to you very much I want with you a real meeting! What the hell to torment itself letters! We adult people, it so simply will meet personally if there are feelings! I would not like to torment myself at all and you letters!
But besides, the initiative should proceed from head, from you. And from me - caress and reciprocity. Your future can be provided by caress and attention from me. Caress and tenderness!
My Caesar! ;)
THANKS! Hold my note to you and answer as you will read this letter. KISS! Your gentle Olesia! Yours.
Letter 23
I welcome you mine Phil! All should be simple and easy.
I want the man which will tell - OLESIA - THAT to me to DO FOR YOU????
And to such man in Switzerland I will answer - THAT to me to DO FOR YOU????? All is simple.
As it is pleasant to receive from you the answer. At all a letter essence, and action though the essence is certainly important. That who that there in Switzerland thinks of me. Yes not simply thinks, and loves. Yes not simply loves, and feels passion. Well it.... Any more I should tell, and the man. And not words, and affairs. And you show the life as strongly you are enamoured. And I love you. Already in the first day with me you will understand - even if to you that would be difficult a hundred times more difficultly - all the same it would be necessary to accept me because the award surpasses all tears!! I assure you of it! :).
Listen to a joke - "the general comes home to the young wife and asks:" the darling that you has made to me for a supper? ", and it rises on a chair, corrects an apron and speaks:" a song! ". :))).
I will not prepare for you a song, you and will be waited by a fine supper. But only to me to learn your preferences in food. :)
Tomorrow at mum Marina day a birth. She has wanted to invite me for the day a birth. Tomorrow I will visit at 2 o'clock in the afternoon Marina's mum and I will congratulate her. December. How is the weather in December in Switzerland? Colour of snow, colour of the earth. Black, red, brown. As to me it is unusual and the nature in Switzerland will be pleasant. Yes....
What at you for a supper today? I will prepare usual cutlets with macaroni, but with cheese sauce. I do not want to use mayonnaise, a basis I will take sour cream. Phil, you will eat only the most useful products, I should watch it! :)). I would want that you were healthy and loved me long long....
All dieticians recommend to refuse mayonnaise because it causes cholesterol.
I do not know this theme is interesting to you or not.
But for the night the glass of kefir to you should be drunk! :).
Kefir is useful and helps a stomach to work.
Excuse from you I will not accept :). (Joke). Phil as I strongly want that that to give, serve you. There can be you never heard such phrase to "serve". But the person receives the highest happiness only then - when serves other person when that that gives, it is the fact. You understand about what I speak. You feel this component of pleasure.
Now my turn. Hold the letter Phil, I love you! And in this word such big world, such big life.... If you knew.... More likely! Thanks. Your obliging Olesia!
Letter 24
Mine Phil, good evening. Just now has arrived home. I do not sit in front of the computer and I sit at the TV. My LIFE is so sated and fine THAT YOU EVEN DID NOT DREAM! And I WANT to FIND the ADEQUATE MAN WHAT to PRESENT to IT GREAT HAPPINESS!
And I have chosen you.
In the country evening and behind a window it is dark. My day was fast, has visited church in the morning, has listened to the sermon of the preacher, has then called in in 3 places on economic affairs and has then gone to mum to visit her. All have together made a jelly, and I had to take two cups with myself. Has put in the refrigerator and as the dish will stiffen - it will be ready to the use.
You know that such a jelly? A fine dish.
Still me invited to presentation of decorative cosmetics, but because of shortage of time I had to refuse. Phil so it is strong itself awkwardly I feel, when to whom that that I refuse. Such character at me, it is good, and can be and it is bad. One psychologist has by the way rebuked me, she recommended to me to be able to "calm down and be able indifferently concerns people (in good sense). One psychologist has rebuked me, it has told that I want to rescue all planet and I worry about all and everything and so it is impossible. It has guessed in a point. My character is that.
Even now preparing what or a dish, I think of YOU Phil, I think that you make for a supper and for a dinner who prepares for you?! And my answer is that - anybody. Anybody. You. And it disorders me. It is very good that I so I worry, but at the same time it is not necessary to be such strongly hypochondriac. People are able concerns all "is violet". :). It is such there is a saying in Russia. The word "is violet" means not to worry, but not to release all to chance. :).
What for I am all I write to you?!
I do not know. Probably because of that case that I had to afflict the trading agent from the invitation. To you call what or trading agents and invite in Switzerland on what or presentations? And how you cultural refuse what not to offend the person?
In general that presentation it abruptly. It is a fine marketing course, you when or itself personally held presentation? Itself personally? If you personally held presentation I would sit in the forefront and would support you a sight, and even would summarise showing all the interest in your public statement. Be assured of me.
Here I write you the thoughts and to me it is easy with you Phil. With you I do not search for a word, I do not select expression, to me it is easy. Also it is a likeness sign!)))). I will not change the whole world. It is enough to me to change your life. Phil, hold this picture, on it it is written:
"What can you make for world peace strengthening? Go home and love the family!!!" - a phrase Mother Teresa.
Phil, I will worry only about one - how strongly and strong to love the family. You!!! Here such plan, here such letter. Whether I could explain you a course of the thoughts?!, simply time runs so strongly, in 3 weeks Christmas.
I have understood that the sincere pleasure can be received everything, but spiritual pleasure, it is the present internal rest, pleasure from day - can be received only from service to other person.
Whether I could explain you a course of the thoughts?! Phil, I want to you, and I want in Switzerland to begin grateful days to you.
Here my plan. I send you this note, I will have supper.
Thanks. With me you will start to live. You only will start to live. And I will not worry any more about the one who prepares for you and that you eat. (Do not laugh), but I am real for it I worry also I should think of it. I want to be grateful to you for your boldness, for your love, for your hospitality, FOR ALL THAT is In YOUR CHARACTER. Here that I want to tell. Yes.
Reading your letters - I FEEL HIGH CULTURE. Do not laugh. You simply do not know Russian men. You do not know.
Reading your letters - at you absolutely other interests, absolutely other measurement. I was in many countries and there men do not talk about that where more cheaply to buy vodka and how to deceive the chief on work and with what girl to have a rest in a sauna. Certainly, in each country there are bad people. But, Phil, reading your letters - YOU it is fair Also KIND TO me. I FEEL ON MYSELF CULTURE And EDUCATION! I can present only what you live, interesting and simply good! I would want that you in Switzerland were such what you is now, I want one - do not change. Be same kind.
I hope. Yours Olesia!
Letter 25
Mine Phil, I welcome you! As I want to realise last week, before our meeting in Switzerland. As I would want that this week was last before our meeting. Finishing week. I want in Switzerland! To the one who has fed me with dream. I want there where for me wait, I want there where me love, I want to you. Let the government names a city Switzerland, your name, Phil.))). Has read your letter to me. THANKS. I WILL MARK CHRISTMAS AS THE WHOLE WORLD, NOT AS IN RUSSIA IN JANUARY.
Marina have met at office on work and it has given me DVD a disk with a film "war of worlds Z". Improbable computer effects. What will be in many years? Probably for children there will be even such games as at cinema. Marina has prefix X-Box and we sometimes play the fool, but games quickly bother. Marina includes the computer trainer, and in front of the TV goes in for sports. Overindulgence what that. Dress a warm suit, footwear is better and run run run on real streets all on envy! Here sports actually!!! - I give these recommendations to all girlfriends! Fresh air. These days at me it is impossible to run, but 3 times a week despite of everything float all the same. Phil, in a bookshop has bought for 3$ the book of the author Jim Ron. Soft cover and already two pages have come off the book. The book, but what price such and quality is stuck awfully together. My father was engaged in cover and restoration of books. I should you tell about it. At the time of the USSR my father was fond of cover and restoration of books. Through this craft it has got many communications in a city. Because then to it send all successively both from militia, and from hospitals and from a city administration and all asked to make the book of magazines. And the father did professionally books in firm cover. From zero up to the end. And I even managed to make too two books of the children's magazines. The father urged us to protect the book, to protect another's work and the father urged to read. The best teacher - it who? Setting an example. All life I saw the father with the book in hands. And for a long time for a long time the father has put to me on a table Dejl Carnegie's book. The father has told "Olesia read this book, it is healthy". But then I have rejected this literature, I was young.... But after time because of respect for the father I have read this product and my world have turned over. Today I have bought the book of the author Jim Ron, 24 pages. The short book, but improbably useful. There is you Phil live by these principles!! Why I have wanted to read this book?! Because I and you we live by these principles!!! This literature helps helps to be inspired, do good deeds, to forgive, serve, be the good girlfriend. Actually. I would will spend now a lot of time that the language which what to copy to you in the letter. But for that, has once again read useful rules and itself I will be even better. Read these lines for a floor of minute. Success rules:
1) Surround itself only with those people who will pull you above. Simply life is already full those who wants to pull you downwards. Phil, I have found you and you have turned my life and you have lifted me on a step above.
2) Do today that others do not want, you will live tomorrow how others cannot.
3) If you will find the person with which can behave also freely as behave alone with itself appreciate it as air. Now you understand why I admire you?! In each letter I write to you that to me so is easy with you.
4) If to you have told that "your train has left" remember - there are still planes and yachts.
5) Driving in a nail in soul, remember, what even having pulled out its apologies, all of you equally will leave there a hole which will long grow and torment the owner. Do not do painfully by that who loves you very much!
6) Never justify. Before that who loves you, - that more - before that who does not love. The one who does not love, all the same to you never will believe, and who loves - it and itself will think up for you the justification. Deep thoughts. The father and mum will always protect the child whatever it was. Here so I concern you and to our relations. As "child" whom always ours and we will not give it in insult!
