Scam Letter(s) from Olesya Koftum to Phil (Switzerland) part 2

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Letter 51

Greetings Phil. At me evening, in some hours to sleep, all body is ill, muscles are ill, after on for yesterday's sports. But.... A pain pleasant. :).
I sit in Russia. You there I here. To rejoice or not to rejoice? (About it I will not write, YOU UNDERSTAND ALL). Today there was a first working day in Russia, but it is 50/50. As the country has a rest to 7 or till January, 8th. Because Russian Christmas approaches. I do not want to run into religious polemics, but for me is the big strangeness to mark Christmas in January. All right.
Phil, my mum asks and in Switzerland there are Russian restaurants? You were there? What there? What menu?
Question I will prepare for you - for you soups. You love the such? To me many people have told that in Switzerland there are no soups. How so?! Yes really kitchens of nations of the world happen differ on a variety. You tell what dishes in your diet are the cores.
But nevertheless, to live without liquid dishes to me it seems difficultly. In the first it is useful for a stomach, and in the second is tasty. You eat the first dishes or the second more?
I all think, what colour your kitchen table? What form, you put what devices on a table for a dinner, or all do quickly?! (Do not laugh). I very much like even being at home to arrange fine service from tableware. It so is simple and during too time it is very pleasant. It is possible to create to itself so much pleasant and to create to itself good evening. Phil, Christmas and new year it do not aim, it is transition in other year. Certainly it is fine days. But it only the boundary, a barrier for which begins the new year, new possibility both new successes and new miracles! And I ask only one miracle - my arrival to you. I all rest will make itself! All the rest I can!!!!
I will do for you miracles! What you a miracle want? Phil, here give think of desire. What you a miracle want from me?! What would you want that I have made that on yours I cannot probably make?
THANKS you. Phil, thanks! You know for what! Thanks you for your hospitality and love. I feel happy when I think of us. Not about itself and not about you, and about us. To lead as though full life. I want to have such feelings always. There is a phrase from the wise book: "great acquisition to be pious and all happy". I want to inspire in you rest now and confidence. I WANT in Switzerland and we will be together!!!!! Also be quiet!!!
Yesterday late at night read magazine about a fashion and there there was article about the ingenious person, and has learnt even more about Walt Disney. It about that fine park which is in Europe and in America. Or it only one park? Where there are attractions Walt Disney? I never was in such park, speak there actually very beautifully and very pleasantly to spend time especially a family. In article it is written that workers of attractions work on generation forward! You represent that children would grow and have brought there already the children. The perfect marketing plan. And so Walt Disney dreamt to create such zone, territory where it is possible to spend time with a family and friends. A fairy tale on the earth with fantastic characters. But unfortunately Walt Disney was at the big age and he has died some days before end of its project, before park opening. And when cut a red tape and have opened park the new managing director has told speech." As this park, what beautiful and fine place is fine! Of it dreamt Walt Disney! Only it is a pity that now it with us is not present and it is a pity that Walt Disney and has not seen this beauty that we have made ". Its widow, widow Walt Disney has then stepped on the stage and has told one more phrase:" Walt Disney saw all it is the first! He saw all it before us ". Very much it was pleasant to me it small but a true story. It is truth, and this history has sunk down in my heart very strongly. And today I thought of it. I see that my thoughts coincide with these thoughts. My outlook coincides with outlook of such successful and good people. I liked this true story. Which narrates about dream and vision of the person. The person saw this park. The person had dream and aspired to it. The person saw this park before everything, it as though already was in it, it as though already went for a drive on these roundabouts, it as though already passed by happy children which ran with ice-cream and were photographed with freakish fantastic figures. All other this business of time and work process.
New 2014 has come. Even not habitually to write figure 4 in the end... I ASK YOU to SEE to SEE to SEE YOU WITH me. To SEE NOT YOU, And NOT me. And us!!! HERE ALREADY the FLOOR of HOUR I WRITE YOU TRYING to EXPRESS the COURSE of the THOUGHTS for you. I try to tell to you the experiences.
We have entered with you year with a picture into heart. With the FRIEND the FRIEND!!!! Draw to itself dream, draw to itself an image, draw to itself an image me - loving YOU, and with this picture will enter into new year. Do not consider me for again naive. I know that any belief is carried out. It is proved by scientists and geniuses of the whole world. In our life there is that that we plan. In our life that picture which is carried out lies deeply in our heart. Not on top which is easy for blowing off winds and opinions of friends or near. And the present picture. True desires. Deeply deeply about heart. Also it is a photo becomes a flesh and becomes a reality.
There can be you consider me naive. But.... Phil, I have bought yesterday for 2$ a medal in sports shop, "1 place on football" and have gone to Marina. We played football with her son both he has certainly won, and I have handed over it a medal. "The first World championship on house football". Phil, here so I have congratulated the child of the girlfriend happy New Year. Phil so he slept with it. Marina has told that her son slept with a medal and was happy!

Has lost thought..... That wrote.... Well it is fine.

How you today? In 4 days all holidays in Russia come to an end. I see in it a transition period in Switzerland! More I see nothing.

WRITE ALL ALL ALL NEWS! Write even trifles, even that that seems to you nonsense, but I will make out in it that that important that that confidential that that necessary. Thanks.

Hold my note Phil, I adore you! Through pair seconds my letter will be in Switzerland, in your safe, in your computer.... Read. Also answer more likely.
Think of us!!!!

Yours Olesia!

Letter 52

Phil, Phil, Phil. I welcome you. Monday! The beginning of new week! The country is included into a working channel, all enters into correct road. And I want to you. Phil I WANT To YOU!!!!!.
In the country the high-grade working day! But the celebratory mood at the people is felt as in any way. The country waits Christmas.... Russian Christmas.
Just has arrived home and villages to write you the letter.
I WILL catch up with YOUR THOUGHTS. Not very well what volume of your letter, I see there among lines - shout! Cry from the heart and I reciprocate!!!! Phil, I reciprocate!
I promise to you I will return to your lines and I will write to you clearly and accurately.
Me force to go on a warehouse, and it in the country, it is necessary to carry out the commission.
How you Phil? It is not enough letters, it is not enough of you. In Russia there are songs (it almost bared singers sing), but song words such: "it is not enough, a little you...". With it I can agree! (Sense of a song).
How you in the first working day??
I will return to your letters........
What films show on television in Switzerland now?
In the Russian television broadcast all series of a film "Home Alone". From year to year show all series of this film. But after all Phil, despite of everything it is pleasant to look both once again and once again and once again.
At cinemas advertise comedy new films. But here we will go to cinema already together! In Switzerland, together!!!!!!!
To me Marina has presented USB Flash for phone. And I have thought up than I will fill memory of phone - with films. What to sit in the plane in a direction Moscow-Switzerland and to look films!

You in what go at home these days? (Then I will tell what for has asked).

I will go on a warehouse if I do not write today that has got stuck in snow. Cause 911. (JOKE).
By the way Phil, in Russia in general there is no such service and from mobile phones it is impossible to type help services under number which you type from stationary phone. If from usual phone for a first aid call you type "003", with mobile 103, or not. Represent I even now I do not remember.
Here so here.

Has gone on a warehouse on work. I hope I will not sink in snowdrifts! (Joke).

I will write at once as I will return. If that I will write tomorrow since morning!

I WAIT FROM YOU for NEWS! URGENTLY I WAIT for NEWS! I want to you! Urgently!


Phil write!

Your beloved Olesia!

Letter 53

Phil, I welcome you! Paris, skype, the letter, love. The head goes around.
I agree all, if only all was not lie.
I write to you much, you know me. I do not understand as it is possible to write a little, I do not understand as it is possible to love a little, I do not understand as it is possible to be sincere a little. You know me, Phil, I write much. And this note to you - as the strongest fact of my adherence to you. Because just has come home and here would open the computer what to see from you the message.
You advance me in a letter these days and I should catch up! ONLY I WANT to CATCH up PERSONALLY, personally in Switzerland! Both even to overtake! And even to overtake!
To love it is more than you than me! To love it is more than you. To trust it is more than you. To appreciate it is more than you. To serve it is more than you. All to do it is more than you.
It is the sincere purpose on all life!

Phil, I go to bed... The Floor of night took the helm, then a floor of day was with mum, today orthodox Christmas and all country celebrates Christmas.
Was tired.....
During the lunchtime was at the girlfriend on a set. Its friend the well-known producer, they remove musical clips. Hold my photo in "an oval office" the USA. :))))) They have recreated scenery, a copy of a business office in the USA. Phil, I have not missed such chance to be photographed! Hold my photos!

I will take a bath, I will work with the legs in a bathroom and through a pair of clocks I will go to bed.

I will wake up early, I will open mail and I will write to you. Immediately!

My letter to you now - as a call. As the plan. As before survey through a keyhole our next days! To love it is more than you than me!
Who will be compared to me? Yes anybody!

I go in Switzerland!
Wait the letter tomorrow morning.

I love.

Your sincere Olesia!

To love you it is more - than you than me! It is more. More deeply. More strongly.
Threshold of happy days........

Letter 54

Phil, I welcome you. Thanks for your letter. As to "service". Understand - if the girl does not serve - RUN RUN RUN FROM IT!!!!!!!!!! BECAUSE MISSION of the WOMAN to SERVE AND CREATE the HOME! If this function at it is not present - run run and escape from the such! Happiness you know in what? - To give!
For me it is important to learn your mentality! Not your clothes, not your car and not your house. And your thoughts, your outlook on life and on people. Your sight at and for this reason I would wait your letter what to learn you and for this reason I want to arrive to you what to learn you on the present and the present.
For me the car at you, what house at you has no value what. All in this life changes very quickly. For me it is important to learn your thinking, habits and your relation which makes success. Success in relations.
Therefore your thinking makes success.

My father transfers you greetings and he has told to me - that will take away me with you to Crimea, to the mum in the summer!
Hold my photo, made this summer in Crimea. I like to have a rest there in summertime, but not in the winter because there the sea turns to ice, there there lives my grandmother and to it of 90 years. My father will take away all of us and me with you there in the summer. All of us there will be in the summer. Both you and I both my father and my mum and your native. There mum of my father and approximately in August my father will take away all of us there. We will discuss all with you.
About 2 hours has been absorbed by your letters and the information about Switzerland. Read throughout 2 hours your last letters and sat on sites Switzerland, studied weather, studied sports news, cookery, in general I can safely tell that has been absorbed by you! As time quickly departs sitting in front of the computer! Even the glass of my tea has cooled down instantly, it was necessary to go and pour the fresh. :).
My friend Marina transfers you greetings, it has arrived from Finland or from Tallinn I any more do not remember, she has told about "disaster". Two its days and its child were held at the airport without food and without hotel and others by hundreds tourists because of a blizzard, a fog and other natural cataclysms, planes did not perform the work on the schedule. And as a result they have hired the car and have arrived home by the car. Has lost money and will be at war now with airline. As it is important to buy any trip through travel agencies, instead of to fly the savage. Marina has told that all who were made out through the companies have been placed in hotels and received vouchers for a food and have been sent by planes of other flights.

And I have told to it the incidents and the occupied days. Told to it about you.
Two hours here I live and I breathe you on the present.
And so I want to inhale as soon as possible 2 hours a smell of your man's shirts for example... After all you will allow to me to measure what be?! I hope at you long shirts or short?! A man's shirt on a female body - as a flag on the won fortress. I will go in your short shirt and not to give you rest.... m m m m m m. If it is short. m m m m m m.
By the way studying sites about Switzerland, I have casually pressed article about life occurrence on Mars, there write that prepare candidates for 2020 for their sending on a planet Mars, and they from there will not return. They should study there a planet and spread trees and so on. Only it is strange, in the same place there is no air. :). It is a lot of comments condemning such project. All write what better to restore natural aura on the earth, than to spend billions dollars in a bucket full of holes. From Switzerland 75 persons were caused. And from Russia 200. :). I have remembered this figure.
Amusing article.
I do not have desire to get to space, but there is an impudent desire to be alloyed on the river, to be alloyed about one week, to go on the river easy, to cook on a raft food, to look at night at the star sky, and to endure few times extreme situations..... To You as this idea? What impudent desire to spend at you is as there will be 2 weeks? As though you wanted?
I like water and all is pleasant that is connected with it. :).
What local rivers in Switzerland which are not present on a card are? And there there is a trout? It is said that the trout lives in absolutely pure river.