7) If about you go hearings, means, you - the person. Remember: Never discuss and do not envy the bad. Envy the best, discuss the best.
8) Be able to forgive, after all this property of the strong. Weak never forgive.
9) Never argue with idiots. You fall to their level where they will knock down you the negative experience.
10) Always remember that people become relatives gradually, strangers - instantly.
11) be not sorry about the errors, after all without having made them, you never learn as to do correctly.
12) If you want to have that never had, it is necessary to do that never did.
13) At you should be dream. It is obligatory! That you could rise in the mornings.
14) If you are dissatisfied with that place with which occupy, replace it. You - not a tree!
15) Trust the heart, it when will not bring!!!
16) Never speak to people about the problems, 80 % of people in them are not interested, the others of 20 % of people are glad that you there are problems. Phil, hold my letter. Today I have opened to you myself! And itself it was inspired that appears I live by such principles.
I have told to you that at us grateful week has come! I WANT in Switzerland! Grateful week to you for all!!! Phil as you? How are you? WRITE! Look my photos, we already start to feel New Year's holidays. Already. As it would be healthy with you in Switzerland plays the fool! And simply to play about)). Hold my letter and I wait from you for the answer. (I will return to the letter in the evening) I love! Yours Olesia!
Letter 26
YOU KNOW - me I WRITE much! Every DAY I WOULD GIVE to YOU FOR 2-3 HOURS Per DAY WHAT to WRITE to YOU. Now I need to go for the mum on a summer residence, it has arrived from Moscow to Ekaterinburg what to prepare an orchard for the winter period. It at me the gardener. I looking at it, would like to grow up - roses!! I WILL bring To YOU SIMEON of the SIBERIAN ROSE And we With YOU WILL GROW up the PRESENT ROSES FOR PEOPLE! About about about about, I so want to talk to you. I will return to the letter as I will come back home.
Letter 27
I welcome you mine Phil. Mad days, and in a shower a holiday. What that fine mood from ours with you of a meeting. I seem to me I remove all holidays aside and expecting to see you such happy at the airport and happy. How it to feel on itself taste of a victory? To feel itself achieved the object, to feel itself victorious. To feel itself as though it is the best".
Phil, each person on the earth needs a recognition. Each person on the earth searches for praises. Everyone needs an approval word. Therefore my arrival to you will give both of us sensation of the importance, a victory and self-respect. As I want to celebrate all forthcoming holidays with you and to idle with you, here it is a high time to spend time together!!!
Phil, tell, and people in Switzerland pay most of all attention to Christmas or to date from January, 31 till January, 1st? Tell to me. I want to learn mentality. I heard that in Switzerland people values at all do not give on January, 1st to date, it for them as simply transition since new month for new month or transition since new year on the new. It is truth? Phil, me it is very insulting for Russia because in Russia huge value give to date since December, 31st for January, 1st. About it compose films and stories. People guzzle and guzzle and drink vodka so much how many for all year as though did not drink. Horror. Because on the country the ancient proverb goes: "as year you will meet - so him and you will spend". Therefore in Russia on New Year's Eve drink vodka so many that would weigh year was as though sated. Horror. But the next year depends for each person depends on another - to forgive, serve near and to trust and works. But in any way it is simple from a New Year's eve. :)
Here such at me the letter beginning to you. With the great pleasure would open mail what to see from you news.
Thanks. Yes certainly send me a photo!!! SEND!! And I wrote to you already that I have a brother. It class. The big brother. It always protected me in the childhood. Now at it the family and he lives in the north of Russia. There where a cold. It works in the Ministry of Emergency Measures.
Site of your region in Switzerland at me in bookmarks and I observe weather in Switzerland. I look. By the way I will take to you the thermal Underwear for walks in very cold weather if we get we will go to mountains and there there will be the strongest frosts with a blizzard, I will rescue you. :). I hermal underwear heats faultlessly. :).
How your environment???? What plans? Wanted through the Internet for the sake of curiosity to find simple church near to you where on days off we could go with you. I not the religious person also do not consider myself as the fan. I wrote to you Phil that I am not the religious girl, and I do not belong what or the religious organisation, but I very much like to visit on days off church and to listen to listen to the sermon of the preacher. It is a little places in which learn to forgive, look at itself, to serve the near. On the TV notify on such things a little, only in some feature films we see good details. Truth. We everyone can make mistakes, and I am possible whom that I offend, but my motives truth are pure. In travel agency me urge to "say lies". But it is lie in the blessing. On border me will ask - "the purpose of my trip in Switzerland?" . And I will answer - tourism. It is "lie". But it in the blessing! My motives pure and my motives demand good. I think it not a sin, and it not lie. I give to correct life much, I do not know why, but I like to live "correctly". And my truth such - to forgive, serve and trust you. We can find sincere pleasure anywhere, descend in mountains for example, drive on bicycles, but we can feel internal and present pleasure only when we serve the near!!! I will show to your the attitude to you on the example. Probably I am exact perfectionist. :))). I pay attention to trifles much and I love when all ideally.
What is the ideal life? When you live in the pure, tidy house, you are awoken with your girlfriend in the mornings...., (through 40) minutes she invites you to kitchen and you see a fine breakfast. All the day long you live with confidence in the person. Which will be with you everywhere, and at any time. And you the confidence is necessary to me. With you the confidence is necessary to us. Clearly that we will meet and we will enjoy the friend the friend, but the confidence gives a stability guarantee. What is the ideal life? - When the man is assured of the woman and the woman is assured of the man. Yes it is more than anything also it is not necessary. And all the rest, it as petals, berries, love fruits. We offer each other confidence. Confidence at any time!
Once in a locker room of pool I read article (swimming was 40 minutes and I had to wait for 15 minutes while before me the group of children will finish a heat). Sat in a locker room and has seen magazine, article. I even hardly hardly have dropped tear, about fidelity! There have described married couple history, they lived long together and have gone to go for a drive on mountains on skis. Her spouse has fallen and has damaged a back. Doctors have put the diagnosis - a paralysis all that below a neck, incurably. But the woman wrote such words - I never I will leave it and I will serve it. He has ceased to speak, only looks at it and cried. Her life was work and to service to it, every evening she spends with it all time, read it its favourite books, fed him from a spoon, together watch TV, cleaned, washed, even periodically she bought to it a new pyjamas and its favourite perfume. She writes so emotionally that loves it! Its native and friends do not visit him, all have refused it except it!!! It native condemn them, but not its woman. Its favourite woman - loves!!! And article has ended with that it has risen, after a year it has risen and now they live together and they are happy. The destiny has given it health. But the biggest Phil, I have remembered a phrase, this girl has written a phrase when her with what that reproached, she has written: "kill both of us, can, in other life to us it becomes better!". Here it is love. It not a miracle. It simply love. And such an example it is a lot of. But others can so to love?
I can! I can. I know we with you we will long live and happily, but the fidelity GUARANTEE gives us a high and happiness. Anything else. You, you Phil know - I will constrain all promises. I offer you a guarantee of the fidelity. My mother brought up me so - if to love - that once and on all life! In my plan. Simply I remind you. Same week week of gratitude to you!!
I offer you a guarantee of the care. For the happiness not to watch TV, and available the purposes, movement. What do I think of you? - If you now care of me - that you there is a true person! You are the true man. Whence in me such forces and feelings? Is as return as a spring which you compress. Whether you understand me? COMPRESS and will be to you RETURN! Phil, THANKS FOR YOUR FIDELITY! Thanks Phil! In Switzerland all only will begin. You and I, we did not live yet!
Let's begin! We will begin?
Let's begin! Now without emotions Phil, you Phil can tell to me, why I such inspired, probably unusual, wild, or even very positive? I such. If I write to you to you personally I will entrust! Simply if I write to you personally I trust. If you betray me - that I will learn in life to much and if you will reciprocate to you it will be good also to me certainly! Well here such letter, here to you two hours of my attention! Write me please the answer as soon as possible, very much it would be desirable to see your answer. Thanks. I send you the good letter, from loving heart!
Yours Olesia.
Letter 28
Hello Phil, hi my love. In Russia there comes the evening, all affairs fade also all run home, to the native. In the house where relatives for whom that waits whose that a beloved in beautiful gentle linen and with a supper on kitchen and for whom that waits the beautiful guy with a beard wait. Do to itself a beard! Big! (Joke). Though two or three day bristle decorates men. How many once a week you to have a shave? And for to have a shave with what firm you use? In Russia there is a custom - on holidays to men all give the machine tool for shaving and foam for shaving. :)). And this of custom I should lead to you in Switzerland and to introduce in a society! (Joke). :). But a lot of good custom I will bring to you. Has knowingly written to you in the beginning about the girl in underwear. The hint has understood?! m m m m m m m.
Already as 4 hours sit at a desk and has completed reports, I need to be in time till tomorrow's morning. To me will give out payment ahead of time.
Searched through the Internet for accounting reports, forms of the established sample of your area. An essence same, but the form absolutely absolutely another and is better not to study to me this sphere.) ). If you can, send to me on mail what or the accounting report of civil engineering firm for example for 1 or for 2 quarter. I will carry to its colleagues and we will consider. Whether I can to study this sphere in Switzerland? The mathematics was always given to me easily. My experience in the accounting reporting about 10 years a maximum, but most likely the realised work of 7 years when already that that began to turn out and for me already all ran. Which reports I conduct firms some years run for me and cannot leave me. I have already agreed with them about "remote" work to be done at home for Moscow and for St.-Petersburg, what in Switzerland to carry out reports and to send to them through the Internet to Moscow and to St.-Petersburg, but a problem that there are columns which it is necessary to fill personally, the written handle, a list and so on, in the old manner. But also with it problems are not present, because there is a technics miracle where it is possible to undersign in online the handle and on that end of a wire my signature can will appear on the necessary document. The president of the country Putin showed such on the air on television.
Phil, for 3 years of work with the reporting of civil engineering firms I reveal statistics - of 90 % of firms cover the taxes from the state and conduct black accounts department, avoiding taxes and covering the property registering it on the the relative, such pretty often. There is one organisation which is engaged in resale of strange building property and so on. I have not the right in to climb in a detail, and these details are not necessary to me. But without me it it will be difficult, it is the fact. I simply fill competently the report as to me speak and I hand over in time. Without me they cannot fill the column, and without me they cannot hand over the reporting because them will not accept. All counter that at me "the" people there which I have found for 3 years, they close on many papers of an eye. So the world in Russia is arranged. Has once again written you probably superfluous details of the working day. :). For a long time I did not write you such details, excuse. But the head a floor of day is hammered by a working theme and here of what I think that has poured out on you.
In how many you these days wake up? And how many hours you the smallest slept and to feel yourself vigorous? How many hours it is necessary for you for a dream?
I see yours weather through the Internet. Fine! Here brings down and brings down from the sky snow the big flakes, and roads sand also salt from which the footwear collapses. You remember have written me a film about the zombie? The virus and the zombie, there computer graphics prevails so strongly that all as though in a reality. Now show many films about disaster, about an apocalypse, about the zombie, about epidemics and planes fall. During present time of the spectator you will not keep at the screen a melodrama and a romantic beautiful plot. To the majority to spectators submit horror spasms, films about accident, epidemics, and after all we then think of it. We think and expect. After all people look all it and represent all it in the head, and then draw all it. What you think? In Russia there was an old film, that is in the USSR, cinema a fantasy as people in survival suits went down in sea depths. All of us looked and represented a fantasy. And now, and now it is a reality and even Putin sends the signature on the document through the Internet. But, I here that want to tell.... Phil there were films and submarines, about computers earlier, people represented a civilisation, represented computers, an epoch of technics and it has come to our life! It was not. But what that the director has decided to show boldness both has thought up it and has shot a film also it became a reality. As though all of what thinks the person - that and becomes a reality. All old black white films have now come true! (It is by the way black white films alter in colour and a legendary film "Some Like It Hot" 1959 too have made colour, here to look. So I leave from a theme. But has remembered - Phil, you know what comedy film I want to look with you? A film of my youth as we with the father kept for stomachs-... Phil, Phil, I can not remember, an old English tape... But I will not erase that that has written to you))).
I here that want to tell, all that we expect that and will be. You represent millions people expect disaster representing it through a film. What will be tomorrow if all of us wait some adrenaline and films with epidemic?! Really it is all will be? Has simply thought..., after all all cash posters are hammered by accidents. Your opinion?
I believe that that of what the person thinks that very much very much that very strongly wants - and will be in his life! And the history proves it! Here I listen now to radio Relax FM, plays a grand piano.... A hoarse voice singing, even tears welling from dream and an anticipation. Why I, why with me? I fall asleep and ALWAYS I think of it. You do not represent what happiness to hear from the stewardess in the plane in a direction Moscow-Switzerland, the order: "fasten belts". Phil, peak PLEASURE PEAK! And even when I will fall asleep on your hand, I will ask at heart to myself this question. Why life so is favourable to me and to you, what we together?! A lot or mission? BECAUSE YOU WAITED for IT ALL LIFE And I WAITED!
It seems that there can be my plan of courting for you will fail in the first day because you will add updating.... But the first days will show who I is. I will not shame myself! But crowns has not begun and the end. :). The I will get used more to you, the I will be more obliging and is more attentive. I love you - here again the main words in this letter. Write as you today on Thursday??? WRITE ALL. ALL THAT you SEE BEFORE YOURSELF And ALL Of WHAT you THINK. Write in a colloquial genre as I to you. Write all. All right?
Phil, my friends joke, because yesterday there was an amusing date which happens once a year: (on December, 11th, 2013, at 14 o'clock 15 minutes of 16 seconds. :) Hold my note. Answer me please as soon as possible. I send you not finished letter. All my letters now as though not finished. It is not enough, a little, it is not enough letters Phil. It is not enough.
I want in Switzerland!
Yours Olesia!
Letter 29
Mine Phil, thanks for the letter. I will look your documents. Well!
But you have asked about the clown? It is amusing..... Has arrived from mum, it transfers you greetings. We fried a potato with mushrooms, as during old kind times. You love a fried potato with fish for example?
I adore a fried potato. But not French fries, namely fried and even hardly hardly slightly burnt. Loved with milk, cold milk with a hot fried potato earlier. And still I read your letters probably time 5 or even 6. Before to write to you I many times I read your letters and only then I write.
Words flow like water from heart. So it is easy with you. Before our meeting I think of you and about what it actually to spend life with you. It will be cheerful and even it will be unusual. I perfectionist, pay attention to fine details. The more I name myself "perfectionist" the I become it more. :)). But I actually not perfectionist, and as though beginning or some echoes of this type of character are present at me. Because the presents perfectionist loves on 100 % ideal lines and that all would be equal, but same does not happen. Where that it is necessary to be weakened, but where that really order. :)
You do not laugh, but I will open today to you that about what I think also that that WILL WAIT for us in Switzerland.
Where I will stack the of a cream in a bathroom? You will tell to me in the first day: "Olesia take, it now your tooth-brush!". :). And you use what tooth-brush? Simple or electric? Never in life had control over an electric tooth-brush, I trust the hands))).
And then you will tell: "Olesia and it is my day cream, you can use it!", and then you will think and will tell still: "It, probably, too fat, it will be possible to use is better I your milk?" After we will laugh and we will understand that our life never will be former!
You will need to leave phone of emergency service of break of water. :). That suddenly me would not treat for a faint in case of waterpipe break. :).
Though, though Phil I very much would like that that that has occurred that we would get with you to unforeseen situations, and in such situations we madly strongly will become friends and has fallen in love in each other even more strongly! Only understand correctly, I joke.)).
In my young years we lived on 5 floor of the five-floor house, we had a huge apartment on which corridor I went by a bicycle. Once poured a rain and our ceiling began to proceed, and the father was on business trip. So we with mum have got on an attic and have repaired a roof. We have found a slate piece, have pulled out it on a roof and have fixed. There was a heavy rain and fear. A roof of the five-floor house at an angle approximately in 30 degrees. Then we with mum became such strong girlfriends that I at all have not closed a bathroom and naked bathed before it and even have asked it to scratch to me a back. :)). Phil, you have every chance to scratch to me a back after what or repair and I at all I will not close a door in a bath! :) :) :)) What tableware at you and what size of a hole in banks from under salts? I - feel the first dishes for you will be not salty))).
What appetite at you? From what plate you eat also in what portions? I represent you the nudist. :). I joke. It I about that it is necessary to you to pass only a house threshold as a jacket, the scarf, a jumper fly to a case, but correctly laid. You seem to me at once stack the things exactly. And can be and is not present??? Well means works to me will increase. :).
Of what you think now when read these lines? Phil, what you represent when read these lines? I write about us. I represent a smile on your person and I REPRESENT YOUR HUNGRY HUNGRY And GREEDY SIGHT ON me WHAT MORE LIKELY to RESULT me In the DWELLING I...... And....... And..... What the lion with the tigress does?! m m m m m m m
Shame for the woman if that is not able to create a family cosiness.
To stroke arrows on trousers is an inner sanctum. It appears, to do ideally sharp collar corners on a shirt not less important. As well as not to suppose arrows on sleeves, not to confuse a shirt to the short sleeves, given a close fit, with cuff links, under a jacket, under a jumper, on release etc.
What underwear at you? And where you store it??? Phil, my letter to you is exclusively devoted today trifles concerning exclusive to your life. You can not answer questions, all the same you will show all to me personally.
You carry what colour of linen? As though I see now your linen on shelves pretty, pleasant to the touch, linen and socks. However, the last all the same can be lost, probably, it as a brothel in a female handbag, to struggle it is useless. There can be I have tired you with the thoughts on you. But you cannot bother yourself and the more so I have written only 0.001 % from those numerous minutes that expect us together! Therefore I wait from you for continuation. Continuation about us.
My letter to you today Phil about us. About us in Switzerland. Please write as soon as possible.
Hold my favourite verse which I remember by heart: The family is a happiness, love and good luck,
The family is the summer of a trip on a summer residence.
The family is a holiday, family dates,
Gifts, purchases, pleasant expenditure.
Birth of children, the first step, first babble,
Dreams about good, excitement and trembling.
The family is a work, about each other care,
The family is many homework.
Family it is important!
Family it is difficult!
But happily to live to one it is impossible!
Always be together, love protect,
Insults and quarrels far away drive,
I want, that about you friends spoke:
What good your family! Verse on us, on you and on me. Soon to sleep.... And again I in thoughts will write continuation about you, only already in thoughts. I love you.
Mine Phil. Mine. Your sincere with you Olesia!
Letter 30
I welcome you mine Phil! I LIKE YOUR QUESTIONS. I EAT A LITTLE, BUT... I CAN FEED MUCH!)))))