This morning was in a hairdressing salon. You visit salons of hairdresser's services?
In the morning was in a beauty salon, to register to the hairdresser difficult.... And I already thought of the hairdresser in Switzerland. Already thought.... I will find. :).
And in Switzerland workers of hairdresser's salons of the woman or the man?
By the way I heard that in Moscow with workers of hairdresser's salons labour contracts - in which conclude the details forbidding to the worker to open own salon of hairdresser's services the next 5 or 10 years are registered. Because the owner of hairdresser's salon puts up in the workers money, forces, organises training seminars, and then the worker opens an own beauty salon and makes a competition for the former employer. :). In Switzerland also? You that or heard about it?
I will be glad to get acquainted with your hairdresser, we will go on Tuesdays to it together! :).

How you this week? It is a lot of free time or are absorbed by affairs? I will be to you in the help. In the help. I will create to you all conditions that you could be had a rest.... ;) ;).... That you would want to run away from any place and even from work! Literally to run away! And to come running home! There where for you waits Olesia! Which loves you and kisses! Love "contract" is registered in heart!
When we talked to Marina, about its trip, to me the thought has come and I have told to it: "now with travel where or you will surprise nobody. All fly where or. All earn means where that. Now you will surprise nobody with rest, work or business. Now it is possible to surprise whom that only with one - it is the FAMILY and loyal friends! It is more anything. A family.
There is nothing more reliably and better - when the husband is assured of the wife and the wife is assured of the husband. Here it is a rarity. Here it is deficiency, here than it is necessary to surprise people!

You agree with me?!))))

Hold my letter, my rare man. Writes to you your rare Olesia!
Actually Phil you rare. You are submitted to me by destiny and I am given you as gratitude from destiny. For fidelity!
My rare Phil.

Fidelity - is a rarity and deficiency.

I love you, I love rare love! On all life. Here it is valuable.

Phil, hold my note and I wait from you for the answer.

Your true to you Olesia!

I look forward to hearing.


Letter 55

I welcome you mine Phil!!!! THANKS HUGE FOR the LETTER!!! You ask about spirits.... At me expensive spirits.:))))
I will write you the letter and I will try to make small work with documents. You will allocate to me a desk, and you will see what I hardworking! :).
Read read your last letters again. And you also I wish pleasant good day. And even I name you the beloved! Still! :)).
I sit on a chair and my feet hang, and freeze. Has dressed warm socks. You go at home barefoot or in socks? Do not laugh over me, but I even run in socks in the summer, and ran in special slippers which earlier my grandmother, they very convenient and warm)) knitted.
At you women knit clothes from a yarn? At you women knit that or from a yarn? You know what is it? :).
Having returned to the yesterday's letter. The Trip to Mars is similar to suicide. What for to spend trillions dollars for such projects when it is possible to create here on the earth an oasis! Here for example the country Dubai. They have made a garden of desert. I never was in Dubai but as the engineer and the designer to me had to look at a photo of revival of real estate there. And also I could see a photo before and after. They could extract water in desert, could spread trees and on among a drought and sand have erected a city. Yes in each country it is possible to erect gardens...
You on what or a site read news in Switzerland? What your favourite site, from where you scoop city news?

At cinema the premiere of the film about sharks is expected. You tell to me - and truth that a shark do not attack the person? It is truth? You have friends on whom the shark has attacked? Or if whom that the shark already chances to survive are not present has attacked?! Excuse me for silly questions. But... But to these questions you will run home! :)))). You will run what to talk to me home! You will run what to listen to my silly questions home.... I as the child all all will learn all from you! :).

I write to you these lines and I represent us as the gears entering in each other that there would be a coupling and the turning moment was created. We write each other letters and we represent ourselves enamoured in each other, we represent ourselves presented by destiny for each other. It is a question of two people searching for contacts as a gear and when they will rise, will be thrust, will work turning moment - the happiness will twirl!
I touch you and I enter into you, in your embraces, in your life, bringing the gears. And the full touch will occur in Switzerland where I go.
Since yesterday the country has entered working week, in working year. More holidays it is not expected!
I WANT To YOU!! Also you represent, my friend Marina has given me surprising Japanese packages (2 pieces) for a suitcase. In them you put things, clothes, then you turn off packages and they leave air and weight and dimensions of things decrease in 5 times. I in shock Phil! Marina did not begin to take from me money. She has told that gives me these two packages as at parting from the best girlfriend! It is possible to reduce the big mountain of things in 5 times and to reduce weight. I will show to you in Switzerland. Marina has told that these packages reusable. :).

How you today? How your family? Who does that ask about me?
I will tell fairly - I am afraid. Really I am afraid. I am afraid Phil. I do not hide before you the fear. I would like to please you and your relatives! I want to please them. I would like that they have accepted me. What is native all of you would accept me!
My love, attention and care of you will weaken their heart. But much depends on your "construction". All that you will tell native about me - so they and me will perceive. All that you will tell it - so they and me will perceive.
For me it is important. I want harmony.
They will see as I will strongly love you.
I will tell to you here that, what strong value has "construction". When to us that those people would accept our person is important to tell to other people about whom. People accept us judging from words of other people.
Once scientists of psychological university have made experiment. In the underground, in rush hour, there was a violinist and played a violin. Thousand people passed by and heard sounds of the musician. But only 20 persons have stopped and have listened to a melody, and 5 persons have given a few money to the musician. But Phil the matter is that scientists have made experiment. There there was not a simple musician. There there was the greatest and highly paid violinist of the world and he played 6 most difficult melodies a violin in cost some millions dollars. Two days prior to social experiment this musician has given a concert to Germany and the cheapest ticket cost some hundreds dollars.
Phil, to people have not given "construction". To people have not told who it. And before them there was a great musician, but for people it was anybody and called him in any way! Here what force force of "construction" has. When we present a name in the opinion of people and people accept it as great and hundreds dollars pay for a concert.
It is very important to give construction to the necessary person.
Thanks you for understanding. :).
Why my mum loves you?? It did not communicate with you. Because I have given you "construction". I so have well and strongly told to it about you that it is ready to give the most expensive to you. The daughter. Because she thinks that you great and the best!!!
You understand?

My mum transfers you greetings. She EVERYONE EVERYONE is interested in you every DAY. Even the chief of GAI of my district was interested in you. Mum has written to it sms with a congratulation for Christmas and he has answered being interested about me and about you. Phil, you see how many we acquaintances have got thanks to our idea!!!!

Thanks that you kiss me passionately!

There is a verse:
"It is strong there is that family,
Where there are no possession of a letter "I",
Where the word "we" corrects only,
Where there are joint dreams.

Our idea to be together. Our plan. Our destiny. We as gears entering in each other! And the coupling mechanism will work and there will be a turning moment! The love will begin to spin. Our perpetuum mobile! In Switzerland! Here so I see myself with you. Here so I see us! Us! Us TOGETHER!

I love you!

I love you.

I love.............

Hold my letter and I look forward to hearing.
I will eat a sandwich with sausage and I will work with documents....... A floor of night.

Your beloved Olesia!

Not finished letter............ As the mechanism not included in action. A detail......

I love you Phil!

I look forward to hearing.

Letter 56

3) I WRITE PERSONALLY to YOU. I CAN ARGUE With YOU ON 1.000.000$ THAT NOBODY WROTE YOU LETTERS AS I. ANYBODY! I WRITE PERSONALLY to YOU To Switzerland And IF IT does not SUIT YOU go ON DATING SITES And ACCEPT TEMPLATES FROM PEOPLE For example. Which even for the second day will not remember your name!
Phillip, I will communicate with you in skype IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOU WILL tell to me DATE of our REAL MEETING!



Letter 57

If you have thrown me, I do not throw you. I Russian. I not the Swiss, I am not perverted by avidity of this world.
I Russian. Russian will die - but will be true to the idea! And it is shown by history.
I will write you the especial letter. From heart.

In the evening in last session I will go to a bath, I will torture myself a broom and hot steam, to drink grassy tea with honey. Still I will cover myself with honey, to me have told that so the skin is treated and cleared. I will try. So I will be today sticky and I hope not the ridiculous. Though...)))).

My mum transfers you warm greetings. And my friend Marina. And thanks to other girlfriends and other people, in me even more jealousy wakes up and it would be desirable to make for us, for itself heroic acts even more!
Phil, nobody can negatively affect me! Nobody can dissuade me from you and from love to you. Because to dissuade me - it is dangerous!
No opinion can affect me.
Any negative information clears up in me rough emotions, and forces to turn mountains! It is true love. As mother protects the child. No mother will give in insult of the child - it dangerously to threaten its child. In the same way and about us. To nobody of ladies in insult you and us with you!!!!
And here on such relation very big award comes! We with you in turn. In turn behind success. Passes day and we rejoice!
I will give an example, once right after institute, to a youth me have directed to work on factory, on practice and there I saw such picture. As working women and men would stand at cash desk what to receive a salary. There was very big turn, but all were so joyful and hung together and hardly hardly congratulated that who has received a salary! Present, all turn almost did not applaud those who has received a salary because they were the following!! You understand a secret?
The main thing to rise in turn! Under distribution!
Phil, we with you have risen in turn after portion of love, a family and house happiness!! We with you and I will arrive to turns to you and you will receive "salary", both bonuses and gifts from me! From the love company! The company under the name love - generous! Who works in it - that finds the world and rest and pleasure.
The love company.
Listen Phil, my words flow to you the river. Even the word such was thought up - by the love company. The project on all life!

You my partner on all life! My chief. My boss!
I in turn!

In Russia there was 13 salary earlier, when all workers of any establishments received it 13 wage, as a gift, as a bonus, as a gift from the company for work in a current of year. You will receive from me 10 thirteenth "salaries". ;)
Mine Phil, I yours a bonus. You in turn! Be in turn! Also rejoice to each day because the cash desk approaches.
You understand?

Hold my letter to you. Wrote you the letter, and has inspired itself! :)))).

Hold my message to you. My partner on all life. In the love company. ;).

Your partner Olesia! True, on all life!

I look forward to hearing.

Letter 58

I Russian! And Russian of the do not throw! We will wait for example in the bus of last passenger at a loss to ourselves, we will trust to the last. I Russian. We die but we do not surrender!
I Russian.
I am true to you to death!
But what to me sense to go to the man which me does not want and does not achieve me?

I give you the sea of chances! Prove me the love and I as a spring I will love you. My return will be powerful!

I hope you has received delight from my letter yesterday? GOOD! Yes Phillipe, I have written you the letter sincerely and have written the thoughts and it was sincere! It is pleasant to feel your reciprocity.
I love you and I appreciate you! Another to us not to understand. The people similar to us happy, those who in turn can understand us only! Those who love and expect love from the partner!
You the first person of whom I think in the morning and last person of whom you think at night. You my happiness and you my pain! ;)

Only the one who waits - will estimate a meeting,
In separation there is no good.
Who did not love - that extinguishes candles,
Who loves - that with a torch inside!

Letter 59

That DREAMS CAME true, it is necessary simply that nearby there was a LOVING WIZARD, instead of the TALKATIVE STORYTELLER!!
Was tired of games and correspondence.

My father the millionaire (rouble).
I search for the husband. My husband has been provided by all! I do not want to live in Russia.

Letter 60

Hi Phil, I write to you through phone, my note will not be superfluous. I write to the underground... Swings the car and communication vanishes, between station I will press the button to "send" and my note will depart to you through thousand kilometres.
My note to you will not be superfluous.
I love also the whole!
In 3 hours approximately I will be at home and at once I would will open the laptop what to write you news and to LEARN your news!
I want to open more likely the laptop what to see your letter to me.
I have made already 6 affairs for a floor of day. As it is pleasant when all it is possible to be in time.
Phil, kiss you in a cheek!
And MANY KISSES will be in Switzerland!
This week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do not leave to itself chances!
I want to open more likely mail what to see your letter.
Look forward to hearing.
My note will not be superfluous.
I press the button to send..... Catch!
Yours Olesia!

Letter 61

You when go where or by the bus what you do? It is very healthy to go sometimes by the bus or by the underground, to touch the present city life.
Here in Switzerland, I will precisely want to move exclusively by the bus what to touch the present life, to feel YOUR PRESENT life in Switzerland!
The present.
I read Og Mandino, I copy to you a phrase: "Your house there where your thoughts" are quiet. Now guess Phil, where my thoughts? In your hands....
Like it is quiet.... And like also I worry.
Would simply very much I want all it has turned out.......................

Simply second note to you Phil. Simply think....

I will soon open the laptop and I will see your letters.

I love!

Yours Olesia

Letter 62

We already communicated with you on skype, I remember.

Simply I am not going to entertain people in skype.

I search for the real man.


Letter 63

Phil, I write through phone, has got stuck in snow on the car. Two hours stood and has gone to the nearest village behind the help, here catches a network of my phone.
Cold, but it is dressed warmly.
I will find people which will help to pull out the car from snow.

Phil, I ask you write to me. Also I consider as the debt to notify you because I LOVE YOU!!!!
I love you!

Wish my of good luck to pull out the car from snow. It is Still light, to me to it is dark it is necessary to find the help.

I here the such...

All I will write you when I will come back home.


Yours Olesia!

Letter 64

Phil, I see a tractor, I search for people. All is normal, by the evening I will be at home. Here are expensive it is absolutely not visible, here and villages in a hole.

I want to you in Switzerland.

IMMEDIATELY I WANT! Also I do not see the reasons for delay!

Urgently write to me.

When I will arrive home, I will open mail. I send you the letter through phone, this second letter to you in Switzerland.


Letter 65

Mine Phil greetings. Here everywhere it is necessary to apply belief. Everywhere. Here even here it is necessary to apply belief and to hope for the best!
I have got stuck in snow and could not get out of a snowdrift. Has then understood that slipping I dig a hole even more and the car falls downwards.
Has carried that today weather fine, warmly, despite a frost of a wind is not present and the cold is not felt.
Remember I spoke to you that thanks to sale of the car we have got acquainted with mum in the chief of GAI of our region and he to us has told that 90 % of lethal cases on roads to the winter period of time happen because drivers and passengers do not take with themselves valenoks, a warm jacket and a shovel.
Phil, we a tractor have pulled out the car from snowdrifts and a tractor have pulled out it on the central road.
Men abused me why I have called in there, but I had a need. I have very much wanted in a toilet and have decided to turn off the road and move down in wood, and there it is so much snow that I have hardly opened a car door, I already wanted to leave the car through a window. Here in such snowdrift I could call in.
Phil, it is very difficult to me to write you the text through phone, I write you it in notes, and then I will copy and I will insert into mail of phone and I will send to you!
I yet did not see your letter and I want to open mail through the laptop. But already tomorrow in second half of day!
From you there should be at least 3 letters. For yesterday, today and for tomorrow.
Phil, love me so - as I you!
My offer to you - be true to me as I to you!
This my letter to you this evening.
I fall in a bed, hands and feet are ill, but has not frozen. On the contrary from a fright has sweated. I have given 500 roubles (15$) to the driver of a tractor that it would pull out me from snow.
I lay down under a warm blanket.
Love me that as I you! Love itself, love as you can! Love with passion. Do or do not do, but it is not necessary to try - Lev Tolstoi (the Russian ancient writer) has told.
If to do - that there will be a result. If the man loves - that there will be a result. It you. Such at me strong and courageous.

I love you.

Wait my letter and also I wait from you for the answer.

Love that is forces. YOUR AWARD WAITS for YOU! I do not HAVE CHOICE - HOW to ANSWER YOU with GRATITUDE!

Very much I want to open mail through the laptop and to learn that you has written to me.

Well here, I will check up grammatical errors in the letter, I will copy and I will insert into the text of mail of phone.

Yours Olesia!

Letter 66

Mine Phil, I write through phone.
I consider as the debt to notify you, with me everything is all right, to treat the mum, it had a temperature at night, you are necessary to me.
Was already tired.
I want home! To you! My house "there where you!
The person does not remember that the person has made, he does not remember that the person speaks - the person remembers that other person WORRIED FELT!!!

I WANT to you in Switzerland!

Mine Phil, I want to open more likely mail what to see your letter.

I wait from you for 5 letters at least!!!!!!!!!!!
I consider as the debt to send now to you this note through phone!


WELL Phil?

Yours Olesia

Letter 67

Phil, I welcome you! 24 hours, day and night it is devoted you. :). If it is possible so to tell - that I 24 hours it is devoted you. And I can be devoted myself? Phil, the love can be selfish? After all loving we endure a high, euphoria. After all loving the person ourselves endure pleasure and fine feelings!? Here so the destiny would create fine feelings of love - what to feel itself is high-grade happy it is necessary to love whom that! What to feel itself it is as much as possible high-grade happy - it is necessary to love whom that and whom that to give itself. And only then loving other person you you will feel yourself joyful.
Here is how the destiny has created life.
My and your love turns out to is each other selfish and simultaneously the sacrificial. Two in one. What to receive - it would be necessary to give. What to get - it would be necessary to give and after to receive.
You know Phil, I would go to you what to "receive"! THROUGH RETURN! THROUGH RETURN! I want happiness inside. I want pleasure. I want the world and rest. ALL IT SEARCH. And I want to get it with you THROUGH RETURN to you all that that I want to get itself.
That in Switzerland me to have fine feelings of love - it would be necessary to give in the beginning these fine feelings and then they will return to us in the increased kind.
The fact.
You and I - all of us want fine days. Not a secret. You want euphoria and a high from dizzy fine love. I do not think that you want to give and give and give all time... I do not think. You want to take. You want to receive. You want to take. You want to possess. In it there is nothing shameful. And I want to receive stable reciprocity from you, from my best man, in it there is nothing shameful. But what to endure this fine and rare love - it is necessary to give and to love. And the pleasure is given not by the purpose, and achievement. Process. When you love also to you well! When you do that is closed by another, and to you it is good. When you do that that it is possible to do only from heart - and to you it is good! Here that such love. And the purpose - it already as the higher award.
I your award and you my award.
Here such introduction at me Phil, here such note to you Phil after has read your letters to me.
My days were rough and very much even extreme. And EVEN In SUCH DAYS I FEEL the DEBT TO YOU! The DEBT! The DEBT! A debt to write you!
I wrote you notes through phone at once on mail. Because I do not presume to leave to myself you without the letter. I have no right to leave you without the letter. I have not the right to leave you without my thoughts. It is love.
The love means "slavery". In correct sense of this word. Yes yes yes. The love feels a debt to other person! Lev Tolstoi has written: "the tall person feels a debt! The low person feels only benefit".
Phil, I would prove to you these days that in any bottom and hour - I love you and I want to arrive to you in Switzerland and to start to give! To give what most to be satisfied!
Phil, same so simply to be satisfied and satisfied! Same so it is simple. Love and be favourite! Make that others do not do and you will teach that that others have no!
Same so simply to be happy.

Mine Phil, how you these days??? I READ YOUR LETTERS WHICH YOU WROTE to me. I read today all your letters. Your letters from Switzerland. I write personally to you. And you know it. PERSONALLY To Switzerland! And YOU YOU YOU KNOW IT! I do not HAVE TIME to WRITE WHOM THAT STILL. SIMPLY PHYSICALLY IT is not possible!!!!!
Later I want to eat with that that I want to learn.
I wrote to you that have got to a snowdrift. I have simply wanted in a toilet and have curtailed into wood and the car has sat down in a snowdrift on the windows. Drivers of a tractor have been very surprised to that as I could call in there.
Yesterday treated the mum, I do not have time long to treat, therefore I have used the best efforts for its recover. And today at it 36.6. All in norm!
Here such news.

?1 - I want to you, I want to give a part of - what to receive reciprocity!
Love as I you!
Love defiantly, love safely, love passionately!
Only so.

Phil, hold my note to you.

I look forward to hearing!

I wait urgently.

Yours Olesia! And you wait for my news!
Yours Olesia!

Letter 68

Mine Phil, I welcome you! You have written about an inconvenient situation with money. Why? Why you have told to me it?
Unless I asked from you money? Unless I asked apartments? Unless I asked gifts? NO!
But why you give me the report? Who I such that you would give me the report?!
I asked to promote only to me in ticket purchase aboard the plane, what to me without fear to go to you. What to me the nobility - that you not will run away that you will meet me REALLY!
Also it is a question about 500-700$. Nonsense.
Who I such that you would give me the report?!
At me evening. All affairs and I yours have just now ended. I love evening Phil, I very much love evening. I love when vanity has ended, all affairs have ended and everyone can be with favourite people, that is why I love evening.... How are you? As your environment? Time flies extremely quickly. Environment... Already the middle of week. Forgive but at me weight of questions. :). With greed opened mail and closed it these days. Probably time 50 in day what to see your letter. I read your letters some times before to write. :). So I write to you after careful consideration. I (joke). It is possible to read your letter and on 10 times after perusal to understand that that still. All enamoured read letters on some times.
At you also?
My mum has asked for me to read though one mine to you the letter and though one your letter to me, but I have answered it "is not present". And let does not take offence. Though unless she does not remember "youth"? And what such love Phil? It also is youth. When the body covers desire to belong only to one and to make its happy. After all there are two stages of love - when you want happiness and the second stage when you want to make whom happy. I this see in such image - you when be looked with whom that the TV Phil? And you worried about that who sits next and looks a premiere of the film? You would worry about it that she has understood all and did not distract? As though I watch TV only for it. And most it is very pleasant to look together. And when at it phone that you called would press a pause that your interlocutor has passed nothing. Phil there can be I the strange lady and to anybody such did not occur? Or only with the Russian girl? Do not enter me into a paint. :). The life moments. . When you very much worry about other person and would worry about it that it was happy. Here the same feeling I feed for you. That you all would understand that all would be pleasant to you. That you Phil would be satisfied. Process to give love - process brings a high. It I name true love and will wake up this love can at any age and in whom that and to die without been born. This love - I see in you. I remind you - in Switzerland I will be gentle and tender with you. I will be very grateful to you and it is obliging. In Switzerland the wave of desperate gratitude approaches and let nobody speaks to you "factitiously", or "specially". Yes Phil, yes Phil I will be specially obliging. Specially I will excessively once again it is obliging also good. Because you have bought me expensive price. I will return you all means, the guaranteed way. But how to me to return to you your relation? That that you have helped me - it as an iceberg top. We see only an iceberg top. But you the present motivation moves, it is a iceberg. It is the invisible party of an iceberg. This your relation to me. It is your intuition, your love, your desire to seize me, your desire to wish me, your inclination to me, your gratitude, your service, your kindness, your belief, your sight at the future, your vision, your dream eventually, your rate on me! Your plan with me, your plan - for all life! It is an invisible part of an iceberg which is hidden from all and only I feel wave noise. But only in Switzerland I will face you and will be sinking! :). Sinking in love abyss. In a captivity of your kisses. In a captivity of your desire to be with me. In a captivity of your plans. You the desire of confidence and thirst of stability moves. Thirst of stable sincere and true love on ALL LIFE. You know Phil, I too have an iceberg. In me also there is a motivation and plans. The rate on you on all life! How I can render to you your invisible party of service? Only as well as you. I will be gentle and tender with you and I want to make you happy. As in that example, at the TV that would be pleasant to you! That you all would understand that YOU would spend well time....., with me. You understand about what I? But how to me to keep this euphoria on long many long years? I occasionally set this question to you. Once we will wake up in the morning......, I will embrace you and I will tell: "Phil it is possible a question?", and you will answer: "Olesia, of course, that the expensive?". And I will ask you a Universe and universe question on which nobody knows the answer. It - "as to us to keep this invisible mighty party of an iceberg which is in us?!". Which pulls down all barriers getting in way which pulls down at collision all negative disputes and grey everyday life. It is love. Yes Phil. Love. The mighty party of an iceberg. What will be at collision of our bodies? Oh.)). Hey my favourite push me gently...... M of m of m of m of m of m. Though, though..... ;)
Sometimes I hint you which about what and you to me. Sex - only one of ways to express the feelings. And without it there is no love, there is no family and there is no true happiness. The love without sex leaves a body cold, and sex without love a soul empty..... The Love proves, she wants the partner, thirsts for it and very much very strongly takes offence when does not receive the caress.
I have to you a contract. Today I do not write about myself, I write about you Phil. Today I as though sit near to you and we watch TV together - I do not search that it would be desirable me - and I would want that you have understood that it would be pleasant to you. We with you will conclude strange contracts in Switzerland. The first of them - it always, always, and not important quarrel or fun, silent you or talkative, not important what you and what I - but we should fall asleep always together. Let even you will be inflated and will turn to me a back (I to you of a belt of ladies!!!! The joke), but at a sunset we should forgive each other and fall asleep together on one bed. This contract are not able to conclude the majority of people in the world, yes yes. But those - can only at whom very big and mighty underwater party of an iceberg which operates our life actually. Stability inside. I trust you Phil. If I see only a top through your acts I represent what you is mighty and will be great in Switzerland! Well and I, and I will be grateful!!!! I will be rather gentle also extravagant and it is rather inventive, yes so that it would be pleasant to you! M of m of m of m of m.
Well here Phil, has poured out. Has poured out on you that charisma and energy that has saved up for these days. You represent what I will be in Switzerland?! My invisible party too very big. I even will tell - the insatiable! And?