Time evening and I just now have arrived home. Has had supper. Had supper fish with carrots. In general that Phil, I do not want to write about fish)))). I WANT to WRITE AT ONCE About YOU. THANKS. THANKS. Thanks you Phil. You will tell for what? For that that you such what is. Kind both mercy. Loving and good. And unless it is necessary to search for the reasons for love? And unless it is necessary to search for the reasons and occasions what to love? Love not for what that has put, and love for that what not to see another. Loving sees another absolutely on another and finds in it that that others do not see.
Well here such beginning of the letter. :).
Looked sites Switzerland, has looked coming nearer weather these two days. Still the middle of month and on the TV already show holidays and Christmas expectation. In Russia it is just now felt as the people prefers December, 25th because earlier always people waited the core new year.
And I want to you I EXPECT the MEETING With YOU.
I see your letter, thanks. Thanks you!!!!! Phil and why in Switzerland people give for Christmas a red sock? And still hang up it over a fireplace. Why a red sock and what for over a fireplace?
By the way recently I modelled the accounting report for private firms and there people have with own hand made a fireplace on the top floor of the dwelling and it was illegal. You represent Phil, without demand, without the coordination with public utilities of areas they have built such stone fireplace, have deduced a metal pipe on an attic and later at neighbours walls have burst and the ceiling has burst. In apartment houses it is not necessary to establish under the instruction the present fireplaces, under safety precautions. To this person have written out huge penalties and it restored to neighbours of a wall and ceilings.
But now there are decorative fireplaces, imitation of the presents!
Do not laugh Phil, but I never in life sat and was not heated near the present fireplace. Even I can not present as it heats, whether it is strong or it is cold. Whether strongly heat gives from fire or not?! But it seems to me powerfully, to hear a crash of sticks on fire, and to see the present fire, it seems to me abruptly. Phil, I have presented to you myself. My heart and smothering already at you. 24 hours think of you, it is normal?! I have presented to you for Christmas of! I have presented to you for Christmas the caress and I WANT to lead to YOU to you the HEAP of gifts, what that small, and what that "serious"!
You have presented me yourself! It also powerful words. Only to ponder.
To present each other. A miracle. Which all people search for a miracle on the earth. People would search to whom to present themselves and from whom to accept heart of other person.
And we have found! :).
And now I represent all it so-......... I will sit down on your bed, in hands I will have a book with a red cover (my diary). Also I will make the record, on penultimate pages of the diary, and I will begin the message so: "December, 2013, I write being in Switzerland together with Phil!". Here your most magnificent, great gift. My mum also has prepared for us a surprise. I will bring to you gifts from it. Not a gift, and gifts! Today mood good, and like not so. My good girlfriend so has meanly arrived to me. And I at all do not know the reason of its behaviour. I at all did not expect that such probably. Phil you seem to me at me the most native and unique understanding. There can be I a narration about Switzerland divide my friends on good and bad. And is faster! More likely to know truth. To you I will not complain, but my friend so has strongly brought me.... And you know Phil, me life learns to restrain! To keep the mouth shut. Earlier I so strongly wanted that will share with whom about you, about that about what we communicate....., and in any conversation with whom that, I try to add your phrases and where that even on to philosophise because thanks to you I much that quickly learn. But nobody understands. It is interesting to nobody. No, I see that interesting but as people it personally does not concern - they envy ALL and show all nature that as though to them not interesting. I have understood Phil that that love not to understand another.
And you know. Love not to understand to the third parties. Nobody will look after you, to erase your linen, to make to you a breakfast and to kiss you - therefore anybody to you will not advise anything good! As soon as your native Olesia! Yours Olesia! Tell that it so! Well tell Phil! (Thanks). We will live! I write now as always so enthusiastically and even the most usual things I describe so enthusiastically.... On the present the one who speaks beautiful words loves not and promises gold mountains, and that who worries that you attempted, have warmly put on and have gone to bed in time. Well..., into the account of all I promise to you, and here apropos to sleep lay down during time I to you I can not to guarantee, after all I "owl". Towards evening in me so much energy so prepare wakes up! Sorry, but suffer! (Joke). I have once again read your last letters. If you can write more. Simply I want you, simply it would be desirable even more strongly you. Very inspired period at us. A double holiday. In the morning was in church, then went to girlfriends, then was in the economic market has bought carrots for mum. Its carrots was gone in a cellar and she yet does not know. Dampness in a cellar has ruined carrots, it became all black. I do not know from what.
Then 4 hours has given to processing of the accounting report on work and tomorrow early in the morning I will leave it. It would be desirable in pool again, but time is not present. I WILL HAVE a rest With YOU! YOU At me will HAVE TIME!
Thanks you once again for letters for me. The person finds time for everything that he really wants, because he wants it and for the sake of it lives!!!! I also write to you and in Switzerland I will continue to you the fidelity..... The Fact. Till the morning. I will get into a bathroom and I will bathe.
Answer as soon as possible. Your loving you Olesia! My reason why I want to be with you - I I do not know. It that that inside. Madness. Desire. If I will be to explain - whom that it that it will be gone. I will not speak is better. Thanks of thanks of thanks of thanks - here that I want to add and tell to you. From heart. Thanks. You will tell for what?! And unless for love the reasons are necessary?! You also are my reason. And 99 % of people on the earth will envy me!
Thanks. Write more likely!
Letter 31
For me a great honour to receive a photo of your parents. The fact! FOR me the GREAT HONOR to RECEIVE SUCH PHOTO. Because I think as me to please them? I think as me to please them. And YOU SHOULD me HELP With THIS QUESTION
Mine Phil, has run home what to have supper and take a folder with documents on work.
Has opened mail (certainly) what to SEE your letters. About, love washing Phil. Thanks!!!! Thanks.
At me the here days in these hours, and at you the... Vanity. Hold my photos, vanity of affairs... And than you are occupied? Here that you will do today on Thursday? We tell each other about ourselves, we tell and we touch with soul to each other. But I would want that we had GENERAL DAYS And the GENERAL PHOTOS both the general dreams and the general breakfasts both the general laughter and the general insults (second) and the general life. In this offer that I have written to you now - the whole life! Ours with you life.
And thanks you that you have shown respect and heroism!!!!
In Russia there is a proverb - "better a titmouse in a hand, than a crane in the sky".
It is better small, but at itself than riches but in dreams.
Can be.... I have found small, but it has appeared such GREAT! It I about you.
This short note for you with a hint. I want to arrive to you in Switzerland, to arrive and leave, but to LEAVE At YOU the HEART, what to return! Not an one-bottom day plans, and for all life! I search small, simple, not for the proud. You same as well as I! Mad for the sake of love. Because 90 % of people they consider themselves clever, but why that poor both financially and spiritually and sincerely before marriage and in marriage. The FACT! Here such note. Your kind Olesia!
Letter 32
You know as to live when the dream arises? You know as to sleep now when you expect happiness? You know as to think when you tomorrow find happiness? You know? IT is called - SLEEPLESS NIGHTS And ALL REASON is filled by YOU! And THOUGHTS On YOU. I love you such what you is. With a sword and without a sword. And I very much WOULD WANT THAT YOU DID NOT CHANGE! NEVER! THAT YOU WOULD be SAME KIND ALWAYS!
TODAY WORKED 12 HOURS, THE STANDARD. ONCE YOU will take the STEP And WILL bring me To YOURSELF. You will take a spiritual step! I see in it history! After your action - I WANT In 5 TIMES MORE LETTERS. I WANT In 5 TIMES MORE LOVE. I WANT to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY the COUNTRY And to go THERE WHERE me WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The house - it not a place. The House - is people, which nearby! People can be in the magnificent house - but to be lonely. But can live in a simple place - but to be so maximum happy because they decorate a place themselves.
Life experience shows: houses it not a place, the house - it there where wait for you and need me.
You need me! You there wait for me! Give the chance to me to ARRIVE FASTER To YOU! At me now 2 o'clock in the morning, I will sleep... I look forward to hearing.
Letter 33
Phil, I WELCOME you! I write you the letter through the mobile Internet, I have bought USB Flash the modem and have inserted it into the laptop and I have now Internet, truth speed awfully small, but for acceptance of working files and the letter from you Phil, there is enough. And how many in Switzerland there is an Internet? Probably some Internet of the companies compete among themselves and combat for the client. You what company have chosen the Internet?
It is a note for you, as gratitude!!!!! Never there are superfluous words of gratitude.
Phil Phil Phil, my life and my destiny. I want to you. Now I consider as the basic debt to write to you urgently, I will return to the letter. This note for you as a sign on that - THAT I LOVE YOU And 24 HOURS THINK Of YOU! The second day casually I open this picture which I put to the letter. I very much liked this vital picture. I want to walk in park with you in real life, to switch off to you light in a bathroom sometimes and then to expect as you will catch up with me and will embrace strong strong!
I want to throw out in general the laptop and to lead real life with you! THE END TO LONELINESS. Certainly I will send you the photos! I have already sent you a photo in 100 times more than you to me. Also I WILL SEND STILL!
Letter 34

Good morning Phil. Phil, good morning. I do not know during what time you read this letter. But me it is trusted that you begin the day with my letter. It is trusted, it would be desirable to trust.
Every morning I am interested and I think that you do there.... Through walls, through distances, through thousand kilometres. In Russia there is a joke - when the person has a hiccups it means - that think of it. :), so you mean should hiccup all the day long! (Joke).
It will be amusing to learn jokes of your region.