At me evening....., today environment also I will take care of the own life....
Has written you the big letter, and such feeling as though in general still wrote nothing. An insatiable condition. Yes yes, it is exact.
Today environment, the middle of week also I will be engaged as usual manicure, hair and face packs...

Phil before writing to you I have put cookies in an oven. Has felt a smell and thought that they have burnt down. But is not present. 20 pieces, 20 tasty tasty cookies will wait for me today over a cup of tea and tomorrow for a breakfast. Only has tried one - a bit rigid. Can be has shifted on one egg more.
A little began to notice behind myself these days when during time we do not sing that the head is turned hardly hardly. It is not ill and as though be turned. It because I eat at the wrong time these days and I worry much.
Here write me the positive letter. From you always I get support and approval. Calm please the kind letter.
I love you, whole and I assure you - my iceberg is so mighty that you will understand - without me you did not live yet. Here my plan. With you for ever!
Answer as soon as possible, please.

I send you the letter, I will open mail in the morning and tomorrow wait for news. Well?

From heart to heart. From sincere love to you Phil.


Your, your Olesia. Yours.

I will eat the cookies, and after all did not want)))). I will eat 2 pieces and to sleep!

Letter 69

Time a dinner, I write you through phone. Very much I want to open as soon as possible mail in the laptop what to see your letters.
1) I want to you
2) it is necessary for you
3) it is necessary for me.
Thoughts only about what we will be for 2 day of my arrival to you and what we will be for 3 day and what we will be after our meeting.
The bird felt freedom, already never will want to sit in a cage.
I will show you Phil freedom. To soar in love. To lead life which we should live.
It is just necessary for us will meet! Simply it is necessary for us!!!!

Phil. WAIT for my NEWS! And you write.

Here which I have written a verse at a leisure hurriedly.
"Do not lose people, do not lose!
Them then for what not to return.
Them, I ask, do not forget,
Even if at them a mournful way!
They that so is valuable and expensive,
They those who itself(himself) warmed,
And let was them so a little,
But a particle you everyone became... ".

Has simply abated, simply. I understand that in English it absolutely not harmoniously and to you ridiculously to read. But nevertheless.
Can be in Switzerland, I can publish the small book, the collection. Who knows?! Only to whom it is necessary?!
))) as soon as to me. Well and you ;)

As I will open mail, I will read your letters and I will write at once to you!


Yours Olesia!

Letter 70

Weather warm, but all speak that soon again will be-30 frost degrees.
I WANT To YOU Phil, to you in heat!
I even saw on sites Switzerland as one family has made a gun for manufacturing of snow and they fell asleep snow the court yard!
I will bring to you a frost! (Joke).

Wait for the letter Phil.

I love you!!!!!!

Letter 71

WHEN At YOU ON 1 PLACE LOVE And the FAMILY I choose NOW!!! I think to us it is necessary URGENTLY REAL MEETING. OR GUARANTEES EACH OTHER in our meeting!
When the apple ripens - it break and eat! Otherwise it will decay.

That who wants - creates desire and motives, and that who does not want creates excuses and problems (which problems do not exist actually)

Letter 72

I endure now that you do not see my letter. I WROTE to YOU every DAY!!
It I I I, have been upset! I.
For a trip to Switzerland from you will suffice 500$. I will be ready to risk and put up in you money, forces. Time and energy!

I can talk to the father after my visiting you, I will explain to it. It can give to you of money for life. If you is successful - I mean also I will be successful! The fact.
I to give you ALL THAT ONLY can is necessary for the MAN, ALL TOYS.

But it is impossible to buy and money - LOVE And SINCERITY. In it unfortunately I am defenceless.


Evening.... Mine Phil, at me evening. Vanity has ended, behind a window is dark, all spend the time with close people.
I love evening. Also I anticipate evening in Switzerland. I anticipate you Phil. I anticipate your albums with photos from the childhood, from your youth which you will show me. I anticipate cups of tea with sweets and conversations, conversations lying on a sofa. I will put the head to you on a breast and I will hear your sigh and an exhalation... Also I want such evening that we would not hasten ANYWHERE! Anywhere! That could stir till the morning, and to go to bed in the morning.
Phil, it is possible?
I have understood that only loving the man it is possible to accept it completely such what it is. With all its strong and weaknesses, with its work and weariness, with rest with you and without you, with bad and good mood, with his laughter and with its tears, with its declarations of love and silence, with its any appearance, with its friends, girlfriends, relatives, dogs, hunting, cockroaches in a head and butterflies in heart.....
You have much turned in me Phil. You have opened to me yourself! Here, precisely. You Phil have opened to me yourself!
On television Olympic Games repetition is broadcast and broadcast. Opening ceremony repetition. And you know that I have seen in opening ceremony?
Love! There there was a moment a love plot as the ballerina will seize men and they were turned in dance. It as I, have jumped also you have caught.
Phil, I jump in Switzerland - and you catch! Catch. Catch Phil and we will begin to spin in dance....
Life long!

THANKS YOU for your letter. Your letters from Switzerland..... Thanks you Phil. Thanks.

The washing machine dances now from one corner in other corner, I write to you the letter and the washing machine already should be on the kitchen middle. :))). Will not escape! The electric cable will not allow to it to run away! (Joke).
I joke.

What washing machine at you and how often I will need to erase? We will do at first general cleaning from your permission!))). We will look as there can live the man without the woman! (Joke). So Phil revolution approaches! And you head it! ;).

Here such thoughts for you Phil.

Write as your Sunday and how Monday? Write that new in Switzerland? Write how do you feel? Write all. I WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wait Phil, I wait.

I will open mail tomorrow morning till a dinner.

I love you and to kiss!
From heart.

Letter 73

Hi Phil, at me evening, here has just now arrived to the warm house, heat-insulated floors on kitchen, heat-insulated floors in a corridor and heels have felt heat.... Today it was necessary to move all the day long in the street, on a frost, would search for the scanner what to translate documents on work in a digital form, then was in tax inspection, then was in two civil engineering firms and was in travel agency. Congratulate me. I the heroine. All has had time to make for a today! Congratulate me. I the heroine! :)).
But was tired..... Phil. My feet itch, but at first I want read your last 5 letters approximately, I want to write you the answer and only then to be engaged in the economic affairs.
How you today on Monday? I do not need your money, as a matter of fact. My father the rich person. My father is rich and when I will prove to it that you love me - you will be rich! I do not think that my father will throw me, therefore you will be provided.
I can give you the data for western union because I do not have dollar accounts. Now in connection with the Olympic games the security service blocks all transfers of means in connection with acts of terrorism. Especially I do not have dollar accounts.
I send you a copy of the passport and the data for western inion. THANKS you!
I want more than your photos. Every day a photo. It is simple. Same it is simple. Do every day a photo as I to you. Same it is simple. I LOVE you!
But all the same I can learn you and you me ONLY PERSONALLY! And I want to learn you quickly! I want to learn you quickly.
I DO NOT SEE SENSE to STICK out On the INTERNET And to STUDY YOU! The theory will not help. Only practice. We acquaintances will begin only personally. But not in the theory! Silly to build love in a network.
For me it is important to learn your mentality! Not your clothes, not your car and not your house. And your thoughts, your outlook on life and on people. Your sight at and for this reason I would wait your letter what to learn you and for this reason I want to arrive to you what to learn you on the present and the present.
For me the car at you, what house at you has no value what. All in this life changes very quickly. For me it is important to learn your thinking, habits and your relation which makes success. Success in relations.
Therefore your thinking makes success.
I want to you at date of sacred Valentine. It will be the best gift from you, and mine for you!
Present to itself HAPPINESS!

Present to itself me!
My feet were warmed also soul was warmed from your letter... When I see your letter, me cools heat. When you will wake me we will kiss (not a smoothfaced cheek, prickly, but such soft and NATIVE!) Me will light up and will cool heat. I WANT!!!!!! We talked to mum about you by phone. There can be at it an intuition. She worries, but...... She trusts in us. But she trusts that at all of us will be good in Switzerland. It is truth. But I not simply trust, I know, I am assured. Nothing prevents to be to us together, we very strongly love each other and when I will be in Switzerland, you will be surprised to my care both you will be satisfied by me and you will feel even better. Even better. We to be created what is to is better. The woman is created for this purpose that its man would feel better, and the man is created for this purpose that its woman would feel better that he would feel better. I like this vicious circle. The Formula - what to make happy itself it would be necessary to make happy another. Give I will name the today's letter - "formula".) ). I (joke). But truth...... What to feel better, it is necessary to make the man more happily. I like such circulation. My happiness turns out is guaranteed? Phil, I turn out I can count fortunately if I make you happy? Phil? Because I am ready to serve you and to surprise you! What means to "serve"? It to do too most that I do for myself now - only to do it with love for you! To Serve - it means to love!!!!! That is cares not only of itself, but also about you.
Whether my mum does not ask me - I trust you? It does not HAVE such questions. Phil, we talk to it so. As though I have already returned from Switzerland and as though at all of us super! At us with it other questions with the friend the friend and at us with you other questions with the friend the friend. How to me to be more effective for you in Switzerland?! How to me to be better for you in Switzerland?! Here now pressing questions. All other questions have no sense if there is no previous answer. I actually very much worry. To you I do not give a sign, but very much I worry. Though I know, you always support me, I know. Besides, I do not speak I "trust", I speak I "know". But we "learn" each other personally in Switzerland.

I have lost the adapter which approaches to any socket of any country of the world. Has bought it for 20$ and now I do not know where it. A pancake. A black box, I will search....
In Switzerland absolutely other electricity, inputs in sockets others and me this adapter is necessary.

By the way Phil, you heard that Japanese have invented an electricity as wi-fi?! There are no wires and cables. The electricity moves through wi-fi. The device to catch a network and it is charged. A phenomenon!
Let will better invent a catapult, on instant moving of the person from Russia in Switzerland! :)). Here it is actual!
But while we need to move in the usual way, through travel agencies, by means of the plane.

Write Phil, write.
Before to write you the letter, I have read about your 10 letters. I AM enamoured Of YOU! It is enamoured Of YOUR RELATION.
And in me very much very much very much surprises! m m m m m m.
Open ea?ao more likely!!!
To you it will be better!

Please write to me. Write also all as I to you. Write also all as I to you Phil. All write. All.
I want more than your letters before our meeting. It is more.

I look forward to hearing.

Yours Olesia!

PS I will undress and run in a bath to bathe!

western union:
Surname: Kovtun
Name: Olesya.
The country: Russia
City: Ekaterinburg.
Street: Bazhov, 72
Index: 620000
IFTS code of residence: 5428
Insurance: GNV02 90002

Letter 74

Thanks for the letter to me. I still will return to the letter. Your letter is impregnated by a theme of money. It is not pleasant to me to talk on a theme of money.
Why I should fly to you at own expense?
The ticket to Moscow 400$. The ticket from Moscow to Zurich 350$. Hotel in Zurich. The hotel is necessary for customs service. The ticket to Moscow 350$ and the ticket from Moscow to Ekaterinburg 400$. Total - 1500$ without hotel and a food.
You would want that I put up in you this money?
All right, I will put, only under a condition if you will make payment 500$. WHAT to me to HAVE the GUARANTEE of THAT THAT YOU WILL meet me!
I am not going to jump in a precipice, to fly to uncertainty. Whence to me the nobility who you? I will spend money and time and I will arrive to the empty airport, and you there will not be.

I do not have dollar account and you can make transfer through western union. I never accepted from abroad dollars. If I accept into the usual account dollars - that me will be interested bank security service. Because people from Switzerland launder money through Russia.

BUT the MAIN THING - an essence not in money, an essence not in the dollars, all is bosh dog!

Good evening!

I hope you as it should be and look the Olympic Games!

Your guarantee - it YOU! A secret of your success - it YOU! Not I, but you!


SECRET of YOUR SUCCESS In YOU - to HEAR me! To listen and hear. To hear!

Letter 75

YES there WILL arrive With us LOVE ALL LIFE!!! I THINK of you Phil 24 hours.
Let it be.
My dream - to live with you and to have of 50 years the same love as now!!!!

And it is quite possible!

YOUR best Olesia

(Simply once again my note for you)

Letter 76

Mine Phil, good morning. Though in Russia any more morning, and in Switzerland other time zone, but all is equal - good morning!!!!
Phil, today I lay in the morning in a bed and when has woken up, through a dream - have thought of you. Half a dream, half vivacity. To me has dreamt that I lie on your breast. My head on your breast. And I have felt hair. Hair on your breast, I even for lips have felt hair and then having opened eyes, I have understood that it is my hair from a head at me on lips.
Phil, what breast at you? You have hair on a body? I am am raised by hair (a little). Excuse for revelation. The man. Present. But not strongly shaggy! (Joke).
How many at you hair on a body? m m m m m. I will study! And on the sly to pull out a hair one after another! (JOKE).
Phil, I feeling itself with you selected! I feel you with myself the selected works. I feel us with the friend the friend the elite!
What do you feel? If you accept me as yourself that you cannot betray yourself and you cannot live against yourself. If I accept you as myself that I live for you and I hope for you, as on myself.
There is a concept - it "is necessary", it "is necessary". Phil, we need to be together. You simply believe, hear and accept it as the fact. We need to be together.
In election we feel safety, the world and comfort. Out of the election we will be eternally empty ships.
I see life with you as in the form of an award and as "selected works".
Now, today on February, 17th (month short), it is necessary for us will meet and probably you will persuade me to put my head on your breast and to pull out 3 hairs! (Joke)). But if seriously it is necessary for Phil us will meet. Only for the sake of this idea we live and only in this idea safety and comfort. All another self-deception!
For me hair on your body - as a courage symbol. Boldness. People do not appreciate when it that give that free of charge. It is not appreciated. But that for what the price - it never is paid throw out, it protect, repair, and cherish.
Therefore we with you have every chance to be happy with the friend the friend! Life it I and you, in Switzerland, all other existence.

From you there is no still a letter. In second half of day I would will return to mail what to find from you the long-awaited answer. Wait from me also for news. Wait from me for feelings and reciprocity!

Monday. The beginning of new week APPROACHING me to you.

Your courageous Olesia!

Letter 77

Greetings Phil, greetings. THANKS you for your letter. At once read choking with letters what to learn your news.
It is not enough letters. Phil, there are not enough letters, it is not enough news. A little. I want in 3 times more. There are no letters. I want in Switzerland, on smaller any more I do not count.
Phil, my mum transfers you greetings.
And I just from a bath. :). Oh, Phil if you knew on what feats we we would go what to make the appeal. :)))). Wax is already last theme and is not popular. Marina you know that did? She has told to me that in the childhood held feet over a gas cooker and fire burnt her feet as a hen. She told that on all kitchen there was a smell of a burnt hen! :))). You cannot present on what feats there would be girls what to look beautiful! :).
So you liked idea concerning an ironing table about which I has told to you in the previous letters? - I will help you to make it..... Thought these days of it and we with you will make it. Now all can be made, it is a lot of adaptations and a heap of building materials. It when my father was engaged in cover and restoration of books - then at all was not gluing PVA. And the father got such glue on protection from prison. It had friends working in prison and they gave it secretly scarce materials. And still I remember as we with the father passed by bakery. And the father spoke that in bakery friends too worked for it and they transferred it hot spice-cakes through a fence. And truth when you pass by bakery that you catch a strong smell of hot bread.... It is tasty. You by the way tried to do bread itself?
We with mum did. It is tasty. Truth to bake bread does not leave cheaper than to buy in shop. Then it is better to make a pie, with fish for example. :).

In 12 days spring! Phil. IN 12 DAYS the SPRING And ALL LIVE WILL DEMAND KISSES And LOVE! What you will tell?! :)))).
You struggle with with yourself. Swallow this piece of meat. Eat it quickly. Eat an elephant on slices.
Make it!
Do not hesitate!
That you as the small child sit at a plate and cry!
Eat a dish and go for a walk!
I will go to you only then - when you will show respect and love. You know that it is necessary to do. My bank data to you is known! Because you will not appreciate that is given to you for nothing! You will simply not appreciate me! It is experience of millions people on a planet.

Make it! Do not struggle with itself! Do not struggle with own mind.

Phil, you know I love a rain, I love evening, I love you, and I WANT To YOU as soon as possible.
Phil, at me here what thoughts - I in the third time write you these thoughts. In 3 times I think in the letter to you of it:
Life it I and you, in Switzerland, all other existence. My friends speak to me that I speak only about you and about Switzerland. They have told about me - that I became the fan on you and about Switzerland. Yes, yes. Yes. I became such. Because I fanatical on you also began to think of you all time.
Life it is I and you, and all other existence and emptiness.

I will love you, I will not die yet!
Also help me to have destiny such feelings throughout ALL LIFE!
It from you? It from me? I do not think.
It that that not from us.
Unless the person the mind can forgive? Unless the person the mind fortunately in other country can hope? Unless the person in invisible can trust and carry out expected from itself? It is belief. It is absolute conviction in the validity to the idea.
It not from us.
It as "elite".
But responsibility lies on us certainly.
But to realise itself selected, it cool!
Phil, here such strong thoughts. Here such belief at me in you. Here such in me firm and a deep-seated faith in you!

Catch my letter. Since morning and till a dinner I work with documents (4 reports) and I will work in the evening. Delivery term on February, 27th.
I want to sit for the first time in life with a pencil and papers on a chair, in Switzerland. And from Switzerland to send to the person documents in an electronic format. And you will approach to me behind and will ask: "Olesia, at you it turns out?". And I will show you drawings, papers, all will be in Russian, schemes, the building estimate and you will pretend as though to you interesting...... ". Yes, yes, yes. You such. You kind!

Phil, catch my letter. At all of us it turns out and at all of us it will be best!
It is assured! I am assured!

Catch my note.
To kiss you on a cheek!

Your loving you it is strong - Olesia!
From heart.

PS WRITE ALL ALL ALL ALL. Write everything, I wait.

Letter 78

Mine Phil, waited waited waited when the green button on a black box of the modem will light up. But it does not burn, in the house there is no Internet.
I will go in the morning to shopping centre and from there I will write you the letter. The joyful letter!
The good letter!

Mine Phil, I have not the right to leave you without the letter. I have the right to give you a part of.
I simply have no on this right!
Therefore I write here through phone, I try to press correctly small buttons what correctly to write letters... :).

I want to sit more likely opposite to you in Switzerland, on a soft sofa...... On the contrary each other, a tax to you a cup of coffee and to feel a touch of your fingers on my palms, then to feel your fingers on my hand, a neck......

The real... The present...

Phil, I love you!

I go to bed....

I am true to you. Hold this note, I will always find a way to write to you. The fact.

Letter 79

I welcome you mine Phil! I welcome you!
From you there is no letter. Strange. I will not explain as I is upset and as strongly I worry......
I called in the telephone company, services rendering the Internet with a cable television and they have informed on cable larceny in area because of which there was a failure in granting the Internet of services. Live in misery both local residents, and the legal enterprises connected to service the Internet of the provider in area.
So I write to you being in shopping centre 4 floors. It was connected to wi-fi and I can write you the letter.
Phil, how are you? how is the weather? How mood? How do you feel?
And I want to you even more strongly! And I want to you in 3 times faster! And I want to you more and more more strongly!
Phil, has this morning looked at a fragment from a legendary film: "The Secret". Phil, improbably class film! We with you will precisely watch this film together!
We with you will switch off all phones, we will close doors, there will be an evening, all cares will cease and we will watch this film. The film consists of interview of known figures of teaching, divinity, philosophy, the finance, even feng shuii, medicine and personal development. Throughout all film these people state the basic philosophical principles of a film, accompanying a statement stories about itself, examples from the private life how the knowledge of "Secret" has reversed their life. The film includes numerous citations, and also refers to such scientific ideas, as much world interpretation of quantum mechanics and anthropic a principle.
According to authors, there is direct causally - investigatory communication meanwhile of what the person thinks also that expects, and events which the person daily faces in a reality. As "secret" in a film that also is called "the attraction law" about which I wrote to you Phil!, which essence, according to founders, consists in communications between thoughts of the person and a reality surrounding it, by a principle "the similar draws similar".
Positive or negative in human life grows out of its positive or negative thoughts. The Universe aspires to justify human expectations. We receive only that we expect, instead of that that we want and not that about what we tell. If we want a victory, and we expect loss the person loses. And if the person expects a victory, even in the darkness - that it receives a victory. Phil, thanks to it scientifically to a documentary film my acquaintances have received recover, restoration and well-being.
And after viewing of this film I have got acquainted with you! Not to this film, and after viewing of this film!
Can be and you watched this film also. I began to expect love, to expect and do and go to it and here result - us the fine love on all life waits!!!
And if you want to find a film in the Internet, here the reference:
Look at him. :). Such documentary film from interview of known people it is necessary to look from beginning to end.

Phil, after viewing of a fragment I which that has made of a film. If I trust that I will be with you in Switzerland I need to touch the list of things which I with itself to you.
I have written the list of things which I take to you in Switzerland!
It will be invariable. Marina has given to me of 3 special Japanese packages which compress air and volume and weight of things decreases in 5 times.
You will not believe, the whole mountain of clothes can be pressed about a sheet of paper and it will not be damaged. To me Marina has presented 3 packages as as farewell to the best girlfriend. Here so.
And what you have made to my arrival? DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING! CHANGE NOTHING!!! Let all will be how and before in rooms. I want naturalness. I want simplicity. Main that your heart would shiver! Shivered and trembled.

Mine Phil, I will look weather on a site Switzerland, I will look at a subscription to culinary recipes from a forum Switzerland, and once again I will read your last letters to me which you sent me. But why now from you there is no letter? You in hospital? With you everything is all right?
My love, in the street I would will buy balance for mobile USB the modem - that easy from the house to enter into mail and to see from you an early reply!

I adore you!

I wait for your answer.

Your passionate Olesia! Yours.
Phil, we have drawn each other inevitably. 100 %.
To you has carried - my mum speaks and she speaks to me as to me has carried with you! I know!

I look forward to hearing.

Yours Olesia!

Letter 80

What with my arrival to you?
I want with you will lose the way in wood, well not directly so will lose the way on the present, and what hardly hardly. To get in unfamiliar even to you of wood in Switzerland. What even you would open a mouth from surprise. That you you shouted "Olesia, Olesia, run more likely here, look that I see!", and I will run up and too I will cry: "Phil, about it so it is beautiful!", and after we will embrace and will kiss. I want to stand on what be to a high mountain in Switzerland, to stand and look.
The matter is that I write to you now under a musical composition here this video of a roller of the nature.
Song not the sad. It serious. Thoughtful. Good.
I even write you the letter and at all I do not see this roller, I at all do not see that beauty which show there. It as now I do not see that beauty in Switzerland, I only hear music, sounds of a violin and I represent what there beautiful video. I only hear your letter, I only read you and I anticipate.
After I will send you the letter, I will see this video a roller, and probably I will receive delight from the seen.
Precisely also I want to run up to you, to dress on you a plaid, warm socks, and to embrace.
Serious music sounds both again and again I rewind back. And still I have found their official site, and there many such videos, and I want to look them, BUT I do not look, I write you the letter under victorious music! Under improbably charismatic music.
I want to you.
I want with you in mountains. I want to "live". I want to inhale oxygen full lungs, it is not important where you me will move... Not important in what places of areas in Switzerland, not important.
It I will result you in rest. In a peace of mind and in anxiety simultaneously.
All want to have rest, all want to have anxiety. I will result you in rest. I will result you in the uneasy world of love. You will be afraid only of one - what it has not ended! You will be afraid only of one - what it has not stopped that I would be eternal with you. And an essence not in that that I will feed you with the most refined dishes and about you I will be always cares - and an essence that you will fall in love with mine the relation to you. The relation.
The relation.
You will be would be afraid only of one - what not to lose this life, calmness and anxiety with which I will allocate you in Switzerland.
Heat and caress.
You will not lose.
Once I will sleep..... And you will turn to me and will touch me, will be dark, and you will iron my hair, and you will cry. I even about it do not learn..... You will tell to yourself "only do not leave, never never leave Olesia". Because you will feel yourself so well that never in life want to leave this life.