You read what or the book early in the morning? The newspaper? Television? I like to open at random page what or the good book and to catch a phrase for all day!! Today on a hand the note of Paulo Koelo has got, the author has written: "Go out of the mind and enter into heart. Think less and feel more. Do not become attached to thoughts, plunge into sensations … Then your heart" will revive also. Ingeniously. That that has been written much thousand years ago, we with you worries now. There is nothing new under the sun! There is only an aspiration of the heart and call of heart to which we follow. The city is blocked, all move around. Holidays, and today Friday approach. The country loves Friday. People drink and have fun. And I, and I want to you. The highest mission. As though I extol myself over all! (In good sense of this word). For me fun nonsense. For me waits more grandiose events and it gives me such strong self-trust.
Yesterday to mum long talked, she asked about Switzerland, about you much. But at present I can tell only to it about you.
What it is necessary for the person for happiness? Phil, what is necessary? Reciprocity! When the person that does that and receives an official message of thanks. When the person that does that, he on what counts that. We understand that the love is gratuitous, but all the same we wait for reciprocity from each other. We wait for gratitude and reciprocal love. As it is good to have a guarantee in reciprocity. Phil I love you, I promise to you to love you, and to be most the best. And still I promise to you to watch always the figure what always to be such sports, as well as now. :).
Reciprocity. The biggest happiness - is reciprocity. When you endure return, response, instead of treachery. I have understood that the present happiness is confidence. Here probably my answer to all your questions which you to me of strutters when or. There is no the best happiness for the man - than confidence of the woman and there is no the best happiness for the girl - than confidence of the selected works. All can be repaired, adjusted or changed the rest, but heart and soul not to change. It as an invariable variable. Either it is, or it is not present. Or heart loves also the ROOF TAKES down (so speak in Russia about true love). The heart has a will of its own. I remember a film "Titanic". People have fallen in love with each other from different social classes, the heart has a will of its own.
Be assured of me. I offer you not one-day conversation, and swimming long in life! On all life. On all life. And you are selected by the captain. Believe - for me these are changes and boldness. In all to trust in you and to be attached to you. Also I will tell to you directly Phil, here in general nobody supports my idea, as except mum who wishes my of good luck. By the way, on the TV spoke that who that builds liner "Titanic" copy, and in some years it again will make a campaign on the same historical route. Who will express desire to be the passenger? But at each passenger the fear drop will be all the same how you think? All the same. I want to learn about you Phil more as strongly you love the big congestions of people? Stadiums, demonstrations? I never do not have dizziness, a vestibular mechanism excellent, never complained of dizzinesses. But in very big congestions of people I feel easy dizziness and then in minutes 10 all pass, accustoming. At you was such? I do not know that it. Here only to you also has told. I will ask not to laugh. :)))). Friday evening. What do you do today? You will not be tired of me!!! On a bicycle you I will call, on swimming you I will call, in a campaign I will call, to be locked in a room for all day I will call. I LOVE YOU u u u u u u u u u!!!! Will be at us and quiet evenings..., it I here such bright, and at you will be modest. Well, if you do not spoil me!? (Joke).
Board games rather pull together, but now they disappear. It at the time of the USSR families gathered and "communicated". Board games pull together and consequently I carry to you a board game "Lotto". (Already wrote). It is one of the most ancient and fascinating board games, the victory consists in accidents of numbers and the most important thing in sharpness! Laughter and fine dialogue it will be guaranteed. But for fascinating dialogue 5 persons are necessary at least. What will you do tonight?
Well here such letter. I will go out of doors in shop and I will buy fruit, very much I want red grapes. Phil I love your image which you have constructed for me. But what you live in Switzerland? I send you the note and I will look forward to hearing.
Wishing to you as it is possible more likely - Olesia! Yours Olesia! I KISS YOU!!!!!!!! (I understand that this verse not such and harmonious, I understand that not absolutely in a rhyme, but...... Hold it) Do not forget that life is short, and minutes - are invaluable.
That in a sand-glass the gold escapes sand.
Do not forget, what even idols leave from a scene,
Both native, and favourite, and necessary the term is appointed.
Is "now". Glance in eyes and get into soul.
If heart disturbs grief - give vent to tears.
Learn to forgive, understand and attentively to listen.
Hurry up to love! That when be not to be late......)
Letter 35
Mine Phil, well as you on Saturday without me? Than you are occupied? Write me the schedule of work and holidays in Switzerland that I would know.
My day was so fast and sated that you should read my note about an hour. I will write to you in Switzerland very long.
I will begin with that - that tomorrow I will act on children's morning performance in a role of a Snow Maiden. To you such character probably is not known. She is "girlfriend" or "workmate" of Santa Claus. :). In Russia it is a Snow Maiden. Tomorrow we will address to children.
And when I will address to you? Phil, it will be pleasant to you! :))))))).
Now we will talk about you. About us. Phil before to write you the letter, I was possible manage 20 minutes and now I feel myself very vigorous. I wake up these days early, in 6 mornings and today in 5 mornings. Affairs much because of the end of month and because of the end of the year before departure in Switzerland, before my departure from Russia. I do not see sense to call to Russia from Switzerland on work, to spend money for negotiations when all is possible here on a place to learn. Remember I spoke to you about the project on a floor of year which all of us incurred?! We have made the part of work professionally, and a salary to us detain, because the owner of the company have accused of plunder of the state property and have closed their accounts. This very muddy business to swear there is nobody, to argue there is nobody, they do not answer phones. But me and my colleagues have detained salaries as all accounts of civil engineering firm are closed. But we will not be about sad. But nevertheless. Phil, in Switzerland detain a salary to the worker? Such happens?
The day before yesterday there was a direct transmission of dialogue of the people with Putin. On the air from studio the people asked a question to Putin. And one woman from village has asked the president why the people live in misery when the people own oil, gas and natural resources?! She has asked to lower taxes and to lift salaries in 3 times. All hall applauded it, but the president of the country has answered - "the government distributes country resources how to favourably and conveniently people". Phil, I agree with the president. My opinion such - if to give to people is a lot of money you know that will be? The people will sit in bars both to guzzle vodka and to revel in rubbish! Because there is a proverb:" New wine do not pour in old bags because both the bag will tear also wine will be gone ". The big sense at such saying. It is impossible for not updated thinking to give vent, as well as to the child a knife. By means of a knife it is possible to prepare a dish, but the child will wound itself. And it seems to me for this reason Putin does not give luxury to the people because the people need to change. How many years are necessary for the people what to grow to your level of thinking!!! I have touched you Phil and I feel so fantastic politeness which already here I show as far as possible, but not all understand. Having touched you I feel fantastic love, fidelity and love! I (will repeat). Fantastic love.
You know what people in the world and in Switzerland?
Look at this article, there the pensioner has won one million and has given to the needing. It is a phenomenon. It is the higher culture, it is the higher fantastic love! When people in Russia will arrive so? I do not know. And there so arrive. An essence not in Canada and an essence not in what or the country, and an essence in that that "there", in Switzerland absolutely other people, absolutely other world which I touch. But..... And in Switzerland there are lonely people, and in Switzerland there are despaired people. And I have a short circuit. Why? In the middle of the world also it is kind there is a treachery? Why? In the middle of fantastic culture and politeness to each other there is a treachery and partings. Why? Secret.
There can be aboriginals in Switzerland have forgotten, were perverted and became oversaturated. A secret. But I as a bird left a cage understand freedom gift, therefore I will estimate. I will estimate. But most of all Phil, I will estimate your relation to me. Your heroic relation to me.
The relation.
Once again, your relation to me.
Remember Phil, remember. Today on December, 21st (by the way my favourite number). Remember I declare to you - Phil, my love to you is not connected with your acts. I love you! "YOU". It is my irrevocable choice. And I should reconcile to your acts in the future (because you necessarily where that will become angry or will take offence), but my love to you is not connected with your acts. I love you there is nothing that, and I love you because you we love me! Therefore you NEVER will disappoint me! But your acts to YOU will make the blessing! Your acts to you create happiness. Understand - as a spring which compress and then it jumps out sharply. In Switzerland will be to you a shot. Will pass year and you will ask - "for what to me such happiness?". For that that you compressed a spring and now receive return. For itself has created success.
But I love you there is nothing that, and I love you, because you you mine. And let my love will help you!
Here such I. To love so on all life! To be true so unshakably.
Phil, on eyes the Russian ancient poet of verses who has written a phrase and it just by the way, here is how time by the way comes across to me, has opened a notebook and I will copy to you:
"The love - is bathing, it is necessary or to dive with a head, or not to get into the water at all. If you will loaf along coast knee-deep in water you only will sprinkle splashes and you will freeze and be angry" Yesenin. Well here have an hour and a half passed as 5 minutes with you. Hold my note. Tomorrow morning I will visit church, then we will go to children and we will gratuitously congratulate them. 40 minutes of spent time - for that PLEASURE And SERVICES to CHILDREN! If you knew, my mum has prepared what gifts for you! If you knew. My mum fondly trusts in us. And let my love will help you!! I liked this thought. Your true to you Olesia!
I look forward to hearing!
Letter 36
Phil, I welcome you! I have found a photo, simply beautiful photos of ancient things in the rural house and these photos remind me of ours With YOU SIMPLE, is simple Also to the KIND MEETING! Also hold my photo.