Phil, I continue to listen to musical compositions from these videoclips on a site.......
The spirit grasps from music. What to switch to the beginning I an eye I notice as there beautifully....
I only an eye guess through your letters - as beautifully at you in Switzerland.
When there is a love all it seems beautiful. Not important what nature in Switzerland. It is important to look at it correctly.

Phil, I can write to you today about the bottom. 3 business meetings with representatives of the building companies. 3 contracts. 3 positive meetings. People trust me. People trust the secret accounting affairs and in the basic these are problem reports and consequently they address to me for restoration and I sign on a paper about storage of their personal confidentiality of affairs.

Now evening.
I want tea with a roll. I will open jar jam. Also I will eat its spoon. :))). (Hardly hardly).

Hold my note to you Phil.
I will read again all your letters to me, I want to guess eye edge as it will be good to us together!
To guess.

Catch my note to you. This 1 hour has passed with you on one breath while I write to you..... Phil, this note to you what that especial.
You can - not imagine as me well from the letter to you.

I represent as well as to you it is good.
Read this message to you under musical compositions which I have sent you.

I love you such as you are now. Do not change......

Phil, I love you more than you me. I have simply chosen you. I have simply guessed. I have simply won. I am simple yours. It indeed.

You hear?

I do not want to stop.

I simply want to you as it is possible I want more likely-.

You hear?

(I wipe tears).
Listen to music.

Letter 81

Can be we will meet for 2 days in hotel in Switzerland, in the near future?

Letter 82

Hello Phil. IMMEDIATELY, IMMEDIATELY, immediately went home what to write you the letter!
Phil, I apologise before you, yesterday I could not write to you in the absence of the Internet in the house, yesterday was on February, 23rd, and all pay for the Internet till February, 21st and as there was a Saturday and Sunday, it was impossible to pay, therefore has paid only today.
I pay 350 roubles, it is equal 10$. Still time - how many you pay for the Internet in Switzerland or it is given free of charge? And at you a separate cable or wi-fi installation? I would pay for some months forward, but the sense in it is not present!? I depart to you in Switzerland and I do not see sense to pay on before, and it just proves my serious intention to you. The trip in Switzerland what to love and feel your love. What to give you caress and to feel caress.
Well.... There is still a tenderness... m m m m m. There is still a kiss... m m m m m. There are still Olympic games under a blanket! m m m m m. (Joke). After all Russia has won on the Olympic Games so I will be always on you from above! Ops.....))))))). SORRY. Forgive, for such frank thoughts!
Phil, you have understood my hint??
Awfully on you I miss! Already simply I can not wait, when I will see you before myself, instead of in a photo. It is simply awful, but is simultaneously sweet. Meaning of the life. Working over papers on work, I can not concentrate neither on that that the client asks, nor on that that my colleagues and girlfriends who envy me discuss!!!
Phil, I try to push the life into your life. Not your life in mine, and the life in mine. And in it it seems to me a success secret. I try to push the life into a trip in Switzerland, in a meeting with you! But not on the contrary! If to push idea of a trip in Switzerland into the life - it low and is rudeness. At people the success only then LOVE ON 1 PLACE will turn out And THEY ALL ANOTHER TRY to PUSH LIFE SPHERE Into the MAIN THING. Not love to place at leisure, and on the contrary!
Phil, you understand?
I do not try to push love into our life, and on the contrary the life I push into LOVE! For me the main thing-! And all alter ego I place in life with you.
Trip to Switzerland this main thing, and all I will place alter ego in this idea. If it is not pushed - means it is not necessary! But a trip to you and a meeting with you - THIS MAIN THING!
All other auxiliary.
Simply I look out of the window and I think of you. And so day after day. From me already even friends laugh. Well as so "Olesia also has fallen in love"? And after all when that was time when said that I do not want relations. Now ridiculously to remember. And can and it is good, because then in my life there was no you, and near yourself it is very difficult to me to present other person, is even not possible more precisely.
I have attacked the rake. Here I remember the girlfriend who did not sleep nights, endured enough difficult relations with the guy. I laughed at it. Fairly - laughed! I simply did not understand as it probably, to fall in love with the person who is not to you neither the relative nor the old acquaintance. And in love at first sight I at all did not trust. Well as it to see the person and to understand that it on all life? A nonsense. Now I remember and it would be desirable whether to laugh, whether to cry.
I represent that during the same time you do, after all at you the life there in Switzerland, drink tea from glasses which I yet did not see and did not wash. You go, you live.... To Think of it so it is difficult. However, difficult! Phil, each your letter leaves an indelible trace in my thinking and in heart. It can and sounds as nonsense, pink snivels... Do not laugh. And if it is fair, I never thought that is capable to write similar words. The love has found me. You have found me! And now I simply do not represent the life without this feeling.
Therefore I try to twist the life round you. Around Switzerland. Not to place idea there where it is possible, and all another to place in idea. To put on the first place of darling. For me on the first place always there will be your well-being. You the best that were with me, for the last years. You inspire me. Yes that there? I am am inspired even with your photo. Strange sounds? For me too. This all new, novel. But such exciting.
I do not wait for gifts, I do not wait for colours. What for? It only things. Empty without sincere things. It is silly? Yes that there, indeed! Silly! But it I, such as am.
I read love novels because they introduced a romanticism shred in the grey ordinary earlier. But now I cannot open such book, too I empathize heroes, I represent myself on their place. And DIALOGUE With YOU is better better better the BEST ANY NOVEL SEEMS to me THAT!
And I became even selective. Even so. All I do not read also all successively I do not look successively. As though began to understand life.....
I am am kept by hope that in the near future we will meet. At last that!!! I simply wait and I dream. You will not believe. I cried yesterday. And over what? There is no Internet, there would be no balance on phone what to send you a note through phone. Also has included the TV. The Olympic Games. Has switched - there a serial. Cried..... Over a serial! To myself I am surprised. Nerves are loosened capitally. Simply very much I wait for you, I can not without you. I love also it all is told!

I wait for your letter. Emotional. I wait for news. I hope that at you all well. I KNOW. I KNOW. I KNOW THAT we WILL be TOGETHER. Because I will make all to be with you nearby. Also I think, you will make the same. After I will make payment - on 2 or on 3 put I will be in Switzerland.
When I will make payment? Today or tomorrow? When you will promote me? To itself).

For now I try to distract a little. I work.

In the next region there was an apocalypse - air temperature has sharply risen with-2, to 35 degrees for 6 hours. Hundreds people are hospitalised in hospitals, those who suffer pressure. The inexplicable phenomenon.

How there in Switzerland? How is the weather?
Phil, and what speak on television about Ukraine?

I look forward to hearing.

Here such my joyful note for you!
I look forward to hearing mine Phil. I Look forward to hearing as soon as possible!

Your sincere with you Olesia!

Not to try to push love into daily affairs. And to try to place our life in love where there is an elimination. That is we With YOU ON the FIRST PLACE FOR EACH OTHER. And all should turns round us!!!!! We - the MAIN THING.
If it so - that we strong also is true love! And all will turn out!


Letter 83

Forgive that you have endured such heavy events.
I would like to learn you personally. We cannot learn each other in correspondence and even we can leave.
But it is necessary for us for real success and construction of strong friendship - will meet.
I can arrive to you to Switzerland? And preparation for a trip - will show who there is who.
Preparation for a trip shows your real face and your true relation to me.

Thanks you for future a photo from you.
I wait

+79058809419 write sms, I will call back to you.

Letter 84

Well mine Phil, Tuesday and in 3 days spring. And IN 3 DAYS the SPRING, ALREADY the SUN BLINDS EYES SO STRONGLY THAT WALKING ON STREETS FROWN, is not free HIDE the SIGHT.... Because the sun blinds eyes...
Mine Phil, my love, how you on the threshold of spring? In what month in Switzerland spring?
Though I know, but I want to ask and I would want that you have answered.
I want to you and I want to spend this spring with you. Our first spring. On the first kiss.
Will break nothing whose time has come. I simply try I trust you. I trust in that that you the elite and mine. I trust in philosophy of that that I selected.
You know Phil if to try to push our love in daily affairs we will have. Always at the wrong time. Because we are occupied and to allocate time for unnecessary we never we can. We give time there where it is interesting to us. We give time there where we consider it necessary. Therefore if to try to push our love into our occupied life - that to it there is no place. There is no time to write the letter and there is no time will meet. What for I write you it?
Because if to place me in the empty seat there for me there is no place. What for you love? Or another's? To place the plans in love and to live concerning love - only so there will be a success.
To plan the life to rather our idea. I plan the plans to go proceeding from my idea in Switzerland and to please you there, it will be pleasant to you there!
Also you know why to me it will be easy in Switzerland? Because I not another's for you. Because you do not hesitate of the feelings!
I can trust you? Who I for you? If I for you the and native - I feel it. I will simply feel it.
I try to notify already in which day you on the feelings and about the thoughts.
To stick the plans in idea of our meeting! To plan our life rather each other. It is love. This respect to each other also is adherence to each other.

Here so.

Has read your last letters to me. Thanks you Phil big. Thanks.

If to look back - as strongly I has got used to you. Not necessary it to hide. It is the fact. And you are pleasant to me. It too the fact. You for certain have only one question - "why?" . Phil, you are pleasant to me and I love you such what you is in the letter. A course of your thoughts, a sight and I will tell at all of us it will be good, therefore that - if you love the person that it beautiful it turns out when it will lose the beauty, you stop loving it. If you love the man for its status in a society when the status will be gone, you stop loving it. I always try to explain it to the girlfriends. If you love the man for its big and strong muscles when it will be traumatised not compatible to playing sports and will get out of the shape, you stop loving it. If you love the woman for its harmonous figure will be even more harmonously and even more beautifully and you stop loving it. After all always there is who the one who is stronger, more beautiful, more harmonous and more successful. BUT IF YOU LOVE SOUL of the person, you never stop loving it and even after death you will be together.
Yes yes yes, smothering.

Here such emotions.

Why I have written you it very quickly? (Has made many grammatical errors and I will correct now) because it is grateful to you.
It is simply grateful.
The success will be only then - when we live concerning the dream. When we plan concerning an overall objective in life.
But not on the contrary.

I can be too serious. But.... To like so to love! Phil to trust so to trust! To go in Switzerland so to go! To live so to live! To serve so to serve! To love you so to love!

It agree?
Trust me. Simply trust me. If at us it has turned out to construct love in the letter as gears to get used to each other in Switzerland at all of us it will be even better! Simply trust me. At me belief. At our idea belief. Believe and present me at itself. Believe and present that YOU are happy. Accept all belief. And you will appreciate it.

I look forward to hearing.
Write what news in Switzerland? At me sites Switzerland do not open, there can be viruses in the computer. Very much pages are very long loaded and then there is an error message. Strange.


I will return to mail by the evening and I want to see from you the answer in the evening.

I will work, volume of work very big.

Mum also transfers you greetings.

I love and kiss!

Yours Olesia!

Letter 85

Greetings mine Phil, greetings. Mood at me now such cheerful more than ever. I will tell to you secret. Phil, remember - if to tell to the person "never speak to nobody" you know as it would be desirable all to tell? But Marina did not forbid me.... You Know that Marina has told to me today? She has told that in its childhood there was a thunder-storm. And it has come to parents for fear to their bedroom and that them not to awake at night, it has laid down near their feet and has taken cover a blanket. But they had a big dog and her father has thought that their dog has come to them. It with all force has kicked Marina on a head, thinking that expels a dog! Yes so that has turned over top a head! Certainly the father has risen at night and has apologised before it. But Phil, I laughed from laughter that is forces! I thought that at me the stomach will burst from laughter when Marina told this story! :) :) :) :) :).