What do we wait all year? All of us wait all year for an award. Awards from destiny, awards from each other. I think you all year searched for the happiness intended for you! And now during our acquaintance we STRENUOUSLY TRIED FOR EACH OTHER and we wait for an award. We wait for return. When the person that did all year that, he safely asks a salary. You know Phil, I consider a trip to you as a salary from destiny. It as "salary" from destiny, as over a bonus, as a gift, as that that inexplicable. Because we everyone tried for each other.
But I will tell to you Phil even more - not you and not I have created love. People think that they they that have made that. I think is not present. People can strain, but the love is given from above, as though from the sky, as though from destiny. As gift. Yesterday I watched advertising video a commercial of a historical film in shopping centre during a dinner and there the phrase has sounded: "the necessary person which in due time comes changes all and you will be this necessary person".
You the historic figure come to my life in due time. And you have begun my happiness. And I have begun your happiness. In certain year you were born, and became happy in 2013! I believe till now that you will want to make happy yourself in the nearest future and to become the real man. The real man with the girl loving it. Calculation from this date. The period from which you became the high-grade happy man.
So I define ours with you a meeting in Switzerland.
I write to you these lines and I worry. The second that I want to tell to you - Phil, I once again declare to you - I love you there is nothing that, and for that that you Phil! For that that you are Phil. I accept you not for your acts, and I accept you because you "Phil". Be afraid of those people which accept you for what that good acts. Because to you before them it will is always be necessary to look beautiful, and it is difficult, all of us are not perfect. I know, I KNOW your motives. All that you will not do - it of your kind heart. I accept your errors, I accept your successes and I will love you without dependence from your awards or errors. I go to you in Switzerland, as to the person. The person with kind heart which will surprise me with the love and which will sometimes make mistakes, but all will be in the blessing! My love to you WILL transform ALL INTO the BLESSING! My acceptance you as the person - it as the kind filter and consequently I will always trust you!!!
For me it is important to write you now these words. Read them once again please. :).
These thoughts were born in me for a long time. I store them in the heart and wanted to tell to you about it in Switzerland, in our first evening when I will prepare the Italian macaroni with meatballs and with the swept away lemon sauce, and for a dessert... A pie "Napoleon"... And my gentle kiss and still it is possible two drinks of white wine (to me two drinks will suffice as at all I do not drink alcohol)))).
I store such true relation to you very much for a long time. But these days vanities and before holidays, sensations of our meeting HAVE generated in me desire already now to transfer you the thoughts. I hope to you it was pleasant. :). Please trust itself. Because I same as well as you. I trust myself! And consequently I trust you! You understand? We have not the right to change other people, we can change only ourselves! And I trust myself! And consequently I trust you! Because we draw to similar to ourselves!!! You and I - we from the life beginning reached each other and were drew in due time and in a proper place.
I want to you! It is my award from destiny. An hour and a half with you Phil, as 5 minutes. Answer. I LOVE! Yours Olesia! Your the best Olesia!
Letter 37
Aristotle has told - "you receive for what wait". Strong words coming true in my life. Today I have met the girlfriend and she has told to me that will believe in my happiness with you when will see ours with you a photo in Switzerland! Own to me all the same to its opinion on me, actually to me all the same to its relation. Simply it envies. And when I will send it ours with you joint a photo from Switzerland, it will find other justifications for the envy.
But we will not talk about these people.
Phil, with Christmas!!!
In the beginning letters I have written you a strong phrase which comes true in my private life. As you have noticed I these days I write about my private world much, I open for you both a pain and pleasure and hope and experiences. Thanks you Phil for reciprocity.
Here in Russia very few people marks Christmas on December, 25th, basically the people mark Christmas on January, 7th. Strange. Different religions. But besides I do not want to press in religion today.
Phil, with Christmas you. I WANT To YOU. And I consider itself worthy to be with you. You represent as I you I glorify these words?! In Russia there is such joke - "if in a family head the husband - that it means the wife clever. And if the husband considers itself most cleverly that it the wife wise" means that.
Phil, each letter is adjusted what to lift you on a new step and to give you the importance, confidence. And if I such in the letter - you present not can what I will in Switzerland! The fact.
With Christmas you Phil.
This not finished letter. These days not finished, they will proceed in Switzerland! Certainly an essence not in certain date, and an essence as we will live after this date and as we will live further. And my plan - together. You and I - we will give each other pleasure and we will update to each other our love every day. Here my plan. Weather grey, worked 10 hours, I do everything, what being in Switzerland to forget all affairs and to be ONLY With YOU Both the BODY And THOUGHTS And SOUL! I love you.
This not finished letter. I love. With Christmas you! Yours Olesia!
Letter 38
Good morning Phil!
This note as simply superfluous kiss for you.
Kiss! I send you this note through phone, and soon I would will open mail what to see from you the message! With Christmas you Phil! I want to open more likely mail And to WRITE YOU the NEWS.
Letter 39
Phil, good evening. How are you? With CHRISTMAS YOU! ON TELEVISION SHOW the HOLIDAY. The WHOLE WORLD celebrates CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY.
I speak to all about you and about Switzerland, and represent today from two girlfriends have heard reproach, reproach about that that in Russia Christmases on other day celebrate. As strongly I want to get to other world in which you invite me. Where politeness and your sincere love reigns! As strongly I would like to feel really a smell of your hair when you will embrace me at the airport and I will be absorbed in your hair and to feel your strong hands compressing me strongly.
There is nothing better as sweet of a victory. The victory activates internal forces and it would be desirable to live. When you know for the sake of what you suffer, all difficulties it seems simple and easy. My mum learns me, it always inspires me and speaks to me - there is no "difficulty" word, there is a word "problem". Which needs to be solved.
Phil, with Christmas you. I represent you there cheerful and joyful this fine day, but also I represent your small grief, grief about me. After all the person can give all conveniences, but it is possible to fill internal emptiness only with other person. I hope you empty. :). (In good sense of this word). I would want that you were empty. Thus I can fill you with myself, caress, love and tenderness and the sea of smiles! I for you. I that which will fill your emptiness as last puzzle, for end of a high-grade picture! This letter I show you the small grief and tears, despair and pleasure tears. Because I want to you!
So take me as a glass of water after thirst and drink. I tasty! m m m m m m. You my tasty! Well... We still will discuss it in Switzerland..... ;) I look forward to hearing. With a holiday you! Your true to you it is mad - Olesia! I WILL ARRIVE TO YOU OR FROM YOUR BIG DREAM, OR WITH YOUR BIG DESPAIR. THE MIDDLE ARE NOT PRESENT! When you will have a big despair or dream - you will inform me and I will understand. I hope you will reach yes such standard. It appears to dream and wish - it too gift, as an award kind people! I hope you so will strongly desire me that will persuade me to arrive to you. And I will not oppose. The fact. Loving you Olesya! With a holiday!
Letter 40
Phil I welcome you! Where your letter? Where joyful news? A note from Switzerland, a note from my best man! It as though as a note under my pillow which I have read in the morning. :).
My father in my childhood enclosed me notes, putting them on a chair near to my bed. He tried to encourage me, tried to write what or a ridiculous verse. At that time it was unusually and funny. And here now after many years - such memoirs are very valuable! I wait for your letter as a note in beautiful morning, and you want to encourage me. I think in Switzerland, ours letters each other will not end :) Because we will enclose each other short notes with fine wishes each other. Well, can be. :).
I look weather on sites Switzerland. Phil you cannot present, here weather forecasters have fixed warming which was in 1910. Weather unusually warm. Only at me a question, from where weather forecasters knew what weather was in 1910?! After all in 1910 there was no geometrical service. :). Precisely as well at cinema "Titanic", officers by the ship held electric lanterns which yet there was no in those a year, we roughly discussed yesterday these cine mistakes with the girlfriend. :)), How you today? In Switzerland today the working day or the day off? I will look as be news on sites Switzerland.
Constant question - who has made to you a breakfast?! And a dinner?
Has learnt the new recipe and already yesterday with experimented, in deep sotejnike - sausages both on a foil, and fish has below laid on a dessert a pear with a pumpkin and cinnamon slices of a hen, then mushrooms, vegetables! Only 20 minutes and the dish is ready! Here specially even has put the timer, has kept within time! But certainly, I for earlier have prepared components with which has prepared this dish. :)). By the way here already all say that a potato and carrots and onions, it is possible not to buy vegetables of type in the autumn as did it before, because the middle of winter and the price for these products former. People in Switzerland autumn buy vegetables for the winter? How it is accepted in Switzerland? The potato, an onions, carrots buy from farmers? I think that in Russia this idea in history just as has occurred to a flour has departed. I do not know why, but (and even men of means) bought all people a bag that would weigh year to save a flour and sugar on these products in 3 times, and then in shops there was a same wholesale price all year long and people have departed from this idea, and now too most was formed both with a potato and with other vegetables. Gradually national economy changes.
By the way on television on all channels of the country show news - that the president of America Obama had mistress, its private secretary and even videos shots are fixed as president Obama flirts with it. Phil, to you probably ridiculously to read it, also as well as to me ridiculously to quote that that show on television. There can be it slander, but slander serious :). What right people on television offend other people being based on the erroneous representation?! And there can be it not erroneous representation, and special news what to entice the spectator to what or to transfers. Family. The love it not to look in the face each other, and to look in one direction. Our destiny with you as at cinema: "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom", you saw this film? I represent you and as in such romantic, in a beautiful adventure film, with the good happy end. After all the love always wins, after all the love ALWAYS brings happiness. ALWAYS! We worried with you both difficulties and joyful victories and our lips will merge at the airport in Switzerland as an award true up to the end. A family and love - as an award for fidelity!
Here such letter to you Phil. I your award for fidelity! You my award for fidelity! Hold my note and I look forward to hearing. I love you and whole. I want to you, as an award for fidelity! Confidently I speak, the love is created or with the big despair, or from the big dream, the middle is not present. And to reach such condition of thirst - too as gift and as an award for what that! Not finished letter....., just as there will be not finished notes under a pillow, life long love! My plan. Life long fidelity! let it be. Yours Olesia! I WAIT MORE LIKELY the ANSWER!
Letter 41
Morning. Cold morning. Awful differences of temperatures. Yesterday there were 0 degrees and all thawed, and today-5, ice. Behind a window already I see as workers of public utilities sanded sidewalks, for pedestrians.
As it would not be desirable to rise early.... Has allowed to have a sleep to itself even 5 minutes and has failed in a dream on a floor of hour. :). If you have kissed me.... That and you would fail in a deep sleep.... With me.... Having forgotten about all and all on light. ;). m m m m m m
Phil where your letter? I can not believe that from you there are no news. At me morning and certainly I would will return to mail what to see from you the answer.
What at you for a breakfast? I am thought casually up a way how to prepare egg beautifully, take onions and cut off a ring, place a ring on a frying pan and there egg, the round breakfast turns out beautiful under the form. Praise me for sharpness! ;). You love egg strongly prepared or hardly hardly the prepared? Phil. My native Phil as it is easy to write to you when you realise that on that end of a wire wait for you, in you trust, of you are proud and for you hope! Phil, you trust me, you want to trust me. It is big responsibility to take the person for a hand and to lead it behind itself. I can result you in the love and rest country. In the country of serene pleasure and the raging rivers of enthusiasm. Because when the person loves, in it improbable forces of enthusiasm wake up. It would be desirable to live, when in you there lives love! Strong words to you I write this morning. I also trust in you, I would want that took me for a hand at the airport in Switzerland and have moved behind myself. Completely trusting you, completely entrusting the life to you. And we any more will not be former. Mine Phil, good morning! Yours Olesia!
Letter 42
Good morning Phil. You were in mountains................. With parents? In how many you now read my letter? Feet are ill? And what height of mountain?
Probably you read this note not in the morning and in the afternoon, but I would like to tell magic words - "Good morning" as though I nearby, have woken up hardly before you and has welded for you coffee and has brought in your rooms, bearing what not to overturn a bowl slowly. You have a tray for carrying over of cups from a room in a room? By the way Phil tell in the morning a glass of cool water replaces the coffee present. You that heard that about it? That is in the morning the glass of cold water replaces natural coffee. And if I am fair every morning I run on kitchen and I drink a water glass (from a teapot) and after run to wash :).
Terribly it would be desirable to look at you sleepy...... What you.
How there was your dream? How morning? I assure............ Without me you did not have a dream. And with me you will not have a dream.................. After all you should tell for one night all all all life which have lived without me!)))). It is exact. One night will not suffice us!!
I write you the letter and the finger is ill me, yesterday was engaged in the nails and has pulled unintentionally an agnail, now is ill. Where in a case there is an ointment for such cases, it helps to heal faster cuts, probably I will smear today.
Today easy 30 minutes in park early in the morning wanted to take a walk, to take a breath and think. And on me the dog, a huge dog and then its owner has run has from apart shouted to a dog it "is impossible" also has stopped. It has stopped for metres 10-20 probably from me. I hardly through the earth have not failed for fear. After the owner of a dog has approached to me and has apologised for a case. Phil, and to Switzerland dogs go without a lead or with a lead? Still speak that it is impossible to look in the face to dogs, why? Speak that so they calculate fear at the person and can attack. Still speak that it is impossible to pass on a bicycle by dogs and to rotate pedals because it can provoke threat for a dog. Phil, at me never was a canine friend, therefore I could not tell truth it or not. But that that at cinema show their fidelity is the fact.
Film "Hachi: A Dog's Tale" to that an example.
My mum knows one history and she tells it sometimes on what or a sit-round gathering, ostensibly based on realistic events. One forester had an old dog and he has decided it to drown (me even terribly about it to think), it has planted a dog in a boat and has swum away on the middle of the river and has thrown out a dog for a board. The forester has thrown out a dog for a boat board. But the old dog floated behind a boat without lagging behind the owner. Then the man took an oar and has knocked a dog on the head, but has not kept balance and itself has fallen in the river and has started to sink. A dog bleeding profusely, with a bloody head has had a snack clothes of the owner and has floated to coast. The dog slept the owner. Mum told that this forester to the house bore the pass on hands, crying and kissing the saviour thus.
Here such truth. I see in such stories that that native. What is "". What is familiar. Phil, fidelity it also is fidelity at any time and at everyone a being.
I was strongly hooked by this history. Even the most wild animal loves caress. Any person loves caress and needs good and in approval. I was very strongly hooked by this history. History of trouble-free love. It is similar to Russian girls. Phil if we love that one and on all life, and we will die if it is necessary saving life of the man. Much Russian girls have fallen in love with beautiful guys, but times change people, men drink and beat the wives, and girls love and truly serve them. Such is the nature. I do not think on another to live. In Switzerland from first minute you will understand - I is true to you on all life. Invariably from your relation to me. But as it is pleasant to receive reciprocity as it is pleasant to receive mutual love. After all so?
My letter to you knowingly and that that to me on heart has come to remember this history not casually. When walked in park has bought a hot pancake, at an input to the park burning tea even through a plastic glass and has gone to breathe in park. Throughout all way I have not met any urn where could throw out a plastic glass. Do not laugh, but only because of you (culture) I have cleaned it in a pocket, having crumpled. Has thought, I will approach to a city and I will throw out, but and has brought home and has already thrown out at home.
My mum called to me and transfers you greetings. Its acquaintances know acquaintances and those were in Switzerland. They admire the nature in Switzerland. Admire kindness and humanity of people! The relation and understanding in all. I know. I know it through you. And so it is pleasant to me to listen that to that about Switzerland! I adjust the ears only on a good wave! :). It is unusual to taste a breakfast in the open air. But from such meal lips can be weather-beaten, therefore I abstain. Phil, you are frequent that that "suffice" in the street? You are frequent that that where have a bite?
What was your breakfast today? But obviously your breakfast was without my kiss. It means your breakfast was not nourishing.))))). It was not sweet and useful. How your breakfast can be useful without my kiss? There are no vitamins. You have badly had breakfast today.))))) (joke). And I wishes now - to you is necessary to correct the menu urgently. To add in the menu the most important vitamin, and the basic dish - me can even!)))). I for you the basic dish or a tasty sweet dessert? M of m of m of m of m of m of m of m of m
Bite me and I you.
Imaginations at me though take away. All it is realizable in Switzerland!!!!! I send you the letter. Also I wish a little patience, the huge desire, the most unusual anticipation of our meeting in Switzerland! YES! Phil, now I have simply chatted with you with all the heart. So it is healthy. I send the letter and I look forward to hearing.
Mine Phil......, Phil, Phil. I WANT To YOU. Calm me please, you are able to find proper words and to support me.
Yours Olesia.
Kiss to you with all my heart.
Letter 43
You want to drink??? How strongly you want to drink?
You drank water live? I offer not water, and water live, after my water you any more will not want to drink. Whether you understand about what I? All to you can give water, simply water and you will be again and to want again to drink. And I can give you water after which you will not want to drink any more. I do not suggest to drink simply. I offer the project on all life. About as much I can tell, I simply really know that you are given me by destiny. Here that else I want to write to you, after two hours of the letter to you. I cannot simply stop!
Letter 44
Always always always I will be with you - my plan, since morning. When having woken up I think of you.
If you have found such - appreciate and store it. Because it is the most expensive than riches and gold.
;))))) You have found me. Phil, I go to church, I will write to you after a dinner. I LOVE! This note to you in Switzerland, with love! Morning.
Letter 45
Good morning Phil! Time early morning and today early in the morning I will go on railway station to meet a parcel on work of firm of my father. It is sometimes pleasant to me to carry out commissions from colleagues of my father who were always true to it.
Phil. Earlier morning, I send you this note through phone because I cannot open the mail gmail in the laptop. I waited for 30 minutes, but my mail and has not opened. Any others Russian sites open well, and mail gmail does not open. I will go to the Internet of cafe and from there I will open mail and I hope to see from you 2 or 3 letters at least!!! I hope you you think of me how I about you! Phil, we always accept people judging them on myself. If we love, also to us it seems as another should love us. I look at you through a prism of the glass. And my glass pink. :). Pink. So speak in Russia about enamoured people because they look at all through pink glasses. All seems such beautiful and pleasant.
Phil, it is difficult to write through phone a little, buttons small and me it would be necessary to fill up balance of phone what to have frequent access to the Internet. It is better to me to go to the Internet of cafe and easy to see your letter and easy to write to you.
But I think now only of one - to SEE YOU LIVE! The PRESENT. The ENAMOURED.
I WANT to ARRIVE to you in Switzerland. Here my pink REAL DREAM! GOOD MORNING Phil! I look forward to hearing. I hope to see from you at least 2 or 3 letters. News, news about us!
Letter 46
Phil, I agree now with opinion - we see of what we think. Of WHAT we THINK catches sight to us.
Has opened magazine (I go to the underground) and I see a phrase, in accuracy I copy to you:
"Me it is deadly you does not suffice. The only thing that allows to me forces to live is a knowledge that you live, you wake up, you breathe and walk the streets the resolute free gait far from me, but under the same sky". Coco Chanel.