Phil, represent we today with three girlfriends did to the girlfriend a wedding hairdress. My girlfriend acts today on a podium, display of stockings and to it the wedding hairdress is necessary. And its hairdresser was ill with temperature 39 and she has fallen ill. Phil if I was the hairdresser that even with temperature in 40 degrees I would make to the client a hairdress. :).
Listen, so it is ridiculous: three together did 3 packings and a wedding hairdress. And model - the beauty, but all of us know its whims. In the first it was on nerves, and we do not know the second that is necessary for it. But you know me Phil I the person which solves problems, instead of creates problems. Has quickly rallied collective and have gone to rescue the girlfriend. Well it is fine... Bustle, vanity. But as I will think of you - at once easily and pleasantly. I think, well everything, I will reach the computer - and I will write to you all was obligatory that.... And here when I write to you now after some hours - and emotions have passed, the girlfriend that is a pity. :)).
Spring, heat absolutely, hurrah! It would be desirable the sun and on a city to take a walk! Today passing by park has seen as the grandmother feeds pigeons. Fine. Them at first was a little, and then as have flown! Almost from hands ate!
And I too wanted a silence instant, a silence instant. Only I and silence and you..... I WANT the NATURE, I WANT With YOU In the CAMPAIGN. Phil, I all the same you will take in a campaign, give! Give! Give together with your native and friends or one.

Still to me have presented the device for measurement distance of my jogs. A black small box, still I place in a pocket and I run. Phil I run 3 km for a morning! But I want to increase loading, at least to try.....
We with you have already agreed - we will run in the mornings. I can convince your neighbours to run with me? They have a footwear for run? Though the simple will approach also. The essence at all in that what will be a figure or a constitution. It is culture. How to wash in the mornings. How to clean teeth. By the way in we say lies races on me many look as at the silly woman and I would like to tell to myself: "I will leave in Switzerland and I will run, because here I look as the silly woman". We are not accustomed to culture of sports and not accustomed even not to reception of vitamins.
So so so - a theme of vitamins. We to it will return, which that I will ask you.
Run in a day - it as a habit and as culture. Appearance in the person not the most important thing. And sports it is simple so, for health. Well, and that there was an occasion itself to be proud. It you know as a self-estimation lifts? You speak to acquaintances: "And I here run in the mornings". All: "That, truth? Instead of bothers? And when you are in time? Well the good fellow". And truth, you feel almost the heroine. In Switzerland I will start to run on 5 km - then absolutely I will grow proud, probably? I (joke).
Hang up to me on a neck a medal!
By the way that at you speak about the Olympic games? What speak concerning that that at Olympic Games - closing the distant ring symbolising continent of America has not opened in time? In Russia even on the TV about it speak, speak that Putin specially so has made because of that that the president of America has not visited the Olympic Games. I not the political scientist, but am a shame to me, it is a shame with government tricks if it is truth. And we learn truth after decades....

Mine Phil, I want to eat..... What at you for a dinner and for a supper?
Today went by houses and there the smell of a roast chicken proceeded from a window with garlic. :). Phil, I did not do for a long time a hen in a wind case hands, for a long time, do not reach.
You have a friend who grows up the geese or game?
Phil, people in Switzerland at themselves in houses plant a bird? Never you about it asked...

I look forward to hearing. I have already explained to you - at me there is no dollar account, I have simple account and a simple bank remittance I will wait for 14 days. And still I will give the report to bank security service for what purpose I took money from Switzerland.
To me to spit on your opinion apropos western union. FOR me IMPORTANT YOUR RELATION TO me!
What's the odds!
THEREFORE before to go to you - prove that you are worthy to be my husband.
I hope you not the child, and the knight who will fill all that I leave for the sake of you!

Phil, do not forget that I leave the native home, the father, the brother and mother. And you are not present. Therefore the man should try to fill all it. Plus you do not leave the house and remain in the zone of comfort, and I was not present. For me the trip to you is HEROISM And COURAGE! Or madness.

I know Phil, you will fill all that that I will leave here, I will fill all that that does not suffice you! The FACT! My mission - to fill in you that that does not suffice you. Yours also.
Only so our union will be strong.
I have many forces what to fill in you all what YOU NEED!
I will make it!!!!

I look forward to hearing.

I will eat....

Yours Olesia!

Letter 86

My FATHER ASKS me About YOU. I have told to it about you.
The father does not trust foreigners. He has told that you lead to yourselves in the house of Russian girls for sex, for work on kitchen and when at us the visa that you comes to an end throw out us on street and invite new victims.

It ridiculous. It the person of training of the USSR. Do not take offence at it.

As to us - what difference what bank. To you what difference? An essence not in money - an essence in your relation. Whether truth you want me??

For me risk to go to you - so make that that I ask - also I will arrive.
Another will not be.

You are legally protected. And I In ANOTHER'S COUNTRY was not present!

Letter 87

That is you suggest me to run for you? That is you spit to me in the person, and to me to run for you?
It is impudence and a bright insult from your party.
I search for the knight, instead of a rag.
I the princess also will be given to that who will win me!
If you the knight you will pay my journey there and back, and I think..... Also I will probably agree. Here a true way.
And all another, such as cowardice, gays, lesbian - all this perversion.

The fact.

I love you.

It is possible to put a result - at me there is no time to run for men.
If you want - pay also I will arrive. If is not present - do not prevent to live to me.

It is better to lose years in search of the worthy husband, than to lose years in unsuccessful marriage.

Letter 88

It is not necessary for me to write about swindlers Philipe. As I can mention to you the facts as annually hundreds Russian girls vanish in the countries of Europe and the West. For my thirty years I have seen so much visionaries and storytellers, hung up to me noodles on ears, telling about the big love, about that that love that are ready to marry that I the best, only all it were mere words, words what to catch my body what to tempt to play and throw out.
But there is more rigid example - of the man carry away the most beautiful to itself on a visit and then they vanish. Sex the industry. Therefore we will not talk about malicious people, differently I can such tell to you Philipe that ears will grow dumb also I I will even more be frightened. Men would pretend to be victims what to gain the confidence and the girl agrees on its requirements and after time it gets to its dodges. On the TV there are transfers where deliberately propagandise the negative information on Europe, Italy, Portugal and about all countries of Europe. Deliberately pour a dirt on all. I do not watch TV. I do not want. And I do not want to speak to you about it.
It is a question not of malicious people. It is a question of us with you Philipe.
At me the head on shoulders. YOU HAVE disappeared! YOU HAVE simply escaped! HOW to me to TRUST YOU????????? IN ANY WAY AT PRESENT!
YOU FEEL heart. I already wrote to you and told story about the girlfriend which have left to England to the man, but that has disappeared and at all has not met her at the airport. Later 10 days he has written to it that was frightened. Was frightened of a meeting. He has changed the mind suddenly. Here such you happen men amusing.

My father very rich man and you see on my level of thinking - I very formed girl and I know 3 languages. English, German, Portuguese and certainly the Russian. At me two higher educations. For the life I met many swindlers which stuck to me because of money of my father. All want to receive actions of my father, business and the inheritance of my father. Therefore I to very few people show the photos and I want to leave Russia and to lead quiet life. When people ask about my family or about my father - in me works a safety lock! And at my father too. Its lawyer filters 90 % of transactions. Because all want to steal up to business of my father through affairs, through me or through my mum.

I NEVER WILL go To LIVES To the MAN WHO DOES NOT WAIT for me And DOES NOT LOVE! I not the yard keeper, at me am advantage.

Swindlers and souteneurs do not use banks, they always would use ecash what to hide the person! I recommend normal bank western union! I am opened!

Essence not in money! Whether and the essence - in your person and on the business I I I I is necessary to YOU, OR ANOTHER? HERE In WHAT the ESSENCE.
At all I do not want to talk on a theme of money. At all I do not want.

Not I, and you you you should persuade me.



Letter 89

Mine Phil when I read your letters - they are filled by life, they as though are filled by an interior. And it can be simple auto-suggestion because I realise that I meet the author of letters. I want will meet the author of the letter and consequently I understand that your letters as though "live". Letters not about what that heroes, and about us. And us with you. When also I write to you, I also write that that inside that has become painful, is simple from heart. It is impossible to take out that of that is not present inside. It only the beginning. This beginning Phil. I take out from myself that that overflows me. As a glass full which overflows.
Phil, and you have filled it. Remember I often wrote to you about a spring?! You compress a spring and then it is quickly unclenched being stretched. You compressed me as a spring and you will receive return. Kind from me. I always resulted and I will result such example as: the farmer sows we weed grain, and then reaps a crop, in 10 times more an initial seed. Precisely as well you. You sow. You sow love and good grains in me and YOU WILL REAP! I want it, I know why I want? Because you you have changed considerably all in me and I do not have choice - as soon as to give you that you have enclosed in me!

Yesterday there was a pancake week. A pagan holiday. But amusing. :). On central the areas drunk men climbed on an ice-covered column what to break a cock. From year to year there is an attraction. Over a high ice-covered column pour water on a frost and it stiffens ice. On column top fix gifts, such as a live cock or home appliances. And only the most courageous and dexterous is capable to get of top and to take away a gift. Many drunk men try to participate in such show. :).
Here the holiday Phil and my stomach full of pancakes yesterday was such! :))))). Phil, I will burst from tea probably. Or I will be all night long I will run in a toilet))).
Yesterday all each other fed with pancakes.

Yesterday also was engaged in washing. You now erase or send things to the laundry? In Switzerland there are laundries? In Russia there are no such institutions. But I heard that in Switzerland there are laundries. Rooms in which are established tens washing machines, pay money, fall asleep detergent powder and wait while the washing machine will make the work. Where and than you erase? I can not present as the man it is engaged in washing, wildly, it is not habitual and rather strange.
I can not understand as you now there without me. To you difficultly it is time, and to you difficultly it is two.
I want to learn you natural. In natural conditions. Phil, I learn.
I want to you and my thoughts only about it. In me only it also anticipates all. And it is rather simple. Even it is elementary!

Wait for my letter once again. And you also write more likely.

Monday. The beginning of March. Spring.
I want to feel spring in Switzerland. I want to feel you natural and good......
Phil, take me!

Yours Olesia.

(Answer more likely. THANKS!)

Letter 90

Why you have left me?
Why you have stopped loving?
I cannot believe in that that you have thrown me.
I am simple I can not.

It cannot be.

You that I wanted to give to a clod the life, youth, heart, caress, ALL.
I cannot believe in changes.

I do not want to live. Because if you have betrayed me, for whom to me to search?

How to live?

You know that I will arrive if you help me this time.
But how not now to look in your eyes? How you will look in my eyes?

All is possible if to make that that great that that necessary because the victory forgets a pain.

The fact.

Letter 91

Mine Phil, hello. How your environment? How mood? State of health? Spring.
I write to you sitting on an armchair, heels concern pillows. :). I have enclosed a pillow under feet because not so convenient armchair, and would be desirable to sit correctly.
Tomorrow will be on March, 6th. And it will be fast at all cinemas of the country a premiere of the film "Noah". If I am fair some years waited to the prime minister of this film. I very much would want to watch with you this film in Switzerland. Look at a film - commercial there the wife aching speaks to the husband of a word: "you the elite". I very much want to watch this film. Very much.
I very much want to watch this film with you in Switzerland. Look at the schedule a film at a cinema of your area, and inform when there will be a film display "Noah".
The person has received vision and despite slander from a society has made the inconceivable. The person has received belief, dream, and despite obstacles has made for the sake of what has been selected.
Phil, my day today good, despite of everything. But I want to talk today not about work and not about the affairs, and about belief. I want to talk about such concepts as "belief", as "elite". I trust that nobody wrote you such words what I now will write you. Nobody communicated with you on such theme on which we will talk now.
Belief. My favourite theme - is "belief".
Phil, what such belief? And in general for what it? What is the love? With what it eat and what is it?
Phil, the belief is confidence in invisible and realisation expected. And only believing people in the dream reach that all that want.
The belief cannot be broken opinion or slander.
I the person of belief. Only the believing girl can go in Switzerland behind happiness. I had no before love in Switzerland, I had earlier no novel in Switzerland. For me this new. What is new and frightening, but ATTRACTING And INVOLVING.
Let's talk about a word "elite". Phil as soon as you understand - that you the elite that you especial that you not such as all that are given you what that mission - ALL AROUND CHANGES!
What for I have now told to you about such terms as "belief" and "elite"? Because only with such factors it is possible to achieve success in any sphere.
To trust to the last, to trust! To destroy! To reach! And to feel itself as the selected works. Why I want in Switzerland to you? Why I love you? It not from you. It that that from above.
I feel myself selected and our relations "elite" and me pulls to you and I want to see in you the same qualities.
I want to see in you fidelity. I want to see in you belief. I want to see in you courage and indestructible belief. Because we will have difficulties in Switzerland because it is life. Who that will offend us, who that to us we will arrive badly that that at us not poluchitsja - and only the belief will help us. What difference where to accept belief, now in the organisation of our travel, or solving economic difficulties in your house (waterpipe break), or quarrel between us?! Phil, at us will be quarrels. In Switzerland I than that I will offend you and you than that you will offend me. It will be. I do not trust in that when the married couple speaks - to me "we never we quarrel", this lies! Everyone gets used to each other as gears. And only the belief helps us to enter in each other as gears that would work the mechanism! A love perpetuum mobile!
The belief as oil, helps the engine not to creak.
Without internal belief and without unshakable desire to us not to survive.
I want to see in you belief. Not important that people will speak about us. That YOU will important speak about yourself and about me.
What for I it write all to you?
Because I would want that you were firm! That you would trust in success! That you would believe - that at all of us will be good! And only our belief - our positive words, our relation to each other, our affairs - will make a miracle!
Phil, we will survive only belief, we will survive only firm belief in that that we the ELITE!
In the beginning the person becomes successful in a head, in brains, in heart. It tries on these clothes on itself(himself), it corresponds to this success in a head, for it success is not alien. For it success became the. And then it very quickly becomes successful!
The person cannot be successful if it inside does not correspond to success.
I ask you - believe in us. I ask you - believe in that that you are worthy the best girl in the world!
I ask you - believe in myself. Believe in that that you the elite! Believe in that that you the best.
Believe in that that I will arrive to you. Who to you has told that at all of us badly? Who to you has told that I do not love you? Who to you has told that at us that that is impossible? These are circumstances or another's people try to break our destiny. But the belief does not look at visible things, she does not look at all at a reality. She lives belief and consequently creates a fairy tale.
The belief moves heaven and earth. The belief creates as the designer itself!
Also remember Phil if you from heart that that has made for me - THAT there WILL be to YOU an AWARD! As you do not understand - that life and the Universe fair! As you will not understand - that life fair both you will reap in due time and you WILL receive the AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it does not depend on you and it does not depend on me.
The belief always receives the!
I search in you for belief and only she will help us to live all life together!

I do not know that you have understood from my letter.
But if in you there will be belief - you is true to death to me - and you WILL receive the AWARD.
The belief is other world. The world in the world.
I do not live visible things and if you offend me in Switzerland I I will continue to trust and love!
I the person of belief. For the whole world is madness to sell real estate in Russia, to leave native, to leave old life and to try to construct love in Switzerland it is BELIEF. It is SELECTED. THIS ANOTHER'S FOR the WORLD, BUT NATIVE FOR YOU.
About such as I and about such as you - shoot films, and write books.

I ask you - accept me belief. Though 1 time in life. Simply accept stupid belief - that I love you that I will arrive that I will be with you.
Mind and logic us not to understand. Nobody will understand. Only naivety.
Why I love you? FONDLY I TRUST AS YOU LOVE me!

Help me to arrive to you - create itself. Be true to death! And you will receive the gold medal as the champion.
I promise to you - I will hang up to you it on your naked torso! m m m m m m. But in what kind I will hang up it? m m m m m m.

Remember I wrote to you? (Attentively you read my letters?)
It WILL be not important WHAT QUARREL At us. It will be not important that around, we should adhere always here to these rules:
1. They should never walk out from the house. Never, Never.
2. They should never sleep in a seperate bed.
3. They should never stay in a seperate room.
4. They should never use an abusive language to hurt.
5. They should never lose the patience and self control, no matter person has to sit next to the loved one, can be quite for a while, that ' s okay.
6. Stay around, all the anger or whatever it is will disappear and love will prevail even with more sentiments.

It is belief. This comprehension that we "", instead of strangers.
If you love me and consider me as the - that do not throw. The love does not operate according to actions of other person!!! The belief does absolutely on the contrary. Therefore nobody will take away your happiness! NEVER, ANYBODY.

Phil, I have written you that I am insolent in heart.
I have written you that I will bring to you in Switzerland.
I have written you what I will be in Switzerland. You have 100 % a guarantee in my love to you. You have 100 % a guarantee of my belief in you.
Has now given you 2 hours of time, personally for you. For you, my guy from Switzerland. You mine. And I yours.
Be true. And your belief will rescue you!

You have understood?

You even can - not imagine what life waits for you! Any girl from Switzerland cannot give you that I can give to you! ANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is necessary to struggle for the happiness!
The fact.

I wait for your answer.

My letter to you from heart.
I love you Phil. I trust you. And I ask you - take me. Simply take.



Letter 92

Phil, I write to you through phone. BECAUSE I CAN not be silent! Because I can not be silent, and consequently I write.
This short word as a sign on my thoughts on you and feelings.
Tomorrow on March, 8th. The international women's day.
And it will seems to me that the international women's day in Switzerland. The holiday will be in Switzerland. In Switzerland will be both man's and women's day!

Phil, I send you this note being in the underground. I feel a holiday in the soul not from that that tomorrow a holiday of 1 times in a year that is why that we WILL be MANY YEARS TOGETHER!
I have read a phrase from the book "Og Mandino" in the morning. He has written - "the happy person - the successful person!".
Phil what to become the successful person it would be necessary to be the happy person. Happy becomes successful!
My arrival to you will remove depression, will sweep the despondency and will bring purpose achievement! All of us will cheer up when we will meet. And my mum as well my native will cheer up.
Nothing pleases as when at us that that turns out when we receive that that we want also that about what dreamt.
Our award is too great!
Why I so am assured of you? BECAUSE I AM assured Of MYSELF. I TRUST MYSELF. And consequently I accept you such what I. I trust also to me it seems as you trust. And consequently I TRUST YOU. IF I TRUST YOU I HAVE a BELIEF AS YOU WILL TRUST me. IF I AM true to YOU I HAVE a BELIEF AS YOU WILL be true to me.
I know! I know! I am assured! I am assured in our future because I trust myself and you.

Has passed already 4 cars sitting on a bench, I write you the letter.
Phil, I adore you!

My note for you. At me tomorrow the holiday, not at you, but me would be desirable to congratulate you, on a victory!
Phil, what I have prepared for you? DID NOT HEAR YOUR EAR And DID NOT SEE YOUR EYE THAT I HAVE prepared FOR YOU!
And for the sake of it it was necessary to live!

I send you the note through phone. Hold and answer.
In the evening I will open mail and I hope to see from you at least 2 letters, yesterday's and today, the answer to this short note.

Phil, my belief is unshakable!


Letter 93

I welcome you! Tomorrow on March, 8th. All men love the women. And at me the man in Switzerland. He loves me. He is ready to be at war for me. It my wall and my support. And such I will be given entirely, but not at once....... m m m m m. You still should catch me in your rooms! And if you manage to find me..... That then it is necessary to try to tear off from me a T-shirt. I (joke). But many a true word is spoken in jest. You tore off when that from whom be a T-shirt? The woman loves when it force! (sorry). I ask a pardon for silly dreams.......... It only assumptions and silly dreams.
Phil, at me evening. With 7 girlfriends went to palace of culture and played musical instruments. I on keys! Electronic keys, a powerful sound, have simply fooled about. Have then gone to do a pie, then simply stirred, all the evening long has passed instantly.
Phil, I want to you more likely.
More I want to write nothing.
I want to look with you a premiere of the film "Noah". Look at a roller, there the wife speaks to it - "you the elite" and has supported it!
Phil, I speak to you - you the elite. For me. For happiness. Tomorrow be happy also I tomorrow I will be happy ONLY THANKS TO THAT THAT YOU WILL be happy! Do not upset me! :)).
The person is successful only then - when is happy! Be happy every day, be happy every minute from thoughts - THAT I WILL make YOU HAPPY. You never will make yourself high-grade. And anybody except me! Anybody!
It is my role and I will execute it successfully! And only thanks to such action I will be successful! The union on love and by "calculation"! :)). (Calculation - through success each other!). What to make itself satisfied - it is necessary to make you satisfied! The union mutual! Ideal relations! They ideal when such - mutual! You understand an essence?
I will always accept you through a belief prism and consequently you always will be for me ideal! Not to look at visible things, and to look through a belief prism. To trust in the person - it to look at it through a belief prism!!!!! Through belief. And ONLY THEN the PERSON WILL be GOOD FOR YOU! BECAUSE WHEN you TELL to the MAN TRUTH, BELIEF TRUTH, TRUTH THROUGH the BELIEF - PRISM THAT IT the BEST Both the MOST BEAUTIFUL And the MOST IDEAL - THAT IT SUCH And WILL be!!! Here in what a counter and a secret and secret of success! To tell not visible things, and to tell truth. And truth this that that you trust! To think of the person through a belief prism. To accept its such what it is, but to think of it through belief. In Russia many people tell about each other visible things, women name men drunks and drunkards, but nobody will think to name its beautiful and wise! To tell truth! To tell truth instead of visible things! Because truth - is beautiful inside the man both it all can also it on all is capable! Here my truth! Here truth about the man!!!
Listen, so at whom a holiday, at you or at me?!)))))
About Phil if you understood that about what I I speak to you.... If also you so thought.
We cannot be offended, we cannot be amazed. Because we always in a prize!
My happiness depends only on me - if I have done your good that you is happy and accordingly both I am happy! And I will arrive by such principles in Switzerland. To FEEL IT!!!!
Think also! Do also! Nobody can take away from you pleasure. Anybody! As see I the car which will make you happy! But I will not be given to the liar and the weakling. Be is better and faster than I. I will make all for you. But for you of anything!
Persuade me to go to you. MAKE THOUGH THAT THAT!
Be the man.
Not to me it to tell you......
I the car which will make you successful. Also I will get to the best! Not to the strong! Not to the quick. And loving. Sincere. To the present. I not silly, whether I see you love me or not. I see. I not the silly.

I offer the mutual union!
Phil, tomorrow on March, 8th, the international women's day. We will enter into it the mutual union.
I love you! I do not accept anything, any words and any ideas - as soon as idea of my arrival to you and our REAL MEETING And LIFE With the FRIEND the FRIEND! Here a serious gift! Here the serious relation. Here realness.

I will look today at culinary recipes on sites in Switzerland. But at you even fish another! I read already. :))))). About Phil, I so want will learn to prepare dishes with your foodstuff!
All right...

I send you the note.
In a second my thoughts I will be in your computer in Switzerland!

I look forward to hearing.
I wait from you for the super answer!

I wait.

Your best Olesia! The best for you!


To mine Phil, from it Olesia!
KISS! ;)

Letter 94


I love you! It is the plan for the next 50 years!

Letter 95

And there CAN be I AM mistaken In YOU? Your private world corresponds to mine? There are men and people as the vagabond. They are pulled to shit and it for them by a comfortable zone.
To the vagabond it is not pleasant in heat and in love - because he there feels itself(himself) not comfortably. His environment of dwelling shit and a dustbin. There he feels itself(himself) well.
If private world of the man does not reach for light and consequently he does not see light. You pulls to light, to love? There are people punished by destiny, they simply do not feel desire and forces to love.....
You are able to love and take wished? You the free person and I give you a choice.

Letter 96

WHY I SHOULD TRUST YOU???????????????????????????????????
I CAN ARRIVE To YOU NEXT WEEK? To you to give the bank data?
You are sincere?

Letter 97


Letter 98

I too have been deceived.
Also would not wash the status what to run for the man, it is not pardonable.

At you a strange manner of construction of love. That do you achieve? You strange.
Nobody will love you. The weak man is not necessary to women. The liar and the liar is not necessary to women.
After all agree?!

Letter 99

Putin clashes with the whole world. And all countries enter sanctions against Russian. Soon Russian cannot visit the world country.

I hope you hungry!
Listen to a phrase: "the artist should be hungry". An ingenious phrase. The love and success visits the hungry! Who wants those! Not the full and corrupted cats who argue and are explained by the reasons why they do not want this or that.
The success, love, happiness overtakes the hungry!
Flowers of my mum, house rose with a short leg.

Letter 100

Look at my affairs, instead of on words. I have already proved you the fidelity in correspondence, in feelings, in fidelity on an extent it is a lot of months!
You will be happy only if I want it! We communicate only therefore - because I to you the first write also I to you I call. You will be successful only then - when who that will want it!
It is important for understanding!
And if you find such person - which will want to make you happy keep for it! Keep for this person and be not scattered to it!

And to have such person nearby - it is an award! Be not scattered by such people!

You will be happy only therefore because I want it! Also appreciate that that you have. You know why we correspond? Because I want it. You know why I will be in Switzerland? Because I want it! You will understand later, how it is important to have in life of the person - WHICH it is interested In YOU!!!!



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