Phil, I have no concept about Coco Chanel present character, but I liked its phrase. And I WRITE YOU IT!
FOR YOU! Phil, I will return to mail, I will specially go to shopping centre and I will lease there the computer because in my laptop mail gmail does not open.
I want to see your letters!!!! I love you!
Letter 47
Mine Phil, I welcome you! On December, 30th. My mail gmail does not open in my laptop so now time evening and I would am in shopping centre what to write you the letter. NEARBY the FLOOR of HOUR READ YOUR LAST LETTERS TO me! How you today? YOU FORGIVE me, BUT I WANT In 3 TIMES of MORE LETTERS. In 3 TIMES there is more than DIALOGUE. In 3 TIMES it is MORE NOW than letters, In 5 TIMES it is MORE NOW than letters, BEFORE our MEETING. It is so much much all I want to tell, it is so much much that I want to express in words, and to write the big letter as well as you to me! Even if you write a short note, I read it much many times, so for me any your word big! You understand in what I see "big"?!. But nevertheless, very much it would be desirable to receive from you capital letters. Write please all! Well please, whenever possible. It is necessary for us now in 3 times of more letters, in 5 times more! If you have a possibility certainly.
And what such possibility? The person always finds time for this purpose that is important. There is a phrase: the successful the loser - a good reason has the program of actions. We will always find a good reason for inactivity, an unwillingness excuse. But we that understand that all valid reasons - it is lies! The successful person does not create the reasons, he creates the program of actions.
I want to you Phil. Also there are no the good reasons, capable to protect me from you. They are not present.
I want to you!!!!!! Certainly we will talk in skype, give at once after holidays in January.
It is a lot of times by means of visualisation I represent in the head a campaign to the airport, suitcase gathering. To what will finish me these thoughts? I represent as 4 hours prior to registration should be at the airport because flight in Switzerland is the international departure, procedures of check of luggage, documents and so on. I will be at the airport in time and I will use services of a taxi or the aeroexpress train.
I very much like to represent and enjoy planning of the life - namely a trip to you! You understand me?
Now the second news. At me the dream vanishes. Can be for excitement or with experience or these are anticipations of our grandiose events! I wake up which day early in the morning, excitement or not excitement, experience or not experience. Well it would not be desirable to sleep and all! Usually I do not sleep before very important event!
I "owl". And at times it "is a shame" to me to you to inform on it. My body wants to have a sleep hardly longer in the morning, but for that at night I can stir with you till a dawn. But nevertheless Phil, I envy larks! It so is healthy to be vigorous in the morning! It so is healthy to wake up early in the morning, to make all affairs and all the day long the free! It so is healthy to wake up before you and to make to you a fresh breakfast, such what you love! It so is healthy to wake you a sound of falling water in a bathroom that you in the sleep would represent me bared standing to the utmost and pouring the body. And you are possible sleepy will approach to me what to see through a transparent curtain my silhouette. Well..., and I will drag to you under a shower, under streams of water and thus you will wake up! How to you such extreme?
How to you my vivacity?
By the way Phil, at you a shower cabin or a bathroom in which it is possible to lay down?
But in Switzerland me anyway it is necessary to wake up before everything, my problem to wake you a tasty breakfast! And here now I am serious - I do not joke. I of fear not to blunder before you does me by "lark". Thoughts are materialised! Many days I dreamt, dreamt to wake up early, before you what to make to you a hot breakfast, but were afraid. I open before you - I was afraid. Was afraid what hardly hardly it will be difficult, because on character I like to have a sleep a little in the morning, but not to sleep till late night! And here my disturbing thoughts do not allow to me to sleep! Coincidence or not coincidence? I am capable, capable to rise before all and to make to you the freshest and hot breakfast every MORNING!
But.... If that, you have to to sleep and to rise too! I (joke).
There can be for you these thoughts will seem too simple, but it vitally!
It can Phil be ridiculously possible) for you. But for me it is important. Read now your last 5 or 6 letters to me. Read.
I see weather on a site Switzerland through "gismeteo". A fantasy! I send you the note and certainly I will return to mail! Wait from me the letter and I wait from you for the answer with news about our life! Your responsible, true to you Olesia!
From loving heart I send you a note.
I LOVE! I look forward to hearing Phil.
I love!
Letter 48
1) I am enamoured
2) I am enamoured
3) I am enamoured of you Phil, madly!
With these thoughts I have entered into new year, with you. :) I welcome you Phil! Well how are you? As your state of health on January, 1st? As usual on a Prenew Year's eve mobile communication was blocked and as usual anybody has phoned nobody. From in a year year... I am glad that though the Internet now works for me. I am glad.
Read your previous letters to me. Thanks Phil. Thanks you.
Has taken a hot bath and I will "cool down". Because once has run out on street after a hot bath and at me has seized a throat, now I cool down and I dry hair what not to catch a cold. Has opened the mail and read your letters. Phil, I will catch up. I feel shortages of dialogue with you now.
I will return to the letter. Tomorrow with the colleague it is necessary to go by its car on a warehouse on work as have forgotten there official documents, and in connection with a holiday there in general can lock a warehouse and consequently because of us there have caused the watchman and because of us will open a warehouse for 5 minutes. But my friend speaks that it again had a strange badge "ESP" on the device of the panel and the car faster 40 km at an o'clock could not go. As though that that holds it. In December we went with it by the car and such badge appeared. Around winter and we one. Phil, you do not represent what fear have attacked us. To me malicious thoughts and a panic at once began to come. I have remembered as my father once have got stuck in wood in the car (snowdrift) and know than it has rescued itself(himself)? It in the car had two bottles of cognac and it of their saws what not to freeze. I have remembered at once performance of the road policeman on local television which resulted statistics that 90 % lethal cases on long-distance lines happen because of the driver which put on not on a season. He urged all drivers to put in the winter in the car warm things.
Phil what that by miracle by us was passed by the lorry and we have stopped it and the driver has helped us. It has removed the accumulator and again him has dressed, thereby has rebooted the onboard computer.
Here so.
Good evening Phil. There are no affairs all country has a rest, and only my thoughts in Switzerland. I wait for the best life with you!!!! I wait for the best destiny. With you Phil.
I to kiss you. I NEED YOU.
YOU ARE NECESSARY TO ME. YOU YOU. I look forward to hearing. Yours Olesia!
Letter 49

Morning.... Earlier morning. On January, 2nd. And as it would be desirable to begin life at first that this year would become even more happier and better. After all all of us want simple happiness. And at times this great happiness not in material things, and in people. I have understood, the biggest happiness - in the person. It is a treasure. It is all.
Here I perceive you!!!!
Here with such thoughts I begin the morning.
Good morning. I will open the mail by the evening. Good morning! Hold washing a photo in new year on December, 31st. With girlfriends has watched very ridiculous film "fur-trees 3", it is 3 part of a comedy film. I want your photo and even more and I WANT ours With YOU the JOINT PHOTO!! When??????????? When we with you will be photographed together? Mine skype:
lesiarus7 Olesia!
Letter 50
I Phil, approaches evening. In how many you read my letter? We think of people so. As we think of themselves and consequently that you always seem to me before will lay down to sleep - always look my letter and early in the morning too look. :)). In how many you wake up these days? You feel a holiday?
I write to you not from the cafe Internet, and from the house of the father. I strange, have not paid the Internet for a month because I want in Switzerland! I strange. Now here I go to telephone points and I pay by the day buying a package mbyte. I strange Phil. This my own auto-suggestion. I cannot on another. I cannot construct to myself a path back. It not I. I am a builder of road forward and the destroyer of old lines. :).
And all because has believed to you! To believe in the person, to believe in idea. To believe in itself. Auto-suggestion. All people want to endure that suspiciousness which I have, in the form of love. I even for a month do not buy the Internet, counting that I will be in Switzerland, with you!
What most hardy parasite? A bacterium? A virus? What? Idea. It hardy and the extremely infectious; costs to idea to take hold of a brain, to get rid of it it is almost impossible. I have to a kind the generated idea completely realised, lodged not in a head, and in heart!
You my idea and you my air.
Phil, here such letter at me to you on the threshold of evening.
My day was so sated! - went for a drive from mountain on skis, has fallen two times the person during snow, trotted on a horse having beaten off all bottom. So, I write you the letter all "beaten". :). Feet and hands and elbows and knees are ill. Ops.... And what will be tomorrow?! But..... What pain..... A pain of muscles and bones. I not sadomazahist. But I adore to endure a sports pain. :). Also it would be desirable to ask you - Phil hardly hardly concern my back and legs. Here I will undress to shorts, I will lay down on a back and I will feel your fingers.... Moving from from an extremity of feet..... To...... To... The most hottest place, yes simply volcano! From one touch there all will blow up!
Ops.... Excuse for revelations. You so there today? LET'S CO-ORDINATE TIME FOR THE ETHER. IT IS CONVENIENT YOU IN THE EVENINGS OR EARLY IN THE MORNING? AND CAN BE DURING THE LUNCHTIME? In the evening when I will undress before a dream, I would will open mail what to see from you the answer, plans, reciprocity, and..... Continuation.............. I wait. Your insatiable Olesia!
Tyre thirst! "As it is not enough for happiness us it is necessary
If only only in a shower there was a cosiness,
And carelessness, as in the childhood when that,
And confidence that wait for us.
And who is not important absolutely, and where.
If wait - you mean still is necessary.
Let at everyone will be in destiny
That mooring that will rescue and will cover from an icy cold!"
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